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All about Saturn – II by P. S. Sastri

SA Volunteer: Pearl Finn

‘Taken with permission from The Astrological Magazine: October 1977

We can now refer to the conjunction of Saturn with other planets. It should be remembered that any conjunction cannot go beyond 8°. In the case of the Sun, we may allow 12° only.

Let us consider the nature of the results given by the conjunction of Saturn with various planets.  With the Sun one becomes dull-witted and he will be in the grip of his enemies (J.P. 8.2.) Yet he will be clever in working with metals or pottery.  When it is a benefic conjunction, one acquires organising and executive ability, thrift, prudence and patience; he is faithful and sincere and success comes in middle life1.  If  it is an adverse conjunction, we find indomitable will, courage and strength of will; but there will be no material or domestic happiness, and one notices ill health, delay, obstacles, and disappointment .  Still one will have power and authority.

With the Moon one will be poor, hate his parents and have a bad wife (J.P. 8.3.). One is very critical about his parents and yet harmonious.  A benefic conjunction shows industry, honesty, sense of justice, gains in business, sincerity of purpose, thrift, carefulness, good legacy, and quick success2.  Adverse conjunction gives concentration, patience, persistence, obstacles and difficulties, frail health in childhood; and also it can give worldly power, fame, wealth, and enjoyment,  though sickness and worries deny mental peace and happiness.

With Mars in conjunction one becomes quarrelsome and dull-witted, and he will be a lover of music (J.P. 8.4.).  The native can become untruthful and miserable, and he will be hated by all.  If the conjunction is benefic, one acquires a responsible position by his character, patience, endurance, energy8.  He has executive ability.  Here we find engineers, lawyers, doctors, musicians, or actors.  If it is adverse, it gives rashness, haste, criminality, selfishness, danger of separation, fall from position; there will be fits of uncontrolled anger when provoked. 

Saturn in conjunction with Mercury makes one learned, wealthy and righteous (J.P. 8.5.). But one may be clever in cheating others and be licentious.  If benefic, it gives exactness, precision, methodical approach, accuracy, forethought, steadiness, skill, reservedness, persistence, industry, reasoning ability, honesty, sincerity4  It gives a responsible position and is good for mathematics, physics, and engineering.  If it is adverse, it gives cunning, bitterness, domestic troubles, despondency, ill repute, worries, criminal tendencies; and one may suffer through fraud or secret enemies, and his dealings will be unfair. 

Saturn with Venus makes one an athlete and an owner of a farm (J.P. 8.5.).  One is then short-sighted, and his fortune depends on woman.  He will be skilled in writing and painting. If it is benefic, one is reputed for his honesty, sincerity, perseverance and steadiness.  One has independent earnings or he gets rapid promotions. There will be happiness and felicity in married life5.  If  it is adverse, one brings discredit to his reputation and profession; he may have loose morals, uncontrolled passions, social and domestic worries; one becomes suspicious and he may separate from his wife.

Saturn with Jupiter makes one an artist (J.P. 8.5).  Barbers, potters and cooks are generally found here.  If the combination is benefic, it brings the highest luck.  It gives happy domestic life and wealth, and the native may go in adoption.  One becomes very successful and receives unexpected gains or riches.  If adverse, it gives bad reputation, indecision, changeability, difficulties, obstacles, loss in litigation, financial stress, undesirable ways of living6 . If this conjunction receives the aspect of the Sun or the Moon from the 2nd or the 5th, one can expect unusual benefits, success in lottery or races and such like things.

If Saturn is with the Sun and the Moon one can be wicked and deceitful and he will be fond of foreign lands (J.P. 8.7). Saravali states that this conjunction makes one an expert in Kama Shastra (art or science of sexual union), a stupid or obstinate person, poor, and dependent on others.  In all conjunctions, there is an orb of only 8°.

If Saturn is with the Sun and Mars one becomes ignorant, miserable and lonely (J.P. 8.8.). There will be defective limbs, poverty, ill-health, stupidity or obstinacy; and he will be bereft of relatives (S 16.9). He has no martial happiness and leads a miserable life (S 16.38)

Saturn with the Sun and Mercury makes one friendless, poor, wicked and malicious (J.P. 8.8). One is heterodox, conquered by everyone, and hated and deserted by relatives (S. 16.12). Though Mercury is his friend, the Sun is his enemy.  The Sun is orthodox and traditional while Mercury is purely pragmatic.

If Saturn is with the Sun and Jupiter, one becomes fearless, a favourite of the ruler, and endowed with a pure mind (J.P. 8.9), one will be honoured, though he becomes the enemy of his own people.  He has a virtuous wife and dutiful children (S. 16.14).

If Saturn is with the Sun and Venus, one becomes wicked, proud and self-opinionated (J.P. 8.9). One has fear from enemies; he is devoid of any honour, and he possesses a blame-worthy character (S. 16.15). This is not capable of being explained rationally.

If Saturn is with the Moon and Mars, one becomes fickle-minded, wicked and a criminal (J.P. 8.10)7. He loses his mother early in life, hates people, and is mean (S. 16.19). The Moon as governor of the mind appears to control even the persevering Saturn because of the Moon’s greater sway over the individual.

If Saturn is with the Moon and Mercury, one is liberal and honoured as being a worthy person (J.P. 8.11).  This conjunction gives poor health, defective limbs, intelligence, wisdom, eloquence, honour, and authority (S. 16.22). The Moon and Mercury may be rivals, but they are reconciled by Saturn.

If Saturn is with the Moon and Jupiter, one is well-versed and royal, though he may have a loose life (J.P. 8.11). One maintains sound health and becomes the leader of community or village (S. 16.24).

If Saturn is with the Moon and Venus, he is learned and much admired (J.P. 8.12). One becomes an author, and is born in a family of astrologers or purohits (S. 16.25). Authorship, according to Jaimini is controlled more by Jupiter and Mercury.  The influence of Venus may lead to poetry proper. 

When Saturn is with Mars and Mercury, one has defective eyes and vagrant habits ((J.P. 8.12). One becomes servile and has blue eyes.  He is fond of living in exile or abroad, and has great tolerance and patience. (S. 16.28). Saturn and Mars govern the two eyes, Mercury refers to vagrancy, to an uncontrolled behaviour, when he is not strong.

When Saturn is with Mars and Jupiter, one is lean, suffering, self-conceited and ill-mannered (J.P. 8.13). One becomes the favourite of the ruler, heterodox, an enemy of his friends, and without pity.  He may have a defective limb (S. 16.30).  Mars and Jupiter, it may be noted, are friends and yet their conjunction is undesirable.

If Saturn is with Mars and Venus, one has unfaithful children and he may live abroad (J.P. 8.13). This conjunction is likely to cast doubts on the relatives.  He has no happiness and he lives abroad (S. 16.31).

If Saturn is with Mercury and Jupiter, he leads a comfortable and prosperous life (J.P. 8.14). One has position and wealth.  He is wise, enjoys pleasures, has courage and happiness, and is fond of his wife (S. 16.33). This is a favourable conjunction since these three have a harmony.

If Saturn is with Mercury and Venus, one is untruthful, vicious, and licentious (J.P. 8.14). One speaks unpleasantly and falsely, has anger, is learned, and bad in nature (S. 16.34). Such a result cannot easily be explained in view of the fact that these three are mutually friendly.

If Saturn is with Jupiter and Venus, one has a clear intellect and becomes famous (J.P. 8.14). The native has a good character and becomes a ruler (S. 16.35). Evidently the most powerful planet in this grouping is Jupiter and hence the kind of results given.

When Saturn is with the Sun, the Moon and Mars one has restless eyes and becomes a cuckold, a pauper and a wanderer (J.P. 8.16). He has a troublesome constitution, is short and poor (S. 17.4)

Saturn with the Sun, the Moon and Mercury makes one poor and ungrateful (J.P. 8.17). He is deserted by his parents, money and happiness, speaks lies, and is fond of wandering (S. 17.7)10. The evil results are primarily due to the Sun and the Moon; this evidently refers to birth at the new Moon.

Saturn with the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter gives broad eyes, wealth, and children (J.P. 8.18). He is angry and rich (S. 17.9). Here the influence of the Sun and the Moon is countermanded to a great extent by the position of Jupiter.

Saturn with the Sun, the Moon and Venus makes one weak, cowardly and gluttonous (J.P. 8.19). He adopts the achara (code of conduct) of women, and has fear and frail health (S.17.10) This is a peculiar combination indicating that Saturn and Venus do overrule the influence of the others.

Saturn with the Sun, Mars and Mercury makes one an army commander or minister even if he is fond of pleasures (J.P. 8.20). Though he is a scholar, his behaviour is forbidding (S. 17.13). Clearly Mercury is not a desirable planet even if he gives prudence and a sense of caution.

Saturn with the Sun, Mars and Jupiter makes one poor, a wanderer, and yet having good friends and relatives (J.P. 8.21)11. There is a tendency toward insanity. He becomes a favourite of a ruler and is respected (S. 17.15).

Saturn with the Sun, Mars and Venus will bring disgrace to the native (J.P. 8.21).  Here one notices forbidden behaviour, defective eyes, and hatred of relatives (S. 17.16). The combination throws considerable light on Venus.  The opposite of these results appears in one chart.

Saturn with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter makes one quarrelsome, self-conceited and ill-mannered (J.P. 8.22). He has self-respect and yet has no enthusiasm (S. 17.18). Mercury and Jupiter counteract one another; and yet Saturn modifies Mercury, as the Sun does Jupiter.

Saturn with the Sun, Mercury and Venus makes one truthful and virtuous (J.P. 8.22). He is wise, soft and yet harsh in speech. (S. 17.19).  This combination appears in the charts of many well-known personalities who began their careers in a low pitch and who yet rose to heights13.

Saturn with the Sun, Jupiter and Venus make one proficient in the arts, and daring (J.P. 8.22). He is miserly, rules over the lower classes, becomes a favourite of the ruler, and is a poet. (S. 17.20). Such a combination significantly appears in the charts of many public men.

Saturn with the Moon, Mars and Mercury denotes adoption.  He will be brave (J.P. 8.23). One losses his parents early, and may have more marriages (S 17.23) Readers are requested to collect such charts and analyse them to find out the truth of the maxims like these. 

Saturn with the Moon, Mars and Jupiter makes one firm-minded, brave, learned, and comfortable. (J.P. 8.23). One becomes deaf, wealthy, eloquent, generous, and intelligent.  There may be a tendency to madness (S 17.25).  The Moon and Mars are reconciled and balanced by the other two planets.

Saturn with the Moon, Mars and Venus gives one an unfaithful wife and makes him conceited, irritable and excited (S 17.26).  This is an unfortunate combination.  Even the conjunction of Mars and Venus give room for a series of doubts; and when Saturn is there one has to be cautious.

Saturn with the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter makes one wealthy, charitable, and kind to his relatives (J.P. 8.24). He has righteousness, fame and the like.  He may hold a ministerial position (S. 17.28).

Saturn with the Moon, Mercury and Venus makes one hostile to many, and licentious (J.P. 8.24). His wife has a bad nature.  Though wise he hates people and has no relatives (S 17.29).  Such predictions as these require great caution because they are likely to be modified by other factors. 

Saturn with the Moon, Jupiter and Venus makes one unhappy, unfeeling and sceptical. (J.P. 8.24).  He loses his mother early and has skin trouble (S 17.30).  Mars, Mercury and Jupiter together with Saturn make one sickly and poor (J.P. 8.25).  He is yet brave, a good speaker, a scholar, he speaks truth and faces poverty (S 17.32).

With Mars, Mercury and Venus he makes one an athlete and a warrior.  The native becomes famous in his chosen field (S 17.31).  Saturn with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus gives wealth, learning and virtue (J.P. 8.25). He has great powers of memory, is fond of rituals and rites, has faithful servants, and is fond of women (S 17.35).  With Mars, Jupiter and Venus, he makes one famous, wealthy, adventurous and fickle-minded (S 17.34).

Now consider Saturn’s conjunction with four planets.  With the Moon, Mars and Mercury he gives a short life and no domestic life. (J.P. 8.27). One is apt to have fits of depression (S 18.3). Saturn with the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Venus gives power and wealth but makes one depraved and licentious (J.P. 8.28).  One is devoid of shame, self respect, and wealth, and his behaviour is anti-traditional (S 18.6).  One may follow devious ways of conduct.

Saturn with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter makes one cowardly, wicked and cruel (J.P. 8.29). He is afraid, deserted by friends, deceitful, dependent on others; and he has a streak of insanity (S 18.8).  One should not, let us repeat, apply these indiscriminately to any chart.

Saturn with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus makes one poor and sickly (J.P. 8.30).  He is tall and unhappy, and is constantly brooding on death (S 18.9).  The charts of the hippies and those who attempt suicide may fruitfully be analysed in the light of this combination.

Saturn with the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Venus makes one eloquent, clear and fearless (J.P. 8.30). He is a skilled speaker. A knower of the occult, fickle-minded, and is drawn to women (S 18.1).  With the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus we find Saturn giving ill-health, fear from enemies, loss of place, miseries and worries (S 18.14)14.

Saturn with the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter makes one miserable (J.P. 8.31). He is afraid and sickly, and is dependent on others (S 18.12).  Instead of the Sun, if there is the Moon, he will suffer from ill-health, brings disrepute to his relatives, and he will be poor (S 18.19).

Saturn with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus makes one honourable, proficient in the arts and unhealthy; and gives magisterial powers (J.P. 8.32).  If instead of Jupiter there is the Moon, he will have many friend and foes, works for others, is respected, and has a difficult temperament (S 18.20).

Saturn with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus makes one poor, wicked, and mean (J.P. 8.33). One becomes a slave, poor and obstinate (S 18.15).  Instead of Jupiter if there is Mercury, he may be confined and yet he will be a scholar and respected even in poverty (S 18.13).

Saturn with the Sun, Mars, Venus and Jupiter makes one daring, pleasure-loving, and engaged in machines (J.P. 8.33).  He becomes an expert in dealing with chemicals and the like (S 18.16).

With the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter he makes one live apart from his wife (J.P. 8.27).  But he is skilled in warfare and makes others suffer.  His conduct is not above board (S 18.5). 

Saturn with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus makes one wise, well-versed, virtuous, and god-fearing (J.P. 8.34). One is a scholar, and he is righteous and kind (S 18.17).  He undertakes pilgrimages and has children and wealth (S. 19.6).

Saturn with the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus brings honour, defective vision, and a high post (J.P. 8.35).  He may become a minister or a commander, and is respected by all (S 18.21).  He is also licentious (S 19.7).

Saturn with five planets excluding Mars tends towards headaches, insanity, and loneliness (J.P. 8.36). Excluding Venus, he makes one sickly, miserable and loose (J.P.

8.37).  Yet he becomes charitable, helps others, and has a fickle or unsteady mind (S 19.2).  Saturn with five planets other than the Moon makes one wise and wandering (J.P. 8.37).  Excluding Jupiter he may give consumption and diseases of the nose (J.P. 8.38).  One may be unsteady in his outlook and his conduct is not likely to be good (S 19.3).  Saturn with five planets other then the Sun makes one a pilgrim and an ascetic (J.P. 8.37).  Excluding Mercury, he makes one an important official and yet devoid of domestic peace (J.P. 8.38).

If Saturn with Mercury and Mars occupies Arudha pada of the 5th, the 2nd and the 9th houses; or if they are conjoined with their lords; or if they occupy the Rasi and Amsa of the Bhava; or if Saturn and Jupiter are together, there will be loss of children.  If the 10th house and its owner are conjoined with or aspected by Saturn, there will be adopted children (U.K. 4.37). 

The Sun in the 5th which must be a barren sign Saturn in the 8th and Mars in Lagna; or Saturn in the 1st, Jupiter in the 8th, Mars in the 12th, the 5th being a barren sign; or the Moon in the 11th, 5th from Jupiter having a malefic, many planets in Lagna – these indicate the birth of a child late in life (P.D. 12.4).  Afflicted Saturn associated with the 5th indicates barrenness caused by the destruction of Asvattha, or by the anger of Yama or departed spirits (P.D. 12.21). 

If a planet owns a malefic house (the 6th, the 8th or the 12th) and also a benefic one (the 5th or the 9th, etc),  and if he occupies the latter, he will give the effects only of his location.  Thus for Kanya(Virgo) Lagna, Saturn in the 5th gives children (see P.D. 15.29).  Such modifications have to be carefully noted before pronouncing a judgement.  The ancients themselves have given us such guidelines. 

We give below a few yogas arising from Saturn. (1) Jataka Parijata states that when Saturn is in Aquarius which must be the Ascendant and when at the same time four planets are exalted, an emperor is born (7.23).  When the full Moon is in  the 9th which must be his own, exaltation, or friendly sign, and when Saturn and Mars are in the 10th and the 2nd, one can become a ruler (7.9).  That is, he will exercise some authority.  When Jupiter as lord of Lagna occupies the 12th and when Saturn as lord of the 3rd is in the 12th from Jupiter, or when the Sun is the 11th for this Dhanus (Sagittarius) Lagna, one becomes an emperor (7.16). Saturn in Lagna, which must be Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, makes one a lord of men, handsome, intelligent and also wise (7.57).  But when strong Mars is in Makara (Capricorn) Lagna, Saturn is in the 9th or the 12th, and the Sun is with the Moon in the 7th, the native becomes a fickle-minded ruler (7.52).  If strong benefic planets are in the 1st, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th and if Mars and Saturn are in the 9th and the 11th, one becomes a ruler (7.4).  For Thula (Libra) Lagna, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the 3rd, Mercury in the 1st, Mars in the 12th and Saturn in the 4th would make one a king (7.26).  Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively will make one a king.  The strong Full Moon in Pisces Lagna, Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius also lead to the same yoga. (7.27).  Strong Saturn in the Moolatrikona or exaltation which must be a kendra or kona, makes one a great leader (7.17). If the Moon in conjunction with Saturn in the 4th, the 10th or the 11th one becomes wealthy (7.53).  The Sun in the second half of Sagittarius with the Moon, strong Saturn in Lagna, and Mars in his exaltation would together make one a ruler (7.31).  The Moon in Lagna, Jupiter in the 4th, Venus in the 10th and Saturn in his own or exaltation house makes one a king (7.18).   Rahu in the 10th, Saturn in the 11th aspected by the 9th lord, and the lord of Lagna unassociated with a debilitated planet make one the favourite of the ruler (7.19).  The Sun and Mercury in the 4th, Saturn and the Moon in the 10th, and Mars in Lagna also account for a ruler. (7.42).  Strong Saturn in Uttama Varga, Jupiter not debilitated in Navamsa, and the beneficially aspected Sun in a benefic Navamsa make one the favourite of the ruler (7.19).  When the Moon is in Jupiter’s house, and when Saturn and Mars are together in 1st, the 5th or the 10th one becomes a ruler (7.44). 


These illustrate some of the points made in the paper.  They are wrongly calculated according to Lahiri’s Ayanamsa.  Readers are requested to add 1° 28’ to the longitudes. 
1.  J.P. stands for Jataka Parijata, S. for Saravali, U.K. for Uttarakalamrita and P.D. for Phala Deepika.  
          2.  Mithuna (Gemini) Lagna with Mercury 19 and Venus 21; Kataka (Cancer) – the Sun 8; Kanya (Virgo) – Ketu; Thula (Libra) – Guru (Jupiter) 1; Vrischika (Scorpio) – Kuja (Mars) 29; Kumbha (Aquarius) – Saturn 2; Meena (Pisces) – Moon 14. 
3.  Kumbha (Aquarius) – Lagna; Meena – Venus and Mercury; Mesha (Aries) – the Sun and Jupiter; Vrishabha (Taurus – the Moon); Kataka – Rahu; Vrischika (Scorpio) – Saturn.
4.  Born on 1913-5-19.  Dhanus (Sagittarius) – Lagna; Jupiter (R) 24-54; Meena – Rahu 8, Mars 16; Mesha – Mercury 4, Venus 19; Vrishabha – the Sun 5, Saturn 13; Thula – the Moon 26. 
5.  1912-8-8.  Kumbha – Lagna 8-16; Meena – Rahu; 22-49;  Vrishabha – the Moon 26-38, Saturn 10-11;  Kataka – the Sun 23-0; Simha (Leo) – Mars 21-23, Venus 2-18, Mercury 13-59; Vrischika – Jupiter 12-59.
6.   1875-10-11.  Mesha – Lagna 24-8;  Kenya – Ketu 15-56; Thula (Libra) – Jupiter 20-28, Saturn 26-57, the Sun 17-1, Mercury (R) 14-5; Vrischika – the Moon 12-28; Makara (Capricorn) – Mars 24-24, Saturn 28-48.
7.   1856-7-26.  Vrishabha Lagna 13-4, the Moon 13; Mithuna – Mercury 27, Saturn 16; Kataka- the Sun 12-4, Venus 14; Thula – Mars 5; Meena – Jupiter 17.  Also 1856-7-23. Kataka – Lagna 18-50, the Sun 8-22.  Venus 9-1; Kanya – Mars 3-37; Meena – Jupiter 17.11, the Moon 17.42. Rahu 27.24; Mithuna – Saturn 15-20, Mercury 20.59. 
8.   1934.4.18.  Mesha- Lagna 10.47, Mars 3.37, the Sun 4.22; Kataka – Ketu 22-58; Kanya Jupiter (R) 24-12; Kumbha – Saturn 3-10, Venus 18-8; Meena – Mercury 11-22.
9.   1921-5-19.  Mesha-Lagna 21-38, Venus 1-47; Vrishabha – the Sun 4-41, Mars 16-14, Mercury 16-55; Simha – Jupiter 18-27, Saturn (R) 25-14; Kenya – the Moon 29-59; Thula – Rahu 2-55.
10.  1883-7-29.  Vrishchika – Lagna 0-15; Vrishabha – Moon 18-53, Mars 20-45. Saturn 15-15; Mithuna – Jupiter 26-15; Venus 29-15; Kataka – the Sun 13-45, Mercury 13-15; Thula – Rahu 14-36.
11.  1861-12-25.  Mesha – Lagna 4-54; Mithuna – Ketu 14; Kanya – Saturn 2-11, Jupiter 6-29, the Moon 18-20; Vrischika – Mars 1-30; Dhanus – the Sun 13-6, Mercury 2-54; Kumbha – Venus 0-4.
12.  1922-9-8. Vrishabha – Lagna 15-20; Simha – the Sun 22-30; Kanya – Mercury 18-28, Jupiter 27-6, Saturn 14-47, Rahu7-38; Thula – Venus8-39; Dhanus – Mars 4-40; Meena – the Moon 18-30.
13.  1904-1-19.  Simha – Lagna; Kanya – Rahu 8-15; Vrischika – Venus 24-25; Makara – the Sun 5-29, the Moon 22, Mercury (R) 1-18; Saturn 17-38; Kumbha – Mars 7-21, Jupiter 28-28. 
14.   1901-12-19.  Kumbha – Lagna; 18-8; Meena – the Moon 9-42; Mesha – Ketu 18-38; Vrischika – Mercury 26-18; Dhanus – the Sun 4-9, Mars 26-46, Jupiter 26, Saturn 23-46; Makara – Venus 20-35. 
15.  1930-1-3. Dhanush – Lagna 19-28, Venus 10-48, Saturn 11-6, Mars 10-38, the Sun 19-7; Makara – Mercury 7-53, the Moon 22-28; Mesha – Rahu 16; Vrishabha – Jupiter (R) 4-50.
16.  1882-4-25. Mithuna – Lagna 28; Kataka – the Moon, Mars; Vrischika – Rahu; Mesha – the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus; Vrishabha – Jupiter, Ketu; Also note 1906-2-19.  Makara – Lagna 3-29, Ketu 27-59; Kumbha – Venus 7-54, Saturn 12-9, Mercury 5-9, the Sun 6-47; Meena – Mars 17-53; Vrishabha – Jupiter 5-14; Dhanus – the Moon 13-2.
17.  1923-10-8.  Dhanus – Lagna 6-17; Simha – the Moon 22-6, Rahu 16-44; Kanya – Mercury 6-28, the Sun 21-10, Mars 0-55, Venus 28-34, Saturn 29-11; Thula – Jupiter 27-3.

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