Thyroid in Medical Astrology by Usha Sharma

Thyroid in Medical Astrology by Usha Sharma

Edited By: Dipesh Parmar

Today, thyroid diseases have become very common – affecting children, adolescents, the elderly and even infants. Females are found to be more susceptible to it than men. These diseases, in basic terms, can be described as the abnormalities arising from imbalance of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

The thyroid is a small, butterfly shaped organ located on either side of the trachea. It is an endocrine gland whose secretions control vital functions in our body.

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Thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating heart rate, metabolic rate, protein synthesis, breathing, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycle in females, body temperature, cholesterol levels etc. It affects the physical, mental and sexual development of an individual.

An imbalance in the production of these hormones can lead to a variety of thyroid related diseases.

It will lead to tiredness, nervousness, anxiety, hand tremors, excessive sweating, muscle weakness, weight loss or gain due to metabolic change, weakness, skin dryness, blood pressure, fatigue, mood swings, inability to tolerate extreme temperatures, constipation, memory loss, abnormal menstrual cycle, irritability and depression, and also vision problems. The heart rate is also affected.

In case of children, it hampers the growth and development (both physical and mental.) These children can turn out to be lazy and mentally retarded. Deaf-mutism is also commonly caused by this disease in children.

Now that we have a brief medical knowledge about thyroid diseases, let us discuss the astrological parameters-

Lagna and Lagnesh are the most important ones. Other parameters include Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Ketu, Mars, Venus and Sun.

Taurus, Gemini, 2H, 3H and their lords are equally important.

Further, to evaluate the intensity of the disease, 6H, 8H and 12H should also be taken into consideration simultaneously.

Below is an elaboration and illustration of these points with the help of a case study:

Case Study 1:

Female, 1st July 1965, 17:00 hours, Alwar, India

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Lagna is Sagittarius, in Ketu’s nakshatra, who is in 12H, having drishti of Jupiter and retro Saturn (akarak) and also has directional aspect of moon, venus and mercury, all malefic planets of the kundli. Lagnesh, Jupiter is in 6H in Rahu/Ketu axis and in trine with retro Saturn and Mars, which will lead to gastric problems, constipation, fatigue, and liver related diseases. Saturn is retro, placed in 3H, in its moolatrikona sign, making it strong and malefic and is directly aspecting Moon, Venus and Mercury, thus resulting in worries, depression and phobias.

Saturn is having relations with all the planets, either through trine or drishti. Thus, this is a Saturn controlled chart.

Moon, though in its own sign, is in conjunction with its enemies in 8H, which is a weak factor and will result in anxiety and hormone imbalance. It is also in trine with Ketu, giving menstrual disorders, female problems, negativity and genetic problems.

All these symptoms can cluster up and eventually result in thyroid problems.

In this chart we can see that the native will be suffering from hormonal imbalance, depression, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, constipation and frequent muscle cramps, which are all symptoms of, or precursors of thyroid diseases.

When we come to the parameters regarding thyroid, we find that the lagnesh and 2nd/ 3rd lord Saturn are connected with Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Ketu- all of these are responsible for thyroid related disease. Even 2H, 3H, Taurus and Gemini are afflicted by Saturn.

When it comes to the timing, dasha and gochar are very important. In this case, thyroid was detected in Venus mahadasha and Saturn antardasha and Saturn pratyantar dasha in October 1998 when retro Jupiter and Ketu were moving over natal Saturn while gochar (Transit) retro Saturn’s drishti was on lagna and lagnesh.

Case study 2:

Female, 27th November 2000, 11:58 hours, Lucknow, India.

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Here, the lagna is Aquarius and is aspected by the lagnesh and Rahu. The lagna is in Dhanishta nakshatra ruled by Mars, who is positioned in 8H in an inimical sign. It is in directional aspect with Rahu and Mercury. Rahu’s dispositor is mercury, who is also 8L, which will give anxiety to the native.

The Lagnesh is retro, combined with retro Jupiter (akarak) in Taurus in the Rahu/Ketu axis. The native will suffer from gastric problems. Lagnesh also has aspects of its enemies, the Sun, Moon and Mars,  resulting in stress, depression and weak immunity, resulting in further hormonal imbalance. This is a Saturn and Jupiter controlled chart.

Further, there is an exchange between Jupiter and Venus, who are in trines – the native is in diabetic zone. Venus-Ketu combination will lead to female problems and hormonal imbalance. After exchange with Jupiter, it will result in malignancy of these problems, leading to thyroid disease.

The Moon is very weak in this chart. It is malefic and is in its debilitation sign. It has enemies on both its sides and has aspect of its enemy who is also the lagna lord. It is also in the Rahu/Ketu axis leading to severe depression, extreme stress, fatigue, mood swings, disturbance in sleep and eventually to thyroid problems.

The nakshatra lord, Mars, is equally afflicted by akarak Jupiter and is also damaging Venus, Ketu, 3H and 4H with its drishti. Thus, in Venus mahadasha and Moon antardasha in 2018, she was diagnosed with thyroid disease.

Case study 3:

Male, 4th December 1963, 16:10 hours, Cuttack, India

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Here, we see that the lagna is Taurus, a fixed sign, in Kritika nakshatra, and is aspected by the Sun, an enemy of the lagna lord. It is in the Rahu/Ketu axis and has directional aspect of Saturn. The lagnesh is in 8H, along with akarak Mars, Ketu and malefic Mercury, which may result in mental worries, bipolarity and anxiety.

Lagnesh is also in 6/8 relationship with lagna. The native may have low hemoglobin, B-12 deficiency and may develop motor neuron diseases and ulcers. The native will also undergo genital related problems and suffer from hormone imbalance. The dispositor of the lagnesh is akarak Jupiter who controls the entire chart.

The end dispositor, retro Jupiter (akarak) is strongly placed in its own sign Pisces in 11H and has the drishti of Mars. It has directional relationship with the Moon and Sun, thus damaging both of them. The immunity power of the native will be very low and he will be prone to infections.

Though the Moon is in its own sign, it is damaged by aspects from Jupiter, Mars and a strong Saturn, giving depression and fatigue to the native as well as vision problems. It is also in kemadruma, making it more weak.

Thus, we can conclude that anxiety, mental worries, hormone imbalance, fatigue will lead to thyroid disease.

To predict the timing of the disease, we must see the dashas and gochars. This native was diagnosed in Mercury mahadasha and Rahu antardasha in 1990.

Om Tat Sat

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