Rishi Jaimini on Eye Ailments by Jagdish Raj Ratra

Rishi Jaimini on Eye Ailments by Jagdish Raj Ratra

Editor-Publisher: Jaimini astrology has always been one of the most enigmatic parts of astrology. How to interpret the verse given in Jaimini Sutras is the toughest part, normally Katyapadi system is followed, here the senior author who quietly works on Jaimini system has broken the norm for probably the first time in doing away with the Katyapadi system of interpretation and come up with a refreshing way demonstrating it on more than 33 charts. Young ones must be careful in not getting carried away with literal implementation of the authors work without understanding the strength of the grahas if it is capable to give ‘extent of result or not’ and that is the toughest part in astrology – strength of planet. Mr. Ratra’s work deserves a thorough read into an area which is bothering humans more and more these days due to Computers & TV. We thank mentor wholeheartedly for bringing forth this article.

Classical text and modern astrologers give plethora of yogas which predict about eye related ailments. Ordinary student of astrology gets confused by the number of yogas and simply ignores the subject itself. He wishes that there ought to be simple formulae which talk about the eye ailments. I have been searching texts and Astrological periodicals on this subject for the last 15 years.

In my quest for the subject I came across series of articles on eye diseases by one Shri V.M. NATU published in Astrological Magazine in the years 1985 & 1986. Apart from this there is only one sutra No. 44 in part-III of chapter I of Jaimini Sutras dealing with eye ailments

Jaimini propounded his own system of astrology for us. He codified this divine knowledge which can be understood only under guidance of a Guru. His sutras are hard nuts to crack, but once cracked there is knowledge which is like nectar in them. He revolutionized astrology and deviated from Shri Prashara (in consideration of Nakshatras, planetary aspects, rashi based predictions treating planets only as travelers in them. Like travelers in deserts, snow covered mountains or meadows, planets take pain and pleasure) with his astonishing thoughts. Every sign has three aspects (a total deviation from Prashar) and planets in signs borrow aspects of signs. He invented new points of prediction like Pitree, Patni, by karakamsha lagna, pada lagna, upapada Lagna etc. He identified planets as Karakas (significators) depending on the degree at which they are placed in signs along with fixed Karakatwa (signification). He used dashas based on signs instead of stars.

His sutra No.44 in Part-2nd I under chapter I reads:

This sutra occurs in chapter on Pada (Arudha) but Gaunpada is like a bombshell propounding eye ailments in just one sutra rejecting rules which are hundreds of years old available in texts. Having pronounced the sutra the Rishi is silent on explanation of the same. Gaunpada is not explained in Jaimini text, though he used words like pada, upapada, padakram in different context.

To know the meaning of the sutra, the commentaries on Jaimini sutras by Mr. B.S. Rao grandfather of Shri B.V.Raman, I. Rangacharya, P.S.Shastri, Varanasi based commentaries by Shri Sita Ram Jha, Lakhan Lal Jha, Ram Chandra etc. were referred. Shri Rao interpreted “shukra” numerically श=5ु,  र=2; makes 52 and when written in reverse order it is 25 and divided by 12 gets a Remainder 1 i.e. Lagna (ascendant), Gaun is ग =3, ण=5 –Æ 53/12, remainder=5 i.e. fifth house. Everybody followed this interpretation i.e. Shri Rao said if the 5th house from Arudha Lagna (A~1) is occupied by Rahu and aspected by Ravi (Sun) the person will lose his eye sight. Shri P.S. Shastri said that Rahu in the fifth from Arudha lagna aspected by the Sun brings danger to eye. Shri I. Rangacharya said that if the Arudha of 5th house is occupied by Rahu and aspected by Sun, the native may lose eyesight.

We disagree humbly from renowned authors’ interpretation of Shukra as Lagna (ascendant) due to the following Jaimini dictum.

We tried to collect the horoscopes of the blind people and semi blind and found that the interpretations given by the scholars did not coincide in their charts. We laid our hope on Venus as karak for vision and 2nd and 12th house from Venus as eyes being gaunpadas of Venus.

The 2nd house and the Sun are considered for right-eye. The Moon and the 12th house control the left-eye. Venus is Karak for eye sight. Rahu is responsible for eye troubles. This exactly tallies with Jaimini principles with only difference that he considered eye ailments from Venus whereas modern astrologers from Lagna (ascendant).

Dr. B.V.Raman in his book” A Catheism of Astrology” page 25 dealing with vocation in answer to the question “what makes one blinds” said “if Sun and Rahu occupy Lagna (ascendant) and Mars and Saturn placed in trine, the native becomes blind”. Modern astrologers have come very close to theory of Jaimini but still they are hooked to ascendant.Interpretation: Accordingly our interpretation of sutra is 2nd and 12th houses from where Venus is placed in chart if occupied by Rahu and aspected by Sun causes vision loss or conjunction/aspect of Rahu and Sun on Venus and its 2nd and 12th signs cause vision loss.

Table 2nd, I of part VII of Shri V.M. Natu1, contain 45 horoscopes out of which 17 belong to blind persons. They are serial No.3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 30, 32, 33, and 38. They have Venus, Sun & Rahu combinations.


In the whole Column Chart No. 18 defy the sutra, may be placement of Sun, Rahu & Venus is doubtful. If Venus gets Leo, sutra will apply.

Blindness is rare. In India one in a lakh is blind. We tried to collect data from some blind schools but birth details were not available. We are of the opinion that yogas for blindness should be seen in Navamsha Charts also. We have found 5 charts in the commentary of Dr. P.S. Sastri and some reliable charts from Astro Data Bank website; they are given for the reference of readers.

1In order to reduce the size of the article this table of charts from Shri V M. Nathu’s article titled ‘Eye Ailments & Astrology’ that appeared as a 7 series article in 1986 issue of Astrological Magazine of Dr Raman is not being given, in case readers feel the need for more charts a scan of it can be sent at a later date by request from the readers.

Page 105 to 107 of Jaimini Sutras by Dr. P.S. Sastri


In Rashi, Rahu joins Venus, II from Venus has Sun with Mercury and sign lord Jupiter. In Navamsh both Sun and Rahu aspect II from Venus. The native was born blind.2

The native born with healthy vision became blind in 1963. In Rashi, Sun is in 2nd fromVenus and Rahu aspects Venus. In Navamsha, Sun aspects Venus and Rahu aspects 2nd from Venus.


The native lost her right eye. In Rashi, Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus. In Navamsha Sun again joins Venus both are under aspect of Rahu.

  • In P.S.Sastri’s book of Jaimini Sutras, the full birth details of charts is not given hence we are unable to produce the chart in north Indian –south indian styles for convenience of readers & in our standard format.

In Rashi Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus. In Navamsha Sun aspects Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus. The native became blind.


In Rashi Sun is in II from Venus & Rahu aspects Venus. In Navamsha Sun joins Venus &
Rahu aspects Venus.

In Rashi Sun is in II from Venus & Rahu aspects II. In Navamsha Sun in II fromVenus and Rahu aspects 12th from Venus. The native had cataract in left eye.

In search for more horoscopes of blind person, we came across 13 horoscopes of natives who are blind or become blind from Astro Data Bank3; they all have reliable birth data. We shall see whether Jaimini thesis is applicable to them.

Case No. I:  Maupassant Guy de- a French author born on 5th Aug. 1850 at 8.00(0:04 East) 1E7: 49N51 became virtually blind in 1878.

In Rashi chart both Rahu & Sun occupy XII from Venus. In Navamsha chart again Rahu & Sun occupy II from Venus.

Case No.2: Platean Joseph  Born on 14th Oct. 1801 at 21:00 (0:17 East) 4E20, 50N50 A Belgian scientist, a physicist and author, of stroboscopic method for study of vibratory motion. In 1843 he lost his eye sight.


In Rashi chart Sun occupies 2nd and Rahu aspects 2nd from Venus. In Navamsha both Sun and Rahu aspect 2nd from Venus.

Case No.3: A British female Born on 30th Jan. 1883 at 0:56(0:00 East) 2W15, 53N30


The female was myopic from childhood, at age 30 she became blind from right eye and left eye had incurable cataract. In Rashi chart Rahu occupies 12th from Venus and Sun aspects Venus.

In Navamsha chart the Sun occupies 2nd from Venus and Rahu aspect 12th from Venus.

 Case No.4: Another British female- became blind in 1903. Born on 6th April, 1893, at 16:00 (0:00West) OW10 51N30


In Rashi Sun joins Venus and Rahu joins 2nd from Venus. In Navamsha Sun aspects 12th from Venus and Rahu 2nd from Venus.


Case No.5

East Indian male born in 1923 lost- eye sight in 1924 his birth details are 22nd Oct 1923 at 9:48 (4:51East) 72E55, 20N51


In Rashi Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspect Venus. In Navamsha, Sun aspects XII from Venus and Rahu aspects II

Case No.6 Amy Grant

American country singer well known in Christian circles shot up to fame at age 15. In December 1995 she learnt that she had detached Retina in right eye. Her birth details are Lagan 5S/22:08, Sun 7S/09:47, Mon 10S/05:52, Mar 2S/25:12, Mer 6S/20:04, Jup8s/12:33, Venus8S/18:45, Sat 8S/22:16, Rah 4S/18:28


In Rashi chart Sun is in XII from Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus. In Navamsha chart both Sun and Rahu join Venus in his neech sign.

Case No.7 Borgatti Guiseppe

Italian opera singer and teacher. In 1913, in the middle of performance at La Scala he suddenly went blind and never recovered.


Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects that combination on Rashi Chart. While in Navamsha Sun aspects II from Venus and Rahu is in XII.

Case No.8 Delnis Frederick

A composer by profession. An onset of illness led to paralysis and blindness.


In Rashi Chart Sun occupies XII from Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus while in Navamsha Rahu aspects II from Venus.

Case No.9, Daumier Honore

A French artist and lithographer and painter was blind in 1877.

In Rashi chart Sun joins II from Venus. While Rahu aspect Venus. In Navamsha chart Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects XII from Venus.

Case No.10 Mary Stevenson American artist of the impressionist School became blind in 1910.


In Rashi chart Sun is in XII from Venus & Rahu aspects II. In Navamsha Sun in XII and Rahu aspects Venus.

Case No.11 Mrs. Arletty

French actress, she began work as a factory worker ended as legend of the French Cinema. Her vision progressively failed after 1964. She died on 07.12.1992 at Paris.


In Rashi Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus. In Navamsha Sun aspects Venus and Rahu aspects II from Venus.

Case No. 12: A medical diabetic

American female who developed diabetes at young age of 7 and became totally blind by the age of 24.


In the Rashi chart, both Rahu and Sun occupy II from Venus. In Navamsha, Sun aspects XII from Venus and Rahu aspects Venus.

 Case No. 13: John Milton born 12th Dec 1608 at 06:30 Hrs 0W10, 51N30. British writer and poet who is best known for “Paradise Lost”. By March 1652 became totally blind.

In Rashi Sun joins Venus and Rahu aspects XII from Venus. In Navamsha, Rahu joins Venus and Sun aspects them.

From 35 horoscopes discussed herein before. It is candidly clear that II & XII from Venus are gaunpadas. Affliction or conjunction and aspects on Venus and its gaunpada destroys vision and causes blindness.

Maharishi Jaimini is a genius. By just one sutra (rule) he covered entire subject of damage to eye vision, making hundreds of yogas discussed by practitioners almost redundant. Jaimini has made the diagnosis of eye disease very simple with only one rule.

Jaimini’s Upapada kundli is mirror into married life and spousal relationship. Its use has been avoided by scholars due to codification involved in its two components- Pitree and Anuchar. We are trying to understand them. If we could crack it, the horoscope matching shall stage a walkout from the domain of experts and terrorism of Kuja dosha shall vanish.

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