Spectacular Predictions with Just Degrees an Attempt

Spectacular Predictions with Just Degrees an Attempt


Scribe was given broad range of 1972 to 1981 as the event period of Death of father and scribe fixed it to two dates with Yogini Dasa , Shoola Dasa & niryana dasa but failed maybe due to scribes lowering level of understanding of these dasas.

Now see 8H is death, 9H is father, 12th from 9H is 8H which from lagna is death & there is Jup ®. Taking 9H as lagna Jup is maraca 7L placed in 12H of death aspected by 6L swagrahi Mars from maraca house 2nd & if one sees his fathers chart this Mars is 4L of vehicles (he was in train) from Moon & Jup is the 3L of short travels & also 6L of health mishaps placed in 3H the marana karaka stana of Jup (note he is night birth). So Jup & Mars will also be important in the sons chart from the 9H of father. Jup is placed in 12H as we saw and it is at 23.12 deg so it means 24th year an event concerning fathers health/longevity can be effected & this is when his father died.

Event 2: Brothers death – Suicide – hanging by rope; at home – .Dec. 21, 1997

Event is shown in the 44th year of native

An unfortunate incident do not know why it happened, 3L Jup of younger brother in the 8H aspected by powerful Mars doesn’t indicate a good end having the Achadana aspect of powerful Sat. (Shani is Shani whatever the lordship – Bhavarta Ratnakaraka)

In D3 which is for brothers, the 3L is younger brother, 7H is marriage of brothers and 8H , and 3H are death houses for brothers – basically the usual suspects. 3H of younger brother has Moon in Kemudruma (lonely) with Mandi aspected by powerful Sat, shows that once he would take an emotional (moon) decision – Sat is also 12L.

Yogakaraka in any chart is most important and it joins maraca Sun (BK in D3) in 8H attracts ones attention, 3L of Rasi chart (should be called Janma chart technically) is in 12H deb with Rahu – Guru Chandala. See the degs of Ven & Sun & Moon & Jup in all their various permutations and combinations will show events to siblings

To keep this brief add Ven + Sun (degs of D3)=25.50 + 18.46=49.96=44th year an event will happen in brothers life of a grave nature (Yk +Maraca) & that is what happened he hanged himself at home (ven is 4L of ones residence)

Chart 2: KNR


LL Mars in 7H with 5L Sun showing a love interest but in Rahu Ketu axis, so a failed love interest one can say. Now there can be many contenders to give this, 5L deg, 7L deg, LL deg (7th opposite – spouse opposite is self) , lagna deg in D60 is 29.51 which means 30th year around about a love interest can happen. (Pls rectify the period from Bhushanji as spoken on phone)

NOTE: birth time as rectified by KNR is 41 secs but Jhora gives in second column as 40.99999 but shows in print out as 40 secs

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