Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 11 by Saptarishis Astrology

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 11 by Saptarishis Astrology

Data Assistance: Venkat Ramana, India.

Readership Level: Basic To Advanced

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP-11: Jupiter 5th aspect rule in 32nd year.

  • Jupiter will implement its 5th aspect in the 5th house from the place it is located in the 32nd year of a native’s life.
  • At ‘Times’ it has been observed that this 32nd year implementation also can happen in the same house.
  • Jupiter’s 5th aspect has a Special ‘Unlocking’ characteristic & a ‘Purva Puniac Characteristic’ (Previous Life Results). This must not be ignored.
  • The 3rd house from this 5th house (aspect) of Jupiter i.e. 7th house from Jupiter, will ‘Control’ or ‘Influence’ the results of this 5th In effect one can say that Jupiter’s 7th aspect can also be implemented in the 32nd year.
  • Jupiter is karaka for children, prosperity ( Vriddhi) is to be kept in mind & also can be the worst malefic at times irrespective of lordships (old astrologer’s saying to mentor)

Kindly re-read the above & let us test the charts given hereunder by applying the above rule bearing in mind that testing is easy but application of any method can be done only by a Master astrologer after he has put his head under the sword of 50,000 charts publicly for decades, the rest are only gurus or writers.

Chart 1:

DOB: 29-Aug-1969 POB: Hyderabad TOB: 12:55 p.m. The 32nd year of the native will be from Aug 2000 to Aug 2001 & this lady got married during October 2000 in her 32nd year. See the placement of Jupiter it is in the 11H of marriage (BPHS) with Mercury the 11th lord of marriage. Jupiter’s ‘Unlocking’ 5th aspect falls on the 3rd house which is the Bhagya of Marriage and thus the Bhagya of marriage was ‘Unlocked & Activated’ enabling the lady to get married at this later age in life. From Moon Asc, this 3rd house which is receiving the 5th aspect of Jupiter is the 11H of marriage from Moon Asc. This 11H receives the aspect of Venus who is the DK (darakaraka-life partner karaka) in 7 charakaraka scheme whereas in the 8 charakaraka scheme it would be GK (dispute-divorce karaka – significator).

Chart 196

See placement of Jupiter it is in the 9H of ‘Manifestation of Children’ (arudha of 5H of children), its 5th aspect falls in the Asc whose lord is Moon placed in the 11H of children (BPHS). Jupiter in return is aspected by PK-Putra Karaka (Children significator) Mercury from 3H which is the gain of children house (11th from 5H). Mercury becomes PK (children) in 7 charakaraka scheme whereas in 8 charakaraka scheme he becomes Pik. It is said that children are a result of one’s Purva Punya (previous life’s deeds) and here you can see how the Purva Puniac 5th aspect has unlocked it for the native.

Chart 3:

Chart 197

DOB: 14-Dec-1964 POB: Machilipatnam TOB 04:35 a.m. The 32nd year of this native will be from Dec 1995 to Dec 1996 & he got promotion during June 1996 in his 32nd year. See placement of Jupiter it is in the 6H of job/service and thus its 5th house aspect he will implement in the 32nd year which will be 5th from 6th i.e. 10th house of career & achievements. In the 10H Mars the 6th lord of job is placed along with A2 (money/status – due to promotion) & Amk (career – both schemes) is placed and thus gave him the promotion in job in the 32nd year thereby implementing Jupiter’s unlocking aspect.

Chart 4:

DOB: 17-July-1964 POB: Kakinada TOB: 06:00am. His 32nd year will be from July 95 to July 96 and he got promotion during May 1996. Jupiter is in the 10H so BSP-11 (b) is also implementing in the 32nd year in 10H and Jupiter’s 5th aspect is looking at the 2 nd house of status & money where A6 (job). Thus he gained both money and status in his job in the 32nd year.

Chart 5:

Chart 199

DOB: 20-Mar-1973 POB: Warangal TOB: 23:36. The 32nd year of the native will be from Mar 2004 to Mar 2005. Jupiter is sitting in the 12H and its 32nd year 5th aspect will be on the 4H of home. Jupiter is the 2nd lord of family life (getting activated) and also the 11th lord of children (BPHS), the native was blessed with 2nd child during November 2004 the 32nd year of the native. Jupiter is karaka for children

its aspect in 4H of home, stated that ‘Child will come in home’ or it can be interpretated that Jupiter’s increasing aspect in 4H of home life, thus ‘ghar mein vriddhi huin’ (increase in family) which is what happened. 1st child is 5H, 2nd child is 3rd from 5th which is the 7H and the lord of it is Sun (PK too) in conjunction with an exalted Venus, thus possibility of female child is more and the 2nd child was a female child.

Chart 6:

DOB: 24-July-1951 POB: Amalapuram TOB: 04:35 a.m. The 32nd year of the native will be from July 82 to July 83 and during this period he was blessed with a son on October 1982. Jupiter’s is sitting in the 10H of career and has not much to do with children (unless you take it 2nd from 9th), but it’s 5th unlocking, increasing and Poorva Punya aspect (children) falls in the 2nd house of family where Sun the PK (children karaka) is placed. The dispositor of this PK- sun is placed along with Jupiter thereby instigating it to give results of children. From Moon Asc this 5th aspect of Jupiter falls again in the 5H of children from Moon, thus all roads point to one thing which is something to do with children and that is what happened, he was blessed with a male child (Sun is male planet- but not always).

Chart 7:

DOB: 16-Mar-1957 POB: Amalapuram TOB: 00:21. The 32nd year of this female native will be Mar 88 to Mar 89 & in this 32nd year when Jupiter implements its 5th aspect she was blessed with son in August 1988. It is requested of readers to erect this chart in their software and play with arudha calculation options and 7-8 charakaraka options. Unfortunately only 2 methods of arudha calculation are known so far to the jyotish world but there are 3 more. This chart can be looked at from many angles, if one follows BPHS Jupiter is sitting in the 11H of children with A9 (children for females), she was blessed with child using BSP-11 (b) method. Jupiter’s 5th aspect of Purva Punya (esp children) and vriddhi (increase) is falling on 3H which is the gain house of children (11th from 5th). Previously known Parasari methods of Jupiter being the 2nd lord of family and 5th lord of children being aspected by Jupiter’s 7th aspect on 5th house can be used profitably and timing gotten from BSP-11 (d) method. In Jaimini 7 charakaraka scheme Jupiter is GK (fight-disease significator) and with 8 charakaraka method Jupiter is Putrakaraka (children significator), so should one abolish 7 charakaraka method? whereas one cannot ignore that in this article in previous examples in most cases 7 charakaraka method has been successful.

In D7 Jupiter is placed in the 5H of children giving child in 32nd year – BSP-11 (b), aspecting with 5th aspect on the 9H of children (especially for women) giving child – BSP-11 (a).

So far we have taken only good cases of Jupiter’s 5th aspect and what about BSP-11 (e) wherein we said that when Jupiter becomes malefic it becomes the worst malefic, the most controversial statement considering that lordships might not count.

Chart 8:

Chart 202

The lady of above chart once challenged that astrology does not work and showed her chart to a Bhrighu Saral Paddathi astrologer amateur, he predicted that as Jupiter’s 5th aspect is implementing on the 8H of occult, where Saturn is 4L of chastity, she must have had a break in relationship in the 32nd year exactly, lady confirmed this and was stunned as to how fast this could be predicted, then she was predicted that in that year she must have had a kind of psychic attack/black magic in regards to this or a relationship wherein the lady confirmed through a series of stories of how she felt its exactly due to some kind of black magic this could have happened and infact in that period she got a dream in which her hair (Saturn) was being cut and some magic ritual performed by some tantrik in that dream. What is not shown here in the above chart is Saturn is dispositor of 12L of dreams too. That year was a very bad year for her and as you can see here Jupiter inspite of owning two good houses has played the worst malefic for her though might have protected her in the end.

The BSP -10 & 11 techniques are presented at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu and Lord Ganapati for their acceptance and blessings.

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