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Horoscope in Your Hand by Rabinder Nath Bhandari

Horoscope in Your Hand by Rabinder Nath Bhandari

Horoscope In Your Hand


Rabinder Nath Bhandari

It sounds strange but is true that every human life is influenced by the effects of planetary behavior, their good or bad placement, which type of affects they are receiving from other planets through their mutual placements or aspects. Favorable relations improve the quality of function allocated to these and if they are inimical to each other or even a single out of two is inimical in behavior, effects of such planet are reflected adversely on that person (these relations resemble with our equal / friendly or inimical behavior in human beings). All these influences in human life are the results of our past Karma, which infact are first of all represented in map of Heavens, there after their influence is recorded in human brain, where it is reflected through 42 houses of brain (Deemag Ke Khanne), which are representative of typical human behavior allocated to every house, which are further linked in a consolidated manner to 12 houses of brain (Deemag Kundli), from where their image is recorded on human palm / face / forehead / even on total human body, influence of which is finally reflected through human behavior in different sections of life.

To under stand this unique behavior of planetary relations, I am giving below few charts, in which, a humble attempt to show these relation of lines representing a concerned planet and linked house of horoscope, and also a chart showing relation of planets with each other i.e. of equal strength / friendly or inimical with each other.

It is advisable to under stand these charts, before proceeding further in this field.

So, while reading and interpreting influences of any planet on palm of a native, always bear in mind that every line represents a house of horoscope and also represents a planet, while interpreting and reading planetary effects. You see at times we see a chart wherein the Asc is on the border and within a minute the ascendant shifts at those times especially it is important that we double check the horoscope made on our computers with the horoscope God made on our hands right from day one of our birth. In olden days it was said that without verification of chart on ones hand it is futile to proceed in predictions but this science died down and Lal Kitab has somehow brought it back into the forefront again. Whether a native has Mars afflicted – Manglik or not can be checked in ones hand, whether he has Kal Sarpa Dosha (grip of Rahu Ketu axis) needs to be first checked in ones hand before proceeding to blindly interpreting the horoscope which is misleading many a times and adds to the ill karma of the astrologer. To reiterate the above point, it’s not just Manglik Or Kal Sarpa afflictions that can be checked in ones hand but everything can be and needs to be checked in ones hands. Planets are tricky and we need ancillary methods to double check how the planets are playing up in ones horoscope, only an astrologer who uses palmistry along with horoscope knows the advantage.

Table 1: Relation of Palm Lines with Houses of Horoscope

Head Line

House no 7

Heart Line

House no 4

Area In between First and Second finger

House no 11

Line from Venus to Mercury

House no 5

Wrist towards mount of Venus {thumb side}


On the Wrist, away from thumb side


**Rahu And Ketu has not been given any permanent place of ownership separately. They are masters of waves, so one holds the man from head (RAHU) and second from feet (KETU), thus automatically they get their places. In the same way, they are placed just on the wrist, just adjoining the beginning of palm.

Table 2: In the same way, Palm Lines represent Planets as well

Head Line

Planet Mercury

Heart Line

Planet Moon

Life Line

Planet Saturn

Fate Line

Planet Jupiter

Sun Line

Planet Sun

Lines of Union

Upper Line toward Short Finger Base:

Lower Line toward Heart Line:


Planet Mercury


Planet Venus

Image Showing Related Lines As Per Table 1 & 2

Table 3: Relations of Planets with Each Other:

*Rahu and Ketu are Moons Nodes


Equal power




Rahu, Ketu,


Sun, Mars and


Venus, Mercury


Mercury (will remain silent with sun)

Jupiter, mars and moon

Venus, Saturn,

With Rahu, Solar eclipse & Ketu weakens it.


Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter   

Sun and Mercury

With Ketu lunar eclipse & Rahu weakens it.


Mars & Jupiter

Saturn, Ketu & mercury

Sun, Moon and Rahu


Venus, Saturn, Rahu with Mars will remain silent

Sun, Moon and Jupiter

Mercury and Ketu


Saturn, Ketu, mars & Jupiter

Venus, Sun and rahu



Jupiter & Ketu

Mercury, Venus and rahu

Sun, Moon and Mars


Jupiter, Moon

Mercury, Saturn & Ketu

Sun, Venus and Mars


Jupiter, Saturn, mercury, Sun

Venus, Rahu

Moon and Mars

For accuracy in making predictions, more stress should be paid on reading total effects through lines of palm, keeping in mind planetary influences/behavior represented through these lines, which may also be correlated with that of placement of planets as represented in horoscope.

To ward of ill effects of such adverse planetary influences, there are so many simple remedies, which when selected properly and performed according to LAL KITAB act like magic and give protection in the affected field of human life.

Vast information is included in LAL KITAB, in its all five editions; few examples along with original hand shots are quoted below for making the above concept of planetary behavior clear to every one:

When Line(s) of Union descends so as to touch or cross Line of Heart:

Possessor of such lines in his/her hand will have to face problems in married life or relations are affected adversely, which may turn into separation (in any way, such as divorce, misunderstanding or even death of partner) or may survive his/her partner.

Reason for this are made very clear in LAL KITAB, which when we read these lines in relation with planets are the fruits of ill effects of inimical behavior of planet Venus, Mercury and Moon.

Lines of Union and Heart Line:

  1. Upper Line represents planet Mercury.
  2. Lower Line represents planet Venus.
  3. Heart Line represents planet Moon.
  4. Mount of Mercury represents seventh house of horoscope of the individual, from which, we are supposed to read and analyze marital relations and married life.

From the above table on previous page showing planetary relations with each other, we can very clearly see that Moon is of equal power with Venus, and is friendly with Mercury in relations, where as on the other hand both Venus and Mercury treat Moon as their enemy, so when they in any way aspect Moon, they will be the sufferer due to these ill influences of their inimical behavior with planet Moon, and will lead to self destruction of Mercury / Venus, which is felt by individual in his/her married life or relations, because both these planets are representative of married life and Moon on the other hand represents emotions.



Chart 9

When Line(s) of Union ascend or turn upward towards base of Short finger or any line from lower phalange of short finger cuts these lines:

Possessor of such formation of lines in his / her hand will show no interest in marriage or their will be a delay or some hurdles in marriage or even no marriage, which may be due to intentions of individual to avoid marriage or there may be some other reasons, which will affect married life adversely.

As third phalange of short finger represents 9th sign of Zodiac (Sagittarius), owner of which is Jupiter, who is inimical in savior with Mercury and Venus, and as a result, when lines of union turn into 9th sign of Zodiac (3rd phalange of short finger), sign of Jupiter or any line from that place crossing these lines of union will give negative results in married life.


Chart 10

When Branch Lines from Heart Line rise upward so as to touch or cut Lines of Union:

When we find branches from Line of Heart moving towards Lines of Union, which may touch or cut these Lines, ill effects of inimical behavior of Moon and Mercury are felt, which prove extreme level negative in relation to the married life of such native and I am uploading an image of a such person, who lost his wife and is a father of two baby girls. This all is due to inimical behavior of Moon and Mercury.


When Line(s) of Union are forked or an island is present on these or there is only one line of union or when upper line of union is short in length as compared with of lower one:

Both Fork (at the inside end of line of union) and Island are always pointing towards adversity in married life, relationship between the couple becomes strained or even sexual relations between them are absent, when any of these signs, singly or jointly is present on these lines, which also points out towards separation or divorce or quarrelsome married life or relations of the individual. Reason for this is self explicit when we analyze this in the light of relation of inimical behavior of planets.

As planet Mars is inimical in behavior to planet Mercury. When there is a fork or island found on these lines or where upper line of union, when short in length or is absent (when there is only one line of union) show negative results due to the reason as sign of fork, island represent planet Mars negative and when there is only one line of union or upper line is short in length, points out towards Manglik status of horoscope, thus due to inimical behavior of planet Mars, adversity is felt.

When upper line of union is short, it indicates at first instance that their will be a problem in marriage i.e. longevity of partner is doubtful or there will be a problem in getting fruits of marriage (child birth), if child is borne, than very less chances of male issue, if male is born, life of child is at risk or he will not be helpful to his parents, if he wants to help his parents, he will not be able to do so, reason for this may be whatsoever.



Chart 13


When Heart Line finds its termination point on mount of Jupiter (portion of Heart Line on mount of Jupiter is known as Mohabbat rekha – Love Line):

When Heart Lines enters into mount of Jupiter and is placed straight, is known as Mohabbat Rekha – Love Line and as mount of Jupiter represents house no. 2 of horoscope, which is the house of Venus. Whereas Venus treats Moon as its enemy and due to this inimical behavior, fruits of Venus in female charts are lost, which may turn a woman as a sterile lady when Venus is ill affected. Outwardly saint in outlook but will be full of sexuality within and will make native a hypocrite particularly in matters of sex and these misdeeds of native will bring bad luck, thus it is advisable to control his/her libido for beneficial results.


Chart 15

When a horizontal line is present of mount of Moon and touches life line or enters into mount of Venus (Addiction line):

When a horizontal line (Horizontal Lines except major lines, on any part of palm represent planet Venus) on mount of Moon, which moves towards mount of Venus or Life Line, is found, it adds constant desire for intake of stimulants to the native, which is an example of inimical behavior of planet Venus with Moon, because Venus treats Moon as enemy. Regarding possessor of this line, it is mentioned in LAL KITAB as NASHEY BAAJON KA SARDAR HOGA (A Leader of Drug Addicts/Alcoholics). I have noticed this character prevailing in a number of persons, in whose hands, such line was present.


When Line of Head is separated from Line of Life and starts from mount of Jupiter at beginning:

When Head Line is separated from the life line at its beginning and is going well across the hand in a nice form, it shows intelligence, self reliance and spontaneity but if it is weak or short, it represents carelessness, fantasy, jealousy and deceit. Even in good hands, this line points out towards a danger in making decisions very quickly without even calculating any risk factor, but it is a useful prognostic (within limits) for public characters or actors, giving them enthusiasm and boldness of manner in public and adds self confidence.

But on the other side, if we see its influence on relatives on the possessor of such line, which affects: health, wealth, relations or life of father or grandfather of the native. The native will demand nothing from his father or may suffer loss of ancestral property. Where as, on the contrary, he may have to wear the burden of taking care of other family members, brothers or sisters to bring them up and share their responsibility on behalf of their father and in the long term he may not be benefited for what he deserved in real sense. Or h /she may have to live away (separately) from his father or ancestors.

When we try to understand the reason for this negative influence of this line on the father of the native in the light of LAL KITAB, it becomes very clear, because of the inimical behavior between two planets i.e. Mercury and Jupiter. When there is a combination or link between these two planets in any horoscope or mercury is placed in 2nd house of horoscope of the native, we can observe this type of formation of Head Line, separated from Life Line and originating from mount of Jupiter. As we can check their relation from the table of planets, Jupiter treats Mercury as its enemy where as Mercury treats Jupiter just equal in strength or friendly, so Jupiter suffers because of its inimical behavior.


Chart 17

When Head Line slopes down deep into mount of MOON and Heart Line runs down to touch Head Line or Life Line: 

When Head Line runs deep down into mount of Moon and at the same time Heart Line breaks and one segment of which runs into Head Line, points out towards suicidal tendency prevailing in possessor of such lines, because of inimical behavior of planet Mercury with Moon, which plays a fatal role in such case by generating thoughts for self destruction in human mind by adding too much imagination and oversensitive nature.

From chart of planetary relations, it can be noticed that planet Mercury treats Moon as its enemy, where as Moon treats Mercury as a friend.


Chart 18

Some, present day Palmists say that there is no relation of planets with that of palm lines, but I have noticed and observed during my practice in this field of ASTROPALMISTRY based on Lal Kitab, planets are truly reflected through palm lines and various mounts on palm. I may like to add something more that every planet has its place fixed on the face of every human being, which I will try to explain separately in future articles.

It is must for a LAL KITAB reader to read and understand planetary relations as per guide lines laid down by Pt. Rup Chand Joshi Ji, founder of  this unique LAL KITAB system of prediction and follow every instruction laid down therein. Above noted examples of hand lines are quoted only for reference to readers, and it is advisable to all that don’t try to base your judgment only on one line or one planet, which may make judgment a bit doubtful, try to correlate information represented by any line / planet with other lines and planets to be more accurate in making a final prediction, because it is mentioned in LAL KITAB that:



In 1952 edition of LAL KITAB, it is written in its beginning in praise of GOD:

Awaaj  sunta  har kisi ki, naa hi bhoola koyee ho.

Sab se pehle yaad ussi ki, phir sabhi duniya ki ho. 

Always Bear This In Your Mind And Never Forget The Almighty


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