Saamakkol Aroodam– Chapter 8 to 14 by Sri Venkataraman

Saamakkol Aroodam– Chapter 8 to 14 by Sri Venkataraman

Copy Editor: Venkataraman. S, Port Blair


Prostrations to Sri Maha Ganapathi Prostrations to the Nava Graha

Saamakol Aroodam

Lesson 8


In the previous lessons we saw the characteristics of Rasis and Planets. Now in this lesson we will see general things which are common to both.

Each of the sign in the zodiac is ruled by a planet. Whatever is applicable to the planet is also applicable to the Rasi. On that rasis we must take factors like taste, distance, shape of horn, age, marks on the body etc should be decided.

Let us take TASTE first:-

SUN=Pungent, MOON=Astringent, MARS=Spicy, MERCURY=Saltish, JUPITER == Sweet, VENUS ==Sour(Fermented), SATURN  & RAHU=Bitter.

Next we will see the DISTANCE indicated by Planets.


SUN &  MERCURY  – 8 Kaadams each, MOON – 1 Kaadam,  MARS – 7 Kaadams, JUPITER – 9  Kaadams, VENUS –  16 Kaadams, SATURN – 20 Kaadams,

RAHU – more than 20 Kaadams.


SUN & MERCURY = Bent Horn or Curved horn (BUFFALOW HORN)

MOON = Flat and bald, MARS = Sharp horn, VENUS & JUPITER = Long horn,

SATURN= Broken horn, RAHU = Cut horn.


SUN = 50, MOON = 70, MARS = 16, MERCURY = 20, JUPITER= 30, VENUS =7

Note: For Saturn the age has not been mentioned.


SUN – Flower of a fig tree; MOON – Flower of a Coarse milky shrub; MARS – Dhal; MERCURY – Coronilla grandiflora leaves; JUPITER – Leaves of Castor plan; VENUS – Leaves of Tamarind tree; SATURN – Leaves of a poisonous and medicinal shrub; Rahu & Ketu – Leaves of a medicinal shrub.

Various plants have been quoted for each planct. Since the names are of Local names, an attempt has been made to explain the names above.



MOON, VENUS, SATURN AND RAHU – on the left side


SUN = Hip, SATURN =Thigh, RAHU= Feet, JUPITER = Hand, MERCURY = Inner part of hand, MARS=Backside, MOON = Face, Cheeks, neck, back part of neck (i.e. anywhere on the head).

Note:- Distance has different names in different parts of the country.

The Sanskrit term is a Yojana = Roughly 8 miles. In some places it is measured in Krosha. A Krosam is equal to 9 miles. But the numbers for the planets are the same.

SUN =  8 KADAMS = 80 MILES =128 Km,  YOJANA =8X8=64 MILES=102.4 km Krosha = 9×8=72 miles=115.2 KM.

The student need not get upset as to how to remember all this data. No need to fear. Practice makes you perfect.

Lesson 9


This indicates the direction in which a lost thing, or cattle, or person (ran away/ abducted etc) has gone. The direction of journey undertaken by a person can also be found out. We will see the details about this as per Rasis as well as Planets.

SUN, MARS and SATURN indicate jungle and hilly places.

MOON & VENUS = Watery places.  MERCURY & JUPITER indicate cities, towns and villages.

RAHU = Dense shrubs like bamboo forest and not easily detectable places.

To give a confident prediction we should also see the planets’ Own house, exaltation, enemy/friend house as well as debilitation

PLANETS  in friendly state =  inside the house

PLANETS  in own houses  or close friends = with in the village/town /city

PLANETS in exalted state = Extension parts of the city

PLANETS in debility/enemy houses= Very far off.


SUN= Dining Hall, Larder, a hoop, MOON =a large mouthed water pot (to draw water from a trench or from a deep pit), MARS = small pot with narrow neck, MERCURY= wall, JUPITER =a vessel with wide opening, VENUS = watery shores, SATURN= fighting places such as  Gym/Akhada etc., Rahu= Pits, holes/lair etc.


SUN & JUPITER =  Prayer hall, elevated places like top shelves, over the cupboard etc.

MOON AND VENUS= Water storage places.

MARS = Earth /under the Earth etc

MERCURY=  a mat/ a sail

SATURN = Pit hole for sacrificial fire, fire places, utensils in the kitchen etc.

RAHU= Holes in the trees or lair

Let us see this for the signs

Mesha (Aries), Simha (Leo), Vrishchika (Scorpio) and Dhanu (Sagittarius) = Forest

Vrishabha (Taurus), Karka (Cancer), Makara (Capricorn) & Meena (Pisces) = Watery places

Mithuna (Gemini), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra) and Kumbha (Aquarius) = Residential areas (Village/Town/cities)

The above can be taken as general.  Specifically speaking it will be;-

Mesha (Aries) = forest, Vrishabha (Taurus) = cultivable fields, Mithuna (Gemini) = Town, Kataka (Cancer) = watery place, Simha (Leo) = Mountain, Kanya (Virgo) = township, Tula (Libra) =Rivers and streams, Vrishchika (Scorpio) = wells and ponds, Dhanu (Sagittarius) = Garden or orchard, Makara (Capricorn) = moat, Kumbha (Aquarius) = sea Meena (Pisces) = springs/some take it as ocean.

Some Also Take Mithuna (Gemini) = Garden, Kataka (Cancer) = canal, Tula (Libra)  = shores of rivers /ponds

Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius) and Meena (Pisces) = well or dried well or Moat

In some places it is said that Tula (Libra) = Town, Dhanu (Sagittarius) = orchard/Garden. Makara (Capricorn) = salt cottars or dried river beds, Kumbha (Aquarius) = lake /reservoir and Meena (Pisces) = Ocean

Further Mesha (Aries) and Dhanu (Sagittarius) = forest, Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) =Town, Tula (Libra), Makara (Capricorn) and Meena (Pisces) = river

For finding Loss/ Hidden things and hidden ideas (in mind about places) these are sufficient. In the Tamil verse it is stated as ‘Mutti’ (முட்டி ) or fist. It is one of the 64 arts and sciences-information regarding a thing concealed in the closed hand

There is no need to get worried about all these indicators and how to memorise them as they look very exhaustive. No need to worry. Practice will make you perfect and with sincerity and divine grace you can always say it correctly. In one case I said the things are dropped in the sea but not very deep but near the shore and it is a place full of birds. All of this turned out to be 100% correct.

In another case I said the most important deed (bond) has been kept up stairs in a shelf by an old lady unknowingly and that was proved to be correct. In another case I said the jewels have been taken away by your sister in law in southern direction to a seaside town around 700 miles away from here which also proved to be perfectly right. I am not bragging but quoting these to show how perfect the Saamakkol Aroodam is.

Lesson 10


By astrology very many events of future can be forecast very accurately. For example we can correctly tell the month and date on which a person will go to a foreign country. Marriage also can be stated like that. We can also say that in such and such year one will get a new appointment. This is possible by taking into consideration the Dasa /Bhukti/Antara + transit of planets.

Similarly in Saamakkol Arooda also there are specific rules by which future events can be foretold. These rules are SPECIFIC TO SAMAKKOL METHOD

All astrologers know that Sun and Moon own Simha (Leo) and Kataka (Cancer) signs.  Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn own two signs each. Rahu and Ketu do not own any signs.

The time factor of Saamakkol is determined as below:

SATURN & RAHU = one year each

SUN = 6 months or one Ayana

MERCURY= 2 months

JUPITER = 1 month

VENUS= 15 Days

MARS = 1 day

Moon = One Muhurta (48 minutes of time interval).            

We have seen the rays of planets earlier. Combining rays of the planets with the above timings the time factor can be determined with greater accuracy.

For exalted planets the Ghatikas are same as their rays, for own house planets their rays are equal to days. For friendly planets their rays are equal to months. For enemy and debilitated planets their rays are equal to years.


  1. Count from Moon sign to Udayam = the number will indicate days.
  2. Count from Moon star to star in which Udayam falls = Days
  3. Moon sign Lord to Udayam sign lord can be taken as the number of Days.
  4. 4)Count from Navamsa sign of Moon to Udayam = days

NOTE:- This rule is simple. Count directly from

  • Moon sign to udayam sign 2) Moon star to Udayam star
  • Moon sign lord to udayam sign lord 4) Moon Navamsa  sign to Udayam sign


Jainendramala advises to determine the UDAYM from the strongest planet based on the time and place (Latitude and Longitude). In fact this is the best method for determining the UDAYAM.,

I followed this method in my tour to foreign countries and found the results to be good.

In a SANSKRIT TEXT called Prasna Arooda under the heading “KARYA SIDDHI” 7 rules are given for success of the Prasna. These are given below.

  • When lagna lord and 10th lord are together in Lagna.
  • When they are together in the 10th
  • When Lagna lord aspects lagan and 10th lord the 10th
  • 10th lord in Lagna aspecting the Lagna lord.
  • Lagna lord in 10th aspecting the 10th
  • When there is an aspect exchange of Lagna lord aspecting 10th and 10th lord aspecting Lagna.
  • When Lagna lord and 10th lord are in Mutual aspect.

There will be guaranteed success in all these cases

Only experience helps to determine time factor correctly. God’s grace is a must for astrologer.

Lesson 11


Since our predictions are based on the fixed position of planets based on time factor, it may lead to a feeling that marking the daily position of planets inside the zodiac may be unnecessary. This is not so. The daily position of planets combined with Saamakkol positions help to fix the time factor more accurately. For any kind of Prasna Arooda the position of Moon is very important. IN this respect also the marking of Moon of the day is helpful in determining the time factor.

Example :– On 06-07-83, Wednesday a problem came to me.  The people who brought the problem said that their boy has got admission in evening college but they want to transfer it to a regular day college. We are trying but will it be possible?” One of the persons knew a bit of Astrology also. So they pressed me to draw the chart before 12 A.M because on Wednesday Rahu kaala starts  from 12 O’clock. I obliged them and drew the Saamakkol chart putting udayam as Meena (Pisces) rashi. The chart came out as shown below;-

Chart 31

Note that the udayam fall in Scorpio a fixed sign and head rising. Its lord Mars is in its sign of exaltation indicating recommendation from a powerful source. They said it was 100% true.

Arooda Is a dual sign with Saamakkol Sun and aspected by a debilitated Venus from 7 which is not bad. I said “Your mission will be successful”. One of the elders asked “when sir”?

Moon is in Mesha (Aries) and from there the UDAYAM is in the 8th house. Calculating Moon’s motion as 2¼ days per sign I said “In about 20days”. It will be no wonder, If he joins the day college from Tuesday the 19th . They noted my forecast and went away.

On the evening of 18th the elder person came and informed me that he has paid the fees for the Day College and will be attending from 19th as forecast by me.

This Arooda was done purely based on the planets inside the zodiac chart which shows how important it is to mark the daily position of planets.

In another case of business partnership I found 4 planets inside with one out side. ”I said you are five partners in all but only 4 are active and one is dormant but gets share in profit”. Initially they refused to accept as it was their private secret.  They insisted on my reviewing the decision. I said”Planets do not tell lies, I cannot review my decision” Then they accepted that was the truth known only to four of them.

Saamakkol Arooda may appear a little confusing to begin with but with sufficient study and application it will become easy. This is the same rule as applicable to learning any subject.

It should also be accepted that traditional Vedic astrology can foretell future very accurately and Astrologers are always been doing it in the past and even now.

Coming back to Saamakkol the Planets marked outside are as per time movement and the planets marked in side are in Sthira (Fixed) chakra.  It is so called because it consists of 4 annual planets 4 monthly planets and Moon the only daily planet.

The annual planets are SATURN, RAHU, KETU and JUPITER.

The Monthly planets are SUN, MARS, MERCURY and  VENUS.

The daily planet is the MOON.

Lesson 12


I sincerely thank the students who have shown so much interest in learning this unique science.

It has to be kept in mind that reply to Arooda question should never be wrong and in my experience such accurate prediction is always possible.

Some tips for the Astrologers

  • Adjust your time daily with IST.
  • When a question is being asked its time must be noted correctly.
  • Post the transit planets in the inner slot as per time of question.
  • Outer planets determine the Bhava house.
  • The inner planets determine the Bhava Nirnaya and Purpose of Prasna
  • Sometimes the outer itself will do Bhava Nirnaya.
  • Preserve every case as record which will be useful reference for future.
  • Date, Time, and Place of question must be recorded with each case.

This Arudha method requires hardly 10 minutes to reply to a question.  Some times even the question can be stated even before it is expressed. There is no need for the party to ask the question and astrologer can state the same, astounding the client. Some clients even accused me of using spirit of dead to find out and answer. A series of problems presented one after the other can also be replied easily. What we have to note is the change of Jama, Arooda & Udayam.

Besides this, the forecast for next six months for all bhava houses can be given by Saamakkol Arooda. In tournaments which team will win can also be foretold by this system. In races the winning horse can be spotted. I had given a tip to one Australian Astrologer and asked him to give me the test results. He said out of 90 he could give successful predictions in 89 cases and he had won Rs.36,600 from which he sent me Rs. 3600 as gift for my help.

Sometimes this system can become an embarrassment to the astrologer. In one case of theft I could give exact details of the theft and about the thief. The party unwittingly disclosed my forecast to the police who began to suspect me. They even questioned me. Their argument was when you can give such accurate forecast about theft, is it not possible for you to give tips to the thieves as to where they can get substantial material for thieving?

I told them that I am a retired Air Force Officer and they left me alone but I stopped taking up theft cases. Similarly when asked about adultery, one has to be careful about revealing the truth because it can destroy a family.

Lesson 13


By late Shri Alliyandal Arunachalam

By studying the three factors UDAYAM, Arooda and Kavippu, we study the thought of the client, his loss if any for the past, present and future. The explanation for this is as Under:- The Dhaatu  Rasis are MESHA (Aries), KATAKA (Cancer), TULA (Libra) and MAKARA (Capricorn). The Moola Rasis are VRISHABHA (Taurus), SIMHA (leo), VRISHCHIKA (Scorpio) and KUMBHA (Aquarius). The Jeeva Rasis are MITHUNA (Gemini), KANYA (Virgo), DHANU (Sagittarius) and MEENA (Pisces).

SATURN, MARS and NODES are Dhaatu planets, SUN AND MOON and MERCURY in Virgo are Dhaatu, when placed in their own houses.

SUN, MOON AND VENUS are Moola Planets; JUPITER & MERCURY are Jeeva planets.

Combining the sign and planets we get the results as:

DHATU Planets aspecting, occupying or become Kavippu in Dhaatu rashi, they are Dhaatu.

MOOLA Planets aspecting, occupying or become Kavippu in Moola signs, they are Moola

JEEVA planets aspecting, occupying or become Kavippu in Jeeva signs are Jeeva.

As an example if Venus placed in Vrishchika rasi which is Moola, Mars the owner is also Moola so for Venus the flower and fruit both are Moola, In the same manner there will be Moola in Dhaatu rashi, Jeeva in Dhaatu rasi etc which are tabulated below.





Dhaatu Rashi

Moola Planet

Moola Rashi


Moola Rashi

Dhaatu Planet

Dhaatu Rashi


Dhaatu Rashi

Jeeva Planet

Jeeva Rashi


Jeeva Rashi

Dhaatu planet

Dhaatu rashi


Moola Rashi

Jeeva planet

Jeeva Rashi


Jeeva Rashi

Moola Planet

Moola Rashi






2.Udayam /Aroodha

Aspected by exalted


Dhaatu Rasi

Moola planet

Jeeva Planet

Moola Jeeva

Jeeva Moola


Moola Rashi

Jeeva planet

Dhaatu Planet

Jeeva Dhaatu

Dhaatu Jeeva


Jeeva Rashi

Dhaatu Planet

Moola planet


Moola Jeeva


Status of owner


3. Dhaatu Rashi

Moola Rashi

Jeeva Rashi

Moola planet

Jeeva planet

Dhaatu planet

Moola Jeeva

Jeeva Dhaatu

Dhaatu Moola







Dhaatu Rahu

Moola Rashi


Jeeva Rashi







Dhaatu in Dhaatu Rashi

Moola in Moola Rashi

In others it is Jeeva

Jeeva in Jeeva Rashi and in others Moola




Dhaatu planet in Dhaatu Rashi=Dhaatu Moola Dhaatu

Dhaatu planet in Jeeva sign is Jeeva Dhaatu

Moola planet in Jeeva sign is Moola Jeeva

Dhaatu planet in Dhaatu sign is Dhaatu Moola

Jeeva planet in Dhaatu Rasi is Dhaatu Jeeva

Dhaatu in Moola sign is Moola Jeeva

Lesson 14


On 10/10/1993 I was resting at home after the lunch. Around 3 O’clock the telephone rang. The caller said “Sir we are coming from Salem. I am your Saamakkol student. To get some clarifications and also to look for Arooda we have come. Can you please come now?” iI said “I cannot come immediately I will be there at 4:30 after having my afternoon tea. Please wait”

I could not sleep further and got up at 4 pm and after having a face wash looked at the clock which showed the time as 04:03:00. My curiosity got better of me as to what for they have come?

I drew the Saamakkol chart based on the following facts:-

Date-10/10/1993 (Sunday) time 04:03 PM, Place Tiruchirappalli. The Sun rise was 06:07 and the Sun set 05:57:00 the direction of my office from my home is taken as Arooda which happened to be Mesha rasi.  (They had spoken to me from the STD booth in the ground floor of my office). Day duration was 17:57:00- 06:07 =11:50:00 = 710 minutes dividing by 12 we get 59’-10” for each rasi movement. Dropping the 10”round figure of 59”was taken.

Adding this to Sun rise time; 06:07+00; 59:00 =07:06. It was 17th of Ashwin +7days of Bhadrapad=24 days have passed. (The Tamil month will be named as Purattasi and readers can refer to the table given in the first part and can easily determine the other equivalent months for different types of calendars) Suns motion is 2” per day so for 24 days the movement was 24×2=48 mts. Deducting this from 07:06 we get 06 18 as the time when the Udaya lagna in Kanya (Virgo) rashi will end. The ending time of other lagna will be – Tula (Libra) = 06:18 +00:59 = 07:17, Vrishchik (Scorpio) = 08:16, Dhanu (Sagittarius) = 09:15, Makar (Capricorn) = 10:14, Kumbha (Aquarius) – 11:13, MEENA (Pisces) = 12:12, Mesha (Aries) = 01:11 Vrishabha (Taurus)  = 02:10, Mithuna (Gemini), 03:09 Kataka (Cancer) = 04:08. So the udayam falls in Kataka (Cancer). In Ashwin the soorya veedi falls in Vrishabha (Taurus). Counting from Mesha (Aries) (Aroodha) it is 2nd house. So counting from Lagna 2nd Simha (Leo) becomes the KAVIPPU.

Now look at the Samakkol Aroodha chart.

Mars is in his own house. Moon in (own house in the Inner position) he is also ruler of Udayam. Rahu is in the same house. Saturn exalted in Tula (Libra) rashi.  Moon in Pushya nakshatra in Kataka (Cancer). Jupiter is in his own house.

Chart 32
  1. Family problem. Saturn as lord of 7 & 6 Houses is exalted in 4th. Inside Saturn in 8th from Udayam.
  2. Mental confusion because Moon in Udayam afflicted by Rahu and Saturn in 8th.
  3. A doubt about black magic as Mars from outer aspects Saturn in outer.
  4. 4)Nothing to worry as Jupiter from 9th aspects UDAYAM
Chart 33

When I met them in my office at 4:25 p.m,  I said “I have come to know the purpose of your visit by Saamakkol and here is what it has told me and gave them the slip I had jotted down. They were stunned and remained speechless.

It was also possible to say that two of the visitors knew astrology because Jupiter aspecting the Moon and Mercury also aspecting Moon and UDAYAM from 7th. It had taken me 7 minutes to draw the chart and find my deductions.

THIS IS THE WONDER OF Saamakkol Arooda.

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