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Rishi Jaimini on Eye Ailments By Jagdish Raj Ratra, India


Editor-Publisher: Jaimini astrology has always been one of the most enigmatic parts of astrology. How to interpret the verse given in Jaimini Sutras is the toughest part, normally Katyapadi system is followed, here the senior author who quietly works on Jaimini system has broken the norm for probably the first time …

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New Light On Jaimini Astrology – Part 4


(AN ANALYSIS OF THECOMMENTARY OF SOMANATHA)BYMADHURA KRISHNAMURTHI SASTRI,INDIA.COPY EDITOR: SHANMUKHA [Publisher: As the articles of Sastriji were very advanced for the internet Jaimini astrologers, we have requested our friend Shanmukha to make extensive notes so that advanced Jaimini adepts can understand many 1st time revealed points by Sastriji even though …

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