Triple Eclipses by Chakrapani Ullal

2009 Triple Eclipses by Chakrapani Ullal

Many of you are aware that there are three eclipses in 2009 and have inquired as to the significance.  The following is a short explanation.

As you may know, the first eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurred on July 7.  A second, more important solar eclipse occurred on July 21, 22, (depending on your location), and the last is a lunar eclipse which occurred on August 5.

The significance of these eclipses has some universal applications, but like everything else in astrology, largely depends on one’s planetary set-up.   I can offer some general guidelines for evaluating how it may affect you personally, as well as a few observations of how it may affect our country and our political leaders.

But first, to give you some context as to the current phenomena, eclipses typically occur in pairs, usually with a lunar eclipse preceding a solar eclipse.  A so-called triple eclipse is relatively uncommon. The current triple eclipse is followed by six sets of similar eclipses spanning eleven years, culminating in 2020. This gives some astrologers some special concerns, although I do not subscribe to such theories which I will elaborate below.

Before I comment on my interpretation of the eclipses, let me take a moment to explain the basic mechanics of an eclipse so that you may better understand, in a

physical sense, how it affects the earth’s inhabitants.

You must always keep in mind that the Sun is the sole giver of life on our planet, which is how it happens that we orbit around it. The Moon, which has such immediate affect on us, is likewise nothing without the Sun, as it depends on the reflected energy/light of the Sun.  Remember, we perceive an illuminated Moon in the sky only when the Sun shines upon it, otherwise the Moon is but a dim shadow as it has no light of its own.

The 28 day lunar cycle, which tracks the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, is observed by us relative to its position to the Sun. The Sun, which illuminates Moon completely in what we call the Full Moon, progressively gives less and less illumination for the next 14 days as the Moon moves away from Sun, culminating at the New Moon at which time the Moon is barely visible.  One gets some idea of the Sun’s power when considering how brilliant a Full Moon can appear, and yet how invisible Moon is without the Sun’s light.

The progression of the Moon moving away from the Sun’s illumination, losing strength each day, is called Waning Moon. At the New Moon, the Moon begins to again grow progressively in strength, swelling in apparent size as the Sun reveals more of Moon each day. This period of growth culminating in the Full Moon is called the Waxing Moon. Thus, following the 14 days of Moon’s progressive shrinking and weakening power is 14 days of growth and expansion. The 28 day cycle of Waxing and Waning, shrinking and expanding Moon creates a steady rhythm by which our days and months are calibrated, except for the brief and notable exception of Lunar and Solar eclipses.

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is aligned directly in between the Sun and the Full Moon, obstructing the Sun’s ability to shed light upon the Moon. When this happens, and the Moon is temporarily darkened it is called a Lunar Eclipse. During this time the Earth does not receive the benefit of the Moon’s energy. Given the importance of the Moon to Earth this occurrence creates an affect which is significant.

To help us appreciate the power of the Moon on earthly affairs one only need consider the cycles of the tides which are created by the gravitational force of the Moon. Remember that in astrology, water and emotions are intimately connected. The Moon is seen as the major determining influence on the mind and emotions of the people.

From a physical standpoint, when one considers the Moon’s connection to the ocean tides, is it such a stretch to think that same power could also affect the subtle water/emotional composition of the body/mind?

The police department’s across the globe concur, knowingly or not, as they have long acknowledged the increase of crime and aberrant behavior at the time of the Full Moon.  Statistics demonstrating these phenomena are easily available and widely accepted.

Why are we talking about this in connection with the eclipse phenomena? Because we first want to understand, in a fundamental sense, what is the Moon’s influence on Earth such that we can better comprehend what energy is being obstructed during an eclipse.

Lunar Eclips

Let us also consider the Sun’s energy, independent of its significance to the Moon.

The Sun is the center of life and the fountainhead of energy. It is the essential, originating energy force.  All physical life forms require its energy for sustenance.

From an astrological standpoint, the Sun is associated with the essential soul or spirit of the individual, and also his/her physical constitution and well-being. It also addresses the basic circumstances and status of the individual.

On the broader stage, the Sun represents the king or chief executive of state or country.  When we look to the chart of a country, we look to the circumstances of the Sun to indicate the disposition of the country and/or its principal leader. We also look to the current leaders chart to further reveal and elaborate this disposition.

A solar eclipse occurs when the respective bodies are aligned such that at the time of the new moon, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, during which time the Moon temporarily blocks the light of the Sun.

Because the Sun plays such a fundamental, essential role in our lives on Earth, the obstruction of its energy for even a moment, (in this case, for up to 6 ½ minutes) has far-reaching consequences. From an astrological perspective, the affects of a solar eclipse are felt for at least 6 months after the eclipse, and begin to be felt some time before it. How, and to what degree it may be felt by any given person I will enumerate below, but its affect is experienced by everyone on the planet.

The affect of an eclipse is also determined by its location and strength. The July eclipse is focused over the Asian continents, (which mitigates the affects somewhat for Obama, but still creates significant problems for him). Those located in the path of the eclipse, and in that general part of the world will experience greater consequences from it than those of us in the western part of the globe.

Solar Eclipse

The arc of the July 22 umbral eclipse (where the Sun’s light is completely obstructed creating a dark shadow across the sky) begins its sweep across India from the Gulf of Khambhat off the Arabian Sea at 6:32 AM local time. The shadow sweeps inland covering various cities including Surat, Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi and Pata, as well as parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma. When it reaches southern China its path proceeds over many major cities including Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan and Hangzhou, culminating at China’s largest city, Shanghai which will experience a total eclipse of 5 minutes. The shadow continues across the East China Sea, over Japan’s Ryuku Islands and Iwo Jima and Southern Japan proper, concluding its course in the South Pacific at the Cook Islands. The umbral eclipse at its beginning lasts a little more than 3 minutes. By the time it reaches southern Japan it has increased to about 6 1/2 minutes, nearly its longest time, at which point it will be overhead at the local midday. It then diminishes, finishing, as it started at around 3 minutes duration. The entire umbral eclipse from beginning to end lasts about 3.4 hours and covers 0.71% of the Earth’s surface.

A partial, preumbral solar eclipse (where the moon’s shadow partially covers the Sun) cuts a much broader path including most of eastern Asia, Indonesia and a good part of the Pacific Ocean.

This solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century, and until June 2132 will not be surpassed in duration. 

An eclipse results in less oxygen in the air and a greater concentration of carbon dioxide.  It is considered toxic. One should never look directly in the direction of the Sun during an eclipse because direct exposure is harmful for the eyes.

In considering the astrological implications of a solar eclipse, we look first to the domains of the Sun, as mentioned above. Since the Sun rules the essential soul and vitality of the person, as well as their health and status, these are the area’s most directly affected.  Furthermore, Sun rules the father, and the traditional male domains.

There is an overall affect on Earth generated by the eclipse which touches everyone, regardless. We are all affected by the atmosphere and health of our planet as well as its agricultural output. We are affected by the overall conditions and status of our country, its policies, and the agenda and success of our President.  All of these areas will be affected, and these domains are already feeling the affects of the coming eclipse. The same areas will face continued challenges in the days and months ahead. The affects of the eclipse will continue to be felt for at least 6 months, if not more.

This is the power of an eclipse, the affects of which are global, but which are much less for us in the West than those who are in the direct path, or in the general region of the eclipse itself.

Before Obama took office, knowledge of the impending eclipse did result in some forecaster’s speculating as to whether he might not survive his term. However, this has never been my feeling, or even my style of thinking. I mention it only by way of illustrating that these eclipses represent significant obstacles for Obama by any terms. 

We do not know with certainty if Obama’s birth time is correct, but it appears he has Capricorn rising, with Saturn and debilitated Jupiter, both retrograde, in the rising sign opposite the Sun in Cancer.

With two of the three eclipses in Capricorn, (Lunar eclipses in Capricorn, Solar eclipse in Cancer), they strongly affect his rising sign, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Without going into detail, the resulting affect of these eclipses brings challenge to Obama resulting in delays and obstructions, challenging his overall spirit and his success and his achievements.  Many people would not be able to overcome these planetary conditions, however Obama’s natal chart is exceptionally strong and he will survive it.

Like Obama, those people who will be most vulnerable to the ill affects of the eclipse are those who have planets deposited in Capricorn or Cancer, especially if they are the Sun, Moon or the Rising Sign.  These people in particular need to be careful about their health.

Because the Sun is so intimately connected to health and vitality, anyone who has a weak immune system, or suffers from a weak constitution for any reason needs to be extra careful at this time.

A lunar eclipse, like the solar eclipses affects everyone, especially in relation to health issues connected to the emotions, and ones strong likes and dislikes. Generally, the lunar eclipses intensify health problems in the mind/body and can express some problems in the area of relationships.

Normally around the time of an eclipse it is better to have less activity in the stomach by consuming a lighter diet or in fasting altogether so that the body’s energy is available to cope with the effects of the eclipse.

You may be hearing that there are some people who feel that the triple eclipses herald the potential for global crisis, (as during the time of World War’s I an II, and even back to the time of the Kurushetra War referenced in the Mahabharata) however I don’t subscribe to these theories.

The eclipses have always been there. They bring certain challenges that cannot be avoided.  However, this is a part of life, and it is always more to the point to choose to be conscious of the process, and to use that consciousness to make wise choices to the extent possible. This results in one being less a victim and more a party to the growth process. 

If one’s chart indicates that the eclipse or eclipses will bring some difficulties, it is to one’s advantage to take stock and face it, as this is the real meaning of our sojourn on earth, to grow in strength and maturity through the process of dealing with these challenges.

As a result of the nature of the problems facing many people during the present days, we often are looking for pleasure a little differently than we might have previously. We may find unexpected joy in banding together with our family or friends, for example, or in the simple joy of being in nature, or in the pleasures of home life. Or we may be in a position to enjoy offering a helping hand to someone in need, or to discover the gratifying feeling of being supported or cared for by another.

Likewise, we may find through the process of loss or challenge of one kind or another, that certain people whom we thought were friends, were not, or that certain activities or investments of time and money did not really yield what we wanted or expected. As a result we may lighten our load of what is either untrue, or not valuable to us, or experiment with realigning our priorities in a way that may bring us greater fulfillment or happiness. These are all potential changes for the better that come through challenge as opposed to maintaining status quo. Change takes us out of our comfort zone, and requires additional reserves of energy, but only through change can growth occur.

All of these experiences represent a myriad of possibilities in the kaleidoscope of human endeavors, each one of which offers us certain insights into ourselves and the nature of life.  We need not fear the changes of landscape that bring these different angles of view.  Rather, we should embrace them, fully conscious, and thus, fully aware of the various options we have before us when going through any changes, or in the ongoing natural problem solving process that greets us each day. 

There are certain remedial measures which are traditionally suggested during eclipses including prayer, meditation, spiritual activities, and charitable work. In essence, these activities are about being pro-active, albeit in a quiet manner.

These reflections on what is the significance of eclipses come, as always, with my warmest regards and best wishes to you and your families

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