Ayur Jyotish - Medical Astrology Part - 3 by Vinayak Bhatt

Ayur Jyotish – Medical Astrology Part – 3 by Vinayak Bhatt

|| ज्योतिष्मती प्रज्ञा ||

Dear Readers,

This is a humble attempt to bring forward the intricacies of Medical Astrology. Medical astrology or Chikitsa Jyotish has its sound scientific base in the Vedas and is at par with any type or form of medical research. This series of articles will broaden your understanding of the magnificent human body and its connection with the planets.

Sun & Related Diseases

In this article, we will be learning about the various kinds of diseases associated with the Sun.

Sun, also known as Ravi, holds the ownership of the 5th zodiac sign – Leo, known as the father of the solar system, the sun governs the vital life force representing our soul in our birth chart.  It is a masculine planet of positive polarity, which never goes retrograde. Fittingly, Leo is thus a sign of consistency, stability, and loyalty. Inherently, the Sun is dominating and authoritative. It is a royal planet signifying power, government, honour, prestige, and favour. Sun belongs to the element of fire and is associated with Sattva Guna and Pitta Nature. It is also considered a mild malefic due to its fiery disposition. 

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a sign of fixed modality representing royalty, boldness, rulership, and confidence. Leo is also the original sign of drama, arts, and theatre; it is known for its determination, passion, vivaciousness, and bravery. In the natural zodiac, the sign of Leo falls in the 5th house which also hosts the creative and artistic talents of a native. The sign rules the heart and spine in the human body. 

Fire symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and control. Leo sign is naturally inclined toward a vital constitution that allows these people to rebound easily. Sun is associated with recovering readily from diseases and allowing the natives to be their incandescent selves in a rather short span. 

The fire element associated with the Sun is of utmost importance as fire energizes and invigorates the body. Part of the importance can also be attributed to the fire being the element that binds the atoms together. Fire affects metabolism and the energy flow in the body. In a body, the fire element resides in the stomach where a large part of digestion happens. 

Fire is present in the form of gastric juices which are essential for proper digestion. The optimal functioning of the digestive system requires the fire element to be balanced in the body.  Blood circulation is also associated with the fire element, as maintaining the body temperature ensures proper circulation of blood to tissues and joints.  

Falling third in the order of the five elements of a body, called Pancha tattva, Fire is also known as ‘Tejas’. Fire requires ether and air for its sustenance, ether provides the space to exist, and air provides the momentum for burning. 

Sun’s presence in different signs gives different issues – depending upon the significations of the corresponding houses. We must keep in mind the body parts represented by different signs like Aries/1st house is the face, Taurus/2nd house is the mouth, Gemini/3rd house is the ear, Cancer/4th house is the chest and the lungs. 

In order to analyze the nature of the disease, we have to understand where the ‘Pitta’ is showing up in one’s horoscope. For example, if Pitta is showing up in the 5th house, the individual will have a tendency towards acquiring digestive issues as the heat (pitta) is affecting the stomach.  While, if Sun is present in the 8th house, the person can be predisposed to colitis. Thus, to get to the root of a disease and to understand how a medical problem is manifesting, we are required to consider all the intricacies of Jyotish. 

Body organs under the domain of Sun

The following body organs are connected to the Sun.

1) Heart

2) Bones

3) Right eye

4) Stomach

5) Spinal Cord

6) Head

7) General physique

8) Vitality

Karaktatva (Significations) of Sun

Karaktatvas in other words refers to the significations of a planet, Sun is the significator of the following- 

1) Heat

2) Overall health

3) Rashes

4) Burning sensation

5) Recovery power

6) Blood pressure

7) Migraine

8) Fever

9) Face

10) Gout-disorders

11) Brain

12) Back

13) atherosclerosis

Diseases/ Ailments associated with Sun

Sun governs the general vitality and recuperative power of the human body. In the event of imbalance or affliction of the Sun can affect the overall health and threaten the longevity of the native, furthermore, it can give any of the following ailments – 

1) Bilious diseases

2) Overall health

3) Heart diseases

4) Diseases of the stomach

5) Bone diseases

6) Body pain

7) Headache

8) Liver diseases

9) Burns

10) Eye ailments

11) Skin diseases

12) Fear of weapons

13) Baldness

14) Falls

15) Fever

16) Typhoid

17) Burning sensation in the body

18) Bleeding in the brain

19) Leprosy

20) Fits

21) Ailments associated with blood flow

22) Intolerance

23) Swelling

24) Blows by wood

25) Fear of poisons

26) Gallbladder diseases

Golden Rules for Sun

When assessing the state of the Sun in a horoscope the following rules should be kept in Mind. If the rules below prevail in a horoscope, then it can be inferred that the Sun is weak and is exhibiting prospects to inflict diseases/ ailments. The disease/s may occur in the major period or sub-period of the Sun.

  • Sun occupying its debilitation sign- Libra or inimical signs- Capricorn, Aquarius, or Taurus.
chart 01..
  • Sun occupying a sign which is in mruthyubhaaga (death inflicting division) of a horoscope or is in Kroora shashtyamsa- the cruel 60th point.
  • Sun is in inimical nakshatra/ constellations of Saturn and Venus – Bharani, Purvaphalguni, and Poorvashada or Anuradha, Pushya, and Uttara Bhadrapada. 
  • Sun occupying the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in a horoscope.
Chart 2..
  • Sun is in conjunction with or is receiving aspects from the lords of the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses.
Chart 3..
  • Sun becomes the lord of the 22nd drekkana or occupies the 22nd drekkana.
  • Sun is at shashtaashtama (6-8 position) or is at dwidwaadasa (2-12 position) with the major-period lord/mahadasha lord. (For example, Mercury is the Mahadasha lord)
Chart 4..

Affliction of Sun

  1. In the above horoscope, Sun is the lord of the 6th house and is occupying the 12th house of Aquarius. This connects Sun with two dushthana sthana.
  2. Sun is in an inimical sign and nakshatra, Aquarius sign which is ruled by Saturn and is in Satabisha nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu. Thus, connecting Sun with 6th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope and also with Rahu.
  3. Rahu is aspecting Leo sign and Ketu is aspecting Sun, thus creating yet another affliction.
  4. The natural house of Sun, the 5th house is in Cancer. Its lord Moon is in the 2nd house of Aries and in conjunction with Mars, these planets are receiving aspect from Rahu and Saturn. Thus making Moon and Mars also weak and Sun is already under affliction.
  5. 5th house is aspected by Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Mercury although is placed with a natural benefic Venus but does not help much as-
  • It is Badhakesh planet for this horoscope.
  • Qualifies for Kendradhipatya dosha, as it owns two Kendra houses and is the dispositor of Ketu.
  • Similarly, Venus is a functional malefic for this lagna as it is lord of 3rd and 8th houses and is also the dispositor of Saturn, thus losing much of its beneficence.


Due to affliction of Sun and its connection with dushthana sthana caused the native-

  1. Heart attack and open-heart surgery.

It is to be noted, that the connection of Ketu and affliction of Mars contributed towards the surgery.


The native suffered a heart attack during the Saturn mahadasha/major period and Venus antardasha/sub period and had to undergo an open heart surgery. It may also be noted that Venus is disposed in Uttarashadha nakshatra which is owned by the Sun and it is invariably afflicted.

Chart 2: Male; March 26th, 1965; 21:55 hrs; Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Chart 5..

Affliction of Sun

  1. The Sun significator for heart and Badhaka planet for Libra Lagna is in 6th house, conjunct with debilitated Mercury and exalted Venus but that also gets debilitated in Navamsha. This conjunction is aspected by retrograde Mars and Ketu.
  2. Venus is lord of 8th house and Lagna, 8th house is occupied by Jupiter (lord of 3rd and 6th house) and Rahu. Saturn, the significator of longevity is afflicted as we have seen above, thus longevity also is badly affected.
  3. The 5th house which is the natural house of Sun is owned and occupied by Saturn and is receiving aspect from retrograde Mars who is also the dispositor of Ketu.
  4. Sun is therefore connected with the 6th, 8th and 12th houses and is also a badhkesh for this lagna.


The planetary connections and affliction of Sun gave the native heart ailment and led to his passing away in his 50th year.


The native died of heart attack at the age of 50, during Jupiter mahadasha/ major period-Venus antardasha/ sub period and Jupiter pratyantardasha/ sub-sub period.

Chart 3: Male, September 4, 1967, 00:55 Hrs, Delhi

Chart 6..

Affliction of Sun

  1. Mars is the lord of 64th Navamsha from the ascendant.
  2. Venus is the lord of 22nd Dreshkona from Moon and is fifth lord of natal chart and is conjunct with Sun.
  3. Fifth lord Venus is in Mrityu Bhaga. This placement of Venus is responsible for stomach ailments.
  4. Sun is in own sign Leo and is conjunct with Mercury, Moon, and Venus. Both Sun and Leo are under malefic aspect of Rahu. So, both Sun and Leo Sign are afflicted.
  5. Ascendant lord Mercury is in 3rd house is with Venus, Sun, and Moon. Mercury in 3rd house is aspected by Rahu.
  6. The ascendant is aspected by Mars who is lord of 6th and 11th house and lord of 64th Navamsha, worst malefic for Gemini Lagna. Mars is natural malefic also. So, the aspect of Mars on ascendant will render ascendant weak.
  7. The fifth house of horoscope is occupied by malefic planet Ketu. The fifth lord Venus is retrograde, combust, lord of 22nd Dreshkona and is in Mrityu Bhaga. Venus is conjunct with enemy Sun, Moon, and friendly planet Mercury. But Mercury is weak. The fifth lord Venus is aspected by malefic planet Rahu from Aries. So, both the fifth house and fifth lord are weak.
  8. Ascendant, Ascendant Lord, 5th house, lord of fifth house, Sun and Leo are afflicted, therefore native will face some health issues related to Sun and fifth house.


  1. In this horoscope the fifth house of Libra and Venus are both heavily afflicted and this affliction has affected Sun, Moon and Mercury as well.
  2. This native had to suffer on account of stomach problems in the form of Gastric, Acidity, Gerd, Hiatus Hernia.
  3. The native had to undergo surgery for Hiatus Hernia on October 4, 2021.


Vimsottari Dasha was Rahu-Mercury-Mars.

  1. In the natal chart, Mahadasha lord Rahu was in 11th house which is 6th from 6th, an alternative house of disease. Rahu-Ketu axis is along 5-11 houses and is aspecting the 3rd house and the 5th house as well. So, Rahu is fully capable of giving problems related to the Sun and fifth house.
  2. The antardasha lord Mercury is conjunct with Sun, Venus, and Moon. Venus is the 5th lord. Antar Dasha Lord Mercury is with 5th lord Venus aspected by Rahu is fully capable of giving problems related to stomach. 
  3. The pratyantar dasha lord Mars is the 6th and 11th So, Mars is lord of two houses of diseases and is a powerful malefic Gemini ascendant and is aspecting the Lagna and 12th house of hospitalization. The aspect of Mars on Lagna and 12th house is indicating surgery/hospitalization.
  4. These dasha lords and their placement led to native’s surgery for which incisions were made on the chest as well on account of robotic surgery.

Chart 4: Male; January 29th, 1985; 18:25 hrs; Deogarh, Jharkhand, India.

chart 7..

Affliction of Sun

  1. Sun is in an inimical sign, Capricorn. This invariably weakens the capacity of Sun.
  2. Sun also qualifies as the Maraka lord sitting in a maraka sthana, although Sun does not harm to such great extents, but it is still the maraka lord.
  3. Sun is in conjunction with the 6th lord Jupiter which is in its sign of debilitation and is in its degrees of debilitation and with 12th lord Mercury. This conjunction is afflicting Sun furthermore and Jupiter also does not have adequate strength to support Sun.
  4. The 5th house is in Scorpio and is occupied by Saturn and Ketu. Saturn also qualifies as a maraka lord and is in an inimical sign. Saturn from its position is aspecting Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in the 7th house, Rahu in the 11th house and the 2nd house of Leo.
  5. The 8th lord Saturn is itself in an inimical sign and is connected to all the dushthana lords and Sun as well.
  6. The placement of Saturn in the 5th house in a way contains the malefic energy to some extent and Ketu is well placed in Scorpio sign.


The native has from following ailments-

  1. Skin problems, typhoid, prone to skin rashes, frequent headaches and has a fragile composition (low immunity).
  2. It is seen that due to affliction of Sun, the native keeps suffering from one or the other ailment. The connection of Saturn with Sun has given the native continuous health issues be it headache or rashes


  1. During Sun mahadasha/major period and Sun antardasha/sub period, the native suffered from typhoid, at that time the native 10 years old.
  2. During Rahu mahadasha/major period – Jupiter antardasha/sub period- Moon pratyantar dasha/ sub-sub period, the native suffered from ill health and was experiencing bouts of high fever.

Chart 5: Male; August 2nd, 1928; 14:00 hrs; Uccle, Belgium

Chart 8..

Affliction of Sun

  1. Sun becomes a powerful Badhkesh for Libra lagna/ascendant and in this horoscope the badhkesh is in conjunction with the lagna lord Venus. This creates dual affliction because of this conjunction- affliction of lagna lord Venus and Sun in conjunction with an enemy planet Venus, thus afflicting the entire lagna.
  2. Another affliction is Sun is in conjunction with the 12th lord Mercury and for Venus and Mercury Cancer is an inimical sign.
  3. The 6th lord Jupiter is occupying the maraka sthana and aspecting the 11th house of Leo, the lagna and the 3rd house of Sagittarius. Thus, connecting Jupiter with Sun and the lagna.
  4. The 8th lord is Venus itself and the house is occupied by Mars and Rahu, together they are creating Angarak Yoga. Venus is therefore connected with Sun, 12th lord Mercury, Mars and Rahu and dignity of Venus is also not strong. Thus, weakening the ascendant.
  5. Furthermore, Saturn the karaka for diseases/ailments is occupying inimical sign Scorpio and is conjunct with Ketu. Saturn from its position is aspecting and connecting with Moon in the 4th house of Scorpio, Mars and Rahu in the 8th house of Tauras and the 11th house of Leo. This element of Saturn further weakens the horoscope and indicates towards Sun being weak in this chart. Another point to be noted is the natural 5th house is also under the rulership of Saturn.
  6. Ketu is also adding to trouble by aspecting Mars, Rahu, Sun, Venus, Mercury and is also connected with the 6th house through its aspect. Inspite of being in a comfortable sign, its conjunction with Saturn is adding to its malefic nature.


As indicated in the horoscope, the native had heart ailment and passed away due to heart attack.


The native passed away due to a heart attack during Mercury mahadasha/major period- Venus antardasha/sub period- Moon pratyantar dasha/ sub- sub period.

Chart 6: Male; July 26th, 1975; 13:05 hrs; Muzaffarnagar, India.

Chart 9..

Affliction of Sun

  1. Sun is a powerful Badhkesh for Libra lagna/ascendant and is in conjunction Saturn and the 12th lord Mercury. Both Saturn and Mercury are in inimical sign of Cancer.
  2. Sun is also in Pushya nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn.
  3. Mars becomes a powerful Markesh for Libra lagna is occupying the maraka sthana and is aspecting Sun, Saturn and Mercury.
  4. The 6th lord Jupiter is occupying the 7th house of Aries and is in conjunction with the Markesh Mars. Jupiter from its position is aspecting the 11th house of Leo, the lagna and the 3rd house of Sagittarius. Jupiter is also not very benefic in this horoscope.
  5. Rahu is in an inimical sign, connected with Mars (markesh) and is aspecting Sun, Saturn and Mercury. This further damaging Sun and its properties.
  6. In the D60 chart, amsha of Sun in under Vamsa Kshaya (decendants not growing).
  7. Finally, the lagna lord Venus is in enemy sign of Leo.
  8. Another point to be considered is that there is a sign exchange applicable between Saturn and Moon. On considering original position of Moon, it is clearly under Kemadruma Yoga and this is happening with in Saturn’s sign, gives a clear indication of affliction of Moon as well in this horoscope.


  1. Bilious issues in the body.
  2. Impatient nature and intolerance regarding any issue and closed thoughts.
  3. Streaks of Anger which lead to violence (mainly due to emotional issues primarily caused by the connection of Moon and Saturn. Aspect of Mars is also contributing towards anger issues.
  4. Accidents/ fractures and right eye replaced by stone


  1. Rahu mahadasha/major period (early childhood) caused the native violent behavioral episodes. In these episodes that native also ended up hitting the elders of his family. Rahu is sitting in the 2nd house of family and speech and is not in good dignity at all. Its connection with Mars adds fuel to fire.
  2. Rahu mahadasha/major period- Sun antardasha/sub period, the native threw stone/brick on a pedestrian and was barely saved in the matter. The behavioral issues are evident and the Sun in hampered capacity is unable to give any positivity.
  3. Jupiter mahadasha/major period gave the native high ego which caused clashes and consequently affected his education.
  4. Saturn mahadasha/major period, during this period he had two accidents, at both times, had to walk miles to reach the hospital with a fractured knee. At one time, had fluid filled inside knee along with fracture.
  5. Saturn mahadasha/major period – Mercury antardasha/sub period, in this timeline the native was in foreign land where he was mugged which turned into a fight, causing severe damage to his right eye. The damage was so severe that the native had to undergo eye surgery but unfortunately over the next year post his operation he lost sight in his right eye which was replaced by stone.

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