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Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 8 by Saptarishis Astrology Research Team

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 8 by Saptarishis Astrology Research Team

Technique & Guide: Saptarishis Astrology

Readership Level: Basic To Advanced

In pursuit of the Vision of the Saptarishis Astrology to remove the rarest and hidden  techniques  in  the  Science  of  Astrology  and  make  Astrology understandable to one and all, a series of mind boggling BSP techniques are being explained in these columns, which are simple to use and easy to  adapt. One must bear in mind that no technique works 100 % & Saptarishis Astrology does not have enough experience in the testing of these methods but they are being revealed here so that all of us can collectively test it and see if it works or not on a consistent manner and if not then find out the riders in that method.

Always the nodes (Rahu/Ketu) are mysterious and it is not very easy to predict their results in a nativity. Of course volumes have been written on nodes by various scholars in astrology, but still all of us find predicting with nodes is very difficult due to their unpredictable nature. There are so many parameters to be considered for predicting behavior of nodes (as they are shadowy planets),

  1. Nodes act as their dispositors
  2. Nodes act as per the planet conjoined with them
  3. Nodes act as per the planet aspecting them and so on.
[One is reminded of the Mythological story about the Rahu/Ketu. There was a demon named ‘Swarabhanu’ who participated in Churning of Milky Ocean for Nectar. This demon was intelligent and when all his fellows demons were allured and diverted by the Lord Vishnu in the guise of Mohini, a beautiful lady, (as part of the strategy of gods who did not want to share Nectar with the demons since they will also become immortal and pose threat to them), sat in the row along with the gods for a share of the Nectar. Without realizing this he (Swarabhanu) was also served with Nectar and it was noticed by the Sun and Moon who inturn complained to Lord Vishnu. By this time Swarabhanu had put the Nectar in his mouth and lord Vishnu with his weapon (Vishnu charka) cuts and separates the head from his body. But with the effect of Nectar Swarabhanu became immortal and lived for ever. The head became Rahu, who always looks down to his body and tail became the Ketu, who always looks up to his head. Therefore, Rahu always signifies material and mundane things as he looks down wards and Ketu looks up and signifies spiritual things. Further, as the Sun and Moon were instrumental for the separation of Swarabhanu (Rahu-Ketu) into two parts they eclipse them]

Stories apart, let us come back to the BSP techniques mentioned here under.

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

The rules pertaining to the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu)

BSP 8: Rahu implements itself in the 6th from itself in the 38th year of a native.

There are a few sub-rules in how to use Rahu more effectively which are avoided in this piece for brevity’s sake but when taken gives a more complete picture.

Chart No: 1. French Actor Dies at 38

Chart 181

October 22, 2008

PARIS (Rush PR news)10/22/08-French film star Gerard Depardieu’s son Guillaume, a 37 year-old actor who rebelled against his father and led an angst-ridden, tumultuous life, has died of pneumonia, his father’s agency stated. He served his first prison sentence at the age of 17 and returned to jail when he was 22 for heroin trafficking. death, it will implement itself in the 6th from it which is the 1H of body and thus Rahu brought death on the native. Rahu also shows the scandals he was associated with and hence it brought the scandals alive when he died.

Let us analyze the same applying kakshya method which is used for the BSP Mars 10th house rule published in the previous issue Vol 6 May 2009 of Saptarishis Astrology & one can observe that the Kakshya method when coupled with the BSP gives more accurate hint for us to predict.


(Kakshya-Slot) Degrees

Lord of Kakshya




° 00″ to 3 ° 45 “

Saturn [Slowest Planet]




° 45 ” to 7 ° 30 “




7 ° 30 ” to 11° 15″




11° 15″to 15 °00″




15 °00″ to 18° 45 “




18° 45 “to 22 ° 30 “




22 °30 ” to 26 ° 15 “

Moon [Fastest Planet]


8  26 ° 15 “to 30°00”


Important: Please note that the kakshya of Rahu is decided by deducting its longitude without considering the signs from 30 degree as it is retrograde.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the Kakshya of Saturn, who is the 8th lord of death posited in the 11th house of hara along with lagna lord (body).

Chart No. 2: Own House

Chart 182

The above native in his 38th year entered own house on Aug 1986. Her 38th year is from Dec 85- Dec 86. Let us see how Rahu implements itself in 38th year in this chart. Rahu is posited in the 2nd house from Ascendant (Pisces). It implements in 6th house from itself which is the 7th house of the chart. If we consider bhavath bhava 7th house is 4th from 4th house. In this chart 7th house is also 4th from AL. Most importantly Rahu is with A4 (arudha of the 4H). Therefore, the native entered into the newly constructed house.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the Kakshya of mercury who is the 4th and 7th lord for this ascendant posited in the 9th house. Mercury is also the lord of AL and significator for 4 th house in this chart. Hence Rahu when implemented itself in the 6th from itself in the 38th year gave him new house.

Divisional: D-4

Chart 183

In 4th divisional (D-4), Rahu is in the 8th house, it will implement itself in the 6th from it which is the lagna (Sg), the lagna lord is Jupiter placed in the 4th house of house and he bought a house.

Chart No. 3: Purchase of Apartment

This is a chart of a female native. She purchased a flat during 2nd half of 1994 her 38th year which is from Mar 94-Mar 95. Rahu is in the 12th house from Scorpio ascendant. In this chart Rahu implements in the 5th house from lagna as per BSP-8. 5th house is the 2nd from 4th house. 2nd house from any house is the sustenance or gain of that house. Hence it indicated gain for the native as self acquired property.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the kakshya of Saturn. Saturn is the 3rd and 4th lord in this nativity and posited in the ascendant. Rahu is in the exaltation sign of Saturn and gives the result of Saturn.

This native during his 38th year suffered from heart attack. Rahu is posited in the 2nd house from the Capricorn ascendant. In 38th year it has to implement in the 6th from 2nd house which is 7th house from ascendant. Both 2nd and 7th houses are maraca houses. 7th house in this chart is 4th from AL also 4th from Ascendant lord indicating heart. Rahu is also conjoined with the lord of 8th house also. Rahu is with Sun which signifies heart and also with A4. However, the native recovered from the ailment because of other combinations in the chart.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the kakshya of Mars who is the lord of 4th and 11th house from ascendant located in 3rd house of longevity & in the 12th of loss to 4H of heart. Mars is the lord of AL and placed in 12th from it. Mars can cause sudden events like heart attack being 4th lord as well as Badaka lord.

In the health divisional chart (D-6), you can see that Rahu is in the 10H implementing itself in the 3H of loss (12th from 4H) of hearts health resulting in heart attack.

Chart no. 4

This native purchased a new house at a very competitive rate in his native place in the 38th year. However, he never stayed in his own house as he is always away from native place due to his profession. He rented the house since beginning and is earning a good amount as rent. In this case Rahu implements itself in the 11th house of gains from ascendant as he is placed in the 6th house.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the kakshya of Venus who is the lord of 2nd and 7 th from ascendant and lord of A~4 placed in the 5th house from ascendant and 11th (gain) from A~4. As Rahu implements in the house of gain (11th) and being in the kakshya of Venus the purchase of property is for the gain of the native through handsome rental income.

Divisional: D-4

Rahu is placed in the 6H of D-4, it will implement itself in the 11th house which is 6th from its location in the 38th year, he bought a house in the 38th year. In D-4, Rahu is with A4 which again shows gain of & from property in the 38th year of the native which is how it happened.

Chart 188

The native purchased a flat in his 38th year by taking heavy loans. Rahu is posited in the 3rd house from Capricorn ascendant. In 38th year it implements itself in the 6th from itself which is the 8th house from ascendant where Jupiter the 12th lord and dispositor of Rahu is placed. Eighth house is the 4th house from AL & flavor of 8th house has to come. This justifies the native purchasing flat by incurring heavy expenditure.

Kakshya: Rahu is in the Kakshya of Saturn the ascendant lord and the lord of A~4. Saturn being the lord of A~4 and has given purchase of flat by the native appears to be justified.

Divisional: D-4

Chart 189

In the concerned divisional chart, one can see that Rahu is in the 3H so it will implement itself in the 38th year in the 8H of sudden movements in life where A4 is placed, thus he got a house in the 38th year.

Conclusion: The above technique is giving us a clue how the events from nodes can be timed

What I found while analyzing the charts is Jaimini Arudhas are helping us better in pronouncing the results. However, this technique may have to be further tested on various charts and fine tuned by the scholars, most importantly upon practice on 100-200 charts gives us the snap shot predictive ability, before those 200 charts it is only fixology.

Venkat is a law graduate and presently pursuing post graduation in management. He has studied Jyotish Visharada in the ICAS (Indian council of astrological sciences) and is an honorary faculty in one of its branches at Hyderabad. He has been studying palmistry for more than 10 years and over a period of time his interest drifted towards astrology. A friend of Saptarishis Astrology and a very humble yet extremely dedicated student of this subject. He is a senior member of the Saptarishis Astrology Re-Search Team.

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