Spectacular Predictions with Just Degrees an Attempt

Spectacular Predictions with Just Degrees an Attempt

With prayers to Lomush Rishi we start this work to give us success in this, as it was he who revealed the usage of degrees to his wife Suvarna, though at this stage I am unable to discern the methods mentioned by him. I pray to Lomush Rishi to kindly grant us knowledge on this by the end of this paper as scribes friend is deciphering Lomush Rishis method (these are written as personal notes to be distributed among select personal friends)


 2 yrs back in July-Nov 04, when we had finished working on Patels exposition of the Hora Sara Method, we had tangentially then thought of the usage of degs. At that time due to no encouragement from seniors very little testing was done. What was the basis of the testing. Say why is Ven or any other planet at only 17 degs or 20 degs why not at 19 or 24 degs, at cases navamsa (the  Fruit of a Chart) also doesn’t change so what’s the use e.g a planet in 2 deg Aries or 3 deg will still be in Aries Navamsa but do the planets behave differently at different degs. Shri M.C.Jain & few others has done valuable work in their books on nature of different degs yet no prediction through it, but here we had a theory which as usual was rejected instantly by great astrologers who had spent 30-40 yrs in astrology. There are only 30 degs in a sign so all years of life cannot be covered, there might be a method to go beyond the 30 yrs but is not the scope of this paper.

Astrological community is a bunch of the finest butchers & crucifiers in the world with self appointed critics as if they have read even the scriptures that were burnt or lost. When someone comes with a Tip of Iceberg research instead of taking it forward, its tarnished mercilessly. Thanks to the encouragement of one of my senior mentors the legend, Shri K.Bhushan who himself has been on this quest for degs predictive element we poor souls survive. After all this study of various charts that u would read was done, it was mentioned to Bhushanji about such a method, he immediately said that he has few pages from BPHS of Venkateshwara Press where something on degs has been mentioned though not the same. Scribe has in its possession those pages written by Lomush Rishi (included in BPHS) but no head or tail can be made due to language barrier. For many even the idea of using degrees to predict is madness, but thanks to Bhushanji & Finn who spotted a line from scribes previous work that this has been completed so far, not to mention Vinay Patwardhan with whom this method was discussed in Jan 06.

Theory 1

  • The Deg of every planet corresponds to a specific AGE in the life of a native & would give results according to either its main karakatwa or lordship from Asc/Moon/ Arudha Lagna

Theory 2

  • The number corresponding to the deg of the planet is the age in actual i.e based on formula 1 deg is 1 yrg. 25 deg of Ven is the 25th year of life, 0 deg is 1st year & so on

 Theory 3

  • ‘The Deg of a planet is to be treated in 3 ways a) if planet is at 25.30 degs it is the 25th year in ones life event concerning it will happen b) if planet is at 25.30 degs we round off the degs to 26th year c) the minutes of a planet can be calculated into months e.g 60 mins = 365 days, so 1 min = 6.08 days but for simplicity we shall ignore this for now.

If an event is seen in 25th year then we predict it as 25/26th year a similarity often found in nadi readings

Theory 4,5,6,7

  • Yogas have to be fruitfully used with the degs
  • ‘Planets in different houses are in a constant state of chemical reaction of plusses & minuses – this has to be understood subtly & well
  • ‘Couple of Planets in a single house will function in an intricate manner of pluses & minuses e.g Ven, Mer, Sun then Ven deg will denote age at one event & so on for Mer & Sun and at the same time Ven deg + Mer deg= an event, Ven deg +Mer deg + Sun deg = another event etc etc
  • ‘A malefic when used in addition (above) either delays event by corresponding year(deg) so we add malefics deg and/or like in Longevity concept of traditional astrology it reduces the years of ones life – this has to be judiciously.

There are many more rules which we shall see it in the examples to follow, also in the examples one would see a fine mix of ‘Fixing Astrology’ (Match fixing astrology !!!) & ‘Fast Food Astrology’ but the intention of this write up is to induce further research & fine tuning in this topic on which as far as scribe is concerned no one has ever written till now nor we have seen any astrologer ever use it. Match Fixing Astrology has two sides to it one the obvious for which most astrologers are accused & other side is it helps in ‘Development or Discovery of Techniques at times’ – the mixture of it can at times become ‘Observational Astrology’ which is far greater than any form.

The following is not a mathematical method but an intuitive method hence a more advanced student can get greater success & precision in this is scribes experience.

Degrees are everywhere but finding the planet/s that cause the event is the key to any prediction & even in this method. More the mastery of this science the better one would be than this attempt below.

Example 1: Kerela astrologer

We shall deal with only one or two planets in each charts (except detailed in Ex.8) to illustrate method & also to add variety. Native of this chart is an advanced sadhak, his father & grandfather were well known, both were excellent vedic scholars adept in mantra shastras.


Mantra initiation at age 13 & 10.

  • Jup is exalted in lagna, its deg is 12:01 so it is in the 13th deg of the sign, which means either 13th year of life or after the 12th year a event concerning Jup should happen
  • 5H is the house of mantra, the 9th house (5th from 5th) is the house of Advanced Mantra, Jup is dispositor of father (9H) & Ketu who is 5L of mantra, Jup is also exalted so the native in the age of 13 was passed a very secret (ketu) & advanced (9L Jup) mantra (Jup) by his father (9H). This was reported to scribe as a turning point in natives life.
  • Now see rule/theory 6 & apply here, as Jup is in 1H & Asc deg is also there, so we can add or subtract both to get some event. Asc-2.50=3 years & Jup is 12.00. Subtract both & we get 12-3=10, in the 10th year the native was given the first mantra initiation by father (Jup is 9L & Jup is mantra).

 Death of Father – 3H

  • Sun stands for father & it is at 21.36 deg which means 22nd year & from 9H of father it is 6L in 7H of maraca & 3H of death from lagna
  • Rahu stands for dramatic event & is in maraca house for father & is also 8L in 3H signifying someone’s death & 12L in 7H from 9H of father (we can also use 10H for father). Rahu is in 3.04 deg so either 3rd year or 4th year, minutes being only 0.04 it leans more towards 3rd year
  • Mer is 12L & 3L from Asc & 7L in 7H of maraca from 9H, Mer is 27.38 deg=28th year
  • So out of these 3 one of them or all of them in various permutations & combinations the event for father will happen i.e Sun(22)+Rahu(4)+Mer (28) or Sun – Rahu(malefic) or various other combinations
  • Sun = 22nd year

–  Rahu=   4th  year


Total = 18th year (19th July, 1996)of his natives life his father expired suddenly which was in a fashion only true astrologers do it, he did his evening prayers, said GoodBye to his family members who were curious as to why he is saying that & then he slept never to wake up. The native further adds that “We used to do the Nithyapuja to the goddess. The puja ended at 8.30 pm as usual. He sat in the swing and started to speak with my younger sister on a particular stotra “Vishnubhujangam”. It is one of beautiful poems composed by Shankaracharya on his mother’s deathbed. It is mere coincidental that, on that day, we recited the same shloka. :)”

Cancer to Mother

  •  Ven is the 4L in the 4H with maraca Mars 7L & 2L from 4H & 4L, Mars is blood among many things, Ven deg is 27.37 which means 27th year or 28th year an event in the life of natives mother is expected
  • If we add year of birth Oct 1978 to 27th (year) we get Oct 2005, well in Nov 2005 this scribe received emotional call from a Loving Son that his mother is suffering from Blood Cancer & he is rushing to his native place. The native performed a special Mrityunjaya pooja & miraculously within 2 days his mother was out of danger to the astonishment of doctors.
  • Sat powerful 3rd aspect which either destroys or growth aspect is on this Ven Mars in 4H, if we take growth aspect then the white blood cells growth happened which is blood cancer.(The chart bearer after reading this added ‘’Why this Saturn’s 3rd aspect is growth oriented ? an explanation came to my mind is Saturn is aspecting from the 11th an upachaya or house of growth (3, 6, 10, 11).

We can spend lifetimes arguing as to why we didn’t add the degs of Ven & Mars or instead simply use this technique & predict spectacularly with intuition, this scribe has no answer to the above dilemma except that one event will be at the age of Ven & another at the age of Mars & another two by adding or deducting Ven & Mars degs.

Gain of Job

  • Scribe knows that the native works for Govt in a state away from his home state, so scribe asked him on the basis of degree of Sun (21.36) if he got this stable job in govt at the age of 22, he confirmed it. Note Sun is the 2L of income placed in the 3H of movement & 12th from 4H & also Sun is MK (4th house)
  • Additionally the native said that at the age of 18 he got his first job, scribe immediately looked at his D10 & saw 5L of new opportunity Moon is placed in the 2H of income with swagrahi Mars, forming a chandra mangala yoga with A6 (service) & Gulika (unhappiness/change) & Moon is in D10 is at 17.45 deg = 18th year alongwith being Amk (career) so an event in career can be expected at the age of 18 (Job timing with this method is more intricate & complex than simplified version above & deserves another paper)

 Note: Jaimini Karakas is to be ‘Only Last’ as an aid in determining nature of event, every time it won’t work the same way it is to be used in vim dasa.

Example 2: Just Married & Divorced

Before we go on to the next chart, let us think that to master just one method of timing like say Vimshottari Dasa it takes us years if at all we master that too with so many books and commentaries to our aid, so to master any new method of timing how long will it take esp if we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.


Event 1: Divorce

  • Ven is exalted but retrograde, retrograde is Past life issue & can also mean reversal of path. Ven is with 6L of divorce Sun & 7L of marriage. Of all the 3 planets Ven is closest to the Asc deg (self)
  • Ven is 8L & 3L & from 7h it is 2L of sustenance of marriage along with being the controller of Bhagya (9L from 7H) of marriage so this planet becomes a bigger key than Mer.
  • Ven deg is 29.43 so either the 29th year or the 30th year will give a Big Event in marriage area or any other area connected with Ven & Associated Planets.
  • Birth date is Mar 1977, so 29th year of natives life will be from Mar 2005 to March 2006, now in Mar 2005 natives wife left him & in Jan 2006 they were legally divorced – all this a shock to the native

Event 2: Brother

  • Taking the above discussion forward we see that an event in 29th or 30th year can be seen.
  • Now 3H is siblings in GENERAL & we narrow down to 3H for younger siblings & 11H for elder siblings, but we cannot forget that 3H is still siblings in general. 3L is Ven & Sat is 11L in 5H of heart
  • Sat is trine to Ven so it can effect the results of Ven but trine aspect is a general nadi aspect & if we see it through Bhrigu aspect for retrograde planets then Sat (11L of elder brother) would be in the 4H aspecting the Ven with 10 aspect establishing link even this way with Venus.
  • Divisional charts can be very helpful at times & sometimes we see connection very easily whereas sometimes it is a round about process in divisionals, in D3 (Parasari) we see events for Siblings, so 1H would show specific events to the body (1H) of Siblings, here Sat (3L in D3 in 1H) & Ven are in 1H establishing the link from D1 to D3 & an event to brother concerning life as Sat is 3L & 3H is secondary house of death/life (8th from 8th)
  • On 31st Aug 06, in the 30th year of natives life, his elder brother died due to heart attack under mysterious circumstances, he was only 36 yrs old.

Pls note that Ven is AK (atma karaka – soul significator) so whatever happens due to Ven would be soul shaking events or/and very very karmic which is what happened in the years indicated by Ven.

  • Another interesting observation is in D3 Ven (involved in our yog) is at 29.09 deg =30th year, Ven is the 7L of maraca & 12th lord of Exit of life placed in 1H of body, so exit of brother circumstances happened in the 30th year of natives life.
  • In D3 the AK (soul) is sun trine to this combo of Sat Ven & Sun is at 29.20 deg indicating 30th year, does it mean an event effecting the soul in the 30th year ?

Arriving at Month of event

  • If we use the 0.43 minutes out of the deg of Ven 29.43 we might come to a finer date, 1 deg=365 days, so 0.43=262 days =8.5 months
  • So add 8.5 months to 24th Mar his birth date, so add 8.5 months to 24th mar = Dec 9th approx whereas the event took place in 31st aug, too wide a gap, can’t blame it on ayanamsha so lets ignore this for now.

Event 3: 27th Nov 2004 Marriage i.e. in 28th year

  • To arrive at marriage is more complex but here we shall see an over simplified version for the purpose of promoting more research in this method by others. 5H people take as love affair or affection, but 5H can be seen as 11H from 7H of marriage, which means 5H is Gain of marriage. Here 5L is Moon placed in 2H of family (addition in family) but it is with ketu (breaks). Moons deg is 27.41=28th year
  • Lagna degree is 27.51=28th year, again indicating a specific event to self in the 28th 7L Mer is too low in yrs & so is his associate Sun. Age of Mer might max show a relationship which might have happened. Even Deg of DK is far low than the marriageable age.
  • Lets see D9 & degs in D9 – Mer the 7L in D9 is only in the 10th deg again too low for marriage, lagna deg is again low, but lagna has Ven (the Amk in D9 showing karma of D9) & it is in 27.27 Pisces =28th year, 7H has Sun (AK- soul, karmic angle to marriage – remember he got divorced within 1.5 yrs from Indian standards point of view) in 28.00 Vi= 28th year .
  • So far 28th year has repeated 4 times, so something concerning his marriage event can happen in this year which is what happened.

Theory 8: Retrograde planets are to be treated differently, since they are moving backwards. Rahu Ketu are constantly retrograde so it has to be treated 2 ways e.g. if Rahu is at 0.30 deg then it is in its 1st deg and/or also it has already covered 29.30 degs in that sign so it is in its 30th deg= 30th year.

Example 3: My favorite Superman

Event 1: Romance with the ‘S’ Emblem

When Superman of Christopher Reeves was released people fell in love with the Man of Steel, for the first time we could see a man flying – it was Wowwww. Reeves the eternally handsome man became embedded in the hearts of women & men alike world over, every one wanted to be him – Reeves fame was immortal as if he alone was born for this role they said.

  • Ketu (accident) in lagna is what strikes first, but then we see Moon the famous debilitated moon often found in the charts of famous men, this moon is in the 5H of fame with swagrahi mars, involved in powerful Gajekeshari Yoga in D9 with swagrahi Jup in 5/11 axis of fame, in another GKY yoga in 3H of flying (communications) in D10 & another GKY yoga in D60.
  • This Moon is with Yogakaraka Mars, so Mars can further give the results too in a combined manner.(Mars is further in 5H of fame/films in D10)*
  • So we see the deg of this Mars 25.03 Sc= 25th year or 26th year, adding it to yr of birth, 1952+25=1977 & with 26th year we get 1978. In 1977 he got the greatest role of his life that would give him fame (Moon in 5H) , shooting began in March 1977 & movie was released in 1978 (date not known)

 Event 2: Directional Debut in 1997 with HBO  film ‘In The Gloaming with Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg, Bridget Fonda , won 4 Cable Ace Awards, was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards including ‘Outstanding director’

So obviously his 5th house should be activated

  • Earlier we calculated that Mars gave him 1977 (1952+25 deg of mars) , now lets add Moon which is also there in the 5H in the 20th deg giving us 1977+20= 1997 the year of the film, fame etc a 5H activity where both Mars & Moon are placed.

Event 3: Fatal Accident while horse riding on 27th May 1995 which paralyzed him.

An event must be as usual corroborated by many dashas, many types of transits & many methods within this deg method to get confirmation of rough year

  • Another innovative way of seeing horse accident is see 6H shows accidents, the sign here is Sagi which denotes a man on a horse merged, lord is Jup who is retrograde in Karma Sthana, since it is retro it is past life event & also is 5th (past) from 6th Jup is with A8 (chronic accidents). Now from Jups placement, the 6H has 3 malefics showing accidents so our attention is more on 3H now.

*3H is the house of fine arts & some take 3H as house of tv & 5H as house of films whereas some take 3H as house of both Tv & films.

  • 3H is secondary house of chronic accidents (8th from 8th), & also important in our context it carries the karma of the 6H of accident (10th from6th) , there are 3 planets in 3H, 2 of them dreaded enemies of each other (remember he suffered from asthma & allergies –3H effect). One can refer to wikipedia to see the problem in concerned body parts & corroborate with the chart. Now 3H becomes focal point, add the degs of all planets in the 3H the total arrived is 42 degs = 42 yr, whereas the accident happened in the 43rd year of his life or can we say after 42 the nadi way of writing.
  • D6 shows the accidents in depth, 2nd & 7th houses are maraca houses & lagna of D6 shows the body.

In D6 Asc shows self (body) & Ven is the 8th & 3L of chronic accidents in 2H of maraca (death) & 7H of maraca has Jup lagna lord (body) & 10L of karma of D6

Asc = 5.22




total=42.36 = 43rd year = 43+1952= 1995 – year of his fatal accident

  • 3 malefics planets in 1H of D6 can also indicate accident if we add their degs & come to age but it doesn’t come to age 43, maybe God doesn’t want astrologers to see any event so easily so as to forewarn people otherwise would karma ever be carried out.

Confusion will always prevail and it is left to the most intuitive astrologer to decipher to choose the planets which to add with his experience, to arrive at as a confirmatory tool & use the right dasa to pinpoint further.

Event 4: Death on 11th Oct 2004

  • Ketu in the lagna usually shows some fatality, lagna is body so adding lagna + ketu

Asc: 25.53               (26th year)

Ketu 27.28 +           (28th year)

=========              ========

        53.21 i.e. 53rd or 54th year

=========              =========

53rd year would be from 25th Sept 2004 to 25th Sept 2005 & he died within this year in Oct 11th 2004.

If we take 0.21 as balance out of 53.21 gotten above, we would get it as 127days or 4.1 months which will add up to Jan 05, if the lagna deg is deducted by 1 min one gets near Oct 04 when he expired

Food for Thought: It is common sense that all those who have ketu in lagna cannot die in the year indicated by adding both, but what it indicates is some event can happen to the body (lagna) in that year of non-good nature (ketu), when one gets the event year then one can check with 3 dasas minimum & transits to get conclusion.

Event 5: ‘Nothing is Impossible’ by Christopher Reeves on New York Times bestseller for 10 weeks

  • Mars is ink & is powerfully disposed in 5H of writing (3rd to 3rd), Mars is Yogakaraka too in 5H of buddhi, add Ygk to lagna (25.03+25.53=50.56=51st year) & we get 51st year i.e. from Sept 02 to Sept 03 when his book was published called ‘Nothing is Impossible’ (did mars suck energy out of the moon). Now use charkas and see N the start letter of his book is highlighted by concerned planets, the chart tells the story.

Example 4: Bush Jr – Using Traditional Yogas

Event 1: Texas Governor

  • Much has been written about his Gajakeshari Yoga so we omit that. Lets time when (all) his GKY will fructify with this method.
  • Jup-25.02 deg & Moon-23.36 – Gajakeshari Yoga in 3H, which shows the karma (action also) of the 6H of contesting. For lovers of Jaimini kindly note Jup is Amk – career, i.e. start of career.

Jup    25:02

Moon  23.36


48.38 = 49th year i.e. from July 94 to July 95 & in this period on 17th Jan


he became governor of Texas. (note by other method of roundoff we get 50th year). But when we predict we should always predict 49th or 50th year of life event can happen i.e. in 1995 or 1996.

Event 2: Presidency

  • Sat delays the real fruit (doesn’t deny), now this Sat aspects this GKY(Jup Moon combo) & this delay can be either of 1-2 yr (traditional way of seeing) or by 4 years as Sats deg is 3.24=4th

Sat + GKY=4+1995/1996=1999 or 2000 year an event concerning his bhagya (Sat 9L) & Jup (amk) can happen and it was in this period of 1999/2000 he ran for the most powerful office in the world & won elections in 2000 Dec.

Example 5 : J.S – a predictive attempt

In brief

  • Scribe predicted in 16th year looking at D10 amk deg & I was wrong in predictions (didn’t use dashas), but then we came back to D1 & saw another planet in the 16th deg that is Moon, who is PK (love) , 5L of D9 & in 4H of mother, so it was asked if in the 16th year was there a love affair & if there was something to do with mother or property matters (4H matters), lady replied that in 16th year she fell in love with her first boyfriend & her mom had some health problems. First love is a significant event.
  • Then she was asked if in her 28th year of life i.e. from Feb 1982 to Feb 1983, what happened in terms of career & 8H matters & Jup matters, she replied that ‘’ 1982-Feb. 1983 I continued working in the same job that I had since 1978 but was offered a significant job raise to operating room supervisor (which I declined). In Dec. 1982 I decided to leave my first marriage and we divorced in April 1983.’’

See, this was asked for two reasons Jup & Sat are both in the 28th deg, so 28th year should give results of 2H of family, end of marriage & also Jup is in the 8H of sustenance of marriage & career matters as Jup is amk. Now Sat also being in the same deg and is AK so some soul level deeeep karmic event can happen (combine this with Jups significations) & in Dec 1982 she decided to leave her first marriage, correspond this with Nav lagna deg which is in 28th deg so we get another confirmation that something re marriage can happen in 28th /29th year

  • Now see D4, the D4 lagna in 29th deg, both for Parivritti Chaturthamsa & also Parasari Chaturthamsa so obviously an event concerning House/Residence can be seen & she shifted in the 29th year from west Virginia to California.

Example 6: Ambassadors mothers death in his 6th year

  • Lagna is at 6.27 which means 7th year, 2 mins earlier time can always be possible (if major divisionals are not changing) and the deg would be 5.59 which is 6th year hence a significant event effecting self can always happen.
  • Now 4H is mother, 3rd from 4th & 8th from 4th house shows longevity of mother and it is lorded by Ven who is combust closely with Sun. This Ven is in 5.26 deg that is 6th deg=6th year hence we can say that in the 6th year there is some possibility of an event effecting the life of mother & that is what happened, his mother died in the 6th year in the dasa of badly associated Moon who is also MK & Tr Sat® was aspecting 4H & natal Sat

Example 7: Mother dies on March 6th, 1977.

Chart belongs to a dear friend, who had a tragedy in life when his mother died due to mysterious circumstances of suicide. Before we see his chart, lets remember the great Prithyuyasas whose Navamsa method in Hora Sara is scribes favorite, where we see that he has shown us to deduct from a sign, that is reverse counting. Say if planet is in 3 deg, we deduct from 30 to get 27 deg and corresponding year.

Now Mother is Moon & in 18th deg so in the 18th year of his life some event to mother should have happened or to his mind or as it is in 9H of higher education with a powerful GKY in creative watery sign, and it should be at the fag end of his 18th year as Moon is at 0.50 minutes, he is born in Nov so in Oct – sept of his 18th year something should happen which is what happened. Higher education in classical music started in September 1972 at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen.

  • Coming back to Moon the MK (Maa) is with Jup who is GK (showing accidents/diseases) & this Jup in D1 is a maraca to 4H (2L & 11L in 6H from 4H). In D12, this Jup is in the 12H from 4H along with the 4L of mother Ven. Jup in D12 is 6L of accidents & from 4H it is 3L of death & 6L of accidents placed in 12H of exit

so this way Jup becomes a very stronger contender to play spoilsport, its deg is 6.43, deducting this from sign deg of 30, we get 22.17 i.e. 23 i.e. 23rd year and in his 23rd year from Nov 1976 to Nov 1977, she committed suicide.

  • Ven is at 5.04 = 6th year, Ven is DK, Ven is woman, Ven is in 12H of bed pleasures, Ven is with Sat (servant), so at age 6 an event regarding woman should happen but native is very young so can we predict with confidence, we can’t. But at the age of 6 native was sexually molested by a female servant.
  • Sat is Amk (career), in nadi Saturn is Karma karaka (career), Sat is 8th lord of change & 9L of bhagya, Sat is in 12H of spirituality, Sat the 9L is with 5L & 12L a yoga for spirituality in the 12H of spirituality, Sat is 26.10=27th year which is May 99 to May 2000. In this year he changed his profession (8L of change) then re-entered it in new capacity & joined a spiritual outfit. This was also the year of sudden shift in his spiritual outlook & met many spiritual teachers of high order.
  • Moon is mother, Moon is also Jaimini MK(significator of mother), Moon is in 3H of karma of accidents, Moon is aspected by 6L & 11L of accidents Mars, Mars additionally also signifies accidents, Moon is in 18th deg, in the 18th year of the native which is 1991 natives mother suffered a very bad accident which even till date troubles her.
  • Asc deg is 19.24=20th year, Asc shows body & is trine to Mars & Ketu (accidents) in 1H debilitated. In 20th year of life, native did high physical work, outshone others by winning championships & suffered heavy injuries. LL has gone in the 11H of elevation and awards, native won some awards in this year.
  • Ketu is accidents & injuries, Ketu is obstacles, Ketu is co-lord of 6th house of fighting spirit & accidents, Ketu is gyanakaraka (knowledge), ketu is in 15.26 i.e. 16th year, in the 16th year all this happened potently.
  • Mars is GK (quarrels) & 6L too, Mars is in 9H of father, Mars is in 9th deg, so in the 9th year natives father had huge quarrels resulting in semi-split in family.
  • Lomush Rishi says that the deg of the Sun corresponding to that year one would get great fortune to father (as Sun is karaka of father). This is the only point of Lomush rishi that matches with our theory of co-relating karakas to degreecal years, now see Sun is 26.51 & exalted, so in the 27th year we can say that his father had great fortune, but the opposite was the case, though the year was the same but his father suffered heart problem, had to undergo bi-pass operation & developed complications which ruined his health & wealth for the next 4-5 yrs, this is since Sun is aspected by Rahu (roga) & sun is the dispositor of moon who is close degree trine to rahu & rahu is also close deg trine to Mer who is with Sun. Note Sun is the AK, so soul searching experience, due to this & another incident the native went through intense hardships in this year.
  • Ven is 5L of love, Ven(DK) deg is 5.03, now apply hora sara sub method, deduct it by 30 degs of a sign, balance is 24.57=25th year, in his 25th year he fell in love with a girl & was close to getting married to her.
  • Curses: Ven is DK (woman) & Sat is amk (career) Ven is involved in curse of spouse by being in association with Sat & aspect of Mars(Gk- quarrels/health). This curse happens in 12H of abroad & Sat is older woman. Mars is in the nak of Rahu which means foreigner & this mars aspects Ven-Sat. Now see Ven is at 5.03 & Sat is at 26.10, the minutes added up is only 13 min, so can be ignored if wished, add 5+26=31st year or add Ven –5.03=6th year + Sat 26.10=27th year = 6+27=33rd year . So we get two years to predict that either in the 31st or 33rd year the curse of spouse will happen. The native was involved in both the years with women who were foreigners, older to him & resulted in wreckage of his life & professional life (sat is amk), native was abroad (all this happens in 12H) & resulted also in the health of native going down very badly (Mars is GK & 6L), finally the curse acted itself out. Mars being in Rahus nak where sarpa dosha is there, there was certain element of black magic involved in all this drama that happened in natives life.
  • Yoga: In the 33rd year of natives life, he was abroad in a new job (amk) in a creative field (5L) at a top position, we can see it with basic yoga of 5L(creative) & 9L (bhagya) in 12H (of abroad).
  • Jup is at 18.02 – so 18th or 19th year should given an event related to Jup, Jup is 7L of private parts & in house of darkness that cannot be seen even when Sun falls on it, Jup is expansive in nature and above that it is placed in nak of Moon (water). Jup is 12th from 6L Mars, now in the 18, 19th year native a student of Martial arts & an ardent fan of Jackie Chan esp in those years of 1990s when Chan came out with his brand of Comedy Kungfu , the native emulated a daring stunt of Jackie Chan on jumping on a riding bicycle – Project A Part 1 & landed on his testicles on the seat of the bicycle, which resulted in grave injury and Huge Swelling of the testicles for days – Jup is expansive.

In continuation………….

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