Gandhi-Giri & Events After Death in One’s Chart

Gandhi-Giri and Events After Death in One’s Chart

Astrology is a holistic science of Tendencies & Symbolism, we often forget these are the keys to the predictive art. An attempt at combining symbolism & composite approach of different dasas which are an integral part of prediction is used here to convince the mind about the happening of an event. 

The nation is gripped with GandhiGiri a word derived from Bombay’s dialect of the word BhaiGiri (Goons work or Profession of Antisocial elements if loosely translated). The movie ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ (Carry on ‘Munna’ Don) released on 1st Sept 06 has created a Positive Tsunami of the Mahatma’s principles unprecedented in past few decades. The manner in which the principles of Mahatma Gandhi was adopted by a Local Gangster to achieve his love & fight injustice of society has been depicted in such a fashion that there is not a single critic of this comic movie which is now filing for the Oscars as this article is being written. The most phenomenal part of this movie is that it has inspired real life stories of people taking up the same principles of Gandhi & solving their grave problems as reported by the media. A movie attaining such cult status & at the same time reviving the principles of the Immortal Sage whom the nation had conveniently forgotten is no mean task. Let us see what world press is saying about it

According to an 02 October 2006 article in The Washington Post, Lage Raho Munna Bhai has turned Gandhi into a “new pop icon” in India.

Gandhigiri is a derivatized word focusing on modifying one’s principles and lifestyle reflecting the moral principles of Satya (the Truth), Ahimsa (passive non-violence), Sahishnuta (Tolerance) and Ekta (Unity) as practised in real life by Mahatma Gandhi. The term “Gandhigiri” Is popularised by the Bollywood film Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Gandhigiri is a portmanteau of the words Gandhi and Giri. The word “Giri” meaning mountain in Sanskrit and other Indian languages implies the highest, top-notch or zenith. Thus, Gandhigiri is the highest semblance of practice as Mahatma Gandhi would have done. However, the suffix -Giri is often used as a pun or in opposite meaning of ‘Dadagiri’ which means rowdyism.

To understand the impact of this Article, lets first see some typical headlines

“Bollywood gangster comedy makes Gandhi new pop icon” (,  “Gandhigiri, a cool way to live” (TOI), . “Sanjay Dutt’s biggest hit abroad”,  Sappenfield, Mark. “It took a comedy to revive Gandhi’s ideals in India”, “Sanjay Dutt’s biggest hit abroad”, 

Should this incident (Movie) not reflect in the chart of the Mahatma is the question to be asked.

Many arguments would be made that classics have not mentioned nor any methodology given to see a chart after bearer of it is dead. But we often see that a man dies but there is some news or felicitation accorded to him after many decades or even centuries. Scarce yogas can often be found which indicate man would become famous after death or his fame would continue even after death, so how can the Timing of it not be done.

Esoterism Behind an Event

  • When you make a movie or write a book on a Personality you are ‘Also’ under the grip of his stars/planets
  • When an Event of significant proportion that is to effect Mass consciousness at some extent is to happen the whole Universe ( & the Spirit of the Individual deceased) Conspires to make that event successful if the intent & timing is right – Spiritualists & Philosophers have often spoken about this.
  • Death is just an event like any other Event in a natives life, the Chart lives on & also the Actions done by the individual keep on bearing fruit time to time long after the exit of the physical body. (e.g Hitlers Actions still effect us)

Ideally the chart of the Producer, Director & Main Lead should be seen but in the absence of those we shall see that of M.Gandhi.

Before we jump to the Chart of Mahatma Gandhi let us take 2 other Gandhis, Rajiv Gandhi & see his death in his mothers death. Let us not forget that she died before him. This exercise with instill some faith in the method though it has been tested on many charts.


Death of Mother Indira Gandhi: 31st Oct 1984

Death of Son Rajiv Gandhi : 21 May 1991 (7 yrs after his mothers death)

Vim Dasa on 21st May 1991 in chart of Indira Gandhi is

Merc MD:  1989-11-14  –  2006-11-14

Merc AD:  1989-11-14  –  1992-04-11

Rah PD:  1991-03-20  –  1991-07-30

Merc SD:  1991-05-17  –  1991-06-05


Mer is MD, AD & Sookshma Dasa lord & Rahu is PD so these two planets should be analysed.

  • Mercury the PK-Putra karaka (children significator in Jaimini) for her is 3L & 12L of Exit placed in 5H of children, so some event with children can be seen. So let us logically transcend to 5H as Center Point among others.
  • Making 5H of children as Lagna & also Putra Karaka Lagna Mer is the 8L (in 12H of natal where ketu the terrorist is sitting) & 11L (3H of short travels). Mer is conjoined Sun who is involved with Mars in a very bad exchange though good in terms of giving Sudden rise to her children.
  • See the above statement again, In Mer periods he was on short travel(3H) for political work (Sun) & was killed by terrorist (12H Ketu) who is with Pluto the bomb (for those who use Outer planets).
  • Rahu the PD Lord is placed in 6H of accidents & from Putrakaraka Lagna cum 5H it is in 2H of maraca with Ven (woman) – A woman terrorist killed the son.
  • Mer in mythology is the Son of Moon(Mother & in dasa sequence it is repeating thrice screaming an event with Son CAN happen.

Lets see the Dasa Mer/Mer/Rahu/Mer in D7 (children)


To make the article brief, Mer is same 12L & 3L placed in 2H of maraca with Ketu (terrorist) & Moon(woman & Asc lord) & Rahu the PD is placed in 8H of death

So by seeing only the mothers chart who died 7 yrs back we can see that a grave event to the Son has happened. When family members charts are combined to check events clearer indications are gotten, a method employed by traditional family astrologers who have the advantage of having every family members chart.

Gandhi Giri or Bhai Giri Re-Invented

Lets now come to our main chart of Gandhi Ji & see two events of his life after his death



Let us for some time assume that the chart is not dead,  & maybe the Mahatma is like a Taoist Master living for an average age of 140 yrs & progress the Vimshottari Dasa or any dasa in the same manner as if there is no death which means the dasa goes on & on repeating the cycle. If Gandhi was alive today which can be possible then wouldn’t this incident be seen from dasa & chart.

Gaur & his illustrious team have done phenomenal research to show that 12H & its lord (from all 3 lagnas) when connected together can give fame & honor i.e. 12H is also capable of giving Fame & Recognition. Lets keep this in the premise & also 12H is ‘fame after death’ (5th – fame from 8th – death). This whole principle we shall use it flexibly & also since 12th & 8th can shows events after death. Another way to see is 10H shows fame & 8H is death, 10th from it will show fame after death which is 5H. Another view is of Bhavat Bhavam 3H(8th from8th) is also death & 10th (fame) from it is 12H showing fame after death.

* Time of birth is taken from K.N.Rao’s books noted as 8.24 am ** with 28Cn14 with Cp Nav & Cp Dasamsa, scribe has modified time slightly. It must not be forgotten that Rao Saheb has served for some time in Mahatmas Ashram during the freedom movement & might have had source to correct time of birth though modern astrologers use 7.20 am or 7.31 am & Lois Roddens DataBank gives 7.11 quoting the legend of an astrologer Y.K.Pradhan whose knowledge in astronomy is well known esp looking at the sky & predicting the date of rainfall though tangential information to our chart at hand. Shri B.V.Raman came to the time as 7.56 am.

** Moon in Cancer at 28.14 deg which means 29th Deg of the sign Cancer , which is Degree of Obstruction,  the symbol for which is ‘A Man in Prison, a ray of light flowing through the bars, on which a little bird stands singing. One who will be restricted in action & desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus one side may frown & obstruct him, other will smile & release him. If afflicted, the native is subject to danger from secret enemies & jealous foes, in peril of an untimely end. (Scribe: The whole para shows Gandhis life in a nutshell & also his end, also note Gandhi went into Prison a record 15 times in his life)

Planets in PushkarNavamsa & PushkarDegree assume Magical & Potent qualities to manifest through Great Events. Ketu is in Pushkar Deg *, Jup, Mars & Ven in Pushkar Navamsa. Pushkar Navamsa also means ‘ReGenerating’ – this should not be forgotten. Also on date of film release Jup is in Pushkarnavamsa on 1st Sept 06

Release of Munnabhai Film: 1st Sept 06 (Event Date)

Vimsottari Dasa of Gandhi Ji (started from Moon):

Ven MD: 1999-02-02 (10:52:36) – 2019-02-02 (7:16:36)

Rah AD: 2006-04-04 (0:35:12) – 2009-04-03 (18:02:48)

Rah PD: 2006-04-04 (0:35:12) – 2006-09-15 (9:12:21)

Moon SD: 2006-08-23 (2:23:05) – 2006-09-05 (19:06:11)

  • Ven MD (located in the Magical Pusharkanavamsa & near Pushkar Degree) is involved in the Malavaya Yoga placed in lagna (Self, new beginning) has excellent Vimsopaka Bala placed in excellent Shastiamsa ChandraMukhi a benefic aspected by Jup who is involved in degrecal Gajakeshari Yoga* of 7H of ‘Public Platform’ which repeats in Nav. Ven is the MK (Matri Karaka – 4H) showing ‘Compassion’ in his approach which was well depicted in the movie. Ven is conjoined with Mer, pls note Mer & Ven joining in 1st, 5th or 9th makes native get an important tile, name & amass abundant wealth vide Ch.23 of Hora Sara by Prithyuyasas. His wealth was Love (Ven) of people & the title he got was of Mahatma – Great one (given by Shri Rabindranath Tagore represented by Mer as Mer is writer which Tagore was)
  • Rahu the AD & PD is the 5th co-lord of Fame placed in the 10H of Zenith Fame with Arudha Lagna & Moon, thereby increasing his Arudha (Image) & also conjoined with Swagrahi Moon involved in Gajakeshari Yoga. Jupiter the dispositor of A5(fame) is in Aries in Sagi Nav thereby making Jup potent of PusharkaNavamsa. Rahu is in Kantaka Shastiamsa which means Troubles, the movie depicts about using Gandhis ways to fight Troubles in Different Spheres of Life. Rahu conjoint Moon (involved in GKY) & Ketu in Pushkar Deg denotes Movies/photography but on more subtle level denotes Immortality (Rahu was the one who drank the Nectar) and thereby Rahu period Can give immortality of high extent (Rahu is expansive) as it has become positive otherwise Rahu with AL in 10H usually gives scandals or troubles in ones careers which he experienced. (Note: In comparison of all dasas, Gandhi went into prison 6 times in Rahu MD & 6 times in Moon MD – Moon is joined Rahu whereas in Mars 2 times, Jup once – so brunt is on Rahu Moon Dasas)
  • Moon the Sookshma dasa is involved in Gajeskeshari Yoga in D1, D9, D20 & D60

* Jup involved in Gajakeshari Yoga is in the 29th deg of Aries, which says his destiny is bright especially after the 45th year when his merit will received recognition & favor. Gandhi achieved success & phenomenal after his 45th year only.

  • A simpler way to look at the event of the film is Ven MD (films & self –1H), Rahu AD & PD (Rahu means gangster – the main hero is a gangster in the film) & Rahu is expansive (Big Impact) & also represents Spirits (Gandhi’s Spirit comes in the life of the protagonist) & Moon (represents Subtle Body generally, whereas Sun represents Physical body) again the spirit & mind (Chemical Locha was the word used i.e. Chemical Imbalance), also Moon is the AK (Atma Karaka – i.e Soul & infact the Soul of Gandhi visits the protagonist is portrayed in the film– The story of the movie fits synchronistically with the Dasa sequence no doubt it’s gotten a status of a Text Book Film. Let us not forget once again Rahu-Moon will give illusion so an illusionary event of Gandhi is seen in this dasa –hero experiences it as illusion

In short Ven the 8th lord (after death) and Rahu Antars has given Gandhiji a Return in the hearts (Moon- naisargik 4H lord) of the youth & old alike.

Conditional Dasas

In Bapus chart few conditional dasas are applicable & same event must be corroborated by atleast two conditional dasas. (Traditional Successful Village astrologers have been known to cross check every event with 4-5 dasas & then make predictions) . There are many diverse views as to only One of Any Conditional dasas will be applicable in a chart but we would steer clear of that controversy for now.

  1. a) Dwi-saptati sama dasa (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna):

Moon MD: 2005-08-25 (21:44:01) – 2014-08-26 (2:06:49)

Moon AD: 2005-08-25 (21:44:01) – 2006-10-10 (19:16:52)

Sun PD: 2006-08-20 (10:35:16) – 2006-10-10 (19:16:52)

Moon SD: 2006-08-26 (20:40:28) – 2006-09-02 (6:45:40)

We have earlier seen Moons role and now coming to Sun who is placed in 12H of fame (Ref Col.Gaur) in D1, well placed as 5L of D9 receiving Jups Gajakeshari aspect & is the 3L in 10H (becoming Miracle Baba) in D5 (Power & Fame). 3H & 5H both are looked as fine arts houses & for charts of famous people D5 cannot be ignored is scribes observation.

* Verse 28 Poorva Kalamrita by Kalidasa

21st deg of Ar,Le,Sg,

14th deg of Ta, Vi, Cp

24th deg of Ge, Li, Aq

7th deg of Cn, Sc & Pi are Pushkar Degrees


Sun with Rahu – Bad Combo ?  Application in Vim & Dwi-saptati sama dasa

 From earlier para we saw Sun is with Rahu in D5 (panchamsa). This combo is generally thought to be bad. But lets see it in another light of a verse from Garga Samhita combined with another verse quoted by Late Santhanam

“If Rahu is in 5th,9th from the Moon it leads to Royal Life & Great Dhanayogas”- Garga Samhita

Kalayuga Phaladah Kala Rudra Vedanthi‘Rahu Confers Yoga in Kaliyuga’

In D5 it will be seen that Rahu is in the 5th from Moon giving Royal Power (as it Panchamsa) to the native & apply this Power Giving Rahu (with Sun) in Dwisaptati Sama Dasa & also Vimshottari Dasa period which Gandhiji is running currently when this epic movie has been released. The message is clear

1.B) Chaturaseeti sama dasa (applicable if 10th lord is in 10th):

Ven MD:  2003-05-27  –  2015-05-27

Sat AD:  2005-02-11  –  2006-10-30

Ven PD:  2006-08-02  –  2006-10-30

  • His 10L Moon is in the 10H so even this conditional dasa will be applicable. Ven MD & PD is the LL of new beginning & Fame & 8L of event after death involved in the Malavaya Yoga….in D1 & a Yogakaraka in D5.
  • Sat the AD is the 5L of fame in D1& LL in D5 placed in own sign Cp in 12H in D5 ensuring that fame after death will be seen during its Periods.

This dasa is strongly applicable.

Transit & Eclipse

  • In Transit, Rahu is in Pisces trine to Moon being 9th from Moon (Garga Samhita) obviously the movie is ringing the Cash Registers* in India & abroad (Rahu in 9th from Moon & also dhana yoga – Garga Samhita)
  • Sat the 5L of fame (cum Yogakaraka) has come in Cn his 10H on this Rahu-Moon combo which is active in Dasha also & given Gandhiji resurrection of sorts in the young minds.
  • Tr Jup 19 Li containing the Power of a Powerful Gajakeshari Yoga has come to near his natal Ven 24 Li degree who is involved in Malavaya Yoga giving great fame to Self (1H). Tr Jup will activate the Gajakeshari Yoga in 7H in this period.
  • 1st Sept 06 Tr Jup in Swarna Murthi (Gold Murthi) , Sat (Swarna), Rahu (Swarna) , Ven (Swarna) – Sat & Ven is in 10 H
  • Movie release was on 1st Sept, within a week nation is Blown with it, see on 7th Sept 06 Lunar Eclipse on 21Aq his 5H of poorvapunya (Previous Karma) n Fame & on 22nd Sept 06 Solar Eclipse at 5 Vi his 12H of Nether World/ Invisible World (he is depicted in movie as coming from Invisible World) – speaks volumes & has many layers . Eclipse is a great tool for timing intricately & the story that will unfold will be like – Fame (5H) due to Pious Deeds (5H – his actions before NOW) after his Death (12) Can Come into fruition due to these 2 eclipses on these 2 Houses.
The Transit of Drama

There is one Fantastic research done by Shiv Raj Sharma which is applicable here.

‘When Tr Sat aspects simultaneously a) 10H & natal Jup or b) 10L & natal Jup

Significant TRAGIC or VERY GOOD events happen’

  • See in current Tr Sat is in 10H & on 10L & also aspects natal Jup so a Dramatic Event is Expected which is what happened
  • Pls not that in 1915, it happened too & he began his career in India & became what he was. Later it happened in 1947-48 his career ended as he was shot dead & then simultaneously catapulted to greater heights in same period – on date of death Sat was 26Cn close to Moon who is on 28Cn. One cannot also ignore that Sat is dispositor of Gulika having crossed the Pramaana Gulika position

Let us seen another event in Gandhis life after his death probably one of the most popular after his death in recent times.

*According to box office analysts, the film has a fair chance to cross the Rs 70 crore nett gross record of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which holds the record of highest nett gross of all time in Indian box office.

2) Richard Attenborough’s film ‘Gandhi’ which won Oscars

Release Date: The film premiered in New Delhi on November 30, 1982. & it was released in the United States on December 8, 1982.


Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Merc MD: 1975-02-02 – 1992-02-02

Moon AD:  1982-03-04  –  1983-08-04 (Movie titled Gandhi played by Sir Ben Kingsley)

Mer MD 12L of event after death & Fame is conjoined with Malavaya Yoga Ven aspected by Gajakeshari Yoga giving Jupiter & Moon AD lord is with Rahu (photography – Photographer plays with Shadows – shadows is Rahu) & ofcourse Moon is Swagrahi being the Arudha Lagna lord his Image Increased during this period esp among the westerners (Rahu) of younger generations who know of Gandhi only through this movie by Richard Attenborough.

Hora Sara Method – To Determine Wave of GandhiGiri

Horasara – Chapter 18, verse 88 ½ to 91 ½

“Learned men should reckon the number of Navamsas from the Navamsa occupied by Saturn up to the Navamsa occupied by the Ascendant, both inclusive. Injury or wound through a weapon or missile should be feared in the year indicated by that total sum of Navamsa”

This has much wider implication as explained by Shri C.S.Patel in his monumental works. To explain in brief

Application on Gandhi Ji’s Chart

In Gandhis case it is very simple since his Gajakeshari Yoga in the 7H of coming Public ForeFront is very powerful even in divisionals, so we have to see when (various different times) would this Gajakeshari Yoga GIVE RESULT.

In one of the progression methodologies when Jup touches Moon in progression this Gajakeshari Yoga will give result ‘Around or After the Age Specified’ is the scribes experience. So let us calculate the Navamsas from Jup to Moon* i.e. distance from Jup to Moon would be 28 Navs (both inclusive) i.e 28th yrs (27 yrs when both navamsas are not inclusive)& this cycle would repeat again after 108 yrs due to zodiac being 108 navs

1 Nav = 1 year of natives life.

1 sign=9 Navamsas=9 yrs

12 signs= 9 Navs x 12= 108 Navs= 108 yrs

Create a circular Chart instead of our Rectangular Chart Diagram for easy calculations

Let us quickly see in the first round of progression Jup would have touched Moon in the 27th/28th year which comes to Oct 1896-97. See what happened then in his life as copied from Wikipedia

“Gandhi returned briefly to India in 1896 to bring his wife and children to live with him in South Africa. When he returned in January 1897, a white mob attacked and tried to lynch him.In an early indication of the personal values that would shape his later campaigns, he refused to press charges on any member of the mob, stating it was one of his principles not to seek redress for a personal wrong in a court of law.”

 Bhrigu writings mention ALSO using Planet from previous house if it is retrograde. His Jup is Retro so we assume it is in 28Pisces in 6H of Agitation/Fights. A benefic in the 6H will make one SOFT in his approach to fighting out. Now since Jup is 9Navs before its original position, we have to add 9 yrs to 27/28 (Navs) which would come to Oct 1905 to Oct 1906 & an incident that would make him SUPER HERO & also depict the Jup in 6H combined with Jup-Moon Gajakeshari yoga should come out. See what happened

‘In 1906, the Transvaal government promulgated a new Act compelling registration of the colony’s Indian population. At a mass protest meeting held in Johannesburg on 11th September that year, Gandhi adopted his methodology of satyagraha (devotion to the truth), or non-violent protest, for the first time, calling on his fellow Indians to defy the new law and suffer the punishments for doing so, rather than resist through violent means.’

* Alternatively there are Bhrigu Methods by which Jup is taken as lagna (focal point) & from there we can progress and find distance from Jup to Moon.

No Doubt Gandhiji’s World Famous Satyagraha (*Jup in 6H) philosophy  which inspired Einstein to say that future generation would not believe there ever existed a man like him, the birth of this Ultra Modern Nuclear Weapon happened in the year corresponding to the progression.

*Jup in moksha sign Pisces in 6H of fighting, superimpose this in Nav where Moon is placed again in Gajakeshari In Navamsa made this Jup powerful

 Significant Events which shape our lives are easily seen in progressing Important yogas which Dasas sometimes do not reveal easily

Now to Lage Raho Munnabhai Event

Step 1:Taking Jup (for Gajakeshari Yoga) as lagna we put Oct 1869 (DOB) in that Nav (Sg Nav in Ar Rasi), so the Nav before it which is Sc Nav would be the 108th Nav if we come back full circle & hence Sc Nav would denote 108th year (1869+108=1977 Oct)

Step 2:Between Jup 28Ar to Moon 28Cn there is exactly 3 signs=27 Navs=27 yrs

Step 3: is Step 1+2= Oct 1977 + 27 yrs = Oct 2004 the Gajakeshari Yoga will START giving results , this is the same time frame when the Work on the Film started. 25th Sept TOI report says it took 2 yrs of work on the script, 50 drafts (Rahu-Moon), reading 10,000 pages of literature ( Sadesati active on chart will make makers Toil the Soil as their lives will go parallel to what is happening ‘Still’ in the Chart of M.G.


Using 3 dasas is a must to see any event but time limitations are often a handicap, dasas can be used profitably to time events after ones death in the lives of our near dear ones & also to time events in their lives before ones birth since birth of an individual is Just a SPOT in the Thread of Kaal & Kaal exists before & after ones physical self birth.

Physical Birth is just birth of matter & occurs many times in the Thread of Kaal whereas the birth of the soul is a one time event which must be having its own chart.

After 8th Feb 07 when Sat antar starts simultaneously Sat has retrogrades into Cancer back in his 10H of Awards touching Rahu (films) & moon (subtle body) we can expect awards for the film (which is obvious as movie is a hit) , but it could be an award in foreign land (Rahu) also when it interacts with his Bhrigu Bindu orb (Rahu Moon Midpoint).

It should be repeated in the context of such great souls whose work inspire us till date that  ‘A Chart Never Dies’

Om Tat Sat

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