China, Russia, India, EU and UK Now Future by Gary Gomes

China, Russia, India, EU and UK Now Future by Gary Gomes

China underwent a major dasa change August 25, 2022, moving from a Saturn (hard work, low wage, highly centralized government) period to a Mercury dasa.

Mercury, exalted in this chart, should bring wealth to China, but, given Mercury’s conjunction with Ketu, will also make China more decentralized and even fragment the country a bit.

This seems to already be happening as rumors of shortages and protests seem to be emanating from China and China seems willing to try to tone down Russia’s aggressive tendencies.

Mercury dasas are inherently unstable, from my experience, and promote change. China will initially resist efforts to democratize,

but by the middle of the dasa, after a few land grabs (Taipei will probably be taken over within the next two years and there will be more exposures of weaknesses within China over the next two years).

China will undoubtedly use cyber disruption to gain advantage over the next 17 years, especially 2 years from now) and will stay on its feet,

but it won’t quite be the monolith it is now. It can’t maintain that level of energy or discipline for that much longer.

Saptarishis Chart 1.


India has two recognized charts; I chose the earlier chart for India, based in 1947, not 1950.

India has a Taurus rising sign with Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the seventh. As of November 2022, India ended a Moon Mercury period which was beneficial both for tradition and economic growth.

The Ketu period (Nov 2022 onwards), with Ketu in a Kendra, India will assume a surprising rise in influence around the world, consolidating this influence after July of 2023 when a Venus subperiod will occur, will bring Venus into a wealthier status, but slowly, through 2025.

In 2025, India will enter a Mars mahadasa, which will make it hungry for more land and it will probably expand around that time and get into some minor conflicts with countries to the Northeast to start annexing land and resources. However, India probably will gain economic ascendancy at that time and will be one of the dominant powers on the planet as it approaches its Rahu mahadasa in 2032. I think the United States and India will form an alliance which will be mutually beneficial over the next ten years.


Saptarishis Chart 2.

Russia is not sinking by any means. It is in a Sun dasa (Sun afflicted by Rahu) and undergoing some temporary humiliation which will be over by December 22, 2022. I wish I could say otherwise, but they will get a lot of what they want in the Ukraine and elsewhere by the end of the year. The Overall chart indicates Russia will regain a great deal of importance by 2033 at the latest, but the governing structure will change a lot over the next two years. Russia is still an important and ambitious nation, according to its chart.

The European Union Chart

Saptarishis Chart 3.

This has to be one of the most unfortunate birth charts for a political organization I have ever seen. The Moon, although exalted, is with Ketu. Sun is debilitated, Mars is with Rahu and Saturn is in the seventh house of alliances. Jupiter is in impulsive Libra. Those who join regret it, and it is in the middle of a Rahu mahadasa, This is what I see coming for this chart; a compete dissolution of the current charter after more members leave in 2026 and they will form a new organization in 2029. I can’t see how this organization can hold together for much longer.

United Kingdom

The following is not my preferred chart of the UK, by I think it works nonetheless. The Rahu mahadasa does reflect the increasing globalization of the leadership of the UK as well as the scandals that have embroiled the leadership lately, so it makes sense. The transition of power is also shown.

Saptarishis Chart 4.

UK will experience civil unrest over the next five years but will emerge a far richer country than it was before, possibly leading a new European Union, or as an important power. I actually see the UK increasing in importance as it enters its Jupiter mahadasa, which should be interesting!

For instance, Turkey will undergo a financial rebirth shortly and so will many Asian, African and South American countries.

I will provide more details on this and add charts from other countries in subsequent writings.

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