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Varahamihir Excellence Awards Quiz 1 – A Review by Vinayak Bhatt

Varahamihir Excellence Awards Quiz 1 – A Review by Vinayak Bhatt

|| ज्योतिष्मती प्रज्ञा ||

We at Saptarishis Astrology conduct courses and research so that we can bring about authentic Jyotish to the surface while advancing research in Jyotish. Through this quiz series, we aim to unite our astrology courses’ students with whom we often lose touch due to the paucity of a platform. Our students are invited to participate in these quizzes wherein they explain their answers with the aid of analysis entailing the techniques and principles used to reach a conclusion. The ultimate aim is to enhance the predictive abilities of the aspiring Jyotish students as they come from various backgrounds Parashari, Bhrigu, KP, Jaimini, Tajik, and Lal Kitab; when they analyse a chart via different methods only to reach the same conclusion, it serves our purpose.

As happened in our Quiz 1 titled “Varahamihir Excellence Awards”, we have received a heartwarming and welcoming response as over 200 people participated and many gave correct answers as well and were awarded certificates and prizes.

Two broad conclusions were arrived at from this quiz:

1) When different people employ different systems to make predictions on a chart, upon closer inspection, we understand that the logics, mathematical calculations, and principles used by all of them are correct, however, the conclusions are different as not all of them could make correct prediction despite standing logically correct.

Therefore, we understand that no matter how logically sound one becomes in astrology and no matter how many classical books, research journals, astrology magazines one read, and no matter how conceptually clear one is while making predictions, if the conclusion that comes after the implementation of all that knowledge and understanding is incorrect, then it’s a big failure for the aspiring as well as practicing astrologers, who in a way could end up defying the purpose. Thus, we should aim to learn Jyotish in such a manner that not only our logic and principles are clear but our application and conclusions are also up to the mark.

2) Secondly, we also understood that despite applying different systems on a particular chart e.g., Lal Kitab, Tajik, Parashari, Jaimini and etc., the results are the same and this is what we are aiming to achieve, to bring to light the potency, efficacy, and beauty of various systems in Jyotish. Jaimini Maharishi gave Jaimini Sutram, Parashara gave BPHS, Neelkanthi gave Tajik, and Maharishi Bhrigu gave Bhrigu System – all are different methods having different applicability; however, all are equally capable of giving correct predictions upon any given chart.

I’m giving below some of the selected answers from all those who answered with my comments so that beginners can use them as a reference to learn how to predict accurately using different methods.


This answer has been given by one of our old and brilliant students, Arpita Debroy. She has been a student of our Jyotish Pundit Course and also of Lal Kitab Beginners. The knowledge she acquired from the courses; she has implemented intelligently while answering. Notable things in her analysis are as follows: She has explained the combinations of Lal Kitab in a very easy manner and she has also elucidated with simplicity the rules of the Parashari system, be it the natal chart’s application or the D9 chart’s application. She has also used divisional charts, like D7 and D12 and ‘karakatvas’ which are of utmost importance in Jyotish. Other key points in her analysis are the use of Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha along with Lal Kitab Varshaphal (as taught in the Easy Predictive Astrology Course) which further refined our analysis. You can read the full analysis of her answer in the article later.


Shilpi Bhaskar is another brilliant student of Saptarishis Astrology. She has effortlessly blended Vedic with Tajik to reach the conclusion. The application of ‘Mudda Dasha’ in Tajik Varshaphal could be learned in her analysis. You can read the full analysis of her answer in the article later.


Sumanta Ghosal is a renowned astrologer who is also a speaker at Saptarishis Astrology Panel, he belongs from Kolkata, West Bengal. His analysis stood out for its comprehensiveness and depth. If anyone reads his analysis line by line, one can decode a number of important predictive techniques. The highlight of his analysis was that he has given references for every technique he has used. For instance, he has told that Ketu denotes astrology and has given reference to ‘Uttar Kalamrit’ book of Kalidas. Most interestingly, he has given references to BPHS – Bengali edition translated by the late astrologer Pt. Harihara Majumdar. His Bengali translation of BPHS is considered incredibly authentic and one of its kind as such books are not available nowadays. Unfortunately, the English and Hindi audience is a loss of this book. However, Sumanta Ghoshal has been kind enough to promise us his help in translating this edition in English so that our students at Saptarishis Astrology can be benefited from the same.


Kratika Sharma has also been a student of my JPC (Jyotish Pundit Course). She has polished her skill over the period and learned Tajik astrology from me through discussions, and went on to develop and master all the techniques of ‘Tajik Varshaphal’ and ‘Tajik Prashna’ on her own, and now, in my opinion, and understanding, she is the only person who is using Tajik system in Divisional charts also. As you’ll be able to read below in her analysis, she has blended Vedic and Tajik, interestingly using both the techniques in Divisional charts as well.

Similarly, many other participants have given accurate and interesting answers as you’ll find in this article below. I am certain that one can learn something new from all the selected answers I have given below, therefore I suggest that all the beginners interested in pursuing astrology should read every answer at least 5 times.

Varahamihir Excellence Awards Quiz 1 


Native is Male

Date of Birth: 19-Dec-1988

Place of Birth: Koppal, Karnataka, India

Time of Birth: 07:00 am

Chart 21
  1. A) choose 4 correct statements from below:

1) He is unmarried

2) He is married

3) He is divorced

4) He is a doctor

5) He is a Lawyer

6) He is a Businessman & Astrologer

7) He has no children

8) He has one son

9) He has 2 daughters

10) His father is a Vedic Priest

11) His father is a Police Inspector

12) His father is owning a general store

  1. B) What happened on 30th April 2016?

1) He had an accident

2) He traveled overseas

3) He got married

  1. C) What happened in October 2021?

1) He traveled overseas

2) He bought a vehicle and property

3) He started a new business

  1. D) What happened from 21st Dec -2020 to 2nd Jan-2021?

1) He got Covid 19 and was sick

2) He went on a pilgrimage

3) Fight with siblings.



A-2: He is married

Explanation: Lal-Kitab: In this horoscope, the combination of Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in the 1st house is activating the 7th house as well, which indicates that marriage is allowed in the horoscope. The ‘Red book’ also states that since Venus is in the 12th house, the native will be the status of being married.

Vedic Analysis: Houses and Lords under consideration- 1st house, 7th house and 9th house.

In the natal chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Taurus; the house is occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd L), Sun (9th L) and Mercury (7th and 10th L)
  2. 7th house is in Gemini; Mercury is in Sagittarius;
  3. 9th house is in Leo; its lord Sun is also in Sagittarius.

All the relevant sign lords are connected with the Lagna, out of which the 7th and 9th lords are aspecting the 7th house.

In the D9 chart (which is an extension of the 9th house of the D1 chart)-

  1. The Lagna is in Taurus, Venus is the 5th house of Virgo- indicating loss of strength of Venus in this horoscope;
  2. The Lagna is occupied by Sun- the natal 9th lord and 4th lord in D9 and its presence in the Varga Lagna indicates towards the native being married, furthermore in the Varga Lagna Sun with the ownership of the 4th house which also houses natal 7th lord Mercury and Ketu, since all these planets are placed in the Kendra, they have to extend benefic results and their dignities are also good in the Varga chart.
  3. The 9th house of the D9 chart is in Capricorn, Saturn is in Cancer. In the natal chart Saturn is in the Lagna and connected with the relevant lords.
  4. The 9th house of the D9 chart is occupied by exalted Mars, who is also the lord of the 7th house, indicating materialization of a relationship into marital relationship. In the natal chart Mars is in Pisces, thus connecting it to Jupiter and is also aspecting the 7th house of Gemini.

Conclusion: The above planetary mix, suggests that the native is married.

A-6: Businessman and Astrologer


Lal Kitab: The book says, conjunction of Sun + Saturn + Mercury → Such people are ‘Born Astrologers’.

Presence of Ketu in the 9th house, such natives take their father’s business ahead.

The Karaka for business i.e., Mercury is sitting in the lagan and all the Lagna planets are activating the 7th house as well.

The above indicators suggest that the native is an astrologer and a businessman.

Vedic Analysis: Houses and Lords(L) under consideration – 1st house, 6th house, 7th house and 10th house.

In the natal chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Taurus; the house is occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd L), Sun (9th L) and Mercury (7th and 10th L)
  2. Jupiter is occupying the 6th house of Service/employment and from this position is aspecting the 10th house of Virgo, 12th house of Scorpio and 2nd house of Capricorn.
  3. Mercury and Sun are aspecting the 7th house of business
  4. Saturn is aspecting the 3rd house of communication, skills and initiatives, the 7th house of business and the 10th house of Virgo.
  5. The 7th house is also receiving aspect from Rahu occupying the 3rd house of Aquarius. Ketu is aspecting the Lagna and consequently the 10th Lord also from the 9th house of Leo. Mars the 7th house, 10th house and the 11th house.

In the D10 chart:

  1. The Lagna is in Aquarius, occupied by Jupiter and its lord Saturn is in the 2nd house of Capricorn.
  2. The 6th house is in Cancer, occupied by Moon; 7th house is in Leo-Sun is in 12th house of Capricorn and the 10th house is in Scorpio- Mars is in 4th house of Taurus.
  3. The Kendra house of D10 has the presence of Jupiter (2nd and 11th lord) and Mars (3rd and 10th lord).


  1. Strong presence of Jupiter in the Lagna and its ownership of 2nd and 11th houses indicate that Jupiter is extending financial gains to the native and it represents- teaching, education, guidance and astrology. Its connection with the 6th house in the natal chart further supports the element of service providing in Jupiter related fields
  2. Astrology is indicated by Jupiter and the natal 10th house sign Virgo falls in the 8th house of D10 chart- with its lord Mercury occupying the 3rd house. The connection of Gemini sign as 7th H and 3rd H in D1 and D10 respectively and strong connection with the respective 10th lords show communication (written and oral) would be employed by the native in his line of work.
  3. Presence of Mars in the Kendra of the D10 chart also suggest technical knowledge or technical qualification. It also enjoys the status of the yoga karaka planet in the D1 chart and is aspecting the 10th house in the d1 chart.
  4. Therefore, the connection of Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and the connection of 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th houses indicate that the native is a businessman and an astrologer. The business should also be related to Jupiter.

A-7: Has one son


Lal Kitab: As per the dictum of Lal Kitab, Ketu is auspicious in the 9th house and blesses with a male child.

In the natal chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Taurus; the house is occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd L), Sun (9th L) and Mercury (7th and 10th L).
  2. The 5th house is in Aries; its lord Mars becomes the Yoga karaka is occupying the 4th house of Pisces- thus connecting it with the Lagna lord Jupiter.

This gives the first positive indication of progeny.

In the D7 chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Capricorn; its lord Saturn is in the 2nd house of Aquarius. The house is occupied by exalted Mars.
  2. The 7th house is in Taurus; its lord Venus is in the 6th house of Gemini and the house is occupied by Rahu. The Taurus sign directly connects with Jupiter- Karaka for Progeny in the natal chart.


In the D7 chart Mars has a strong hold on the chart and it is also strongly connected with Jupiter, thus indicating a son.

5th lord Mars occupies the Lagna in the d7 chart and is in its exaltation sign, again indicating towards a male child.

A-10: Father is a Vedic priest


In the natal chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Taurus; the house is occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd L), Sun (9th L) and Mercury (7th and 10th L)
  2. The 9th house is in Leo; its lord Sun is in the 1st house of Sagittarius and the house is occupied by Ketu

This gives the first indication of Father is associated with dharmic/ religious activities

In the D12 chart:

  1. The 1st house is in Aquarius; its lord Saturn is in the 3rd house of Aries.
  2. The 9th house is Libra; its lord Venus is occupying the 1st house of Aquarius.


In both the charts, the 9th lord and the 9th house are active and connected with the Lagna, thus indicating that father is a Vedic priest.

  1. B) What happened on 30th April, 2016?

B-3: He got married


Lal-Kitab: As per lal-kitab dasha system, the native is currently under his first 35-year cycle.

  1. In 2016, the native was under Mars MD and Mars AD;
  2. Presence of Mars in the 1st house of his Varshaphala kundali (2016) activated the Lagna and the 7th house;
  3. Presence of Venus in the 12th house of his Varshaphala kundali (2016) which is over his natal Venus indicates the activation of marital pleasures.
  4. C) What happened in October’ 2021?

C-2: He bought vehicle and property


Lal-Kitab: In 2021 the native was under Mars MD and Venus AD.

In the Varshaphala kundali (2021) Mars was in 10th house, which shows purchase of property for official purpose. The various aspects of enemy planet on 10th house and not a well-placed Saturn indicate that this property would have required a lot of modifications and there would be delay in its construction.

In the Varshaphala kundali (2021) Venus was in 11th house indicating prosperity, gains and vehicle purchase.

  1. D) What happened from 21st December’ 2020 to 2nd January’ 2021?

D-1: He got Covid and was sick.


Lal- Kitab:

Venus was in 8th house and enemy planets in 2nd house.


  1. A) 2-Married

Mer 7th lord is Digbali with 2nd lord Saturn and 9th lord Sun. All are aspecting 7th house. Venus is karak for marriage ,7th from it is taurus own sign with Jupiter. Jupiter -Venus have mutual aspect. 7th from moon is libra whose lord is Venus again. Sagittarius itself represents marriage rituals.

  1. A) 6-Businessman & Astrologer

Mercury whose is 10th lord (from lagna and Sa) and 7th lord is karak for business. Sitting in digbala in Venus nakshatra aspecting 7th house of business. along with profession karak Saturn and Sun. Mercury is also karak for astrology. Moon being 8th lord sitting in 5th giving interest in occult sciences. Aquarius is sign for astrology where Rahu is disposited, it also aspects 7th house which is good for business also. Jupiter is dispositor of 10th lord and Sa, getting connected to2, 6,10, also shows astrological counselling. Multiple sources of income are indicated.

  1. A) 8- 1 son

5th lord is Mars (male planet) in Pisces dispositor becomes Jupiter putra karak .5th from Ju is aspected by Mars and its lord gone to Sagittarius (Jupiter sign) with Sun 9th lord and Sat 2nd lord. Jupiter also aspect 2nd house. Being retro Jupiter is going towards 5th house. Lagna of D7 is Capricorn and mars is exalted there.

  1. A) 10-father is Vedic priest

10th from 9th becomes 6th house Ju is there also dispositor of Sa (Profession), Mer (2nd lord & 11th lord for father). Sagittarius is sign of rituals, Jupiter and Mer represents profession using knowledge and wisdom.

  1. B) 3-Marriage

Varshphal rising lagna is 12th house (bed pleasures) of natal chart. Sa is aspecting 7th house (natal Ju) and 7th house. Muntha is in 5th house pisces with Ketu and 9th lord moon aspected by mars (from 11th house) which is lagnesh here and natal 5th lord. Natal 9th and 7th lord sitting together in Sagittarius in Varshphal aspected by house lord Jupiter(munthesh). Venus strong in own rasi and 12th house. Its other sign is taurus in 7th.Vivaha seham is in scorpio. Mudda dasha active on given date is of Mars-Sun. Venus in ithesal with Jupiter.

  1. D) 1-suffered from Covid

Varshphal lagna has 6th lord moon (lungs karak) aspecting Muntha. Lagnesh here is Saturn gone to 12th house with natal lagnesh Jupiter (rog sehamesh). Both aspecting 6th house. Rahu from 4th is aspecting them. Munthesh gone to 11 (6th from 6th) with 8th lord Mercury. Moon in ithesal with sun and mercury. Mudda Dasa was of Rahu- moon activating Varshpal 6th house. Also, this rahu is transiting natal 6th house over Jupiter.


My answer is (A) 2,6,8 and 10/(B) 3 and (D) 1

  1. He is married. Because his ascendent is Sagittarius and 7th lord Mercury is in ascendent along with 9th lord sun and 2 and 3rd lord Saturn. 7th house is not afflicted as well as vivaha karaka Venus is aspected by lagnesh Jupiter. 12th house denotes bed pleasure. So it denotes he is married.

 (6) He is a business man and astrologer. Because to be astrologer 2nd lord/ 2nd house and 10th lord / 10th house should be connected. Because from 2nd house/2nd lord we denotes speech, Vakya ,vakya Shakti and 10th house/ 10th lord denotes astrology, astronomy, astrology related education. Here 10th lord Mercury and 2nd lord Saturn occupies in ascendent. Saturn is here 3rd lord also. 5th house /5th lord and 8th house / 8th lord should be connected between each other. Because 5th house/ 5th lord denotes intelligence, dedication as well as purva punya (merits of previous birth) and 8th house/ 8th lord denotes occult studies, occult subjects, research etc. So, 5th house/5th lord and 8th house/ 8th lord must be connected. It gives research-oriented tendency. Here 8th lord moon occupies in 5th house Aries. Moon is in Aswini star which is ketu’s star. Ketu denotes astrology as per Uttarkalamrita book of kalidasa. Saturn and Venus also should be connected to each other to be astrologer as Saturn is 9th and 10th lord of natural zodiac and Venus is 2nd lord of natural zodiac. Here his Venus is in 12th house and Venus is in Anuradha Star. Mercury and Jupiter denotes astrology as it is stated in Parasari hora shastra, Saravali, Jataka parijat and many classical Jyotish books Here mercury is in ascendent and Jupiter is making impact on 2nd house which is vakya Sthana ,house of speech as well as from Moon lagna Jupiter is in 2nd house. It gives proficiency in astrology and vaksiddhi. Sun is in ascendent, Sun is source of all lights or Jyoti. Sun is also 5th lord of natural zodiac and occupies in native’s ascendent Sagittarius. It all denotes native is astrologer. Beside an astrologer native will be business man too. Because business denotes 7th house and profession denotes 10th house. Mercury is natural significator of business. Dual signs also play a pivotal role. Here his ascendent is Sagittarius which is dual sign .so naturally 7th house also be dual sign. His 7th lord and 10th lord is mercury occupies in ascendent along with 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn. From 2nd house we denote money, income and from 3rd house denotes communication and establishment, will power.9th lord Sun is also in ascendent. From.9th house/9th lord denotes fortune.11th lord Venus in 12th house Scorpio which is mars house with Anuradha Star. Mars making impact on 11th house by its 8th aspect. So, in rashi chart 1+2+3+7+9+10+11+ mercury + sun + Saturn this combination is seen in rashi chart. It clearly denotes beside as an astrologer native is a business man too. If we consider D10 chart which denotes profession, D10 ascendant is Aquarius – 10th lord of D10 kundali is in 4th house and making impact on 7th house Leo. Jupiter is 2nd and 11th lord of D10 kundali occupies in D10 ascendent and making impact on 7th house So from D10 kundali denotes business also. So, in my opinion, I would say native is an astrologer and business man.

He has one Son from 5th house, 5th lord denotes Jupiter and 5th house/5th lord Jupiter also denotes progeny. Here in rashi chart 5th house is Aries which is odd and masculine sign.

Moon is in occupies 8n 5th house, though moon is female planet but occupies in Aswini star which denotes ketu. Ketu is acting as male planet here because we all know” kujavat ketu”. Mars means kuja we all know. Ketu is male planet here Not only that ketu is in Leo which is suns house. So, it also makes ketu here masculine here. 5th lord is mars occupies in 4th house Pisces in Revathi star which is mercury’s star Mercury is in ascendent that means Sagittarius sign which is masculine house. Jupiter is natural Putra karoka , though Jupiter is in Taurus which is even sign (female sign) but Jupiter is retrograde that means Jupiter making impact on Aries sign also which is odd sign(male sign) and 5th house also Jupiter is in krittika star which is suns star Sun is male planet .From 5th lord of Jupiter is mercury .Mercury here posited in male sign Sagittarius we consider D7 kundali ,D7 kundali ascendant is Capricorn and mars is occupies there Mars is male planet D7vjundali 5th lord is venus occupies in Gemini sign which is odd sign (male sign) .In Gemini principal Putra karaka is venus , occupies in Gemini sign(odd and male sign) in D7 chart.  All these combinations denote native has one son. (10) His father is Vedic priest. Because from 9th house we denote father. Here 9th house is Leo. So, we take Leo sign as his father ascendent from his chart. Ketu is in Leo. Sun is in we treat lagnesh of his father occupied in Sagittarius sign which is 5th house from leo.2nd and 11th lord Mercury (from Leo) occupies in 5th house also along with Saturn which is 6th and 7th lord (from Leo) Jupiter which is 5th and 8th lord from Leo occupies in 10th house taurus (from Leo sign) 9th lord mars (from Leo) occupy in 8th house with Revathi star which mercury star. Mercury is in 5th house from Leo sign. If we consider Navamsa chart Navamsa lagna is taurus. From 9th from taurus is Capricorn. So Capricorn is father’s lagna in Navamsa chart. There Mars is occupied which is 4th and 11 lord from D9 kundali. 5th lord venus is in 9th house Virgo in D9 chart. If we consider D12 kundali which denotes parents, there we see Aquarius is ascendent. From 9th house from Aquarius 8s Libra. We take Libra sign as his father’s ascendant in D12 chart. Here we see 4th and 5th lord Saturn is in 7th house in Aries (Libra sign of D12 kundali) making impact on Gemini by its 3rd aspect. Gemini is 9th house from Libra sign of D12 chart. So, in rashi chart, Navamsa chart and D12 chart i take 9th house as his father’s ascendant and I have found 4+ 5+ 9+ 10+ 11 this combination.4th house denotes education, mind,5th house denotes dedication, Puja, upasana, bhakti, 9th house denotes guru, Dev upasana, Worship, 10th house denotes profession. So, I go for native’s father is Vedic priest by profession.

(B) on 30th April 2016 (3) He got married. Because then Sun mahadasa venus mahadasa and Mercury pratyantardasa was going on. The Guaranteed Astrologer SK Mehta says in his book synchronisation of period that if antardasa lord signifies 1,2,4,7,12 house it indicates marriage may take place. Here venus is in 12th house. So venus antardasa signifies marriage here. Mercury is 7th lord also. So, in mercury pratyantardasa marriage may take place then. Another point is that in my research I take D7 kundali for marriage Though D7 kundali denotes progeny, but I take for marriage also Because in my research D7 kundali denotes recognise sexual life also and it is possible only through marriage and through principal kama (recognise sexual activity) progeny comes. Here D7 kundali ascendant is Capricorn. Here I follow rashi tulya saptamada. (Late C S Patel worked on it). I apply here rasi tulya saptamsa, I impose rashi lagna in D7 chart and found sun occupies in lagna and venus is in 7th house. Mercury is 4th house denotes family. In transit Jupiter is Leo which is 9th from 7th lord Mercury. Rahu is also 9th in transit then.

Jupiter and Rahu are in trine then in transit then provokes marriage. So, on 30th April 2016 (3) he got married.

 (3) native may start a new business. (D) (1) He got Covid 19 and was sick. Because In Parasari Hora Shastra, Bengali edition, translated by Bengali astrologer Late Harihar Mazumder states if rahu is transiting 6th from Saturn or Saturn is 8th from rahu then native may suffer from infection disease. On 2020 December Rahu was in taurus which was 6th from natal Saturn. And as was rahu in taurus then Saturn was 8th (from taurus to Sagittarius). Not only that rahu was transiting from natal Jupiter (Jupiter is ascendant lord here). During that period Moon mahadasa, Saturn Antardasha and Mercury pratyantardasa was going on – moon is in ketu star,ketu is in 11th house but venus star purva phalguni which is 6th lord venus star. Antardasa lord Saturn is ketu star mula, ketu is 6th lord venus star purva phalguni. Pratyantardasa lord Mercury is also in venus lord purvasadha. So, all these combinations indicate including dasa and gochar (transit) – (1) He got Covid 19 and was sick.


Married (A2)

D1 Chart

Lagna: Occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd lord), Sun (9th lord) and Mercury (7th & 10th lord)

Lagna Lord: Jupiter is in Taurus and associated with Venus (6th and 11th lord)

7th House: Is in Gemini and aspected by Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Rahu – the lords of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th are all aspecting the 7th house. Out of these Mercury and Sun gain more importance and no planet is the lord of any trik bhava.

7th Lord: Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn (2nd & 3rd lord) and Sun (9th lord); it is connected with the lagna lord as well.

D9 Chart

Lagna: is occupied by Sun (4th lord)

Lagna Lord: Venus is in the 5th house, aspected by Saturn (9th and 10th lord). Venus is aspecting the 11th house.

7th house: Is in Scorpio. The house is aspected by Sun.

7th Lord: Mars is in the 9th house, aspected by Moon (3rd lord) and Saturn (9th and 10th lord); Mars is aspecting the 12th house of Aries, 3rd house of Cancer and the 4th house of Leo.

Mutual Relationship

7th lord of D1 chart- Mercury is occupying the 4th house of Leo in the D9 chart, which connects to the 9th house of the natal chart 7th lord of the D10 chart- Mars is occupying the 4th house of Pisces, which connects to the 11th house of the d9 chart.


The above planetary relationship indicates that the native married on account of presence and connection of Sun (9L) in both the charts and it occupying the lagna of D9 chart.

Tajik application

On applying the Tajik principles on the static birth chart, the following is observed:

The ascendant lord Jupiter is at a neutral position with the 7th lord, 9th lord and 12th lord. The 9th house has additional active element on account of presence of Ketu. This indicates that there are no obstacles with regards to marriage from the lagna lord.

This indicates that the native is married.

The 7th lord Mercury is at friction with the Saturn and Sun, indicating that the Spouse might not get along well father-in-law and the manner of speaking or communication might be compromised.

Businessman and Astrologer (A6)

D1 chart-

Lagna: Occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd lord), Sun (9th lord) and Mercury (7th & 10th lord)

Lagna Lord: Jupiter is in Taurus and associated with Venus (6th and 11th lord); this indicates that the native earn money by solving people’s problems.

10th house: Is in Virgo. The house is aspected by Saturn (2L & 3 L), Mars (5L & 12L), Jupiter (1L & 4L) and by Rahu from 3rd H; these aspects also indicate towards IT related specialization and high level of communication would be employed in his profession 10th Lord: Mercury is aspecting the 7th house and is receiving aspect from Ketu; this indicates towards the element of dharma/ religion/ spirituality/ higher conscientiousness and is also the house of astrologer.

D10 chart-

Lagna: Is in Aquarius and is occupied by Jupiter (2L & 11L), the lagna is aspected by Rahu from the 5th house.

Lagna Lord: Saturn (1L & 12L) is aspecting the 4th H, 8th H and 11th H. This planetary placement suggests family business/ work.

10th House: Is occupied by Mars (3L & 10L), the house is receiving aspect from Saturn. The 7th house is receiving aspect from Jupiter and Mars.

10th Lord: Mars is aspecting the 7th house and the 10th house and is aspected by Saturn.


The planets indicate that the native is an astrologer on account of Jupiter and Saturn and is also a businessman on account of the fact that the 10th lords of both the chart are connecting with the 7th house.

Tajik application

The 7th lord Sun is beneficially placed with the lagna lord Saturn and 10th lord Mars. Sun is not well placed with the 6th lord indicating changes in kinds of business and losses too. This placement indicates that the native will have to satisfy the satvik element of Sun and serving element of Saturn to gain profits in business.

He has one son (A8)

D1 chart-

Lagna: Occupied by Saturn (2nd & 3rd lord), Sun (9th lord) and Mercury (7th & 10th lord).

Lagna Lord: Jupiter is in Taurus and associated with Venus (6th and 11th lord).

5th House: is occupied by Moon and is aspected by Ketu from the 9H.

5th Lord: Mars is in the 4H, connected with the lagna lord. Mars is not receiving any aspect from any planet but is aspecting the 7H, 10H & 11H

D7 chart-

Lagna: Is in Capricorn, occupied by Mars (4L & 11L) and the house is receiving aspect from Rahu.

Lagna Lord: Saturn (1L & 2L) is in the 2nd H of Pisces, aspecting the 4H of Aries, 8H of Leo and the 11H of Scorpio.

5th House: is occupied by Rahu. The house is receiving aspect from Jupiter (3L & 12L)

5th Lord: Venus is in the 6th house and in conjunction with Moon and is receiving aspect from Sun.

Conclusion: The overpowering energy of Mars in both the charts indicates towards a Son and the planetary mix has more energy of male planets.

Tajik application

5th lord Venus is in the 6th H (2-12 axis); Venus is beneficially placed with the lagna lord Saturn and the lagna also- indicating Venus will deliver the results of 5th house.

5th house is receiving obstacle aspect from Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu but these planets are not at obstacle placement with the lord of the 5thH

Rahu in 5thH can cause sudden event as it is not well placed from the lagna lord.

Tajik conclusion: The involvement of exalted Mars and benefic placement of Jupiter indicates towards a Son. The obstacle placement of planets might have given the following results- caesarean procedure which would have to be done suddenly and the child would have been born away from native’s place of residence (Mercury in 3H is not well placed with Venus (5H is 2nd from 4H) and Sun (activating the 12H); Venus is also not well placed with Sun.

Father is a Vedic Priest (A10)

The lagna and lagna lord analysis remain the same, which clearly indicated the strong connection of Jupiter with Sun, Saturn and Mercury

9th House: Occupied by Ketu and is aspecting the lagna, 3H and the 5H and receving aspect from Rahu. Ketu’s dispositor- Sun is in the lagna and Rahu’s dispositor- Saturn is also in the lagna.

9th Lord: Sun is in the lagna and connected with Jupiter placed in the 6th house. 6th house becomes 10th from 9th H


The above placements indicate that the native’s father has for long been a Vedic priest and also a teacher. Father’s gains are through dharmic activities and can be involved in mantra sadhna and havans (Mars’s aspect on 7H- which is 11th to 9H)

What happened on 30th April’ 2016?

He got married (C3)

Tajik application

Mercury occupies the lagna and is the lord of the 9H (Mercury is also the natal 7th L); Jupiter was transiting through Leo sign, thus activating the 1-5-9 trine of the birth chart, in the annual D9 chart Jupiter was occupying Sagittarius sign and was aspecting the 9th H and was well placed with Mercury. All these indicate that the native should have got married on this date. It also shows some travelling, some marriage event might have turned out differently or something with regards to marriage function might not have been disclosed to the native and there might have been some discord in the family during this month.

What happened on October 2021?

He bought a vehicle and property (C2)

Tajik application

The period from 16th September’ 2021 till 30th October shows the activation of the lagna and the 4th house in the annual chart, D4 and D16 charts, which the lords well placed with the lagna and the lagna lord indicates towards purchase of property (which might encounter delayed paperwork, some delays from authorities) and purchase of vehicle (which also might have been delayed or could have been second-hand vehicle).


  1. Married – He is Married, 7th Lord Mercury Bhadkesh in Lagna with DK Sun, 7th House is affiliated due to the aspect of Mars/Rahu and Saturn and 7th Lord Mercury/DK Sun under the aspect of Ketu his Marriage got delayed and Saturn has delayed his marriage till the age of 28 else 90% chances are there for early marriage

when 7th Lord Sits in Lagna and on 30th April 2016 MD of DK Sun/Venus/Mercury was favourable for getting married.

  1. Father is Vedic Priest – Ketu Sitting in 9th House and it’s a House of Father and Sun is the Karaka for Father’s is sitting in Lagna (Strict Father), Sun in Nakshatra of Moola Ketu, Ketu in Purva Phalguni Nakshtra of Venus and And Venus is sitting in 12th House so Connection is forming 1/9/12 all related to Dharam Sathan and In D12 Chart also same Combination is forming Venus (9th Lord) is in Lagna, Sun and Ketu Sitting in 12th House, so selected Father is a Vedic Priest.

B -3 – 30th April 2016- He got Married because condition I have already elaborated in Marriage Part Dasha was Favorable as per Moon Transit Jupiter was aspect on Sun (DK)/Venus (Karaka of Marriage)/Mercury (7th Lord). Venus Transit over Native’s Moon sign was converted in to Marriage

D-1 – Got Sick with Covid – Covid was active in December 2020 and being a Doctor who were helping the patients at that time and 5th Lord Sun as per Moon Transit Sun being Karaka for Health was in 8th House with Ketu (Infection) and 8th Lord was in transit in 12th house and Lagan Lord also so Health was issue at that point of time.


He is married as mercury is digbal and aspected its own house…n also in kendra in navmansa too. There may be problems n he has a son 5th lord mars are also exalted in D7. Father may be priest as ketu is in 9th house n also aspecting its lord Sun which is in ascendant. He may to an astrologer lagan n moon sign all r in ketu nakshtra n moon also being the 8th lord sitting in 5th house giving occult knowledge. The native got married on 30th April. 7th lord dasha was going on its sitting with sun in transit as well as in natal char. Jupiter also giving its aspect in gochar on 7th lord. And in dec 2020 got covid in sat venus dasha. 


He is astrologer his ketu is aspecting his sun 9th lord and he has 8th lord in 5th house moon aspected by ketu and 8 th lord and 9th house has connection and his dad is priest from bhavat bhavtam.

He is married 7th lord is in first house mercury so yeah, he is connected with his wife a lot and then mars 7th lord in navamsa is exalted so 7th lord is strong and then Venus though debilated is sitting in trikona house. He got married on 30 th april 2016 he was running the dasha of sun and sun is conjunct 7th of mercury and sun is darakarka as well and in first house of navamsa then there was venus antardasha of venus from 30th may 2015.may 2016 and mercury 7th lord prayantardassha was running from march 2016 to May 2016 and then Jupiter was running the sooksham dasha till 2016 and saturn pran dasha was running on 30th April I see that 2nd 7th and 11th houses got active 2nd as saturn got activated on 30th April and then mercury and then venus.

He bought home he was running the dasha of moon and if we make the chart Aries ascendant because of moon mahadasha moon is 4th lord from mahadasha and saturn is 2nd lord sitting in 4th house in chaturthamsa and mars dasha prayantra was running in 2021 October and mars and mars is in 4th house in birth chart and in chaturthamsa mars is in 10 aspecting 4th house in chaturthamsa so 4th house of chaturthamsa and 4th house of birth chart were both active and 4th lord Jupiter was transiting in 2nd house with transiting saturn 2nd lord in 2nd house

The native must have got covid in November to dec 2021 as he was running the mahadasha of 8th lord saturn antar mercury prayantar and venus sooksham so houses 8th 3rd 6th were active in the chart dusthana houses like moon is 8th lord saturn rules 3rd lord mooltrikona and then mercury thinks jupiter is its enemy so it won’t good results either and then 6th lord in 12th house venus in Jupiter nakshatra.


  • Rajni Sharma
  • Sk Dave
  • Gayathri Ramadurai
  • Jairaj Gupta
  • Dr Narendra Pathak


The native is married, reason from d1 connection of8th lord with 12 and natural karka venus in 12th aspected by 8th lord from 12th house we can check the pleasures and from 8th house we can check the relationship so it shows native is married.

Business man mercury is the natural karka of business and organised skills and in d1, it is 10th lord and sit in lagna so native deals with business. for astrologer reason is relationship of 8th lord and ketu it shows the native interest toward occult.

The native has a son reason in d1in 5th house there is a male sign mars and mars is also there so male child is possible 10 father is a Vedic priest aspect relationship between sun and ketu

Covid Dasha period of moon and Saturn.  Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd house in d1 it is 12th from own sign 12th house shows the regular medicine and 3rd house show the disease related with cough some throat issues.


1) 7th lord in D9 Exalted, so married

4) 10th to 9th Jupiter, in D1-father is priest

In 2016 Jupiter in Leo aspecting the ascendent and venus in fifth in Aries, so marriage

  1. C) in Oct 2021 4th lord is in 2nd with saturn so vehicle/Property


Followed the Tamil astrology for the Karna lord. Pathrai Karna lord is Ketu

1) Yes, the native is married as 7th lord is placed with the 3rd and 9th lord in lagna. Saturn in mool nakshatra is considered good placement bestowing the native with marriage. 3rd house is Bagyasthan of marriage and also presence of Karna lord in 9th house (Bagysthan of Lagna) again ensures the same.

I see the second lord very powerfully placed in Dhanur Raasi though Modakku house has Yogi too placed there. For Sagittarius Lagna 9th and 10th lord form Dharmakarmathipathy yog in the lagna itself. Both placed in Mool Nakshatra. So the native will not only be a very successful astrologer but due to presence of Mercury makes him a businessman.

Checking the navansh Jupiter and Rahu conjunction confirms the person will be astrologer. When I check the the Bhav Bal 12th house has more Bala so the person will have good independent thinking to be a businessman.

The native has one son.

The Karaka Jupiter which is also Dagda Rashi lord placed in 6th in Sun’s Nakshatra is bound to have a son. Also seeing the Saptha vargas I see more male lagnas. In Navansh the 5th lord mercury is placed in Male Rashi and Kendra Sthana again confirming the birth of boy. Also, in D1 the 5th lord Is placed in Yogi Nakshatra so the person will have the baby boy to do his Karma and carry the lineage of the family.

The father will be a vedic priest as 9th lord Sun is in Mool Nakshatra. Ketu karna lord here the Pathrai Karana Ketu as lord as per Tamil Astrology as attained Shubh will ensure abundance of Knowledge being passed on in the lineage. Though Simba rasi is not a great placement for Ketu however the he is the karna lord too. In Navamsha the Karaka sun place in earthy sign of Taurus shows the father will be an exponent in Shastras and well natured father. In, D12 Sun is placed in Capricorn Rashi which is excellent placement for sun further confirming the Rashi Chart.

2) 30th April 2016 the native got married the Transit Jupiter gracing Guru Bal aspecting the 7th house and lagna. Ashtagvarga of Venus confirms the same

In Transit the 7th lord Mercury who is also the Yogi is in 10th house and Jupiter’s drishti kickstarted a new venture


महोदय मेरा उत्तर निम्न प्रकार है:-

व्यापारी व ज्योतिषी, 8- एक पुत्र,

अष्टमेश चन्द्रमा पंचम में, व्यापारिक ग्रह बुध जो सप्तम व्यापार के भाव का स्वामी है लग्न में, लग्नेश गुरु व पंचमेश मंगल दोनों की दृष्टि दशम भाव पर । अतः जातक व्यापारी व ज्योतिषी होगा ।

पंचम में चन्द्रमा पुरुष राशि में है और उसपर पुरुष राशि के केतु की दृष्टि है । अतः एक पुत्र संभव है ।

बी- (3) 30 अप्रैल 2016 को जातक को विवाह हुआ ।

जातक को इस समय सूर्य/शुक्र/बुध का दशाक्रम चल रहा था । बुध सप्तमेश है तथा नवांश में द्वितीयेश व पंचमेश है । सूर्य भाग्येश होकर सप्तम भाव को देख रहा है तथा नवांश में लग्न में स्थित होकर सप्तम भाव को देख रहा है । शुक्र विवाह का कारक है और एकादश भाव का स्वामी होकर द्वादश में स्थित है तथा नवांश में लग्नेश है । अतः उक्त दिनांक को जातक का विवाह संभव है । वैसे भी मंगल और शनि की दृष्टि विवाह में देरी बता रहे हैं । मंगल 28 वर्ष में विवाह कराता है जो कि उस समय जातक की आयु है ।

D- ( 1) 21 दिसम्बर 2020 से 2 जतनवरी 2021 तक जातक को कोविड के कारण बीमार रहना पड़ा होगा । क्योंकि उस समय जातक को च/श/बु का दशाक्रम था । चन्द्रमा अष्टमेश है, शनि मारकेश है और बुध मारकेश व बाधकेश दोनों है । उस समय राहु चन्द्रमा पर गोचर कर रहा था । अतः जातक को कोविड के कारण बीमार रहना पड़ा होगा ।


6- He is a businessman and astrologer.

8- He Has One son.

10- His Father is a Vedic priest.

Jupiter is a jeev karaka have moon behind in Which ketu is in trine So He Will Be astrologer Too. Since Sun first meet Sun and in trine there is moon and ketu So Father May Be Vedic priest.

B- 3- He got married.

Reason-At this time sun-ve mahadasha running and Sat transit over Venus So He Will activate 2nd and 7th house. So He got married.

D- He got Covid -19 and was Sick.

Reason- At that time Rahu transit over Natal ju and Saturn are in trine. At this time Moon-sat-rahu dasha running.


Deepa Jayasankar

Astro Singh

Murali Mohana Gowda

Maadhur Pant

Dipika Sinha


His father can be a priest…when we rotate the chart and take his 9th house of leo as his father’s lagna we can see ketu posited in the lagna and his father’s 5th house of mantra is occupied by 3 planets mercury, sun and Saturn. His father’s 10th house of occupation falls on Taurus in his chart and which is occupied by Jupiter …the Deva guru…so natives’ father can be a priest.

  1. During 21st Dec to 2nd January he might have got covid and was sick as Lagna lord Rahu (virus) was transiting his lagna lord Jupiter in 6th house of disease and ketu was transiting his 6th lord Venus in the 12th house.


native is married.

native is businessman & astrologer

native has one son.

brief analysis

The native is married due to favourable dasha/bhukti & double transits well on 30.04.2016.

The native is businessman because maximum planets are in between 3h to 10 h & 10l mercury the significator of business also placed in lagna along with sun/sat. native may hv good contacts with authorities too. He is sound in regard with finances. His 9-lord sun in lagna also indicate this person being religious and reads and possess good knowledge of vedas spiritual books etc.

He loves to be in the company of spiritual people. 8l moon in 5h also shows a learner of occult science. Dasha sun/venus/mercury/jupiter/venus plus double transit on ascendant & 7 lord indicates the happening of marriage.


Question A

6)He is Businessman and an astrologer is the correct answer.

a)7th house which is the indicator of business is aspected by 7th (Business) and10th lord

(Profession) merury,9th lord of Luck Sun and 2nd lord of finance Saturn.

b)7th lord mercury is again conjunct with 9th and 2nd lord.

c)11th lord of gains venus is in the 12th house of investments.

  1. d) he is also an astrologer because karaka of astrology Ketu is in the 9th house of learning and the 8th lord moon is in the 5th house of knowledge and education. Also, the 2nd lord of speech is with 9th lord of consultations and teaching and 10th lord of respectable position in the society.

10) His father is a vedic priest is the correct answer.

  1. a) The 9th house of the father is occupied by ketu who is the karaka of the priesthood.
  2. b) From the 9th house, 1st Lord sun has gone to the 5th which is a house of mantras. it is conjunct with 6th lord saturn of job and 2nd and 11th lord mercury of money and gains

c)From the 9th house, 5th lord Jupiter of mantras has gone to 10th house of profession aspected by the 10th lord venus from 4th house of Satisfaction. 


In lal kitab we consider lagna as Aries sign.

A- • Already married because Venus is in 12 it is considered exalted native should have married to someone who is known to him. Also, house of relationship 5th house has good planets at their age (28) person should have got married.

  • he’s Businessman and astrologer because in Sun+ Saturn combination it gives always a career of Mercury Business /Jyotish

B- April 2016 he was running he’s 28th year mars activated in house of relationship/physical connection can be seen.


2:- he is married

B :- he got married on 30th April 2016

Transit Jupiter (R) aspect Venus in navmansa chart and in birth chart transit Jupiter aspect 7th lord mercury (5th aspect).

C:- he started a new business. For business we can see 7th lord and October 2021 transit mercury is with mars in 10th house and aspected by natal Jupiter and transit Jupiter also he brought a vehicle and property because involvement of 4th lord.

D:- he got Covid 19 and was sick because transit ketu is with Venus (6th lord) and aspected by mars 5th and 12th lord and rahu and rahu is the karak of virus.

I have commented on answers which have a special blend in it and shows the effort of the individual but I recommend that beginners should go through all the winning answers, it will assist them in their study and practical application.

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