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Birth Time Rectification By using Chandra Navamsha Paddhati

With Obeisance to my Guru Late Shri C.S. Patel, who was based in Mumbai and to my Mentor, who is based in New Delhi, I submit this work at their holy feet, and request them to accept it and bless it. It has been nearly three years since we wrote an editorial or presented a complete system of prediction (paddathi).

Background & Exploitation

Birth time rectification is one of the toughest areas in astrology, but at the same time, one of the biggest money making spinners, especially for the Gurus of today. If one notices existing rectification practices, one feels that past Gurus and the modern ones have not given us much to work upon. As a result, every new entrant in astrology wastes a lot of time on it without knowing any rectification method with entirety. Then there are quantitative birth time rectification techniques, found in astrology classics, and also replicated in modern books. However, there is no substantial way to determine practical effectiveness of mathematical rectification technique. Many authors and researchers hold that quantitative birth time rectification methods, like pranapada etc. do not yield satisfactory outcome, probably because there is no way to counter-checking them.

Tattva rectification method, advocated by late Shri Subba Rao is considered a reliable way. However, its reliability has not yet been researched with the help of birth data sample that is accurately recorded and duly certified by astrological institutes. Most of us are following it unscientifically.

Thumb impression is the best methods of birth time rectification. However, only 4 experts in India are known to know about it, one of the best among them was the Late Narendra Desai, a great legend in USA, but unknown in India. Another finest and practical method is rectification through tallying life events with dasha and gochar. Amongst the popular writers, Shri K.N. Rao has stressed upon it. Event based rectification systems are tricky, especially when dasha is used to verify the life-events, since dasha are open to diverse interpretation and variations.

Event based rectifications on the basis of Shastiamsa (D60) is quite dependable. The D60 chart changes approximately after every 2 minutes. Sometimes back, a chart of a western astrologer was seen by the scribe. In her D60, Libra was ascendant, while Saturn the 4L of property was sitting in the 8H from Asc, and 4H having A8 (inheritance). It was predicted to her whether she got an inheritance during 51st year. She replied in affirmative, also since from Moon lagna in D60, Saturn was the 6L. So it was asked whether inheritance sharing was a long-drawn battle, to which she replied in the affirmative again. It means her D60 ascendant is fairly accurate. One knows by using BSP techniques: wherever Saturn sits, it implements its energies in the 51st year. This is the event based verification, but one has to use numerous methods to arrive at the same conclusion.