Astrology-An Aid to Birth Control by R. Santhanam

Astrology-An Aid to Birth Control by R. Santhanam

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(Taken From Astrological Magazine of Raman Saheb, April 1977 Issue)

Astrology – An Aid to Birth Control


“FAMILY PLANNING  in our country is an essential part of our whole strategy of enlarging welfare.  Greater welfare is in fact the only reason for family planning. And we need it not because we are against more children but because we want every child to have the best opportunity possible in life.  We want our children to inherit a better world than our own.  This is the aim of every father, and this is the aim of planned development.” Says Smt. Indira Gandhi.

The Government has said and done much to propagate planned parenthood both in rural and urban areas in the country.  Oral contraceptive, vasectomy, etc., are some of the popular means in this direction. However there is a fear about the aftermath of such means in the minds of certain groups.  Whatever their views be I have tried to show some astrological means after a great deal of research to defer conception in the woman for a span of 3 to 12 years,  This means revival of conception is an added advantage here.  The science of astrology studied from proper perspective, without an air of contempt, can help the modern world in this direction.

I may refer my reader to my article “An Approach to Sathyacharyeem” in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE of July 1975. On page 558, para 2 of the article, two slokas of Brihat Jataka were discussed by me in a different connexion. For ready reference of the readers I touch the slokas once again. In Sloka 22, Chapter IV ibid Varaha Mihira says the following:

(a) If at the time of intercourse, Capricorn or Aquarius rises in Navamsa while Saturn is in the 7th (Rasi) the woman does not conceive for three years to come.

(b) If at the time of intercourse, Cancer rises in Navamsa while the Moon is in the 7th (in Rasi) the woman does not conceive for 12 years to come.

(N.B.: I have made a mistake about rule ‘b’ in my article of July 1975. the above interpretation is correct.)

When we give our serious attention to the said two rules, we notice an untold aid to birth control.  Because of unsuitable planetary disposal astrologically prevailing at the time of a particular intercourse, the woman is not blessed to conceive for 3 years or 12 years as the case may be. This means the following intercourses among the couple do not lead to conception.  Further from Varaha Mihira’s slokas, revival of conception is not ruled out after the said span.  This is what I have used as means of deferring conception through a particular sexual union on the pattern suggested in Varaha Mihira’s slokas.

By suggesting a muhurta or time for a sexual intercourse on the above lines, I do not claim sure success in the efforts of avoiding conception.  For we have several taxing problems like Ayanamsa.  Success may be possible in several cases.  At least a basis is being created here for further progress in this respect.  Biological conditions of the concerned couple, astrological disposal of planets in the natus of the pair, etc., are to stand for consideration.

When we chose an auspicious muhurta for marriage, etc., astrologically certain other muhurtas are not auspicious.  Similarly we are not unaware of selection of muhurtas for the first intercourse among the newly wedded. Such muhurtas are chosen with a view to insure the intercourse conducted then is capable of causing conception and obtaining good offspring.  It is believed that children born with such precautions flourish well and live long.  Under the circumstances, those who believe in astrology cannot deny certain muhurtas are inauspicious for physical pleasures among the couple. 

Rule ‘a’ supra is elaborated thus:

  1. Taurus 0° to 6° 40’ rising while Saturn is in Scorpio Rasi.
  2. Virgo 0° to 6° 40’ rising while Saturn is in Pisces Rasi.
  3. Capricorn 0° to 6° 40’ rising while Saturn is in Cancer Rasi.
  4. Gemini 10° to 16° 40’ rising while Saturn is in Sagittarius Rasi.
  5. Libra 10° to 16°40’ while Saturn is in Aries Rasi.
  6. Aquarius 10° to 16°40’ rising while Saturn is in Leo Rasi.
  7. Cancer 20° to 26°40’ rising while Saturn is in Capricorn Rasi.
  8. Scorpio 20° to 26°40’ rising while Saturn is in Taurus Rasi.
  9. Pisces 20° to 26° 40’ rising while Saturn is in Virgo Rasi

The above nine positions in the horoscope cast for the time of sexual union are indicative of the possibility of the woman concerned not capable of bearing for a period of three years to come.  That is the sexual union conducted during this three year period cannot cause conception. Thus the birth of a child is deferred for three years to come at the same time not restricting usual physical bliss among the couple.

Similarly rule ‘b’ supra is elaborated thus

  1. Aries 10° to 13° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Libra Rasi.
  2. Leo 10° to 13° 20’ rising while the Moon is in  Aquarius Rasi
  3. Sagittarius 10° to 13° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Gemini Rasi.
  4. Taurus 20° to 23° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Scorpio Rasi
  5. Virgo 20° to 23° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Pisces Rasi
  6. Capricorn 20° to 23° 20’ rising while the Moon is in own Rasi
  7. Cancer 0° to 3° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Capricorn Rasi
  8. Scorpio 0° to 3° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Taurus Rasi.
  9. Pisces 0° to 3° 20’ rising while the Moon is in Virgo Rasi.

The above nine combinations contribute to no conception for 12 years to come.

Based on the above 18 rules I give below some example muhurtas for physical union among the couple living a legally married life which are supposed to be ineffective for conception, possibly postponing birth of a child for 3 years or 12 years.  Here sexual act means the actual seminal discharge. And the act suggested should essentially be the first one for the woman between her two periods. An astrologer who is well read can suggest various schedules according to the convenience of the couple.

As for rules 1 to 9 Saturn’s transit to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius is of no help to us in this respect.  His movement in the rest of the nine signs of the zodiac should be considered useful for deferring child-birth for a period of three years.  Fortunately Saturn moves through Cancer and Leo up to November 1978 and hence it is practicable to have Saturn in the 7th in the chart of union in Cancer or in Leo.  A few examples are given below. Taking up rule 3 we require Capricorn to rise between 0° to 6° 40 and Saturn should be in Cancer.  One degree of Lagna is normally 4 minutes of time  which is of course variable as per the latitudes of the places.  (Here the actual seminal discharge should have been made within the duration of 26m 40s of time in this case.)  Though IST is recorded uniformly throughout India, we are concerned with mean local times only for ascertaining the rising degree at the latitude concerned.  Hence I have chosen only a few popular places in India.  For any latitude of the world, such timings on various dates can throughout the year be worked out.

Examples based on Rule 3 for not obtaining Children by Coation

Calcutta – June 13, 1977 between 20h 28m and 20h 55m (IST)

Madras – June 13, 1977 between 20h 40m and 21h 07m (IST)

Bangalore – June 13, 1977 between 20h 54m and 21h 21m (IST)

Bombay/Delhi – June 13, 1977 between 21h 25m and 21h 52m (IST)

Colombo  – June 13, 1977 (same as for Madras)

Kanpur – June 13, 1977 between 21h 10m and 21h 37m (IST)

The above timings are not exact to the second.  The starting and ending moments of the schedule are subject to slight variation by few seconds depending on the locality.

Since the passing of Saturn in other signs is not going to take place in the near future, they are not listed here.

The position of the Moon in any sign is a frequent phenomenon and the examples given infra are just a guidance for a deferring conception in the women for a period of 12 years.  As per rule 10 supra, Aries 10° to 13° 20’ should ascend and the Moon should be in Libra Rasi, See the examples below:

  Calcutta – between 23h 10m and 23h 23m (IST) on July 24, 1977

  Madras/Colombo – between 23h 23m and 23h 36m (IST) on July 24, 1977

  Bangalore – between 23h 38m and 23h 51m (IST) on July 24, 1977

  Bombay/Delhi – between 0h 9m and 0h 22m (IST) on July 25, 1977

  Kanpur – between 23h 53m of July 24, 1977 and 0h 6m of July 25, 1977

For rule 10 quoted above the maximum duration is 13m 20s of time which is equal to one Navamsa of Lagna normally.

This article is written in purely academic interest and those who intend to avail of the benefits should consult their horoscopes thoroughly in line with the above suggestions.  The author is not responsible for any consequences.

 (Written : 5-1-1977)

Copyright reserved by the author)

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