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Search Tool

Kala provides a search tool that quickly and easily allows you to search your database. You can search several Jyotish factors in the Rasi as well as the Navamsa.

The great part about the Search Tool is that you can search as many and/or parameters as you like. For example, you can search for: Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus or Moon in Aries and Jupiter in the 4th or 10th.

Kala's search tool is the only tool available that allows you to search for things that are totally Vedic, like Tithi's, Vara, Hora, Sukla or Krishna Paksha, Day or Night birth, and such things.

Kala - Vedic Astrology Software

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List of Search Parameters

  • Planets in Rasis
  • Planets in Navamsas
  • Planets in Houses
  • Planets in Houses from the Moon
  • Planets in Houses from the Sun
  • Planets in Nakshatras
  • House Lords in Rasis
  • House Lords in Navamsas
  • House Lords in Houses
  • Rasi Aspects
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Conjunctions
  • Dignities, Exaltation, Debilitation, etc.
  • Retrogression
  • Combustion
  • Dignity in Navamsa
  • Atmakaraka in Rasi
  • Atmakraka in Navamsa
  • Planets in Houses from Atmakaraka
  • Planets Rasi Aspecting Houses from Atmakaraka, Svamsa or Karakamsa
  • Good Dignities in the Dasavargas such as Simhasanamsa, Gopuramsa, etc.
  • Day and Night Birth
  • Shukla and Krishna Paksha
  • Ayana
  • Ritu
  • Lunar Month, Masa
  • Vara
  • Tithi
  • Hora
  • Muhurtas
  • Sankranti
  • Paksha Chidra Tithis
  • Nakshatra Vishanadi
  • Tithi Vishanadi
  • Vyatipata, Vaidhriti
  • Gandanta
  • Eclipse




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