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Significance of Drekkana in Jaimini by Iranganti Rangacharya

Significance of Drekkana in Jaimini by Iranganti Rangacharya

Proof read and typed by Pamela Jablonski – U.S.A.

Drekkana is no less important than Navamsa in Jaimini. Jaimini aphorisms Nos. 25 & 27 in the 3rd pada of the 1st chapter speak of Drekkana in the context of Rajayoga determination. Somanath, the celebrated son Krishna Misra, gives an exposition of Drekkana results profusely in his Kalpalatha, the Sanskrit commentary of Phalaratnamala of Krishna Misra, though unfortunately, the manuscript of Kalpalatha available is replete with missing and unconnected interpolations. The method of reckoning of Drekkana in Jaimini is remote, though the following relevant Vriddha Karika may not be unfamiliar to some who are interested in Jaimini also.

राशि त्रिभागाः द्रेक्कणस्ते च षट्त्रिंशदीरिताः।
परिवृत्ति त्रयं तेषां मेषादेः क्रमशो भवेत् इति॥
rāśi tribhāgāḥ drekkaṇaste ca ṣaṭtriṁśadīritāḥ |
parivṛtti trayaṁ teṣāṁ meṣādeḥ kramaśo bhavet iti ||

The method of reckoning Drekkana is known as Parivritti traya. Somanath, besides, makes a little twist of Parivritti in the light of Jaimini spirit. For the sake of convenience let us call the two methods as (1) Parivritti traya method; (2) Somanath’s method.

I. Parivritti Traya Method:

Three equal divisions of a sign constitute three Drekkanas. The twelve signs from Aries to Pisces would be the twelve Drekkanas of the four signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer each bearing three Drekkana. The same are repeated for the four signs Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and for the four signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Thus thirty-six Drekkanas are formed on the principle of Parivritti Traya.

It means thus – the first Drekkana in a sign ranges from 0°- 10°, the second Drekkana from 10°-20°, and the third Drekkana from 20°-30°.

The 1st Drekkana of Aries (0-10) is Aries. The 2nd Drekkana of Aries (10-20) is Taurus. The 3rd of Aries (20-30) is Gemini. The 1st Drekkana of Taurus (0-10) is Cancer. The second Drekkana of Taurus (10-20) is Leo. The third Drekkana of Taurus (20-30) is Virgo. The 1st Drekkana of Gemini (0-10) is Libra. The second Drekkana of Gemini (10-20) is Scorpio. The third Drekkana of Gemini (20-30) is Sagittarius. The first Drekkana of Cancer (0-10) is Capricorn. The second Drekkana of Cancer (10-20) is Aquarius. The third Drekkana of Cancer (20-30) is Pisces. Thus the 12 Drekkana from Aries to Pisces are completed and they are repeated for the signs Leo to Scorpio and for Sagittarius to Pisces.

The following Table 1 is a ready reckoner of Drekkanas of Parivritti Traya method.

2. Somanath’s Method

Somanath made a differentiation in the reckoning of Drekkana according to the odd and even nature of the signs. According to him, Drekkanas run from Aries directly for the odd signs, while they run from Pisces in the reverse direction for the even signs. It means the three Drekkanas of Aries are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. The three Drekkanas of Taurus are Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn. The three Drekkanas of Cancer are Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra. The following Table-2 is a ready reckoner of Drekkanas of Somanath’s method.

table 1&2

Now I shall illustrate the two methods of reckoning Drekkana in the horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Rasi: Birth Ascendant – Cancer 27, Scorpio – Sun 4 – 8′; Capricorn – Moon 5 37′; Leo – Mars 16 23′; Sagittarius – Rahu 10 33′; Taurus – Jupiter 15 21′; Cancer – Saturn 21 47′; Scorpio – Mercury 13 15′; Gemini – Ketu 10 33′ and Sagittarius – Rahu 10 33′ Gemini.
The Sun 4° 8′ in Scorpio is in the 1st Drekkana of the other planets also with the help of Table – 1 and erect Drekkana Chart – 1 of Parivritti Traya method.


The birth Ascendant Cancer 27° 6′ is in the third Drekkana which is Libra (see Table – 2). The Sun 4° 8’ is in the Drekkana which is Gemini (see Table – 2). Likewise find out the Drekkanas of the other planets also with the help of Table – 2 and erect Drekkana Chart – 2 of Somanath’s method.


In Drekkana Chart – 2 of Somanath’s method, Rahu and Ketu are found mutually in the 4th and 10th houses instead of 7th. This is a strange feature in Somanath’s method of Drekkana which we think objectionable. But only experience can tell us that while Parivritti Traya method adapts in male nativities, Somanath’s method applies in female nativities.

I shall deal with some of the Drekkana results and then examine how Somanath’s method of Drekkana is found valid in the horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

I. General Characteristics of Drekkana Ascendants

Aries – bad skin or skin disease. This is acute if Aries is aspected by Ketu. Taurus – always happy. Gemini – rich or rich complexion. Cancer – good looking, luxuriant. Leo – lean, suffers from heart diseases. Virgo – rich complexion, rich, stout. Libra – luxuriant, learned. Scorpio – poor, ugly. Sagittarius – learned, minister. Capricorn – wicked. Aquarius – servitude. Pisces – knows business or transaction, of good morals, minister.

II. Validity of Somanath’s method of Drekkana in the horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

1) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by a powerful benefic or by exalted planet, Rajayoga is formed.

2) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by the exalted Sun, the native becomes a king if he is of royal descent. If he is a Brahmin he becomes the preceptor of the king.

3) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by the Moon, the native becomes a gentle king and becomes very famous. Even if he is a Brahmin he becomes very famous. Generally gain of reputation is assured by the Moon’s aspect. But if the aspecting Moon is debilitated, notoriety should be mentioned.

4) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by Mars or Saturn, the native becomes a brave soldier. If the aspecting Mars is debilitated the native earns his livelihood by wearing a weapon.

5) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by Mercury or Jupiter, the native becomes a learned minister. Mercury, debilitated or associated with malefics, causes Yoga bhangam. It is not so in the he case of Jupiter.

6) If Drekkana Ascendant is aspected by Venus, the native becomes a minister, fond of dance and music. If the aspecting Venus is debilitated, the native is wicked.

7) If the Moon and Rahu, associated in one sign, aspect Drekkana Ascendant, yoga bhangam would result.

8) If Saturn and the Moon associated in one sign aspect Drekkana Ascendant, yoga bhangam would result.

The above mentioned Rajayoga should be mentioned only when a yogada planet is present.

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