Saptarishis Nadi and Timing of Marriage

Saptarishis Nadi and Timing of Marriage – Part 2 by yenbeeyes


In the first part on the above topic I covered the first 10 charts of Saptarishi Nadi. In this second part I am taking up the next 10 charts. I have already hinted at the concluding portion of the earlier article, that I will give my explanation very briefly. Readers are well aware about the various methods employed by Astrologers to fix the timing of marriage. Innumerable combinations have been propounded by rishis in the classics. In the first part I have analysed the charts using Traditional methods, BCP Technique and BSP Technique. Then there is Nadi method, Ashtakavarga method, Transit coupled with Nadi and/or traditional methods are all some of them. The Navamsa which is the Dharma of the native is also primarily concerned for marriage purposes. There are methods available to fix the time of marriage using Navamsa too. Here we are trying to figure out the possible astrological significances for a marriage to happen at a particular age. Through the Saptarishi Nadi, the reasoning part is absent. After studying more than 500 charts of various Lagnas, I was venturing to find out if any specific combination is available. In majority of the charts the marriage age varies between 19 to 22 or maximum 24. I have worked out a method by which a specific planet or a combination of planetary conjunctions trigger an event in a particular year. I shall take up this method in my next article and try to prove the same with further charts of Aries Lagna.

In this article I am taking the assistance of Argala. Argala in Sanskrit is used to denote an impediment or obstruction. Also Parasara has stated in the Chapter on Argala Verse 9 that Argala effects will be derived in the Dasa periods of the Rasi or planet concerned. I am giving a very brief note on Argala too below:

Concept of Argala: The primary Argala is from the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses. The corresponding obstruction for this Argala is experienced from 12th, 10th and the 3rd houses. Here one should remember that Argala is calculated from a house or a planet and the rule is the same for both. As far as the nodes are concerned it is calculated in the reverse order. Then there are benefic as well as malefic Argalas as also the number of Argalas as well as which Argala/Obstruction to Argala prevails and many other details about which I am not giving explanations.

I have found in the Charts of Aries Lagna of Saptarishi Nadi that normally the argala is on the Antardasa Lord from the Dasa Lord connected with the marriage. Sometimes it is the reverse also that is to say that the Argala is on Dasa lord from the Antardasa lord. Invariably both the planets will be linked to the primary houses of marriage which are the 7th, 2nd and 11th or the secondary houses 4th or 12th or the tertiary houses 9th and the 5th as explained in the first part.

Chart No.11


The native of this chart got married in his 19th year.

Balance of Mars Dasa at birth: 2 years 11 months. So got married in Rahu Dasa, Moon Antardasa. (I am not going into the dasa-Antardasa calculations here).

Primary Argala on Moon (AD planet) by Rahu(Dasa planet placed in the 2nd to Moon), by Jupiter (Dispositor of Rahu-Dasa planet placed in the 4th from Moon)

From the 12th to the Moon as well as the 10th from Moon there are no planets and hence the above Argalas are unobstructed.

Here readers must not the connection between Rahu and Moon and the houses involved in marriage. Rahu is in the 12th house and will act as Jupiter who is also the 9th lord placed in the 2nd house. Moon is the 4th lord placed in the 11th house. Henceforth I will leave this explanation to the readers.

Note: For the date 22-09-1893 at 20:55 hrs. the chart is exactly the same with Raman Ayanamsa except the position of Moon which is Dhanishta 2nd pada and Moon in Capricorn and not in Aquarius. Hence I have not given the chart.

Chart No. 12

Marriage at the age of 16.

Moon dasa balance at birth was 7 years.

Here 16 years means completion of 15 years and the running age is 16. This is applicable for all cases.

Mars dasa will be over by 14 years. Next Rahu dasa – Rahu Antara will end in 16 years 8 months 12 days. Next will be Jupiter Antara. If it is Rahu-Dasa – Antardasa – placement in the 7th house itself as also the dispositor placed in the 7th house itself. Here Argala has no effect. If it is Jupiter Antardasa Rahu has 11th house Argala on it. There is no obstruction to this Argala.


This is the chart using Jhora-Lahiri-Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa. With Raman’s Ayanamsa, the position of Mars changes. But even here the dasa balance at birth does not tally.

Chart No. 13

Marriage at the age of 21. Rahu dasa balance at birth 7 years and 6 months. In Jupiter dasa Moon Antardasa will end when the native is of 20 years 2 months. Next Antardasa of Mars will be till 21 years 1 month 6 days followed by Rahu Antardasa. Mars, the Antardasa lord is getting Argala from Ketu (4th house) and Jupiter (11th house)(Mahadasa Lord). Since the exact month of marriage is not known we can presume that the marriage had happened in Mars Antardasa. There is no obstruction to this Argala. Ketu has not been taken into consideration as there is no association with the Dasa-Antardasa planet,. Moon Antardasa is also possible but since Moon and Jupiter are together in the 11th house, question of Argala does not arise. Jhora-Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa Chart is:

Marriage at the age of 18. Sun dasa balance 2 years 10 days. Mars Dasa, Ketu Antardasa will be over by 16 years 11 months and 4 days. Venus Antardasa will be over by 18 years 1 month and 4 days. Normally when we say 18 years it means thr running age which in other words is after completion of 17 years. So Venus Antara in Mars dasa is the marriage period. What are the Argalas that the Antardasa lord Venus has got ? Only Saturn from the 11th house from Venus. But Mars the dasa lord is having Argala from Venus. So here we find a deviation in that the Argala is on the dasa lord from the Antardasa lord. Here also there is no obstruction to the Argala.

Chart No. 15


Marriage is in his 19th year. Ketu Dasa at birth is 5 years and one month. So marriage is in Venus dasa. Jupiter Antar dasa will be over when the native is of 17 years 11 months. Then till his 19 year 1 month Saturn Antar dasa will be running. Argala on Saturn are created by Jupiter (dispositor of Venus, the dasa lord) and Sun. Note the exchange between Jupiter and Venus. Now put Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Saturn, the Antardasa lord gets Argala from Venus, the dasa Lord. For the Argala of Jupiter (or Venus) there is no obstruction.

Chart No. 16 


Marriage at the age of 18. Jupiter dasa balance at birth 10 years and 10 months. Saturn dasa Ketu Antar dasa will be over when he is 17 years 8 months 21 days. So Ketu Antardasa or the next Antardasa of Venus will be the marriage period. Venus, the Antardasa Lord has got Argala from the 4th house placed Saturn, the dasa Lord. There is no obstruction to this Argala. Ketu Antardasa has not been considered as there is no Argala on it from the Dasa Lord.


Marriage will be at the age of 22. Balance of Saturn dasa is for 9 years and 9 months. In Mercury dasa, Antardasa of Mars will be over by   19 years 2 months 27 days. Next Antardasa will be of Rahu which will be until 21 years 9 months 15 days.. So it is quite possible that marriage could have happened either in Rahu Antardasa or the next Antardasa of Jupiter. For Rahu the Argala is to be calculated in the reverse order. Going back from Rahu we find that Mercury, the Dasa lord is creating Argala on Rahu from the 11th house. There is no objection to this Argala. Jupiter will not be the contender as there is no Argala on Jupiter from Saturn.

Chart No. 18 (Chart is in the next page)

Marriage at the age of 17. At birth balance of Ketu dasa is 6 years and 1 month. Venus dasa Mars Antardasa will be over when he is of 13 years 3 months. Thereafter Rahu Antardasa is for 3 years and will be ending at 16 years 3 months. This is followed by Jupiter Antardasa. For Rahu Argala is caused by Venus, the Dasa Lord placed in the 2nd from Rahu in reverse direction which is unobstructed. So this is the most probable period of marriage. On the other hand Jupiter does not have any Argala from the Dasa Lord Venus and hence ruled out.


Marriage at the age of 18. Jupiter dasa balance at birth is 2 years. Mars Antardasa in Saturn dasa will be over when the native is of 15 years 8 months and 12 days. Next Antardasa is of Rahu  which is for 2 years 10 months and 6 days i.e will end when the native is of 18 years 6 months and 18 days. So Saturn dasa, Rahu Antardasa is the period of marriage. See the 4th argala on Rahu by Saturn in the reverse direction which is also unobstructed.

In this chart, the Nadi states the balance of Dasa at birth is of Jupiter. Moon is stated to be in Taurus consisting of Krittika, Rohini and Mrigasirsha ruled by Sun, Moon and Mars. How is it possible to have the birth dasa starting in Jupiter. However, a chart developed in Jhora for the date 16-06-1885 with birth time as 05:24:30 using Lahiri Ayanamsa give the balance of Moon dasa at birth exactly 2 years with Rohini Nakshatra. This can be verified by another statement in the Nadi in verse 41 which states that the father of the native will die when he is of 33 years and is running Jupiter dasa-Mercury Antardasa. From Jhora we find that the native is running from 15-02-1916 to 23-05-1918 which places his 33rd year in this belt. So this chart of Jhora is the correct one. At the age of 18 which starts in the year16-06-1902 native will be running Rahu dasa, Mercury Antardasa. However there is no Argala between the Dasa, Antardasa planets. The chart is reproduced below:


Chart No. 20 (Chart on Next Page)

Marriage at the age of 22. Jupiter dasa balance at birth was 7 years 6 months and 25 days. In Saturn dasa, Moon Antardasa will be over when the native is of 20 years 1 month 28 days. Next Mars Antardasa is for 1 year 1 month and 9 days and will be over when he is of age 21 years 3 months 7 days. Next Antardasa is of Rahu. So marriage is possible in either Mars Antardasa or Rahu Antardasa. In this chart our test on Argala fails as both the Antardasa planets have no Argala from the Dasa lord. However, the Dasa Lord Saturn has a secondary Argala from Mars being placed in the 5th from Saturn.


The birth date could be worked out for thi chart using Jhora Lahiri Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa. It is given below. The Dasa balance also tallies.


Conclusion: In these 10 charts I have tried to prove the timing of marriage using the Argala concept. Of course in one or two charts it does not work out correctly. Still the majority shows that Argala has definitely an influence on the dasa-antardasa planets in deciding the marriage time. In my next coverage of the charts as stated in the introduction I will be taking up the new concept exclusive to Nadi system.

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