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Horoscope From a Nadi Text – Part 3 by Late R Santhanam

Horoscope From a Nadi Text – Part 3 by Late R Santhanam

Extracted From: Practical Vedic Astrology

SA Volunteer For Scanning: Anil Bhoot, India

SA Volunteer For Typing: Senthil Ananth, Singapore

SA Volunteer For Proofing: Aniket Baviskar

Case No 3: I am giving below a Gemini ascendant horoscope as discussed by Nadi Granthas.

Chart 44

Devi Parvathi presents the following horoscope to the sages assembled and asks them to discuss the same.

Birth: The analysis by the sages present in the assembly proceeds thus. This is the horoscope of a male, born in an east-west spread street. The entry of the house faces the south. In the north-eastern side of the street, a dilapidated temple of Lord Vishnu exists. Lord Siva’s temple and Kalika Devi’s temple exist in the north and the east, in that order.

The subject will be charming like the moon and be the oldest (read -“the only”) issue of a Soodra family of that village.

  1. Father: The native’s father was born as the only child to the second wife of his father. His step-mother would have a son who would have two wives, two sons and a daughter. The said stepmother (of the present native’s father) would acquire a daughter also, who would go away from the family (apparently after marriage).
  2. The native’s father would stammer in speech, would be dear to many, devoted to Lord Vishnu, would have multifarious business activities, be virtuous, would respect elders and be famous. He would be irascible, would own two houses, would live in a different city (as against place of birth), would have wide business activities, would combat his enemies, be dear to his relatives and would suffer from windy disorders. He would have the line called Chaamara in his palm.
  3. The Native Described: He will be charming in appearance with a fair-complexioned body. He will make friends with the king. Highly educated, he will be skilful in two (more) languages. With a sweet tongue, he will be immune to Poverty. His learning will bring him name and fame. He will have servants, will never say “no” to seekers and be good to one and all. He will not enter into unnecessary squabbles, but be helpful to sycophants, will befriend basemen; and will own a horse-drawn cart (i.e. conveyance). Remaining in the king’s employ, he will visit many places. He will help people in distress. His way of life will win laurels from others. He will have overlapped teeth, and will be capable of destroying his enemies. He will resemble Manmatha (Hindu God of Beauty, son of Lord Vishnu, later born to Lord Krishna, as Pradyumna when burnt by Lord Siva for ‘intervening in His penance). Wherever he goes, fame will follow him.
  4. He will amass costly articles and ornaments. He will be ever anxious to commence new undertakings. He will be attached to women and be devoted to Gods.
  5. He will have no co-born: The presiding deity wants to know the reason for this. The conducting sage explains: With Mars aspecting the 3rd lord Sun (read “the third house”) or Saturn aspecting the 3rd lord Sun, blemish to (birth of) co-born will occur.

Since the Moon is in the 8th from Mercury, the native’s mother will die within one year of his birth. Later on a stepmother will feature in his life.

She will lose her first 3 children. Her son, born afterwards will be blessed with longevity. So also a daughter.

The Native’s Mother: She would be devoid of any cunningness, be virtuous, good-looking, helpful to others, would beget good name and would not involve in squabbles. She was born in the same village (that is she would marry and live in the village of her birth) and would have no co-born. She would have three mothers (including two step mothers) and was born to the first of them.

Mother’s Last Birth: She was born in a Brahmin family. Without knowing poverty, she was happily living her life with husband and children. Then, a young female devotee of Lord Siva came to her for alms, when she showered her anger like a wild lion and asked the ascetic to go to the next door. The distressed devotee cursed the land-lady thus: In the next birth may you go without any co-born, and may you lose your mother early and live under (careless) care of your step-mothers. Having said so many other words, the ascetic moved on to the next donor’s home.

That blemish caught hold of the mother, in the previous birth she lived in distress, became a widow, lived a miserable life and quit the world. Again Lord Brahma ordained her to be reborn as the native’s mother.

In the present context, the native’s mother would lose her mother early, would live an unstable life in the initial phase, and be devoid of brothers and sisters.

Father’s Last Birth: In a shrine dedicated to Lord Siva he was born in a family of traders. He was living with prosperity and progeny. At that time, he compelled a virtuous girl and had outraged her modesty. Apart from this blemish, he had wronged Brahmins as well as his co-born. Before a king’s court, he was a false witness against a poor man who cursed him to have two wives, have no co-born and have no paternal home to live in. Uttering many other curses, the poor man threw sand on the face of the unscrupulous witness (a curse in ancient days wishing utter destruction).

In his last days, the father in the previous birth honored the sages with food comforts and provided water-sheds for the wayfarers. He turned to devotional path. After that eventful birth, he had fathered the present native in the current birth. Like poison, the curses of past birth enmeshed him, he would now have two wives, and would have no co-born. Due to some fear, he would have his business activities in a different place (than that of birth). So said Sage Parasara.

At this stage, Sage Kausika (i.e. Viswamitra) poses a query. In the previous birth, the native’s father was born in a traders family. Why will his present, birth (as the native’s father) be in a family of devout Jains that never takes away the life of a living being.?

“That is because in the end, he served the sages, was devoted to the Lord, and provided water to wayfarers”, answers the other Sage.

“Will the blemishes of that birth go away, without causing harm?”

“The curse of the poor man (a victim of false witness) shall not go in vain; the ordained will unfailingly occur. There will also be some sickness (windy disorders as stated earlier).

The Native: From his 29th year, a troublesome time will commence. His next birth will be in a trader’s family in Kanchipuram.

Wife: In the current birth, the native’s marriage will occur in the 18th year. The bride will hail from among his mother’s relatives.

He will be a wise person, will enjoy prosperity, belong to a noble family, will have a physique with the color of lotus and will please the native in every manner. Anger will be visible on her face.

She will live for a long time.

Another Sage declares that the first wife will die early and the native will have a remarriage due to Rahu being in the company of Jupiter.

Sage Atri objects to this, saying that the Moon in the 9th house, exaltation of Mars, and aspect of Venus on the 7th, will give only one marriage; the spouse will predecease the subject – 2 years prior to the native’s death. When the native will be 56, the spouse will die; there will be no second marriage for him.

Children: The present native’s children will die as they are born. Ketu in the 5th place while its lord Venus is in aspect, to Saturn is the reason for this blemish. In the previous birth in a Kshatriya clan, he committed many sins and the said birth was in the Chera kingdom (Chera, Chola and Pandya kingdoms were three established and famous kingdoms in ancient days in the south of India). The place was Pazhani (or Palani, one of the six most important shrines for Lord Kartikeya). He had an auspicious family, endowed with spouse and progeny. Yet, he had illicit relations with a widow who became pregnant in the course of time. Medicines were administered to her to destroy the fetus. In the process the helpless widow lost her life. The event gave birth to a blemish for the sinner in question.

Another event in this regard is: A cobra was living in the surroundings of his residence. One day it opened its hood in his presence. He gave it a beat with stick. It died. Thus was born his second blemish in the last birth.

Later his children (In that birth) died in distress. Saddened, he went to a shrine and served food to old men and offered prayed to Lord Siva. Now the subject native is that person, destined by Lord Brahma for the present rebirth.

Because of those blemishes, the present native will lose his mother in the very first year of birth; no surviving children indicated for the native. “We suggest a remedy for obtaining progeny”.

He should worship his family deity situated in his birth place, should offer her a diadem and maintain fasts on Panchami (5th lunar day). As a result he will in the current birth obtain a son and a daughter both of whom will be long-lived. “If our instructions are not followed, the person will reel under the blemish of childlessness”.

“O! Mother, we will narrate the Yogas in the current horoscope”.

Proceeded the Sages: Indra Yoga and Vasi Yoga are obtained, as a result of which the person will be honored (or patronized) by the king, will earn the goodwill of all concerned and will be in the service of the king.

Following his 23rd year, he will beget formal powers, and the effects of his good yogas will be on the increase like the rays of the Moon in bright half. His fame will progress. He will gather many articles.

In his 47th year, he will obtain Raja Yoga effects following which his difficulties will vanish. From then, till his death he will undoubtedly remain under royal patronage.

“O! worshipper of Lord Siva, please listen to us further”.

In between (i.e. from the age of 47 till end) he may face some professional hurdles all of which will melt away like a cube of ice with the appearance of the Sun God. “These things will be referred to in the second part of our discussions”.

During his 58th year, with the transit Sun in the sign Virgo, the person will abandon his mortal coil His next birth will be in Pandya kingdom, in a Brahmin’s family.

In the current horoscope, the birth star is Satabhisha, with Rahu dasa to expire after 2y 6m of birth.

The present subject will lose his mother (i.e. in Rahu dasa itself) and will be suffering from many diseases. His father’s expenditure will be on the increase. The native will be fickle-minded and will receive auspicious and inauspicious effects through his kinsfolk “Our words shall be unfailing”.

Clarificatory Notes for Nadi readings by R Santhanam:

The following information added by way of explanation of the above mentioned events with astrological causes being suggested by me may serve the reader to some extent.   These notes are not in the original in the Nadi.

The Numericals below indicate the respective paragraph numbers in the chapter.

Charming appearance: The ascendant occupied by Venus in can add this effect. But it could be vitiated due to the Sun being simultaneously in the ascendant. The real clue lies in Mercury in the second house (Indicating face) in aspect to exalted Mars.

Self Is First issue: Means no elder co-born. Note the significator Jupiter in the house concerned along with Rahu. Mars the lord of the 11th in exaltation proves of no avail to the native in this respect. Blemish respecting acquisition of younger brother or sister has also been discussed by the Nadi.

Father Without Co-born: The 7th and 11th houses in order deal with the father’s older and younger co-born. In both the cases, Rahu affects Jupiter. Jupiter by ownership is the 7th lord. And he is in the 11th. Thus both the houses are affected by Jupiter’s said connection.

Father’s Step-mother: The 6th from the 9th, i.e. the 2nd from the native’s ascendant, prevails in this regard. The 5th from the said 2nd house, i.e. 6th from the natal ascendant, should be looked into for her progeny. Thus a step-paternal aunt is denoted by the 2nd, and her progeny by the 6th from the ascendant. Scorpio’s ruler is Mars and his exaltation gives progeny to the said relative. In a way the aspect of exalted mars on Cancer – the theoretical ascendant of the said step-aunt gives her progeny.

In astrological works, it is a common statement that the 5th lords relation with the ascendant gives progeny.

Father’s Stammering Speech: The 10th lord from the ascendant (2nd from the 9th) is the planet that rules father’s speech. Here Jupiter, the 10th lord, is with Rahu and causes the said defect. But for Mars exaltation, it could have been more adverse a defect, like dumbness.

How one particular planet – Jupiter – is repeatedly used by the sages in various contexts is especially note-worthy.

Father Devoted to Vishnu: The 9th lord Saturn is in a sign of Mercury who indicates Vishnu.

His Multifarious Business Activities: The 10th from the 9th i.e 6th from the ascendant, denotes father’s professional status. Mars, the 6th lord, in exaltation is favorable for father’s business.

(Thus if the native has 6th lord in debilitation, it means checkered profession for father.)

Native Highly Educated: The lord of the 4th, Mercury, in the 2nd in aspect to Mars.

Skilful in Other Languages: The 9th has the Moon while it is in Mercury’s sign aspected by Jupiter and Rahu.

No Poverty (i.e. enjoys riches): The 2nd occupied by the lord of the ascendant and aspected by the 11th lord.

Servants: The lord of the 6th in exaltation.

Costly Articles & Ornaments: The 4th house in aspect to Jupiter, as Venus is in the ascendant. Expanding Undertakings: the 9th lord aspects the 10th house and related to its lord Jupiter. Attached to Women: Venus in the ascendant.

Devoted to God: The Sun, the significator of Atma (soul) is in ascendant.

No Co-born: Exalted Mars aspecting the 3rd (not its lord) cited as a reason which is however of doubtful authority. Saturn is the lord of the 8th who aspects the Sun.

Mother’s Death:  A very sound reason is cited by the Nadi- significator in the 8th from the owner of the house concerned.

Acquisition of Step-mother by the Native: The 6th lord aspect the lord of the 4th from his sign of exaltation. The mother is off scene, a step mother comes in to complete the show.

Mother is not cunning: Jupiter aspects the 4th. Else Saturn in the 4th could give a contrary effect. Mother has step-mother: Saturn rules the 6th from the 4th.

That is the 9th lord from ascendant is in the 4th from the ascendant which gives this result. 

Mother has no co-born: This is un-understandable by me as Mars the 6th lord (ruling the 3rd from the 4th house) is exalted.

There may be some subtlety which cannot be grasped merely with the Rasi chart.

Maternal Grand-mother: She dies early as the lord of the 7th is with Rahu.

Mother’s Initial Life: Unstable because of Saturn in the 4th

Life From 29th Year of the Native: Said to be a difficult one. This time he will be in Saturn dasa. Saturn in the 4th if adverse will upset one in professional and domestic spheres. In this case the sub period of Mars onwards seems to be troublesome. By way of Saturn being in the 8th from the Moon at birth, his dasa will somewhere give troubles. At the specified age he will also begin completion of one round of the zodiac.

Wife: The subject will get married at the age of 18. He will be in the dasa of Jupiter. The sub period concerned will be that of the Moon. Possibly during this time Jupiter in transit would be in Leo opposing the natal Moon. This will also be a strong transit relation-ship between the lords of the dasa and sub period. At birth Jupiter lord of the 7th. Additionally, he is a significator of auspicious things in all cases.

Another possibility is Rahu in transit could be in Aries influencing his and Jupiter’s natal positions.

These transits are powerful enough to bestow marriage. Early marriage is due to aspect of Jupiter-Venus on the 7th house.

Wife from Maternal Relatives: The wife would be among one’s maternal relatives because Mars ruling the 6th (maternal kinsfolk) aspects the 7th lord Jupiter. When the aspecting planet is exalted positive result will be more likely.

Wise & Prosperous: The position of Rahu in Aries (Taurus and Cancer) has its own advantages. Although Rahu conjunct Jupiter has been indicative of certain adverse effects in general, there is an assumption made by our sages, thus:

Jupiter joining Rahu or Ketu in a sign ruled by Mars causes Raja Yoga leading to much prosperity.

In this case, Rahu has not thus lost his brighter aspects. His association with the 7th lord Jupiter gives a wise and prosperous spouse. Short life is attributed to wife by one sage, while another debates this view. Rahu in Aries (Taurus & Cancer) with the 7th lord will not cause so early a death of spouse. Perhaps the second sage gave weight to this yoga in declaring no untimely death of the Spouse.

Further Venus, the significator of spouse, is in the ascendant aspecting the 7th, Sagittarius. This is a good yoga for a long-lived well-disposed spouse.

Children: The Nadi gives an indication that the flatly children will die as they are born because of Ketu in the 5th while 5th lord Venus is aspected by Saturn. Thereby the subject will be childless. Thus the aspect of significator for progeny has turned impotent.

The native acquires this blemish because of his past sins which included killing a cobra (Sarpa Dosha). Ketu and Rahu related to the 5th house as well as the concerned significator bears testimony to this view. The remedy suggested by the sages is worship of one family deity (indicated by the 5th house).

Prosperity From 23: After the commencement of Saturn dasa, in 23rd year, his prosperity is said to rise. In the present native’s horoscope Saturn dasa in the initial sub periods and concluding Sun periods denotes adversities. Rather it keeps the person happy for period of about 6 years only. Saturn being the lord of 8th and the 9th is no doubt a Yoga Karaka but his being consigned to the 8th from the Moon constricted his beneficial role.

From 47, the native will again emerge out of the troublesome phase and will be happy till 58th year. That is the second half of Mercury dasa and roughly first half of Ketu dasa keep continuity of the good results. Mercury is partially favorable because he is aspected by 11th lord Mars. But for exaltation of Mars, the whole of the Mercury dasa could have gone in vain.

The Dasa of Ketu, till the death of the native, proves happy. Ketu’s dispositor Venus who is a Yoga Karaka for Gemini ascendant and is in aspect to 9th lord Saturn enabled the dasa lord Ketu to be favorable to the native.

Suffers from Diseases: As often stressed by me in my writings, the exaltation of 6th lord is less helpful in maintaining a sound health as against the debilitation of 6th lord. At least the latter yoga protects the person for a greater part of his life from ill-health. Whether it proves to be a huge liability at one stage should be considered as sum total of the horoscopic reading.

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