Learn Tarot Card Reading - A Beginner Course

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by Poonam Verma

Unique Predictive Techniques

Duration: 9 Classes of 2 hours/Class

Speaker: Poonam Verma

Note: Learn Tarot Card Reading from Most Trusted Tarot Card Courses by Saptarishis Astrology. You can learn Tarot Card Reading Astrology from the beginning to advance in the easiest way with Poonam Verma Ji.

Learn Tarot Card Reading

1. History of Tradition of Tarot Card

2. Symbols in Tarot Cards

3. Type of Decks

4. The Tarot Deck Structure

5. Preparing Deck for a Tarot Reading

6. Creating Own Spread

7. Performing and Giving Readings

8. Popular Tarot Spread

9. During the Reading Important Tips

Course Duration
3 Months

Practice Session After Every Lesson

Certificate of Completion

Two QnA Sessions with Practical

Course Language English

Step-by-Step Classes

Tarot Card Reading Beginner Course

Poonam Verma – Tarot Card Reader and Expert!

Meet your Mentor

Poonam Verma

Who Should Take this Course?


Anyone who has curiosity and interest in astrology

Budding Astrologers

Any Astrologer who wants to know more about their field.

Astrology Teacher

Who wants to teach astrology should take this course.

High-Paid Astrologer

Accelerate your career to be highly-paid astrologer.

Tarot Card Reading Certificate

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