How to predict new job by stella Astrology by Basilioli Sandro

How to predict new job by stella Astrology by Basilioli Sandro


Every person have a desire for rewarding career which brings them most satisfaction, when will i get a new job? It’s time to change the job? Will the new job be in the government or private sector? These types of questions come to job, are very requested and the astrologer helps you for understanding of your challenges, your capabilities, your talents ecc. ecc. Here i will discuss about timing the new job, i will show and illustrate three different technique of stella astrology. I will use natal chart in this first  article and i will use the same horary chart for article 2 and 3.I will also give full rules for every method so the readers can start working on it, the three technique are:

A): First article of  Nadi astrology By Shri Umang Taneja

B): Second article of For steps theory by Shri Sunil Gondhalaker

C):Third article of  Khrisnamurti Paddhati (KP Astrology)

Nadi Astrology By Umang Taneja

Some Basic Rules from the books ( Accurate predictive methodology & Nadi astrology & professions).

1): Ayanamsa

The ayanamsa for casting the horoscope used are Lahiri or Kp.

2): Chart

Two charts must be prepared , the Nirayana bhava chalit and the Lagna chart with no cups this can be calculated easily by any stella astrology software .

3): Aspects & conjuctions

Aspects & conjunctions of all the planets are to be seen from sign to sign from the Lagna chart. There is a difference in the case of Rahu & Ketu. They give influence on the planets in the next sign which are up to 7° apart.

4)Positions & lordships of the planets

Are to be seen in the Nirayana bhav chalit chart.

5): According to Nadi Astrology a planet in a Horoscope is under the influence of:

1): It’s position and the lordship of houses in the horoscope.

2): it’s Nakshatra

3): It’s Sub lord.

6): The Dasha used is the Vimssottari dasha. 

According to Nadi astrology Mahadasa lord is stronger than Bhukti lord  and Bhukti lord is stronger than Antara lord.

7): Single house does not give any result.

 For example say the 12th house then 12th house signifies a number of events.

8): Strength of a planet

A): Strength of a planet is delineated by the strength of it’s planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord. If Sub lord signifies full combination of the event and also in the Nakshatra and Planet the event is going to happen surely. So the Planet is very strong.

B): If Sub lord signifies the full combination of culmination of an event and Nakshatra and the Planet negate the event becomes nearly impossible to happen.

C): If the Nakshatra and planet signify the full combination but the Sub lord negates ,the event can happen. The planet is rendered very weak.

D): If Planet and the Nakshatra does not negate an event and support the Sub lord and Sub lord signifies full combinations the planet is strong to fructify the event.

E): In some cases the Planet , Nakshatra and Sub lord could signify facilitator houses/ combinations in such a case the planet will have to look on others DBA planets. If other DBA will be strong then the event will take place otherwise not.

F): If Planet and Nakshatra show the combination of the event and Sub lord signify facilitator houses the planet has full strength for culmination of the event in DBA.

This is how to judge the strength of the planets .


Starting degree of the house is called the cusp or the cuspal degree of the house. The sub lord at the cuspal degree is called the “Cuspal sub lord” . The strength of the house is drawn from the strength of the cuspal sub lord. If the cuspal sub lord signifies the combinations connected with the house the house is strong. If it negates the event the event will not take place even in the Dasha- Bhukti-Antara promising the event strongly.

 Results of Planets

There is a professional software Horosoft that gives the results otherwise you must pen down the following:

1) : The lordship & the position of all the planets included Uranus, Neptune & Pluto..

2): The nakshatra & the sub lords of all the planets.

Timing of an event

Dasha lord is stronger than Bhukti lord and Bhukti lord is stronger than Antara lord. If Dasha lord allows an event the event will take place in that dasha. To further pin point the event we will see the strong Bhukti lord which signifies the same combination. The event will take place in that Bhukti, however if Dasha lord is very strong the event can also happen in it’s Bhukti . The next step is to find or choose a strong Antara which will time the event. If the Dasha lord does not allow the event, in such case go to the next Dasha which allows the event . Similarly if Bhukti is not allowing the event, the next Bhukti is to be seen.

Transits of Planets

Transits of the Planets are to be seen to pin point the events precisely. First see the transits of any slower moving planet ( Saturn, Jubiter, Rahu & Ketu). They should transit the relevant houses which signify the combinations of a specific event. Then go on to see the transits of fast moving Planets ( Sun. Mercury, Venus & Mars). When they join the slower Planets, the event take place.

Any of the three Planets which signify combination for job may/ may not be from the DBA should

Either conjoin in one house

Or aspect each other

Or transit the significator houses

Or aspect them

Or transit over their natal positions

To see also the transit of the antara lord in the Nakshatra signifying the combination for job.

 Readers that are interested can refer to Umang Taneja good book ( Nadi astrology & professions),

Separative Planets

Separative tendencies are signified by Saturn ,Sun , Rahu and Ketu. These kinds of Planets give clue to select with the combination of change of job the possible DBA as they signify separation from a job ecc. ecc.

Combinations for any new job

For service 2,6,10,11

For business 2,7,10,11

2nd house : accumulation of wealth, money & bank accounts

10th House :  it is prime house of carrier, name & fame.

11th       : this the prime house of financial gain ,increments & promotion.

6th   House : it is the prime house for service & working conditions.

7th  House  : it is prime house of business.

Combination for change in job

5th  house : Being 12th from 6th it signifies leaving the present work.

9th  house : Being 12th from 10th it signifies leaving the present position.

Their should be also a separative planet that promote change in job or business in DBA.

No job or obstacles in career

5th  house with 8th   & 12th  : This combination is worst for career as well in the job. It signifies suspensions, dismissals, scandals, insults and heavy loss of money. If the good houses 10,11 are not signifies in the DBA with this combination, it signifies total loss. If the native is not working he/she can not get it in it’s DBA because:

5th house is 11 of the opposition

12th  house is of the opposition

8th  house is 2nd of the opposition.

So to predict any possible new job the astrologer must look and see in DBA combination of 5,9 for change and 2,6,10 & 11 for new job.

Here i will illustrate with a natal horoscope ,as in natal charts it is difficult to have the right cuspal sub lord in this case for Nadi Astrology is the 6th CSL , to see if native has a tendencies to change often his work just see if there are 3 or more planets that signifies strongly combination of  5 or 9 for change and 2,6,10,11 for new job.

A life case for illustration

Name: Claudio

Date of birth: 15/06/68

Time of birth: 15:30 PM

Place of birth: Bedford , UK

Time Zone: 1:00 Hrs.

Ayanamsa: Kp(original) 23:20:25

Software: Jyotisha Deepika V.3


 Planets details

Planet        position                 cups            Nakashtra          Sgl               Stl              Sbl  

Sun            Ge:0: 57:16             9                Migrashira          Me               Ma             Me

Mo             Ge:7:57:52              9                Aridra                 Me               Ra               Ra

Me             Ta:11:0:26              8                 Rohini                Ve                Mo              Mo

Ve              Ar:15:15:12            7                 Bharani              Ma               Ve              Ve

Ma R         Sc:11:47:33            2                 Anuradha            Ma               Sa              Mo

Ju              Vi:3:33:29              11              UttaraPhalguni    Me                Su             Sa

Sa              Ar:12:2:27              7                Aswini                Ma                Ke            Me

Ra             Pi:2:30:16               5        Poorvabhadrapada      Ju                  Ju             Ra  

Ke             Vi:2:30:16             11            UttaraPhalguni      Me                 Su              Ju

 Cusp      position                Nakashtra           Sgl               Stl              Sbl  

1             Vi:28:7:28            Chitra                   Me               Ma             Sa

2             Li:24:19:38          Vishakha              Ve                Ju              Me

3             Sc:27:9:5              Jyesta                   Ma               Me             Ju

4             Cp:5:16:57           UttaraAshada       Sa                Su              Me    

5             Aq:9:58:41           Shatabhisha          Sa                Ra             Ju

6             Pi:7:15:9          Uttarabhadrapada     Ju                 Sa             Me

7             Pi:28:7:28            Revati                   Ju                 Me            Sa

8             Ar:24:19:38         Bharani                 Ma               Ve             Me

9             Ta:27:9:5             Mrigashira            Ve                Ma            Ju   

10           Ca:5:16:57           Pushya                  Mo               Sa             Sa

11           Le:9:58:41           Magha                   Su                Ke            Sa

12           Vi:7:15:9             UttaraPhalguni      Me               Su            Ke

Table of planets in own sign ,in star and sub


This person in his life has changes many times place of work , you can see the combinations of 5,9 in red in many planets, also,he has always been working since the age of 11 years see combination of  job 2,6,10,11,in blue in nearly all the planets. In Jubiter Dasha from 14/09/85 to 14/09/01 ,bhukti of Mercury from 15/05/ to 20/08/92 and antara of Ketu from 10/09/90 to 28/10/90 he changed work . You can see that Jubiter signifies 5 in planet and 9 in star, Mercury signifies 9 in star and sub and Ketu a separative planet signifies 5 in planet and 9 in star. They also signifies ,Jubiter 6,11, Mercury 10 and Ketu strongly 6,11 for new job. In The Dasha of Saturn from 14/09/01 to 13/09/20 he has and will continue to change job, Saturn signifies 5 in sign and in star with 6,8,12 combinations and is in conjuction with Venus that signify 9 in sign, in star and in sub . He left his job in Saturn dasha , bhukti of Venus and antara of Mercury in  May 2011 that signifies 5,9,6,8,12 ,  looking at the transits in that specific period we see 4 planets in one sign in aries, Jubiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus all signifies 5,9 ( change) . He has find a new job in the period from 21/09/11 to 22/10/11 in DBA of Saturn, Sun and Moon all signifying 2,6,11 , looking at the transits dasha lord Saturn and Bhukti lord Sun conjoin together in 11th cup, he start working on day 15/10/11 again Saturn and Sun in same degree ,Saturn 26Vi26 , Sun 27Vi44 . There are possibility he could change once again his job because by the presence of 5,6,8,12 up to August 2011 in dasha of Saturn bhukti of Sun both separative planets.


In the next article i will illustrate an horary chart for same person that will be used also for the 3rd part of this series of timing new job. This system of  Nadi Astrology is a very accurate method to find various events of life in a exhaustive manner.

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