Karna the Limb of Panchang for Profession and Assets by K K Rajan

Karna the Limb of Panchang for Profession and Assets by K K Rajan

Karna: The Limb of Panchang for Profession and Assets

By : K K Rajan

Editer – Vinayak Bhatt

There are five limbs of Panchang. They are identified as follows:

  1. Day or Vaar whose element is fire and denotes Strength and
  2. Tithi whose element is water and denotes Relationship and
  3. Karna whose element is earth and denotes Profession’ Assets and Wealth.
  4. Yoga whose element is Space and denotes Connection to the world all these limbs are vital
  5. Nakshatra whose element is Air and denotes Vital Spirit and

All these limbs are vital in energy and elements and play big role in predictive astrology. If we go back to our ancient gurus and other predicting intellectuals, we distinctly find that their only tool in predictive astrology had been Natal Chart and the 5 limbs of Panchang. And unsurprisingly they were closer to facts in predicting events in general or in the domain of medical astrology.

It should be noted at that time there were no Divisional charts the likes of d3′ d7′ d9′ d10 up to d60 and so on and now of late research has gone much farther in number of divisional charts. I personally hold the view that there is still much more information to be decoded in Basics of Astrology, in elements of Rashis’, houses and planets. And with support of 27 nakshatras and padas plus the support of 5 limbs of panchang we get sufficient information for predictive astrology and I personally consider divisional charts as comparative tool for confirmative support if the needed. But our modern day peers are more emphatic in creating volumes of research which is making this science complex and complicated for new aspirants. Otherwise the passing down of this science was in a hierarchal manner which travelled from one generation to another for centuries but of late that evolution has become a thing of the past. However I would still emphatically admit that what our older wisdom was guiding us was simple and fabulous.

Now I come to the most important limb of Panchang and that is Karna. Even though all the five limbs are important but this limb belongs to Earth element which strongly connects to one’s Profession/career, wealth and assets which are undoubtedly required in this competitive material world.

Karna: A Karna is half of a Tithi i.e. 6 degrees whereas a tithi is of 12 degrees. I am sure readers know degrees are based upon movement of planet Moon and moon travels 12 degree in a day/night of 24 hours. Also, there are 15 dark days which are called Krishna paksha and 15 bright days called the Shukla paksha. And the whole rotation of 360 degrees is completed by moon, as 180 degrees each i.e 15×12 degrees. And that’s how we define degrees of Karna. There are two Karnas in one tithi and there are 60 Karnas in a month.

Types of Karnas: 4 fixed and 7 moveable.

Karna rules Earth element and is lorded by planet Mercury, the planet of intelligence, skill, sharp memory and natural talent which is greatly needed to achieve desired goals. But, here

the condition is if the planet is well placed (respective Karna a person is born with) it will show tremendous success and shall manifest heights in profession/career. An afflicted or ill placed Karna lord shall show only skill which shall not give a flourishing profession/career or can give an unsatisfactory situation.

Now, I name all the eleven Karnas, they are all having different dimensions as far as profession and other traits are concerned and they are positive and negative both, the list is as follows-

  1. Bava
  2. Balva
  3. Kaulva
  4. Taitula
  5. Gaja
  6. Vanil
  7. Vishti
  8. Shakuni
  9. Chatuspad
  10. Naga
  11. Kimstughna

Bava Karna: This Karna is symbolised by Lion which represents creative energy ruled by planet Sun and its ruling deity is Indra. These people are endowed with high leadership qualities and creative talents. They are mostly involved in politics and they have tremendous management skills and administrative abilities. All this happens when the Karna is well placed. Prominent personalities in Astrological fraternity who had and has strong Bava Karna are Dr. B.V. Raman and living legend Mr. Sanjay Rath.

This article elaborates on Bava Karna only. The rest will follow in the upcoming articles.

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