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Lessons in Jaimini Astrology – 4 by Iranganti Rangacharya

Lessons in Jaimini Astrology – 4 by Iranganti Rangacharya

Typed and Proof-read by Swathi Venkata Lakshmi . K

ARGALA Rajayogas are constituted by the Subhargala Yogas connected with the 1st category of Argala signs(Principal Argala signs 2nd,4th ,11th) and 3rd  category of Argala signs(S.A.S.5th,9th) from the aspecting planet -4,aspecting planet – 5 and aspecting planet – 6(Please refer to Lesson 3)  The following are  the four categories of Argala Rajayogas in the descending order:

  1. Poornargala
  2. Tripadargala
  3. Ardhargala
  4. Padargala

1. Poornargala Rajayoga

This Yoga is formed when the Yogada is in a movable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Now find out the Argala signs from the Yogada (2nd, 4th, 11th, 5th and 9th). If any three Argala signs coinciding with the movable, fixed and dual signs are occupied by the planets, the Subhargala Yoga, so formed, is called the Poornargala Rajayoga. This Yoga is effective when the corresponding Virodahrgala signs lie vacant. I have not been able to get the horoscopic chart of any native with Poornargala Rajayoga. The speculative horoscope given below will help understand how Poornargala Rajayoga is formed.

Janma Lagna is Aquarius. Navamsa Lagna is Libra. Jupiter is in Leo Navamsa.

Jupiter in Cancer aspects Janma Lagna Aquarius in Rasi. In Navamsa chart, Jupiter in Leo aspects Navamsa Lagna, Libra . Hence Jupiter becomes an aspecting planet – 5( Yogada). Yogada Jupiter is in Cancer, a movable sign . From Yogada Jupiter, the 2nd sign(fixed) is occupied by Mars, Mercury and Venus, and the 4th sign (movable) is occupied by Jupiter. The 9th sign (dual) is occupied by the Moon. This Subhargala Yoga constitutes Poornargala Rajayoga connected with the Yogada in a movable sign, with the involvement of movable, fixed and dual Argala signs.


(2) Tripadargala Rajayoga

This Yoga is formed when the Yogada is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) . Now reckon the Argala signs from the Yogada. If any two Argala sings coinciding with (1) movable and fixed, or (2) movable and dual, or (3) fixed and dual , are occupied by the planets , the Subhargala Yoga so formed constitutes Tripadargala Rajyoga. This Yoga becomes Poornargala Rajayoga, when one more Argala sign is involved due to occupation by planets. Remember the Yoga is effective when the corresponding Virodhargala signs lie vacant. The following example clarifies Tripadargala Rajayoga.

Janma Lagna is Libra. The moon in Leo aspects Janma Lagna Libra in Rasi chart. Janma Lagna is 13▫ and hence its Drekkana Lagna is Scorpio. The Moon 1▫ in Leo is in the 1st Drekkana Aries. Hence the Moon in Aries aspects Drekkana Lagna Scorpio in Drekkana chart. Hence the Moon becomes the Yogada (Aspecting planet – 5)  . So from the Moon the 2nd principal Argala sign (dual) is occupied by the Sun and the 4th principal Argala (fixed) is occupied by Saturn. Hence this forms Subhargala Yoga. Since fixed and dual signs are involved in the Argala signs. Tripadargala Rajayoga forms. Since the 9th Argala sign also is occupied by Jupiter. Tripadargala Rajayoga becomes Poornargala Rajayoga.


(3) Ardhargala Rajayoga

This is the case of a Yogada in a dual sign. If any 1st category of Argala sign (2nd,4th,11th) is occupied by the planets, the Subhargala Yoga becomes Ardhargala Rajayoga. If one more Argala sign is involved, Ardhargala becomes Tripadargala Rajayoga. If two Argala sings are involved in Ardhargala Rajayoga, this becomes Poornargala Raja yoga.

(4) Padargala Rajayoga

When the 5th or 9th Argala sign from the Yogada is occupied by a benefic planet or by exalted malefic, Padargala Rajayoga is formed.


Judge the Subhargala Yogas, if formed by the reverse reckoning of the Argala sings, from the aspecting planet or Yogada placed in an even sign. By this principle, Poornargala Rajaoyoga forms in the horoscopic chart of Pandit Nehru. The readers may refer to my articles in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGZINE, June-July 1990.

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