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10th House – Paradox of Laghu Parasari

10th House – Paradox of Laghu Parasari by Ashok Upadhaya

What is 10th House?

  1. 10th house is the highest expansion of the Ascendant in form of physical existence.
  2. 10th house is the destiny (9th house) of the ‘Self-Survival’ (2nd house)
  3. For the Ascendant the 2nd house is a neutral as per Laghu Parasari but from the 10th house it (2nd) is the ‘Cause of Destiny’ (5th house is cause of destiny). This paradox must first be understood when we try to explain anything related to the 10th
  4. The Karma is pre-decided because related to the 10th house elements expands in to 2 parts (2nd and 6th house) who are in the Invisible Part of the Horoscope (15 deg of Asc to the 15th deg of 7th house is Invisible Part of the Horoscope)
  5. One Unit: The Artha Trikona Rasis i.e. 2nd, 6th & 10th houses each of them would belong to either Fiery, Earthy, Airy or Watery and each of them would either be Moveable, Fixed or Dual Rasis – all of them combined will form A Symbology Of Unit & Nature. This Unit is associated ultimately with the Ascendant, which means if your Asc is Moveable your 10th house will always be moveable, if your Asc is fixed sign then your 10th house will also be fixed sign and if your Asc is a Dual sign then your 10th house will also be of a Dual sign.
  1. Our life is divided into 4 forms akin to the 4 kendras – a) Self b) Warmth c) Associations d) Identity – all of them are inter linked in a
  2. form of sharing same nature Rasis (moveable or fixed or dual)
  3. Any Kendras do not independently exist of each other because some hidden forms of elements present in each kendras.
  4. The elements are associated with Dasas (Vimshottari)

Significators of 10th House – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Sun – Why ?

  • Jupiter – both its Rasis are Kendra to each other so Jupiter works like a Kendra lord prominently.
  • Mercury – both its Rasis are Kendra to each other so Mercury works like a Kendra lord prominently.
  • Because of this reason Mer & Jupiter are karakas of the 10th In Kalapurusha Kundali (Natural Zodiac), Jupiter is lord of the 9th house which is 12th to 10th House and it’s another Rasi that is Pisces is the 12th to the Asc, this common factor of being 12th is to be noted.
  • From 9th house of Sagittarius belonging to Jupiter in Kala Purusha Kundali (natural zodiac horoscope), who is the Bhagya (fortune) of this house, it is Leo whose lord is Sun hence he is one of the karakas of the 10th
  • From 10th house in Kalapurusha kundali the 10th sign is Capricorn, whose lord is Saturn. Because this sign of Capricorn of 10H is 12th from Aquarius, this Capricorn will get neutralized (Shloka 8 of Laghu Parasari) related to 11th house beneficence and will give dispositor value of itself. Which means Saturn acts as More of a Karaka results for 10th house than as Lordship. E.g. if Saturn in 10H for any lagna, it will create hardship in 10H matters, hardship being karakatwa (significator) of shani (Saturn) and it will not give lordship results.

Humans Are Of 2 types

One is dedicated to work and another dedicated to happiness, when Asc lord is friend of the 10th house then Asc lord cannot be friend of 4th house, in this situation person is more Karma Oriented. When Asc lord is friend of the 4th house then it cannot be friend of 10th house, these people are more Self Centered. E.g. Cancer Asc, the Asc lord Moon is friend of 10th Mars, Asc lord Moon is not friend of 4th lord Venus. Cancer Asc love their work (due to   friendship with 10L) and that is his personal happiness. For Leo Asc, the Asc lord sun and 10th lord Venus are not friends, but Asc lord Sun is friends with 4th lord Mars, hence for Leo Asc the personal happiness is the real happiness (4H) and not the work. See for Leo and Cancer, the common factor is they share same yogakaraka Mars.

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