Daily Planner Webinar for Astrologers

Saptarishis Astrology wants to enhance daily planning by using Panchang’s ability in society so that you can help people during consultation sessions. We always try to deliver the most unique concept that we have never done before. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn the secret of daily planner in astrology.

Note: All lectures of this course will be in the English language.

These are live classes, no recording will be provided!

Astrological Webinar on Daily Planner - 2nd Sept, 2023

Daily Planner Astrology Webinar

About Mentor:

Vinayak Bhatt

Vinayak Bhatt is a professional astrologer and he has practiced astrology religiously over an extended period of time. He has authored numerous articles for Pioneer Magazine. Vinayak has been the instructor of various eye-opening astrology courses viz. “Ayur Jyotish”, “Vedic Astrology for Beginners, “Jyotishmati Pragya Meditation Program”, “Prashneeyam” and “Market Forecasting” (a stock market astrological course). Some of the aforementioned courses conducted by the author are first of their kind and have never been taught online before in the history of astrology.

Highlights of the Webinars:

📌 Time Mastery: Learn how to optimize your time to ensure a balanced approach to your astrological studies, client consultations, research, and personal time.

📌 Prioritization Techniques: Discover strategies to identify and prioritize tasks that contribute most to your professional growth and client satisfaction.

📌 Efficient Client Management: Vinayak Bhatt will share his wisdom on managing client appointments, preparing birth charts, and offering insightful readings while maintaining energy and focus.

📌 Self-Care Insights: Explore how to integrate self-care routines into your daily planner, ensuring your own well-being as you guide others.

📌 Q&A Session: Get your burning questions answered by Vinayak Bhatt himself during the interactive Q&A segment.

📌 Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow astrology enthusiasts and practitioners, fostering a supportive community.