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Kumar Swamiyam

KumaraSwamiyam – 4 The Most Ancient Tamil Classic By Viswalingam Padmanabhan

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Copy Editor: R. Ramanathan A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative Tamil is one of the most ancient Indian languages & there are many classical Jyotisha secrets in Tamil literature that cannot be found elsewhere in  Indian  languages.  One  such  is ‘KumaraSwamiyam’  &  many  scholars have  given  it  the  highest  pedestal attributing their …

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Kumaraswamiyam Translator: yenbeeyes

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It is customary for most of the Hindus to put the above symbol before start of any auspicious writings such as Marriage Invitation, engagement, starting a new business etc. etc. Some of us when we take a paper and pen to start writing something, we invariably start with the above …

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