Stock Market Astrology – Mastering Options Trading by Vinayak Bhatt

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Learn Stock Market Astrology – Options Trading

Trainer: Vinayak Bhatt
Duration: 10 Weeks
Language: English
Date of Starting: 6th July 8:30 PM IST
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Stars & Stocks: Mastering Astrology for Stock Market Trading

Course Overview:

This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how astrology can be utilized as a tool for trading in the stock market, specifically focusing on Nifty indices. Participants will learn how to incorporate astrological principles into their trading strategies to make informed decisions and enhance their trading performance.

Week 1: Introduction to Stock Market Astrology

– Understanding the basics of astrology and its relevance to financial markets

– Introduction to key astrological concepts such as planetary movements, aspects, and transits

– Overview of the history and evolution of stock market astrology

Week 2: Fundamentals of Technical Analysis

– Basic principles of technical analysis and its importance in stock market astrology trading

– Introduction to candlestick patterns, chart patterns, and technical indicators

– How to integrate technical analysis with astrological insights for trading decisions

Week 3: Introduction to Financial Astrology

– Overview of financial astrology and its applications in stock market trading

– Understanding planetary cycles and their influence on market trends

– Introduction to key financial astrology indicators such as planetary aspects and retrogrades

Week 4: Planetary Influences on Market Indices

– Studying the influence of different planets on Nifty

– Analysing the impact of planetary transits on market volatility and trends

– Case studies illustrating the correlation between planetary movements and market movements

Week 5: Timing Techniques in Astrology

– Introduction to timing techniques such as planetary cycles, retrogrades, and eclipses

– Understanding how to identify favorable and unfavorable periods for trading

– Practical exercises in timing market entries and exits using astrological indicators

Week 6: Astrological Chart Analysis

– Basics of constructing and interpreting astrological charts for trading purposes

– Analyzing birth charts of market indices and key financial entities

– Identifying significant astrological patterns and their implications for trading strategies

Week 7: Advanced Astro-Trading Strategies

– Developing advanced trading strategies integrating astrology with technical and fundamental analysis

– Case studies illustrating the application of astrology in day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing

– Risk management techniques for astro-traders

Week 8: Backtesting and Optimization

– Importance of backtesting astro-trading strategies for validation and refinement

– Practical exercises in backtesting astrological indicators with historical market data

– Optimization techniques to improve the performance of astro-trading strategies

Week 9: Putting It All Together: Trading Plan Development

– Developing a personalized trading plan incorporating astrology, technical analysis, and risk management principles

– Setting realistic goals and expectations for astro-trading

– Reviewing key takeaways and concluding remarks

Week 10: Case Studies

This systematic course syllabus provides a structured approach to learning stock market astrology for trading in Nifty, covering fundamental concepts, advanced strategies, and practical applications.


Please note that this course does not provide trading tips or predictions. It is designed for individuals who have a genuine interest and passion for utilizing astrology to enhance their trading in the stock market. It’s important to understand that offering paid or free trading tips without SEBI registration is illegal. Our focus is on empowering students to use Jyotish (astrology) as a tool for their own analysis and decision-making in the stock market. If you are enthusiastic about astrology and its application in financial markets, this course is for you.

Note: All course fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


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