Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 13 by Saptarishis Astrology

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 13 by Saptarishis Astrology

Technique: Saptarishis Astrology

Readership Level: Basic To Advanced

With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi, Lord Bhrighu & Varahamihira, we thank them for the boons of BSP and are now diving into BSP-13 with this new karma revealing technique.

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP-13: Saturn’s 3rd aspect implements itself in the 20th year.

What must be kept in mind is that when we read in newspapers that a person died when he was 79, it actually means he completed his 79th year and was ‘In His’ 80th year. The Nadi system of astrology follows this ‘In His’ year or current or running year as Indians like to call it. So when we say Saturn implements its 3rd aspect in his 20th year it means that the native has completed the 19th year and is now ‘In His’ 20th year or in other words between 19 and 20. Also as the Late J. N. Bhasin pointed out in his immortal classic ‘Hora Shatak’ results of planets (in our case Saturn’s 20th year) can be altered plus minus 1 or 2 years depending on the strength of planets and aspects of benefics and malefics on it.

Chart #1: Elizabeth Taylor

British-American actress, born in London to American parents residing in Britain. She learned ballet shortly after learning to walk and once performed before the Queen. At just 18, she married 23-year-old Nicky Hilton, heir to the hotel fortune, on 6th June 1950, and it was a disaster from the first. The marriage did not last a year. Next came divorced British actor Michael Wilding, 19 years Liz’s senior, whom she wedded on 21st Feb 1952.

Chart 203

Saturnji aspects the 5H of romance with his 3rd aspect wherein sits Rahu and Venus – Venus stands for love Rahu for divorcee/scandals – she married a divorcee. Moreover, the Lord of the 5H, Jupiter, occupies the 9H of religious ceremonies and so, the two lovers were duly wedded. Taylor’s 20th year will be from Feb 1951 to Feb 1952 when Saturn’s 3rd aspect will implement itself and that is when she married on 21st Feb 1952.

Chart #2: Amelia Gossage

American heiress upon the death of her wealthy parents when she was a teen. On 2nd Dec 1975 in her 20th year, she returned to her apartment with a dinner date. Her brother was there and refused to leave. Angry, she pulled his hair and threatened him with a claw hammer until he left. The next day, her brother Eben came home about 9:35 AM when she was asleep. He woke her at 10:30 AM as she had asked. They began a violent argument. At 10:55 AM she made a phone call then resumed their fight. Eben later claimed that she came at him with a hammer and scissors. In a rage, he hit her with the claw hammer over 17 times on her head and neck, then stabbed her in the back 20 times with the scissors. Altogether, she had 62 wounds. Amelia died between 11:00 AM and noon.

This is rather grim and we can see that Saturn aspects the 6H of enemies where Moon (12L of exit), Sun (Lagna Lord) and Mercury (maraka 2L & 11L of elder brother) conjointly sit. Same 6H is owned by Saturn which is conjunct with none else than Mars (Significator of brother) and Rahu (BK-brother significator as per degree system of sage Parasara) in the fierce sign of Scorpio. All this is very inauspicious and so was her demise, and this is how Saturn in the 4H (incident happened at home) did his 3rd aspect in the 20th year to the 6th house of fighting & created this dramatic violence (Saturn, Mars, Rahu – 3 most  violent planets) by her brother.

Chart #3: Jean-Claude Killy

French skier and entrepreneur, the second man in history to win the Triple Sweep in the Alpine men’s ski in the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, 1968. Taking the gold medal in downhill, slalom and giant slalom and focusing on speed as opposed to style, Killy helped create the modern racing style that revolutionized the sport. At 19, Killy joined the French team, whose coach was impressed by his daredevil style and came to the US for the first time.

Saturn’s 3rd house aspect falls on Leo, the 2H, which is occupied by its Lord the Sun, plus Moon (Lagna Lord & also dispositor of Coach 9L) and Venus (Lord of 4H & 11H) – thus setting the scene for his 20th year, when he joined his coach (Guru). This chart is a chart of dispositors. See Lagna is self body and LL Moon disposits Jup the 6th lord of sports & competition & 9L of coach. So the event in his life started in this 20th year which is initiated by Saturn’s 3rd aspect.

SA Editor/Publisher:

  1. Saturn is karma karaka and is placed in the 12H of ‘Past Life Unfinished Business’.
  2. Saturn is a cold planet – he activated the 20th year – ski – Winter Olympics – see connection.
  3. Leo is the 5H of Sishya (student) in the Natural Zodiac, thus Jean-Claude became a student which is most essential if one has to prepare for his karma.
  4. Saturn’s 3rd aspect did what is an unknown part in Vedic astrology, ‘it activated the Moon & Sun Ascendants together with Venus (note this Ven)’. Now see the chart from Moon & Sun Asc and you

Editor: As food for thought look at 3rd lord of brothers in the 8H of death & this is in the 3H (brothers) from Sun/Moon

indicating strong cause of brother in death. Then look at Asc & 3rd lord from Moon/ Sun Asc is Jupiter which is again in the 8H of death from the Sun Moon Asc.

would see the aggression required for sports, gotten in from Mars who thereby got activated as the Yogakaraka. Mark this Golden rule without yogakaraka activation via ‘Its’ Asc Sign getting activated, it remains a useless yogakaraka and astrologers complain that in real practice yogakaraka planet many a times does not give results without knowing the reasons for this. There are many rules for this but one of them is that without its Asc not adequately beneficially activated, it is useless. Note that Saturn is in a Vipareeta Raja yoga and thus its activation of Leo is most significant. Note that Vipareeta Raja Yoga generally means success after someone’s losses but it also means success after pressures; note that a Coach always put pressures on his students to perform.

  1. He was a craze in 66-67 and in 68 he broke records in the Winter Olympics – you can see that the planets Saturn activated in the 20th year, gave fruit, the 66-67 period was the Venus MD last part and during the greatest part of his career i.e. the Winter Olympics, the Sun MD had started fulfilling the Karmic role of the 8th cold Lord Saturn and bringing him to the forefront (7L Saturn), and this Saturn becomes the 6th lord of sports and competition from the Moon Sun Asc, now can one see the significance of this Saturn.
  2. 1-2 issues back, Saptarishis Astrology had spoken about an unknown ‘Activation Theory’, here in this chart you can see how this Activation has happened, the seed of the event is more important than the event and that is the role of astrologers to find. Let it be stressed we are in the business of finding out the seed & not only the fruit.

This move was a step closer to success for him, even if it came after some reverses.

Chart #4: Steven Spielberg

American film producer and director, the winner of an Academy Award on 21st Mar 1994 for his direction of the Best Picture of the year, “Schindler’s List.” On 21st Mar 1999, he won the Oscar as Best Director for his “Saving Private Ryan.” Spielberg grew up in Cincinnati, hearing war stories from Hungarian Holocaust survivors who were tutored by his grandmother. The family moved often and the boy often found himself an outcast, the only Jewish kid in school. He recalls the jibes and jokes about anti-Semitism and at one time, wished he was not Jewish. As a means of expression, he started tinkering with film production when he was eight with his dad’s 8mm camera. By the time he was 20, he became a professional director for Columbia Pictures. His parents’ marriage was unhappy and they divorced when Steven was 19 (that was it his 20th year running).

Chart 206

Saturn 9L of father aspects the 4H of home life & mother from its placement in the 2H of family, thereby separating (Saturn) the family. The 4L, Mercury, is placed in the 6H with Ketu, the karmic planet. It is at 19 years that he went through the pain of his parents’ divorce.

Chart #5

The person below is one of Saptarishis Astrology’s volunteers cum guide.

We see that Saturn occupies the 12H and therefore aspects the 2H. As the 2L of education has gone to the 3H of changes, he changed college and his line of education. As the 6L Mars aspects the 2L, he opted for a technical line of study (because he is a smart ‘kid’!). All this happened between May 92 to May 93, the 20th year and as Saturn is the 9L of higher education, it was indeed higher education (engineering studies) for the boy.

Chart #6: Mata Hari

Dutch prostitute and exotic dancer who also served as a spy. The daughter of a merchant, in her younger years Margaretha was expelled from convent school for sleeping with a priest2 and, at the age of 18, moved to Java with MacLeod, her 40-year-old husband. They married on 11th July 1895 (note 20th year). The couple had a violent marriage and one of their two kids died. She left her husband and returned to Europe in 1905 where, as an exotic dancer, a nude belly dancer, she went to Paris to work in a brothel.

Saturn, placed with Rahu and the Moon in 5H of love and desire, aspects the 7H of marriage – she acquired a spouse much older than herself who most likely had previous relationships. 7L Mars occupies the 10H of happiness from marriage and is conjunct the Sun (11L of marriage as well – BPHS) and Mercury (9L of religious ceremonies and 12L of loss and private comforts (or discomforts).

Thus you can see she married an elderly man (Saturn) as compared to her age by Saturn’s 3rd aspect in her 20th year. Actually the 20th year started just 25 days after her marriage (one can note that Saturn is retrograde – Vakri)

Chart # 7: Bill Cosby

American actor and comedian, the nation’s top TV and live performance humorist for his familiarity and likeability. His series “The Cosby Show” first played on 20th Sept 1984 and won Emmys the following two years. Friendly, congenial, wholesome and beloved, he puts on a show that focuses on family and kids with no trace of violence, sexual or racial humour. He dropped out of school and served in the U.S. Navy from 1956 for four years before he finished his high school degree, winning a scholarship to Temple University. Along with making the dean’s list, he ran track and played varsity football. He began stand-up comedy while at Temple, working for $5 a night at a small club. He tended bar at the Philadelphia cafe to help meet college expenses and his first nightclub appearance was in a room so small that he had to sit while performing.

Chart 209

Saturn, placed in his Pisces Ascendant casts its 3H aspect on the sign of Taurus conjunct Venus and Ketu. As the 3H is a place of changes and Ketu, a definite agent for surprises is placed in Rohini, a watery Moon Nakshatra, he went from school to the Navy, a period of his life where his Venusian propensities as an artist started blossoming in public. You can see that his 20th year will be from July 1956 to July 1957 whence he joined the Navy. This again was the seed of the event of his life. One can refer to the editorial and refer the Ketu technique, here Ketu sits in the 3H of TV and he made his mark in Television shows.

Chart #8: George H. W. Bush

American politician who served as the President of the United States from 1989-1993. A Yale graduate in 1948, he went on to become a business executive and owner of Zapata Petroleum. On his 18th birthday, against the wishes of his parents who wanted him to go on to college, he was sworn into the Navy. When he got his wings in August 1943, he was the Navy’s youngest pilot. By the time he emerged from the service two years later, he was a war hero. On 2nd Sept 1944, he nearly died when his torpedo bomber, nicknamed “Barbara” for his girl friend, took a hit over the Pacific island of Chichi Jima. With the plane on fire, he flew on to drop his bombs on target. He stayed at the controls, hoping his two crewmen could parachute to safety, but both died. Bailing out over the ocean, Bush was picked up within two hours by an American submarine. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three air medals.

Saturn is in the 3H of flying and short trips, as 6th lord of fighting & also 7L of forefront, apart from being dispositor of Mars & Ketu (Fire/mishaps) casts its 3H aspect on the brave, fiery & fighting sign of Sagittarius, his 5H of name, fame and past good deeds & this 3rd aspect will implement itself in the 20th year which will be from June 1943 to June 1944, whereas the incident happened 4th months after the 20th year.

Chart #9: Emilie Dervilliers

French teenager, age 18 when she and three other local teens desecrated the Toulon cemetery. In the early hours of 09th June 1996, the four kids brought up the body of Yvonne Foin, who had been buried twenty years prior, on 11th June 1976. With ideology that is somewhat vague and borders around Satanism and Hitlerism, they performed satanic rituals on the cadaver, including necrophilia. Emilie said she experienced a great thrill. They all admitted a ferocious hatred for human beings. Her 20th year would be from May 97 to May 98 & they went before the courts and were sentenced on 20th Oct 1997 (20th year). Emilie was sentenced to three years in jail (one year suspended). Emilie was accompanied by two boys, cousins, and a fourth youth who was a minor and not identified.

Saturn sits in the 3H of actions (her actions) and aspects Libra, the 5H who’s Lord occupies the 12H of secret yearnings, seclusion, jails and hospitals. This girl was sentenced to go to jail and has hopefully benefited from some medical treatments. Note that Saturn’s 3rd aspect is on a Venusian sign, Venus is the karaka of mantra, tantra as per Vedic astrology and her satanic kind of rituals would have been also representative of negative tantra.

Chart #10: Nathalie Wood

American actress, one of the few child stars who was able to make the transition from child roles to teenage and adult roles. One of the most universally popular actresses of her generation, she was petite, dark and attractive. Natalie’ love life was active and complicated. She married actor Robert Wagner in 1957 when she was 19.

Chart 212

Saturn is placed in the 7H of marriage & its 20th year 3H aspect falls on the sign of Taurus, the 9H of religious ceremonies where Ketu (karmic surprises & also marriage) sits. She duly married and legitimately benefited according to the laws of men from the 9th Lord’s position in the 12H of private affairs. She married actor Robert Wagner in 1957 when she was 19.

Chart #11: Woody Allen

American comedian, writer, actor and film director, screenwriter, playwright and musician, gifted and appealing. He was the writer and director of the 1977 film “Annie Hall” which won four Oscars in 1978. At 19, he married a 17-year-old student, Harlene Rosen. The marriage lasted five years.

Chart 213

If you love her, just marry her right? This is what Mr. Allen did at 19 years when 5L of love Saturn aspected the sign of Aries in the 8H which is not at all strange since therein sits the Moon, Lord of the 11H of wife (BPHS) or, if you like, Lord of the 5H of desire from the 7H of spouse which leads us to assume that the chosen girl was quite willing. And guess what? The Moon occupies Venus’ constellation! Moreover, Jupiter, the good 7L, aspects such a Moon from the 2H of family life, sanctioning the sound of the wedding bells in the 20th year with Saturn’s 3rd aspect.

The author of an introductory book in French titled “Vedicn Astrology: Destiny and Free-Will” published by IQ Editions in Montreal, Andree Leclerc studies and practices Vedic ways of life for over 25 years including Bhakti Vedanta, Jyotish, mantras… She is diving more deeply into Vedic astrology since 5 years. As an entrepreneur, she also co-founded a company wholesaling stone jewellery for which she has designed some 2000 models as well as web sites pertaining to Vedic astrology and various Vedic sciences in English and French, Andree is part of the Saptarishis Astrology Re-Search Team, and is currently in India learning under the mentorship of the magazine by interacting with various masters.

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