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Numerology in Astrology By Ajit kumar

While I have been studyingAstrology for a number ofyears, I was wondering ifthere is a connection between Astrology
and Numerology. I found out in a numberof horoscopes that numerology is reflected
in the astrological D-1 and D-9 charts plus the Nakshatras and the birth dates. This isillustrated in this article using the charts of well known people.

The following assumptions have beenmade for the illustration:

1 represents Sun
2 represents Moon
3 represents Jupiter
4 represents Rahu/ negative aspect of
Sun (1and 4 exchangeable)
5 represents Mercury
6 represents Venus
7 represents Ketu/ negative aspect of
Moon(2 and 7 exchangeable)
8 Represents Saturn
9 Represents Mars

Application: With the help of numerology,a check on the correctness of the birth-datacan be made. Either the birth number, or
the destiny number are connected with

  1. Natal Ascendant or D-9 Ascendant
  2. Ascendant lord or and Moon sign lord
  3. Lords of Nakshatras occupied by
    Moon or Ascendant lord.

Example 1. Pt, J L Nehru . DOB 14-11-1889 , Lat. 25N 27 Long . 81E51, at 23.05hrs.
Birth number 1+4=5. Destiny number 1+4+1+1+1+8+8+9=33 3+3=6

Both Ascendant and Moon are in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha whose lord is Mercury. Birth
number 5 represents Mercury. Destiny number 6 represents Venus. Venus is with the
Ascendant lord Moon in D-9 Chart.

Example 2. Rajiv Gandhi DOB 20-08-1944 in Mumbai at 8.11.AM Lat.18N58, Long.72E49
Birth number 2 Destiny number 20+8+1+9+4+4=46 4+6= 10 which means 1
Sun represents Number 1 Moon represents Number 2

D-1 Ascendant and D-9 Ascendant is Leo whose lord is Sun, representing 1.
Moon representing 2 is also in D-1 Ascendant.

Example 3. Sanjay Gandhi DOB 14-12-1946 , Delhi, at 9.27AM Lat.
Birth number (14) 1+4=5 . Destiny number 1+4+1+2+1+9+4+6=28 2+8=10 which means 1
5 represented by Mercury 1 represented by Sun

Moon is Leo in D-1, ruled by Sun representing 1: D-1Ascendant is in the star of Uttaraashadha, lord Sun, represented by 1Mercury, representing 5, is in the Nakshatra Anuradha, lord Saturn and Saturn is the lord of D-9 Lagna.

Example 4. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa DOB 18-2- 1836 06: 28 Purulia, Lat. 23°20N,
Long. 86°22E Birth number 1+8= 9 Mars Destiny number 1+8+2+1+8+3+6=29 means 2 Moon

D-1 Ascendant is in Dhanisha star, lord Mars. D-9 Ascendant is Scorpio, Lord Mars Mars himself in the star of Shravana, lord Moon which means 2. In D-9, Mars is in the sign of Moon.

Example 5. Dr B V Raman DOB 8-8- 1912 at 19:42: 44hrs, Lat. 12°58’59”N, Long. 77°34’59’’E Birth number 8 Saturn
Destiny number 8+8+1+9+1+2=29 which means 2, Moon

D-1Ascendant Aquarius, lord Saturn representing 8. D-9 Ascendant Capricorn lord Saturn. Saturn is in star Rohini, lord Moon representing 2. Moon also aspects Aquarius in D-9, lord Saturn.

Example 6. Swami Jayandra Saraswati DOB 18-7-1935 at 7:00 AM Lat 10°42’00”N, Long. 79°26’00”E Birth number 1+8=9 Mars Destiny Number 1+8+7+1+9+3+5=7 Ketu

Mars aspects D-1 Ascendant (4th aspect) and Ketu aspects Moon (9th aspect) in D-1 chart.
Ketu also aspects Aquarius in D-9 ( 9th aspect), lord Saturn and Mars ( 5th aspect).

Example 7. M K Gandhi DOB 2-10-1869 in Porbandar at 7.12 AM. Lat. 21N38, Long 69E36
Birth number 2 Moon Destiny number 2+1+0+1+8+6+9=27 2+7=9 Mars

D-1 Ascendant has Mars representing 9. Ascendant itself in Chitra, lord Mars’ Nakshatra.
Moon is in own house, representing 2

D-9 Ascendant is Scorpio, lord Mars again representing 9.

Example 8. Arun K Bansal, CEO Futurepoint and astrologer. DOB 13-12 –1956 Delhi, 23.10hrs. Lat 28N40, Long. 77E13
Birth number 1+3=4 Destiny number 1+3+1+2+1+9+5+6=28 2+8=10 means 1

D-1Ascendant is Leo, whose lord is Sun, representing 1

D-9 Ascendant is also Leo with Rahu representing 4.

Example 9. K N Rao DOB 12-10-1931 at 7.55.22 AM Lat. 16N11, Long. 81E08 Birth number (12) 1+2=3. Destiny number 1+2+1+0+1+9+3+1= 18: 1+8=9 3 represents Jupiter 9 represents Mars

Ascendant is in Nakshatra Vishakha, lord Jupiter, represented by 3 Moon is in Nakshatra Chitra, lord Mars, represented by 9
D-9 ascendant is Aries, lord Mars, represented by 9
Jupiter himself exalted in Cancer, lord Moon.
Example 10. John Lennon, Beatle
DOB 9-10-1940, 18.30 hrs in Liverpool, Lat 53N 25, Long. 003W00 Birth number 9 represented by Mars
Destiny number 9+1+0+1+9+4+0=24 means 6 represented by Venus

D-9 Ascendant has Mars represented by 9 Venus, representing 6, is in 10°11 Leo, which is Magha Nakshatra, lord Ketu. Ketu is in D-1
Example 11. Tiger Woods, star Golf player DOB 30-12-1975 at 22:50hrs in Cypress, CA, Lat.33N49’01, Long. 118W02’11 Birth number 3 represented by Jupiter. Destiny number 3+0+1+2+1+9+7+5=28→1 represented by Sun.

Ascendant in D-1 is in the star of Uttaraphalguni, lord Sun, representing 1. Jupiter(3) is in
the D-9 Ascendant.

Example 12. Barak Obama, current president of USA DOB: 4-8-1961, 19.24hrs, Honolulu, Lat. 21N18’25, Long. 157W51’30 Birth number 4 represented by Rahu or negative aspect of Sun. Destiny number 4+8+1+9+6+1=29 2+9= 11→2 represented by Moon.

Moon is Rohini, own Nakshatra, representing 2
Rahu is in the sign of Sun, Sun aspects Ascendant in D-1. Sun is also lord of D-9 Ascendant
Application: I repeat that with the help of numerology, a check on the correctness of the
birth-data can be made. Either birth number, or the destiny number are connected with:

  1. Natal Ascendant or D-9 Ascendant
  2. Ascendant lord or and Moon sign lord
  3. Lords of Nakshatras occupied by Moon or Ascendant lord.

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