Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 6 by Venkat Ramana

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 6 by Venkat Ramana

Always the endeavor of Saptarishis Astrology is to introduce newer techniques to the astrological fraternity so that even a novice in the study of astrology can apply them without any difficulty and predict events accurately. One of such techniques of BSP

is Mars Tenth house rule.

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP -6: Wherever Mars sits in the natal chart, it implements itself in the tenth house from itslf in the 27th year of the native.

For instance, Aries ascendant native has Mars in Leo. As per the rule Mars will activate the 10th from itself which is second from ascendant in this case and influences the significations of this house predominantly in the 27th year of the native. The logic behind the technique as understood by me is Mars exalts in the 10th house in the Zodiac (Capricorn) and exalts at the end of the 27th degree. Therefore, it implements itself in the 10th house from its placement in the nativity.

This technique has been tested on several charts and found working wonderfully. Initially when the publisher got this method he tested it on few charts and found it working phenomenally but on 3 charts he failed, those charts were of 50 plus aged natives & at times people do not remember what exactly happened in their 27th year or natal Mars did not get activated (blocked till a point of time due to yogas involved which are difficult to decipher).

Give here are some of the charts where the above rule is explained for the understanding of the readers. 


The native of this chart is born on 13th Dec 1948 TOB: 13:41 POB: Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh. In this chart Mars is located in Sagittarius the 10th house from Ascendant. In the 27th year Mars implements in the 10th from itself which is the 7th house for the native from the Ascendant. 7th house stands for marriage, business partners & so on. Incidentally the native got married on 06th Jan 1975 at the age 27 which is in the 27th year of his life. Mars activated the 7th house and Mangalya hogaya (marriage happened).

Native born on the 28th March 1946 TOB: 22:30 POB: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. In this chart Mars is located in 8th house and influences the 10th from itself which is 5th from ascendant. 5th house is the house of love & relationships and also gain of marriage (11th is gain, 5th is 11th from 7th house). It is aspected by retro Jupiter from 11th house can create a permanent

relationship through marriage. The native got married on 21st March 1973 at the age of 27.

Native born on 26th Aug 1968 TOB: 09:44 a.m POB: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. In this case Mars is sitting in the 10th house from Ascendant in Cancer Sign. From this house it activates the 10th house from it which is the 7th house from ascendant. 7H is the house of Pada Prapati (gain of status) and marriage. During the 27th year the native got a promotion on 24th Oct 1994 in his job and also married on 27-04-1995. The events taken place are justified as Mars activated the 7th house from ascendant and gave marriage. Further the 7th house is the house of fruits from competition; the native appeared for a departmental examination and qualified in the same and got promotion.


The native is born 09th Sept 1963 TOB: 04:00 am POB: Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He got a Government Job in the 27th year and joined service on 28th Feb 1990. Mars being a full yogakara located in 4H of fortune is the 10L of career and 5L of new job influencing the 1h of Profession (as per Sarvartha Chintamani 1H is profession). So in 27 year he got job.


Native born on 18th Sept 1962 TOB: 06:20 am POB: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. He got married on 24th Oct 1988 in the 27th year. In this case Mars is located in the 10th house from ascendant and influences the 10th from him which is 7th from ascendant and hence the native got married

Native born on 02nd June 1969 TO: 09:25 am POB: Khammam, Andhra Pradesh. The native has Cancer Ascendant and Mars being a Purna (full) yogakaraka is well placed in 5th house Scorpio. During the 27th year of the native got promotion in Sept 1995. Here Mars influenced the 2nd house from ascendant and the native was benefited financially due to the promotion. 2nd house is also connected with the profession (2nd, 6th and 10th houses are trines to one another). In the same year he has done business and gained financially and later on he handed over his business to someone (Mars is retro).


Native born on 11th May 1973 TOB: 09:46 am POB: Mumbai, Maharashtra. This scribe used BSP-6 and predicted to the native if he had job issues & break in relationships in the 27th year, the native promptly agreed. Mars is posited in 9th house from ascendant and will implement in the 6th house in the 27th year of the native. 6H is the house of disputes, natural badha (obstacles) house, breaks & also job. Just before his 27th year began, he left his job and formed a partnership for a dotcom company. As Mars will implement itself in the 6H of breaks, when the dotcom bubble burst he had to wound the company – 6H is 12th house of losses from 7H of business. During the 27th year the native had had a break in his relationship with a girl whom he was having an affair. In the same 27th year he has took up another job with a fairly high salary that was 3 times his earlier salary. The events are justified in this case as Mars is implementing the 6th house from ascendant which is house of service. Further, 6th house is also the 12th (Vyaya) from 7th indicating break in relationship.

Chart No: 8

Native born on 20th Jan 1968 TOB: 02:55 am POB: Bangalore, Karnataka. Chart belongs to our astro colleague who got a whiff that this scribe was testing Mars related Bhrighu method & we decided to test BSP-6 method on his chart. He got an offer in the 27th year and joined new job which fetched him a salary which was three times as compared to what he was getting from the earlier job. He joined his new job on 26th Feb 1995 which was a phenomenal turning point for his career. Mars in this chart is located in the 4th house of fortune from ascendant and influenced the 10th from itself which is the ascendant. As earlier mentioned for chart no. 4 first house is considered the house of profession (Sarvarthchintamani). Therefore, the native got a job which changed his life.


The Native born on 13th June 1959 TOB: 11:27 am POB: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Mars is placed in the 12th house from ascendant and activates the 9th house of bhagya-fortune which is 10th from Mars. The 9th house from ascendant happens to be the 6th house of competition from Arudha Lagna and also A~7 indicating gain (profession) through competitive examination. Mars is also the lord of 9th house (Dharma) giving rise to profession. During the 27th year she was selected in a competitive examination, appointed in a Public Sector Bank and joined service during November’ 1985.

Native born on 31st Dec 1960 TOB: 09:06 am POB: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He got married on 25th May 1987 in his 27th year. Mars posited in the 6th house from ascendant influenced the 3rd house from ascendant which is the 9th house of marriage for his to be wife & 5th (house of love) from AL and also A~7 (marriage). The native married a girl whom he loved.

Conclusion: The charts given above demonstrate how the BSP (mars 10th house) rule is applicable to nativities. This predictive tool may further be used for predictive purposes and to experience the wisdom of the Sage Brighu. This technique will work more profitably to those who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha.

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