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Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 10 by Saptarishis Astrology Research Team

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 10 by Saptarishis Astrology Research Team

Technique & Guide: Saptarishis Astrology

Dedicated To: Shri P.M.Padia & the Himalayas wherein this technique was gotten.

Readership Level: Basic To Advanced

Out of the nine planets we generally consider for delineation of charts Jupiter is considered the most benefic planet. Why Jupiter is given such a status of all the planets? There is one reasonable argument that Jupiter contributes the highest benefic points (56) in Ashtakavarga system of judging the planetary strength in a nativity. Further, it is also stated that the aspect of Jupiter is most benefic than that of its occupation in a House/Rashi. It is a well known fact that Jupiter has two special aspects 5th and 9th in addition to the general 7th aspect from its location. But the question that is asked or rather not asked so far by astrologers is:-

  1. How exactly will it influence its aspect & fulfill its natal promises. What is the difference between each of its aspect? Some theories have floated in the past re this.
  2. Which year (s) exactly will it fulfill its natal promise?

For thousands of years of astrological history the question (b) has not been thought of and subsequently not answered. Before we attempt to make an attempt to answer (b) let us visit a small story which depicts the auspiciousness of Jupiter’s aspect. Jupiter (the guru of gods) wanted to get his daughter married and in all fairness approached Venus (the guru of demons), despite his professional rivalry with Venus, to get his daughter’s chart examined.

Venus after examining the chart foretold that his (Jupiter’s) daughter will die of snake bite at the time of her nuptials. This as a father Jupiter could not digest and wished that this prediction of Venus should go wrong. Jupiter performed the marriage of his daughter and the nuptials were arranged. Jupiter was anxious and praying that his daughter should be safe and long lived. Though it is unethical he made a small hole to the door of the room where the nuptials were arranged and peeped into the room at the time of nuptials. He witnessed a snake entering into the room of bride & bridegroom, spent there some time and went without biting his daughter. Jupiter was so happy that his daughter is safe and went to inform Venus’ about his failed prediction. Then, Venus said that the failure in prediction was due to the aspect of Jupiter. Such is the benevolence of the Jupiter’s aspect.

Stories apart, let us come back to the BSP techniques mentioned here under.

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP-10: Jupiter 9th aspect rule – 40th year.

  1. Jupiter will implement its 9th aspect in the 9th house from the place it is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.
  2. Jupiter will implement itself in the house where he is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.

Let us examine & test the charts given hereunder by applying the above rule.

Chart 1:

DOB: 23-Aug-1964 TOB: 5.50 a.m. POB: Chinaganjam, India. His Jupiter is in the 10th house. He got promotion in the 40th year on 1-April-2004. Jupiter implements 10th house in the 40th year the place it is located. Further the 9th aspect of Jupiter would be in the 6th house of job, so an event in job area can happen, which is what happened he got promotion.

Chart 190

Chart 2:

DOB: 09-Sep-1963 TOB: 4.00 a.m. POB: Machilipatnam, India. In this chart Jupiter is located in Pisces the 9th house. This person in the 40th year i.e. between 09-Sept-2002 to 09-Sept-2003 went in to depression due to the problems in profession. His blood pressure shot up to 160/110. He met with an accident and was bed ridden for some days.

If we see 9th from Jupiter, then it is the 5H which is house of loss of health (12th from 6th of health) & 8th house of Sankat (problems) from 10th of career. The 5H is the house of mind and depression starts with the mind, its lord is Mars in the 12th from it in the 4H of heart (blood) and Mars is blood, also in the 6th from Moon (flow of blood) hence he could have had blood pressure problems which starts with non regulation from the heart (4H)

DOB: 18-July-1968 POB: Amalapuram, India TOB: 16:00 Hrs. This man was working abroad, lost his job during August 2007 and returned to India. Again in January 2008 he went abroad on some job and could not retain it for long. Returned to India during July 2008. In January 2009 he once again got a job abroad and he is continuing there. So during the entire 40th year he was having professional disturbance. He has Jupiter in 10th house Leo. From this house Jupiter aspects through the 9th aspect the 6th house Aries where Saturn and Moon are present. Saturn is 4L of home (he returned home) and 3L of short travel (Jan 2008 he travelled but not long term). So in 40th year Jupiter ruled the 10th and 6th both concerned with profession predominantly. Further, the lord of the 9th from Jupiter is Mars and is in the 8th house showing the ups and downs as indicated above. Do not ignore this point, the dispositor of the aspected house can indicate the end result as previously highlighted in all our articles.

Chart 4:

DOB: 10-Oct-1968 POB: Secunderabad, India TOB: 03:25 a.m. This man in the 40th year suffered severe infection in his liver and of course is now cured. During April 2008 this person was infected and hospitalized for some time. In this case Jupiter is in Leo ascendant and implemented in the ascendant (body). See the beauty here Jupiter indicates Liver in human body and Leo also indicates Liver. Therefore the effect was more severe. Jupiter’s 9th aspect will be on Aries which in Kala Purusha (Natural Zodiac) indicates the health and main body of individual. Its lord in Leo indicates problems to health (12th from 6th sign of health).

Chart 192

Chart 5:

DOB: 17-May-1954 TOB: 03:05 a.m. POB: Cuddapah, India. This native is an IITian and completed his research in IIT Kharagpur. His 40th year would be from May 1993 to May 1994. He was working as a lecturer in REC Calicut. During the 40th year his promotion was denied due to political issues. He got vexed up with his job and tried abroad (Singapore) for a job. During Sept 1993 he got a chance and left for Singapore. There he could settle as a reader in Singapore University. He is a Pisces ascendant person, Jupiter in 4th house Gemini aspecting his 12th house of abroad by 9th aspect. He says his non-promotion was a turning point for him otherwise he would not have tried for a job abroad. Jupiter aspect on 12th from ascendant has given him a loss by not getting promoted in the job at the same time it dragged him abroad where he could settle comfortably. Jupiter sitting in the 4H of home land has give its result in the 40th year by combining with Ketu (Change-demonstrated in previous editorials of SA) and made him change his residence from India to Singapore.

DOB: 14-Dec-1964 POB: 04:35 a.m. POB: Machilipatnam, India. He is a Scorpio ascendant person with Jupiter in 6th house Aries. In 40th year (feb-2004) he purchased a flat by taking loan and entered new house. Jupiter aspects 2nd house of gain of property being in 6th house of loan. Thus he gave both gain of property (11th from 4th) via loan (6th house of loan where he is placed) in the 40th year.

Chart 7:

Chart 194

DOB: 20-Mar-1968 POB: Ponnur TOB: 04:14 a.m. He is Capricorn ascendant. Jupiter is in 8th house Leo. In 40th year the native experienced lot of financial problems and his wife suffered slip disc, a chronic disease. He purchased a flat during end of 2006 which he had to sell during his 40th year (jan-2008). Here Jupiter being the lord of 12th house of ill-health & hospitalization is in 8th house aspecting 4th house from ascendant. Eighth house indicates wife’s health as per some & as per some it will give effect in the 12th from it as it is retrograde so here it will give results of the 7th house of wife – his wife’s health suffered as Jupiter brought back the chronic disease energy of the 8th house. Being 3rd lord of loss/sale of house aspecting 4th house of property he had to sell his house to overcome financial hardship. All this happened in the 40th year thus fulfilling the promise of the 40th

Chart 8:

DOB: 17-July-1964 POB: Kakinada TOB: 06:00 a.m. He is Cancer ascendant person. Jupiter is in 10th house Aries. From Aries it aspects Sagittarius 6th from ascendant, also Sagittarius is the natural sign of car loan. This person has taken bank loan and purchased Car during Oct 2003. Jupiter activated ketu, 6th house and A~4. (arudha of vehicles). Jupiter’s dispositor Mars is placed with Venus in Taurus, the natural sign of gain of vehicles.


So far we have tested this method on 30 charts in total & not on 100s, we request readers to do so and give their feedback. We repeat it here that a technique working on even 100 charts does not make it a dictum. It might not work on your 101st chart, the reason is as there is a Yoga there is a Yoga bhanga too for each yoga, this concept of yoga bhanga is not thought of by most astrologers. The same way there should be yoga bhanga for all the Bhrighu Easy Methodology techniques which we are not aware of. Certain positions of certain planets to each planet will create a yoga bhanga, ancient classics give us the hints to this but so far none have expounded on it and scholars are requested to do so if they have ignored it so far. In time to come we would expound the various other years of the 9th aspect of Jupiter and also the various other years of implementation of the aspects of the other planets.

Venkat is a law graduate and presently pursuing post graduation in management. He has studied Jyotish Visharada in the ICAS (Indian council of astrological sciences) and is an honorary faculty in one of its branches at Hyderabad. He has been studying palmistry for more than 10 years and over a period of time his interest drifted towards astrology. A friend of Saptarishis Astrology and a very humble yet extremely dedicated student of this subject. You give him a technique he would test it in 24 hours on 20 charts and give you feedback, with that speed he works. He is a senior member of the Saptarishis Astrology Re-Search Team.

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