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Ashta-Lakshmi and Its correlation with Venus (Shukra) in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi by S. Prakash

Ashta Imahe

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Lal Kitab Karma Correction through Mythologies by S.Prakash

Lal Kitab Image

Ganga in Vamana Puran According to Vamana Purana, when Lord Vishnu took Vamana avatar, he raised one of his feet towards the sky, then Brahma Ji washed the feet of Lord Vishnu and filled that water in his kamandal (small utensil). With the divinity of this water, Ganga was born …

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Muhurt For Making Prayers By V K Shridhar

Muhurat Image

In Hindu religion and mythology prayer to the deities has significant role and our holy books, canonical treatises, scriptures have plethora of references where the God has blessed the devotees with the “Vardaanas” sought by them. The chief purpose of Yagna, Tapa, Karamkaand, Mantras, Pooja, Aartis, Daan etc. is to …

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मांदी का ज्योतिषीय अध्ययन भाग- 1 by उपेन्द्र सिंह भदौरिया और भाविनी जोशी

Madi Jyotish Image

ज्योतिष महा महोपाध्याय सहायक लेखिका : भाविनी जोशी “ज्योतिष आचार्य” Edited By:  Vinayak Bhatt माँदी की उत्पत्ति एवं स्वरूप :- मांदी शनि पुत्र है। जैसा कि पुराणों में बताया गया है, मांदी की उत्पत्ति एक मिथक के रूप में है। महर्षि नारद के कारण बृहस्पति और शनि के बीच विवाद …

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Basic Hints on Understanding of Ashtakvarga

BAsic Hints Image

The Rishi Parashar said to his disciple that in Kalyuga human brains are slow and can’t grasp properly. They don’t understand and apply all the principles of Astrology at a time. So, Sages have Mathematical formula for interpretation of the transit result of planets. It is Special Rule and a …

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FACTS ABOUT CUSPAL INTERLINK THEORY Sanjeev Gadhokk Edited By: Vinayak Bhatt Sanjeev Gadhokk born and brought up in New Delhi, India. He finished his technical qualification from New Delhi. He holds a knowledge in Vedic and stellar astrology and have experience in this subject for more than one decade.  He …

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The Scienceof Astrology (2)

RETROGRADE PLANETS OR VAKRI GRAHAS BY SARBRINDER JOHAL As we know there are nine major planets which are considered for Falit Jyotish (Predictive Astrology) viz., Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Budh (Mercury) Mangal (Mars), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu (North node) and  Ketu (South node) . As our …

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Astrological Study of Mandi Part- 1 By Upendra Singh Bhadoriya

Astrological Study Image

Translated By : Neeraj VermaEdited By : Vishal Sharma Origin and nature of Mandi :- Mandi is the son of Shani. The origin of Mandi is in the form of a myth, as told in the Puranas. Due to Maharishi Narad, there was a dispute between Brihaspati and Shani. This …

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The Scienceof Astrology (1)

INTRODUCTION TO COMPATIBILITY By Simon Chokoisky Part 1 There is a difference between relationship viability and a couple’s compatibility. The first describes a relationship’s ability to survive. The second tells us whether two people in that relationship actually like each other. This goes for any kind of partnership – business, …

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Ultimate Rahu Transit Technique By Ricardo Riberio

Ultimate Rahu Image

Edited By: Dipesh Parmar In Jyotish astrologers are always in search of techniques that will give them highly accurate timing of events, techniques that get a “Wow” response from a client. Most will be aware of Mahadashas, Antardashas, Transits, etc. But nowadays we’re in the era of fast food, instant …

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