Auspicious Birth Yoga by Om Prakash Paliwal

Auspicious Birth Yoga by Om Prakash Paliwal

Translated By: Devdatt Dave

SA Editor: Love Tandon

Believers of astrology, on the birth of an infant, are curious to know his fate and as to how his birth will impact the well being of the family. This curiosity is dealt by various astrologers using various approaches. Some astrologers approach current fate through rajayogas etc, some via Balarishta yoga, birth tithi constellation [nakshatra] etc. Some others approach through analysis of gandmool etc. The results are varied according to individual approach and the scope is also limited.

शुभं वर्गोत्तमे जन्म वेशिस्थाने च सदग्रहे।

अशून्येषु च केन्द्रेषु कारकाख्य ग्रहेषु च॥ (बृहत् जातक २२/)

The solution to this problem is in the above given sloka by Varahamihir. If all astrologers use this sloka then their results will be similar.  The above sloka explains four yogas for auspicious birth.

  • If a person is born in vargottam navamsa lagna or Moon is in vargottama navamsa
  • If the benefic planets are in “Vesi yoga” in the birth chart
  • All the four Kendras are occupied by the planets
  • Karak planets are in the birth chart

Summarized below are the 4 combinations:-

Birth in a Vargottam Navamsa Lagna:-

A planet which occupies the same sign in both the birth chart and navamsa chart is said to be vargottama. For example, Aries navamsa in Aries sign, Taurus navamsa in Taurus sign, Gemini navamsa in Gemini sign, likewise Pisces navamsa in Pisces sign.

Movable signs: [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn]

The first navamsa is vargottama in movable signs. If birth lagna is in movable sign and degree of lagna is within 03°.20’then birth lagna is considered to be vargottama lagna.

Fixed signs: [Taurus, Leo, Scorpion, Aquarius]

The fifth navamsa is vargottama in fixed signs. If birth lagna is in fixed sign and the degree of lagna is between 13°.20’ and 16°.40’ then birth lagna is known as vargottama lagna.

Dual signs:  [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces]

The last navamsa is vargottama in dual signs. If birth lagna is in dual sign and the degree of lagna is between 26°.40’ and 30 degrees then the birth lagna is known as vargottama lagna.

Every vargottama lagna’s results may not be alike. The results of the vargottama lagna is according to the lord of the lagna. If Aries lagna is vargottama then it gives result of Mars, if Virgo lagna is vargottama then it gives result of Mercury, vargottama Libra lagna gives result of Venus, vargottama Sagittarius lagna gives result of Jupiter, vargottama Aquarius lagna gives result of Saturn.

As per Kalyan Verma, individual born in vargottama lagna leads in the family.

 “वर्गोत्तमा……सूतौ कुल मुख्य करा ||”(सारावली ३/२३ )

By another opinion (Jataka Desha Marga), ascendant or ascendant lord in vargottama indicates being similar to Gods.

“देवानुकूल्यमूह्यम् वर्गोत्तम जन्म वेशिसौम्य वशात् ||”(जातकादेश मार्ग १७/७)

Birth in Vargottama Lagna is considered auspicious, so also birth in vargottama Moon is considered auspicious. If the moon is exalted in Taurus and is also vargottama it gives most auspicious results. The results respectively reduce depending on if the Moon is vargottama in its own sign, very friendly sign, friendly sign, neutral sign, inimical sign, very inimical sign and sign of debilitation.

2) Shubh Planets In Vesi Yoga:-

The second place from Sun is called Vesi. If planets other than the Moon occupy the 2nd from the Sun, Vesi Yoga is formed. Benefics are waxing Moon, Mercury by itself or in association with benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus. This yoga is formed only with these planets and not with the Moon.  That is, if the 2nd house from Sun has Jupiter Mercury or Venus then this yoga is formed. Child born in Vesi Yoga will be truthful, always lazy, have balanced views, happy, have self earned small wealth and will be tall.

वेशि योगोद् भवो जातः सत्यवादी सदालसः।

समदर्शी सुखी स्वल्पधनो दीर्घवपुः पुमान्॥  बृहत् पाराशर होरा शास्त्र ||” (३९/)

Mantreshwar has said in Phaldeepika that individuals born in Shubh Vesi Yoga are beautiful, happy multi-talented, patient, religious, and reign over a number of people.

“जातः स्यात सुभगः सुखी गुणनिधिर्धीरो नृपो धार्मिको॥“ (फल दीपिका ६/१)

Somayaji has mentioned in Jatakadesh Marg auspicious results for people by his statement that Vesi is enchantingly gentle. [वेशि सौम्य वशात्]

3) Planets In All Four Kendras:-

Kendras work as pillars of a chart. If all the four Kendras are occupied by planets then “Chattusagar Yoga” is formed, the result of which gives an individual, longevity, fortune, good health, endows him with children and his fame spreads overseas.

Some scholars believe if all seven planets are present in Kendra it forms “Kamal Yoga”.  Those born in this yoga have a great reputation, are immensely fortunate and talented, but Varahamihir is of the opinion that all seven planets need not necessarily occupy all the four Kendras. Each Kendra must have atleast one planet. 

4) Presence of Karak Planets:-

Varahamir has said that the presence of Karak Planet in a horoscope is the best yoga. Any planet that occupies its own sign or exalted sign or Mooltrikona in Kendra is called as Karak. 

स्वक्षेतुङ्ग मूल त्रिकोणगाः कण्टकेषु यावन्त आश्रिता।

सर्व एव तेऽन्योन्यकारकाः कर्मगस्तु तेषां विशेषतः॥ (बृहत् जातक २२/१)

Thus for a planet to be Karak two conditions are necessary. Firstly, planet should be in its own sign, Moolatrikona sign or its exaltation sign. Secondly, planets must be in Kendra [houses 1, 4, 7, 10]. If only one planet occupies Kendra, it does not become Karak, at least two planets should fulfill the above condition. In such a case both the planets are called mutual Karak. Planet occupying 10th house becomes ‘Special Karak’. Planet in 10th becomes a temporary friend and hence acquires similar qualities [तद् गुण सम्पन्नता].

Brahatjatak provides an example of the above with a Cancer lagna horoscope in which lagna has Moon and Jupiter, 4th has Saturn, 7th has Mars and 10th has Sun. Since Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Sun are exalted and also in mutual Kendra, they are mutual Karak. In the example since Moon is in its own house in lagna and Saturn, Mars, Sun are in Kendra from the Moon and exalted, hence Moon is also considered to be a Karak planet.

A] In the above, Cancer lagna is merely an example. In any movable lagna, planets in same position indicate mutual Karak planets.

Four planets in movable sign – Sun [Aries], Jupiter [Cancer], Saturn [Libra], and Mars [Capricorn] – are exalted.

Four planets in movable sign – Mars [Aries], Moon [Cancer], Venus [Libra], Saturn [Capricorn] are in own sign.

Likewise six planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn occupying movable lagnas in Kendra in variety of ways form Karak Yoga.

B] In fixed lagna only four planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn – placed in Kendras form Karak Yoga in a variety of ways. In this, only Moon in Taurus sign is exalted and in Moolatrikona. Sun in Leo sign is in Moolatrikona and Saturn in Aquarius sign is in Moolatrikona. Mars in Scorpio is in its own sign.

C] In dual sign lagnas only three planets – Mercury, Jupiter and Venus – placed in Kendras form Karak Yoga in a variety of ways. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces.

The above opinion of Varahamihir is generally acceptable by all but some scholars have different views making it more liberal.

The following are the various views –

A] Parashara has said two new things in relation to this yoga.

Planets in friendly sign are also Karak

If the planets are in mutual Kendras from any position they form Karak Yoga. It is not necessary that they should occupy only Kendra in the birth chart.

 लग्नात् केन्द्रेतरे गेहे। In respect to this, the following sloka is important:-

स्वमित्रोच्चर्क्षगो हेतुर्मिथश्चेत् केन्द्र संस्थितः।

लग्नात् केन्द्रेतरे गेहे सोऽपि कारक ईरितः॥ (बृ.पा.हो.शा ३३/२८)

B] Chankya is also of the same opinion as Parashara that a planet in a friendly sign is a Karak. Besides this, a planet in exalted navamsa, own navamsa or friendly navamsa is also considered a Karak. Planet is a Karak in any house.

C] As per some other opinion a planet in other than exaltation or own sign placed in lagna, 4th or 10th in natal chart is also a Karak.

Example 1:-

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru born in Cancer lagna

Date of birth – 14-November-1889

Time of birth – 11:03 pm

Place of birth – Allahabad

Chart 71

In Cancer lagna Moon in own sign and Venus in own sign in 4th forms Karak Yoga which shows auspicious birth. Jupiter in 2nd from Sun also forms Shubh or Auspicious Vesi Yoga.

Example 2:-

Shri Morarji Desai born in Gemini lagna

Date of birth -29-February-1896

Time of birth – 1:00pm

Place of birth– Bhadeli village, Valsad, Gujarat

There are no planets in Kendra. Three planets are exalted – Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars – are placed 2nd, 5th and 8th from lagna and are in mutual Kendra. As per Parashar Karak Yoga is present.

Example 3:-

Date of birth – 13-January-1928

Time of birth – 7:12 am

Place of birth – 29:09 North, 77:37 East, Chitra Ayanamsa, 22:41:07

Nirayan lagna is 08:27:09.

Chart 73

Birth in Sagittarius lagna in Sagittarius navamsa is Vargottama. Mercury in 2nd from the Sun forms Shubh or Auspicious Vesi Yoga. Jupiter is in own sign in Kendra in 4th. Both Sun and Mars are in a friendly sign in lagna. Moon is also in a friendly sign in 10th in Kendra. This way Sun, Moon, Mars are in friendly signs along with Jupiter in its own sign thus forming Karak Yoga. Parashar has considered that planet in friendly signs also form Karak Yoga.  The above horoscope indicates auspicious birth.

I hope that the reader will benefit with the above methods.

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