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Publitorial Collection: Sunil John Techniques Vol - 1 Compiled by Vinayak Bhatt

Publitorial Collection Compiled by Vinayak Bhatt

Easy Predictive Astrology: Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati & Vimshottari Dasha By Vinayak Bhatt

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi: 425 Pages by Saptarishis Publication

New Marvels Of Nadi Astrology By Jitendra Trivedi

Predicting Through Nakshatras Part 1 - 42 Predictive Techniques Tested on 258 Horoscopes, Research Guided by Sunil John

Tarot : A Journey To Self Discovery by Anuradha Sharda

Laghu Parashari & Madhya Parashari, Commentary by Chandrasekhar Sharma

136 rare Applied Principles of Jaimini and Parashara Maharishi

108 Nakshatra Padas in Tamil Astrology Part 1

108 Nakshatatra Padas in Tamil Astrology Part-2

27 Nakshatras 27 Days Connecting The Nakshatras by Anuradha Sharda

Akshaya Lagna Paddhati by Saptarishis Publications

Astrology & Vastu Remedies by R. Sarma & Vishal Sharma

Astrology of Education by Researchers of Saptarishis Delhi Chapter, Guided by Shri. V. P. Goel

Astrology the Divine Order of the Universe

Ayur Jyotish Medical Astrology Part - 1 by Vinayak Bhatt

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi in Hindi - Part 1 By Saptarishis Astrology

Dasamsa in Astrology 9 New Chat of Proffession by Shri R. K. Das W.B.C.S9 Retd.

Easy Prashna Secrets - Kerala System, KP and Shatpanchasika by Prabodh Purohit

Insights in Nadis [Discover your Dharma]

Krisneeyam of Shree Krishna Acharya

Learn & Master Astrology Easily by C. J. Krishnaswami

Nadi Antarvichar (नाड़ी अन्तरविचार) By A V Sundaram

Nadi Nakshtra Dwara Phal Samay Gananaa by Saptsrishis Astrology

New Research in Timing of Events Using Chara & Yogini Dasha, Guided by V.P. Goel

One Minute Prashna By R K Das

Parul Sutram Astrology of Profession By Shri R K Das

Practical Nadi Astrology-Satyamma Bharadwaj

Predict Everything Using A Rare and Unknown Dasa

Simple Remedies for Planetary Afflictions In Kashi by Lalitha V

Timing Events Using Nadi Nakshatras By Saptarishis Astrology

Timing of Events Using Eclipses by Prabodh Ji

A New Method on Birth Time Rectification by Shri R. K. Das

How to Make Money using Astrology By Joni Patry

Pulippani Jothidam: 300 Astrological Rules from an Ancient Tamil Classic by N. S. Natarajan

Sadhu Paddhati - A New Mathematical System on timing Events by R. K. Das