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Lal Kitab Karma Correction through Mythologies by S. Prakash

Lal Kitab Karma Correction through Mythologies by S. Prakash

Ganga in Vamana Puran

According to Vamana Purana, when Lord Vishnu took Vamana avatar, he raised one of his feet towards the sky, then Brahma Ji washed the feet of Lord Vishnu and filled that water in his kamandal (small utensil).

With the divinity of this water, Ganga was born in the kamandal of Brahma Ji.

The water in the kamandal represents Amrita – the nectar of life – symbolizing fertility, life and wealth.

The kamandal is often depicted in the hands of deities who appear as ascetics, such as Shiva, Brahma, Varuna Dev (water god), Ganga (the goddess of the Ganges river) and Saraswati.

Lal Kitab and KaalPurush Kundali

Lal Kitab works on KaalPurush Kundali.


How to see these Astrological Combinations through LAL KITAB

Gaj Kesari Yog in Lal Kitab

Jupiter Represents – Lord Brahma

Moon Represents – Goddesses Ganga

If Jupiter and Moon conjunct together in the 12th house.

Chart 3
Chart 4
Chart 5
chart 6
Chart 7

Ganga Jal and Tarpan of Pitra

In order to shed/flow the ashes of 60 thousand Sagar sons who were cursed in Kapilmuni’s ashram, King Bhagirath brought Ganga from the Kamandal of Lord Brahma to earth through the matted hair of Shiva.

Asmanjas, Dilip, Anshuman and Bhagirath, the four ancestors of Lord Rama, carried out the penance to bring Ganga to earth.

However, before coming to earth, Ganga took shelter in the Kamandal of Lord Brahma as she was not willing to go to earth and not inclined to leave Vaikunth.

How to see these Combinations through LAL KITAB

Let’s see a few combinations:

Jupiter Represents – Lord Brahma

Moon Represents – Goddess Ganga

Mercury Represents – Kamandal

If Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are conjunct together in the Scorpio sign.

Chart 8
Chart 9
Chart 10
Chart 11
Chart 12

Story of Agastya Rishi’s Kamandal and Kaveri River

It is believed that the Vedic tradition passed from north to south and with it many beliefs and rituals. When the sage went to the south, they said that we wanted the Ganges here too, so the concept of Dakshin Ganga was created. Kaveri river is called Dakshin Ganga.

 Maharishi Agastya took the education of the great Tamil language from Lord Shiva himself and descended on the earth the holy river Kaveri in South India!

Once, when the demons hid in the sea due to the fear of Indra, then Maharishi Agastya drank the seven oceans filled in his Anjuli (palm), which could kill the demons! But due to the drying up of seawater, the situation escalated to famine in the South direction.

 One day sage Agastya was traveling in the forest and his ancestor deity (Pitra) was hanging upside down on the forest trees. When he asked them why are they hanging like this? Why did such misfortune come to them? So his ancestor deity (Pitra) replied, “Since sage Agastya has no son, that is why they are compelled to suffer in this way.” Hearing this, sage Agastya promised him that he would get married soon.

At that time, the king of Vidarbha was doing penance and chanting to get a child. Lord Vishnu approached him and blessed the king with the girl. That girl was named Lopamudra, brought up in royal splendor and opulence.

When the girl was of marriageable age, sage Agastya reached there and expressed her desire to marry the daughter of King Vidarbha.

Although King Vidarbha was very much afraid of the sage, yet he indicated to the sage that he did not want his daughter to be married to him. But here, Lopamudra told her father that she wanted to marry the sage Agastya only.

After that, the king got Lopamudra married to sage Agastya. Since sage Agastya used to travel through the mountains, forests, and thorny roads and he did not want his wife to bear the suffering of all this, so he gave his wife a subtle form, kept her in his Kamandal and she accompanied him wherever he went.

Due to the wish of Lord Shiva, sage August traveled to the south and settled there. Although this journey was challenging, but he completed it following the orders of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had given a boon to sage Agastya that his pitcher would always be filled with water. At that time, this region of South India was extremely dry, where it rained occasionally.

Once when Sage Agastya went to take a bath, Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and turned the Kamandal of Sage Agastya.

As the Agastya sage, kept his wife (Lopamudra) in the kamandal in the form of a river, which turned into the mighty Kaveri river with perennial water.

How to see these Combinations through LAL KITAB

Let’s see few combinations:

Jupiter represents – Agastya

Moon represents – Goddess Kaveri

Mercury represents – Kamandal

Crow represents – Saturn

Ganesha represents – Ketu

Chart 13
Chart 14
Chart 15
Chart 16
Chart 17
Chart 18
Chart 19

Kamandal of Raja Bali and Guru Shukracharyei

Shukracharyei was the son of Bhrigu Rishi and Divya (daughter of Hiranyakashyap). Shukracharyei is also considered to be the son of Khayati.

According to the Puranas, he was the guru and priest of the demons. It is said that once when Bali was donating the whole earth to Vamana, Guru Shukracharyei sat down on the spout of a water vessel (Kamandal), intending to alert Bali and obstruct the flow of the water.

Lord Vishnu took a Kusha grass and poked it in the spout of Kamndal, which led to the bursting of one of the eyes of Guru Shukracharyei. Then for the rest of his life, he remained like this. Since then, his name has become synonymous with ‘Ekaksha’.

How to see these Combinations through LAL KITAB

Let’s see few combinations:

Jupiter represents – Vamana Avatar

Moon represents – Water

Mercury represents – Kamandal

Venus represents – Guru Shukracharyei

Rahu represents – Raja Bali

Chart 20
Chart 21
Chart 22
Chart 23
Chart 24
Chart 25
Chart 26
Chart 27
Chart 28

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