Astakvarga and Karma High Points High Karma by Ashish Raj

Astakvarga and Karma High Points High Karma by Ashish Raj

We all know that every graha reflects our karma-past-present-future.

Fruits of Karma- can be good or bad Fruits of Karma- can be suffering or blessingAlong with D1, D9, Chalit – Astakvarga  also can be used as a secondary tool for confirming prediction or to find out what exactly is our karma in this life or where do we need to focus in this life.

Are we here to suffer or enjoy the fruits of our karma?

As many say that Astakvarga is only used for transit – but what has been found is that it can also be used to find out karma of this current life that is areas which are problematic for us or areas which need more focus and attention).

Major Findings

Scribe has found that Higher Astakvarga points in a house causes More Issues In Our life and we have to deal with it more in our lives.

More Points mean More Karma towards that house (not necessarily suffering/struggle)

Less points means less karma towards that house (not necessarily enjoyment).

Don’t forget fruits of karma can be suffering/struggle or enjoyment depending on result of full chart.

We also know that each of 7 grahas gives points to each house.

If more points in a particular house is given by or posited in 6th, 8th, 12th lord – there is suffering/struggle related to karaktatwas of that house (magnitude of suffering again depends on total points of that house) vice-versa.

Following steps need to be considered before drawing a conclusion-

  1. Graha which gives highest points to a particular house, that graha owns which houses in D1.
  2. What kind of influence that graha has upon it (see D1 to confirm, like aspect, conjunction).
  3. Check planets giving highest points to a particular house are afflicted or not in D1.

Let’s check a few charts.

Example Chart 1 –Focusing On 6th House Only

Dob- 26.10.1984 Time- 19:44 Place- Hardoi, U.P, India

Saptarishis Chart 1

In the above chart Native is Taurus lagna having more than total 33 SarvaAstakvarga points in 6th house (Libra Rashi) –

Let us explain step wise.

Step 1– Graha which is giving highest points to a particular house, that graha owns which houses in D1.

–The highest points to 6th house has been given by Sun, sun is the above chart rules 4th house, Sun in this chart represents significance of 4th I.e. property, house, peace of mind, mother, public in general etc.

Step 2 – . What kind of influence that graha has upon it (see D1 to confirm, like aspect, conjunction).

— Sun being 4th lord and placed in 6th is with 9th and 10th lord Saturn and 2nd and 5th lord Mercury. Both are combust by Sun.

Step 3 – Planets giving highest points to a particular house are afflicted or not in D1. 

–Sun although with enemy Saturn but it is with yogkaraka for this chart, hence we can say Sun is not afflicted in D1 and in fact it is combusting other two grahas hence, it is holding a dominant position.

Explanation – 6th house – Libra rashi has total 33 SAV point, where Sun is giving highest points to 6th house i.e., 6 points (marked in chart)

As per observation, this reflects that the native should face regular issues related to significance of 6th house because of significance of 4th house like for 6H competition, enmity, legal cases and disagreements, debts in his life especially related to 4th house i.e., property, house, less peace of mind due to debts, disagreements also with general public and at home.

Native has confirmed this and Native also has Bone related health issues (6th) – similar to his mother- (4th)

Note- Astakvarga helps in finding out karma native has to focus or perform in this life.

Example Chart 2- Focusing On 11th House Only

Dob- 08.10.1984 Time- 3.52 am Place- Katihar, Bihar, India.

Saptarishis Chart 2

Leo lagna native with 33 points in 11th house.

As observation “When 11th house has more than total 30 Astakvarga points- native wants easy money, native is always worried about  future financial security even when native has lots of money. (not saying native will not have money), native wants to live a luxurious life.  Mainly native has very high expectation in life. Expectation from whom and what – let’s find out.

Following steps mentioned above we can say –

  1. Jupiter is giving highest, 7 points to 11th house, Jupiter lords’ 5th and 8th house and is posited in 5th house with Mars who is 4th and 9th lord and yogkaraka for Leo lagna.

5th  signifying – love life, romance
8th signifying- pain and suffering, inheritance

4th signifying- comforts, house, vehicles.
9th signifying – father

  1. Jupiter in 5th is aspect by exalted Saturn from 3rd house, Saturn rules 6th and 7th house of D1.

6th signifying- health, disagreements, court cases
7th signifying – marriage, spouse.


In the mentioned chart- native is Leo born with 11th house, Gemini rashi having more than 30 astakvarga points ie.33 points. Jupiter being 5th and 8th lord with mars (4th, 9th lord) and  aspected by Saturn (6th, 7thlord)  reflects native  has high expectation and desires for good spouse, love life, romance,  inheritance from father, easy money, unearned wealth, comforts, house, vehicles, wants to live in luxury.

As mentioned above more SAV Points means More Karma. native had to face disappointed love life and marriage because she had very high expectations from them, and marriage could not meet her high expectations. Native is not satisfied with her house, comforts, income as well as she has high expectations and wants to live in luxury.

Example Chart 3Focusing On 3rd House Only.

Dob- 01.05.1986 Time- 20.16 Place- Khetri, India

Saptarishis Chart 3

3rd House with more than 30 points points in Astakvarga- native does not get result of his/her effort easily, and has to work double or has to put 200 percent effort for result. No result without double, persistent effort. Hard work is the Key.     

  1. In the above chart, Scorpio native has 35 SAV points in 3rd house Capricorn rashi.
  2. Moon being 9th lord posited in 3rd house is giving highest points to 3rd house, aspected by Saturn – 3rd and 4th

9th signifies – luck, destiny, growth, guidance.
3rd signifies- hard work, effort, will power
4th signifies- peace of mind, home, comforts, birth place.

Explanation – Native has to always work double and give persistent effort (3rd house) to get result of her efforts related to growth in life, luck supporting her, help and guidance ( 9th house) . Native is staying away from birth place (4th house) and working very hard, persistently for growth in life.

Example Chart 4- Focusing On 8th House Only

Dob- 09.12.1986 Time- 11.37 am Place-Kalyani, Kolkata, India.

Saptarishis Chart 4

8th House with more than 30 points in Astakvarga- there are lots of surprise, sudden events in life which generally bring pain and suffering only. Planning does not work for the native as sudden events waits for native all the time. 

  1. In the above chart, native is Aquarius lagna with 35 SAV points in 8th house where mercury (lord of 5th and 8th is giving highest points to 8th house i.e 6 points)

5th signifies – love, romance

8th signifies – pain and suffering, inheritance

  1. Mercury is conjunct with sun (7th lord) and Saturn (lagnesh and 12th lord )

7th signifies- marriage, partnership, business

Lagnesh signifies- health, personality, self

12th– signifies- travelling, investments, expenses.

Explanation – Native faces sudden events causing pain and suffering (8thhouse) related to love life, marriage, business activity (7th house). Native also has to do sudden travelling related to work (12th house)  as she is self employed as a beautician ( 1st house). Sudden expenses and investments are also part of her life . Planning with regard to her business activity, love life does not work for her.

Conclusion – Houses having more than 30 SAV points represents more karma towards that house. Native generally has to face issues related to the significance of that house.

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