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Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi -2 by Saptarishis Astrology

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi -2 by Saptarishis Astrology

The system of timing events to the exact date with dasa is lost or maybe was never there, but with transits sometimes we are lucky to get results, that is once in a blue moon and that too with no consistency. The system presented herein does not mean it is infallible or always one would get the exact date but at times we would be lucky, those would be the moments of the astrologer. This again is as per the rules of the 6 th ring of Saptarishis, which states that normal astrologers (they say) cannot become extremely good in their predictions, tough to believe in this age but this is what was written down.

After we find out 2‐3 events of what would happen in a chart for a particular year of life. Note down the following points in the concerned sign. E.g. if say you get the current age of the native as the 28 th year which means our ‘Bhrighu Chakra Bindu’ comes in the 4H these are :

Trigger Points

  1. Note the degrees of planets placed in 4H

2 Note the degree of the lord of that house (4H)

  1. Note the degrees of the various other planets conjoined with the 4L
  2. If any planet aspects the 4H or where the 4L is then note down the degrees of those planets
  3. Note down the degrees of the Upagrahas
  4. Note down the degrees of the arudha points in both houses.
  • To gain more please start reading this during Sukhla Paksha, on a Friday with left nostril flowing in the hora of Venus.
  1. Note down the dispositors dispositor (we are still testing this point)
  2. Note down the degrees of the sahams
  3. Do not ignore the Asc degree in any house.

There are many more points but let’s keep it simple in the examples below.

Chart 1: 97 yr old native, time of birth roughly 3 pm


If one spends too much time on the net forums then one gets vary to touch charts where the client has said it’s not too sure. Some of us infact get into an obsessive habit of correcting perfect birth times. In 2007 this chart was being studied which belongs to the mother of a very good Canadian Astrologer who does western astrology. Bhrighu Chakra Bindu:

2007‐1910=97 th year=97‐96=1H of the chart where Rahu, Mandi/Gulika & retro Saturn is there, which means a disastrous year for her as so many malefics and Asc Lord in the 8H of chronic disease and accidents & badhak Saturn in Lagna. Natal Jupiter protects the 1H which means the native can escape death though were sure she would die but as the daughter puts its every time we feel she will not survive this fighter survives. So as we have so many planets in the 1H we note the degrees of the planets.

One House =30 degrees= 1 year = 365.2425 days so 1 degree=12.17 days (approx)

Now calculate the days for each planet that you got above in the 1H and its lord Mars, you would get 4 dates, something on these 4 dates would happen. Do not forget transits but for the sake of focusing more on the core technique transits are not touched here.

The badhak lord is Saturn or Rahu for that year, which means badha will come in this year from 18 th Dec 2006 to 18 th Dec 2007 i.e. her 97th year (1H), now note the degrees of Rahu in 1H it is 24Ar32, multiply by 12.17= 24.32 x 12.17= 298.89 days. Add this to the last birth date 18 th Dec 2006 and we get Rahus Trigger Point as 12 th Oct 2007, as Rahu is the badhak & also GK (Gnyati Karaka – accidents karaka ‐ 8 karaka) hence she had a very serious accident on 5th

Oct 2007.

As you can see our date is 7 days away, what has been observed over many more horoscopes is that this Trigger Point acts as Before or After. Remember how village astrologers predict ‘Yeh Tariq ke pehle hojaye ga or Yeh Tarig ke badh mein hoja ye ga (Before this date the event will happen or after so and so date the event will happen)

Note here that the time of birth is not accurate but still one can predict in retrospect to the Parasari System of Vargas.

Chart 2: Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi



He died at the age of 40 which is 4H, the 4L Mercury has gone in the 12H of exit from the world, so note the degrees of Mer which is 14.15, convert this into days which is 14.15 x 12.17=173 days, now add this to the last birth day which was 19 th May 1949 and you get 8 th Nov 1949 and he was hanged on 15 th Nov 1949, seven days later than Mer Trigger Point Date.

Gandhi Assasination:

 He assassinated Gandhiji on 30 th Jan 1948 because of which this man shot to worldwide fame (note word fame) for killing the man considered as a thorn in the British Empire. If we calculate it is the 38th year of his life, which means 38‐36=2 nd house where Mandi (poison) sits & aspected by Ketu (metal) from 6H of enmity & trinal aspect of Ven2 the 5L of fame and also the 12 th lord of cause of exit. So we note the degrees of Mandi, Ketu and Venus and calculate date of event.

For brevity take Venus at 20.15 = 20.15 x 12.17= 246 days which added to last birth day you get 20 th Jan 1948 whereas he assassinated Gandhi on 30 th Jan 1948, 10 days from the date of our Ven Trigger Point Date. Also note that Venus is the Amk (main karma) so his main karma in this life was to eliminate Gandhi and that is what happened on the date as per this system.

Chart 3: George Bush Jr.

1 st Term:

Let’s observe the 55 th year which is from July 2000 to July 2001. Before that when you see this chart you see maximum number of planets in the 1H, note this and also the rulers of this house. Now the 55 th year = 55‐48=7th house which is the house of padaprapti (which means Gain of Position), so note the aspects on this house, a gajakesari yoga (formed by 9L & Asc lord note this) aspect (5th) is there on 7H and also lord of it Saturn goes into the 1H, which means padaprapti comes to self. Saturn will behave as 7L more as it is 3 degree & not finally as 8 th lord. Now this Saturn receives the energy of gajakesari yoga of the 9th lord by virtue of its dispositor going to this Saturn. So this year this man will suddenly become lion and we see the degrees of Saturn, Mer, Venus and convert them into dates as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi system.

  • As mentioned at the start of the article you can see this from another point of view, 2H is the Year of Concern, 2L Moon is in the 4H aspected at 20 degree of it by Venus sitting at 20 degree.

For now let’s take the ‘Lord of Gajakeshari Yoga’ Mercury here whose deg is 16Cn45 = 16.45 x 12.17 =203 days, add this to last birth day of 6 th July 2000 we get 25 th Jan 2001. He incidentally assumed the most powerful post on earth on 20 th Jan 2001, five days before our date.

This marks the most important date of his life. But lets not forget who is Mer (Trigger Point One) he is Pik, which means PitriKaraka, that means 9H, which means Bhagya (Prosperity giver) & in western astrology house of king we are told, he incidentally became the king of the world.

2 nd Term:

Let’s see his 59 th year which would be from July 2004 to July 2005 when he ran again for 2 nd term for presidency. Now 59 th year= 59‐48=11 th house of Achievements, where an exalted Rahu is sitting with Uranus & A3 (arudha of the 3H). What is A3 he is the ‘Result of the Gajakesari Yoga and that too a 9L & Asc Lord one (note this). If you see the lord of 59th year goes to Lagna and the same story that happened 4 yrs back would be repeated. Also go back to A3 whose degree would be 16. 45. Now convert it into days we get 203 days, adding this to last birth date of 6 th July 2004 we get 25th Jan 2005 whereas he assumed office on 20 th Jan 2005.

Chart 4: Barak Obama

In India in olden days the first thing they would predict is when marriage will happen and when the first child will happen. The joy of both is limitless.


His marriage was discussed in the Publitorial of this issue of Saptarishis Astrology Vol 3 with the 19 th Verse technique, he married in his 32nd year which is from Aug 1992 to Aug

1993, so let’s see 32‐24=8H where Rahu and Mars is sitting. Now note rahu, it is Amk, so 10H significator, who is 10H, he is the sukha of marriage partner (4 th from 7 th ). From parasari point of view, Rahu is the 2nd lord of family way, so will he go the family way, see the degrees of Rahu it is 4.34 converted into days you get 55 days which comes to 28 th Sept 1992 whereas 5 days later he got married on 3rd Oct 1992.

Child Birth:

Let’s see his 37th year (Aug 1997 –Aug 1998), 37th year =37‐36=1 st house, what is 1 st house it is the father of the child (9 th from 5 th house of children) which means child will get father i.e. man becomes father. Also, the lord of the 1H Saturn is with Jupiter the putra karaka (children significator). Now in 1H there are two planets Saturn & Jupiter, both retro. Which means we get 4 degrees, two of Sat & Jupiter & two of 30° – retro deg. Now take Saturn it is 2 deg so we get Trigger Points for 2 degree and as Saturn is retro (backwards) we deduct 30‐ 2= 28 degree. Now convert 28 degree to days you get 340 days added to last birth day you get

10 th July 1998 as Saturn’s Trigger Point Date whereas his 1 st child Malia Ann3 was born 4 th July 1998, difference of 6 days from the technique.

Note: There has been lot of debate on Obamas birth time but finally he released his birth certificate and one can also confirm that with this chart the 1 st child will be a girl child with name starting with M.

Unknown Birth Times

This is the toughest for anyone to predict. There is no system clear cut enough to determine correct Asc with us so far. All of us in the astro community get frustrated when presented with unknown birth times but we can’t run away from it. Let’s use Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi Method on some charts of unknown birth times.

Chart 5: Manmohan Singh, PM Of India

When he became the prime minister of India, instead of the Opposition Party spending sleepless nights the astrologers became busy finding out his chart and his birth time, many charts were floated but this was the case which baffled all as he was a man who was nowhere near the throne of Primeministership & all of us had failed to predict his Rise. Out of the many charts one such chart was floated on the net forums.

For those who consider this chart to be correct with Sg Asc would say that Budha Aditya yoga wherein Sun is the powerful 9L and Mer giving Mahapursha yoga has given him fame as the best Finance (Mer) Minister who was the sculptor behind India becoming a Super Power. He assumed office on 22 nd May 2004, so 2004‐1932= 72 nd year of life which means Bhrighu Chakra Bindu is in the 12H for that year whose lord Mars goes into 8H of sudden

changes & other lord Ketu goes into 9H with Jupiter 4 the Asc lord & 4L of throne in the 9H of kingship. Taking the traditional route Mars the lord of the 72 nd year is with Moon & Venus, a triple Vipareeta Raja Yoga aspected by retro Saturn so the results of the 12H, 8H & 6H will come in late in life and true to the nature of Vipareeta Raja Yoga, it was the inability of Sonia Gandhi to be PM, he was instead given the mantle of becoming PM after much drama. The noteworthy feature is Moon (Sonia) is its own house with Venus (again Sonia, she is still beautiful), so note the degree of the Moon which is 19.39, converted to days it comes 239 days, added to last birth day of 26Sept 2003 we get 22 nd May 2004, the day he became the Prime Minister of India. Why moon? Because it is the naisargik (natural) lord of the 4H of Throne. All this happened in the 8H which means this was his destiny 100% that too with Moon (Amk – it was his karma), Mars (MK – Sonia is the angry mother holding the reins of the govt) and Ven (AK – soul – born for this event)


Naisargik Kundali System

Let’s assume you do not even know the Asc of any native for e.g. the above native Mr. Singh, then how do we treat this 72 nd year which is the 12H, then we go to the Naisargik Kundali wherein Pisces is the 12H, here lord will be Jupiter (who in the naisargik kundali will be 9L in the 5H of Power, he got power), whose degree is 17.02 and we get date of 20 th April 2004, so you predict that if at all he would get power it would be only after 20 th April 2004 and within a month he became PM by the blessings of his father.

 4 Note how many Indian Prime Ministers have Jupiter Ketu together.

Chart 6: The Joker – Heath Andrew Ledger

 This is another chart of a man who played the joke on us when we expected him to become one of the finest actors in cinema. There is absolutely no clue to his time of birth. We checked with ADB (astro data bank) users and even they did not have his birth time. We remember him for his fine performance in The Patriot, Monsters Ball, A Knights Tale, Brokeback Mountain 5 & finally as ‘The Joker’ in just released Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’ which has broken all box office records and he had a tough role to beat the legend of legends Mr. Jack Nicolson. Heath’s performance was liked by all but he never got to see the fame6 of ‘The Dark Knight’ as he died on. As there is no time of birth let’s see his chart from Naisargik Kundali point of view with Aries as the Asc.

He died in his 29 th year (2004‐1979=29), which means 5H (29‐24=5), see what is happening to the 5H, Rahu & retro Sat aspected by maraca lord Venus who for Aries becomes a perfect maraca, see the 5L Sun goes into the 12H which means fame (5H) after death (12H) and is with 8L Mars and 3 & 6L Mer. What a terrible year for this great actor. See he died of drugs overdose (5H has rahu etc) in bed (see 5L in the 12H of bed). Death:

Academy Award nominee (Best Lead Actor), Golden Globe nominee (Best Lead Actor ‐ Drama), BAFTA Award nominee (Best Lead Actor), SAG nominee (Best Lead Actor, Best Ensemble Cast), AFI Award (International Award for Best Actor), New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor

  • Even film critic David Denby, who does not praise the film overall in his pre‐release review in The New Yorker, evaluates Ledger’s work highly, describing his performance as both “sinister andfrightening” and Ledger as “mesmerizing in every scene”, concluding: “His performance is a heroic, unsettling final act: this young actor looked into the abyss.

Rahu (drugs) is at 23.36 which means 287 days, added to his last birth day we get 16 th Jan 2008 whereas he died on 22 nd Jan 2008, 6 days after Rahu Trigger Point Date.

2H is a maraca (killer) house, here Mandi (poison –drugs) is in Taurus (naisargik 2H) now observe that Mandi does not change degree even if it is morning to 5 pm. The degree of Mandi is 24.03, whose dispositor Ven becomes a triple maraca aspecting the 5H (29 th year), so this Mandi becomes extremely important, now convert into days its 292 days, which is 21 st Jan 2008 whereas his body was found on 22 nd Jan 2008.

Special Note:

After this article was completed & some probing re‐started on Heaths birth time, Kathy posted on the Astro Data Bank Forum.

‘I have a time of birth for Heath Ledger from Gabriella Mittelman that was posted on the ISAR Ezine Volume 478 and given as 6.30 a.m., Perth, Australia.’



He died in his 29 th year (2004‐1979=29), which means 5H (29‐24=5), see what is happening to the 5H, there is exalted Jupiter, his love life is ruined, one day his buddhi will get brasth (means intelligence ruined) & he won’t get the love of his father as Jupiter is 10L & exalted. But let’s not try to confirm if the chart is correct as that is not the purpose of this article. Now see Jups dispositor is Moon in the 4H (1st pillar of life), it is aspected by Ketu (those who do not believe that Ketu has aspect can refer to classics for relevant shloka) who is with 8L & 3L of death Venus making it behave like Venus. Ketu’s deg is 23.37 which is 287 days which added to last birth date comes to 16th Jan 2008 whereas he died on 22nd Jan 2008. Ketu in 12H gives moksha (liberation) and that’s what it gave him liberation from this life.

Chart 7: Demise of C.S.Patel


He died on 14 th Aug 2007 i.e. 92 nd year= 92‐84=8 th house, there Jup the 6th lord in 8H so chronic disease that year is guaranteed. Now 8L Sat goes into the 12H of exit and loss of physical body (12th from 1H), so see deg of Sat it is 20.40, which means Sat will have two Trigger Points one at 20.40 and other at 9.20, converting 20.40 we get 251 days when the blow of Saturn will be final, adding it to his last birth day we get 8 th Sept 2007, whereas 24 days before he expired. The story goes like this, sometimes we pray to God for someone not to die

  • at times we pray to God for the native to die early. One of the students of Patel was present when Patel was hospitalized and could not bear to see his Gurudev suffer. He went to a very famous Shani Temple in Ahmadabad (remember Shani is in the 12h so will be the decider) and prayed profusely to Lord Shani to take away his Guru and the very next day Patel Saheb was no more. So did the event of death happen before the scheduled day, it’s anybody’s guess?

Chart 8: Wesley from Sohamsa List

When a man does not have a job only he can truly experience the agony of staying in an American city on his own and no support system contrary to the Indian Family system. Till date there is no repeatable method of predicting job timing & so the jobless ones go from astrologer to astrologer without getting any respite. This native made a post on the Sohamsa List Message No 15320 & our friend asked him using this method ‘Around Sept 23rd/24th 2007 and/or Aug 15th 2007 ‐ did any specific event happen in your life that you remember.

His reply was ‘I was

working at a temporary

sea job at Seattle, traveling to

Canada,  that  job






mom  came




helped me moved out

of the









23rd,  you  were








went  back


Florida, all dreams are gone. I have not worked since then.

Now how was the 23rd Sept 2007, see 26 th year would be from July 2007 to July 2008, it would be 2H where Mandi and retro Uranus are there. Mandi is at 5.27=66days add it to last birth day of 19July2007, we get 23rd Sept 2007 bang on, it happening in 2H where 2L in 12H, person will travel but loss, finance issues and family will come into picture all 2H attributes, Mandi created the block which has not made this young boy not work till now.

Chart 9: Predicting date of travel to London

This native is one of the copy editors & proof readers for Saptarishis Astrology; we had earlier failed thrice on his chart in predicting travel abroad which he desperately wants as his fanatic passion is to settle down abroad. Few months back he asked us to relook at his chart, we then used this method and saw that he is running the 35 th year of his life which means 11H, the lord of which goes to 3H of travel, it is Saturn so west, at the same time it is sign Gemini which as per Raphael is London I think. Now 3 Trigger points you get Sat, Ketu, Ven, Saturn looks more probable but the date was already gone past by the time the reading was being given. Take Ven (Amk – Career), it is 21.30 converted to date we get 7th Aug 2008, we had done manual calculations and predicted 8 th Aug 2008, he got an offer from hisLondon office (west of India – Sat) to join there for a project, he was thrilled and he asked us to predict again we


stuck to 8 th Aug 2008, he said he already had tickets in his hand for 2nd Aug, so prediction was off the mark. Then Sat retro gave its effects and the London office screwed up on paper work, he asked if he would go we said wait for 8th Aug, today as we are writing this 5th Aug he said things are sorted out and he is going on Sunday the 10th Aug 2008 early morning.

Chart 10: Bill Clinton

There are many time of births floating for him but here we stick to what is worked upon by K.N.Rao.

Monica Lewinsky Scandal: 52nd year

It broke out on 21st Jan 19987 bringing him to shame & also the American Presidency. Here we shall not go into verification of the chart as that’s not the objective, 1998‐1946=52nd year= 52‐48=4 th house of prestige, the lord of which is placed in the 2H aspecting his 8H of scandal

  • destroyed his 1H (ref Jup in chara rasi article in Vol 1) of name & self image. This Jupiter is also his 7L of relationships. Now see 4H is aspected by Mars who is with Venus, we all know generally what is Mars Ven (sex) which aspects his 4H containing A6 (6H arudha, 6H is court, he went to court). That means due to Sex he will go to court in his 52ndyear that is how one interprets. Then see 4L Jupiter, from it the 8H of scandal & sex has Rahu, who itself means scandal and sitting with AL (arudha lagna). As we know whenever Rahu is with AL, it invariably involves scandal on ones image.

Now take deg of Mars who is the 8L of scandal & sex & dispositor of Gulika, its deg is 13.13 converted to days its comes as 160 days which comes to 26 th Jan 1998 and his scandal was out on 21st Jan 1998 and by 26 th Jan the whole world was talking at every pub & household. Jupiter aspecting the 8H here could have made him act priestly8 (Jupiter is priest) denying the whole incident & acting saintly, guess that is how it happened. Though finally Jupiter won and made him retain his presidency. One may note that on 26th Jan 1998 as per our

Bhrighu Chakra Trigger Point Date, President Clinton, standing with his wife, spoke at a White House press conference, and issued a forceful denial for the first time. One can go back and find out when the relationship started & we would find Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi working to the T.

Chart 11: Immobile since 8 yrs

  • The magazine is not trying to deride Mr. Clintons act, as any event is just an event neither good nor bad.

This chart belongs to a very dear friend & volunteer now of Saptarishis Astrology who inspite of not knowing astrology has been a major contributor to the magazine. When you look at this chart the first thing you notice is 3 planets in 12H & exalted Ketu in the 8H of meditation/occult which means Big Mistake in Meditation will be done (Ketu means mistake and exalted means big one), and this is Ketu is energized by Jupiter from 5H of mental things. Additionally Ketu in the 8H ‘can’ indicate an incurable disease.

26th Year:

See the 26th year from Oct 1999 to Oct 2000; it would be the 2H (26‐24) which is in the rahu/ketu axis so we are alerted. The 2H is owned by Mars, whose deg is 26.28 and is the AK (soul significator) means something tragic (ketu) effecting the soul (mars AK) and violent (Mars) can happen at the Mars Trigger Point of 26.28 deg which converts to 30 th Aug 2008. Mars additionally is in the 12H of hospitals with the chronic 8L Ven who is also the dispositor of Ketu. She was doing meditation on 21 st Aug, 2000 with a group of spiritualists in a hill resort, the meditation became intense and she went for stroll down the hill, slipped and went tumbling down and her back hit a rock, she has been paralysed in the back since then and is on wheel chair since 8 yrs. Such a beautiful soul has to face so much of trouble for no fault of hers so could we as astrologers have told her do not go for any sort of meditation in the 26 th year if she approached us in the 25 th year is the question we need to ask ourselves.

Further Thinking



If you see at times we get great results

but still it is a miss of 7‐8 days,



for this article


calculations are done on the basis

of one year equals to 365.2524,

whereas for 2 years we were not

using an excel sheet but just using

the constant 12.166 derived from

365 days ÷ 30° of a sign and we

were getting almost dot on dates.



is complex when


comes to length of a year e.g.

•   346.62 days — a draconitic

year  in  some  septenary






  • 353, 354 or 355 days — the lengths of common years in some lunisolar calendars.
  • 37 days (12 lunar months) — the average length of a year in lunar calendars.
  • 365 days — a common year in many solar calendars
  • 24219 days — a mean tropical year near the year 2000.
  • 2424 days — a vernal equinox year.
  • 2425 days — the average length of a year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • 25 days — the average length of a year in the Julian calendar.
  • 2564 days — a sidereal year.
  • 366 days — a leap year in many solar calendars.
  • 383, 384 or 385 days — the lengths of leap years in some lunisolar calendars.
  • 9 days (13 lunar months) — a leap year in some lunisolar calendars.

If you use the Lunar year of 354.37 on the above chart you get 20 th Aug 208 as date of accident which is just one day behind the actual date. We welcome comments of guidance on the length of years. Further work must be done by software programmers for something simple on this though we attach an excel sheet for downloads which can help in calculation created by our friend Jay Weiss, Sweden.

The attempt made here in this article is to request everyone not to ignore this method but test it aggressively, you would find some days when nothing has happened, let it not dissuade you as there might be some other reason for no event happening. We also could have given those charts where the dates were bang on 100% but those were charts where predictions were done for common man (non celebs) but as it is a common practice among writers to cook up charts and claim their predictive ability we avoided using those charts. It is also internationally an accepted standard among astrology writers to include ‘only’ charts of known figures whose birth time cannot be doctored hence we stuck mainly to known figures horoscopes.

We will continue to reveal more techniques within this method as per the instructions & grace of our mentor in time to come. As we feel this is one of the most ancient methods we feel the laws of Jyotish Purusha would be very active on this method. So those who do not follow the laws of Jyotish Purusha it is humbly requested of them not to use this method as it would not give true fruits.

Body Part




1st H



nd H


Neck, Arms

rd H



th H



5th H



6th H



7th H



8th H



9th H



10th H



11 th H



12th H


According to Daivajna Kamadhenu, Part 1, Chapter 12 Shloka 35, the above table should be the allocation in the case of natives born head first, whereas the case of natives born with feet first, the reverse order should be followed.

Manu in work titled ‘Jaganmohanam’

If the Vedha causing planet is weak, its Vedha will be ineffective. That is the auspiciousness or inauspicious planet will go ahead unchecked. – Manu in work called ‘Jaganmohanam’ Jupiter Pluto Yuti (conjunction) is one of the best combinations for Spirituality – Jyotish Sahastravali

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