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Sukar Nadi - 3 Mars In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology

Sukar Nadi – 3 Mars In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Mars in 1 st House

When the Mars is in the 1 st house, the individual will be fair with reddish tinge, deaf, big‐bellied, enlarged naval, intelligent, shout and strong physique, angry and short tempered, wrong doing due to anger, may cause handicap incurable even with penance or divine interference.

When Mars is in Ascendant native is cruel, lobi (Miser), strong willed, egoist, thinks about himself as the greatest man on earth & there is no match for himself, kings favorite, deceptively cunning, affairs with multiple women, liked by superiors, interested in wearing gold ornaments, will listen* to words of popular/famous women.

Translators Notes: *Read it in the context of his affairs with multiple women, so can we presume that affairs will be with influential women.

Problems in getting married, aslo marriage problems regarding wife (the key word “sati kuttram” may indicate either he is having dosha regarding wife or he will commit crime against his wife, either of this is possible), fond of non‐vegetarian food, tireless, outwardly (by words alone) no fear for death, fond of sexual pleasure (we can say

all kinds of pleasures that bind the human to take rebirth), will punish and warn the rivals, deaf to father’s words, land and house will accrue in his generation.

Name and fame throughout life, possess land, gems and other jewels, vehicles, protects the humiliated people with courage, successful in acquiring land and wealth (I feel the word “Bhoomi Dhanam” can indicate secret or hidden treasures under the land), enjoying silly things, majestic, blessed by both Goddess Saraswathi and Lakshmi, fond of music.

Mars in Second House

When Mars is in second, either loss or shortage of wealth, Proficient in Mathematics without the need for any instruments, nagging (questions everything), ability to perform magic, depends upon others for food, when conjoined with Rahu, birth will occur with body encircled by umbilical card.

When the Mars is in the second and aspected by benefics he will have only one spouse. If aspected by malefics . . . . . . .

(Part of the remaining verse is missing and hence the results are given based on other granths or texts considering mangal in the second house

Lack of education or skills, if this house is good (ruler of the house or position) for mangal, then he will have education or skills, illness to eyes, being not approachable, his wealth will remain useless, will eat stale food, possess wealth in the form of metal or related to metal, charitable, fast speaker, will travel across the nation on account of agriculture and metal related matters.

Note: Donald Trump the American millionaire has Mars in the 2H and made his money through real estate.

Mars is in 3rd House

When Mars is in 3rd, affliction to mother is foreseen, if conjoined with Rahu in 3rd, individual is interested in other ladies, if conjoined with Venus also he is a male‐ prostitute and marries a paramour and dosha (evils) to co‐born.

Publishers Notes: Sage Suka says Rahu with Mars in 3H native is interested in other ladies, this scribe has found that at times it also makes ones actions perverted in sexuality. 3H is house of parakrama, purusharta, free will, actions , malefics in 3H gives possibility of wrong doings in ones actions, note word possibilities & it actions need not be interpretated as sexual only. Below are listed two charts of known sexual perverts from international database, their details is in Appendix

Chart A: Arthur Goode 111


Chart 2: Edward Gene


Will earn fame and name, very brilliant, his ambitions will be fulfilled without any hindrance or obstacles.

Mars in 4 th House

When Mars is in the 4 th house, living ignominiously, will spend all his earnings, interested in others’ wives, loves his wife also, foolish, indigent, lascivious and pretender.

When Mars is in 4 th, possesses lot of lands and house, educated and talented, will do royal (say governmental) service, if Mars is aspected by malefics no rights to rule (royal connection or rights? Can we say it will affect him in attaining leadership position), enjoys services comfort of various house‐servants in his house.

Favorite of his maternal house, not in good terms with some of his co‐borns, evil is certain to his mother in her middle age, if Mars is aspected by benefics mother will recover from such danger, will earn good name and fame leading to or attracting ruling or leading positions, capable of earning huge quantum of gold.

Mars in 5 th House

When Mars is in 5 th house, strong physique, poor (loss of wealth), fragile mind, evil to father and threat to his own life.

When Mars is in 5 th house, dosha to some of his off‐spring, highly skillful in the Art of Love, praise‐worthy and righteous living, will do good dharmic acts (like saints), capable of earning huge sum of money, will worry entire life time, very famous.

Being praised by many, fond of bathing daily (? Can we take as swimming), will have intercourse with many women, wealth will never diminish, will acquires lands with special interest, music lover, lascivious and interested in having sex during day‐time itself.

Mars in the 6 th House

When Mars is in the 6 th house, dhanya vriddhi (agricultural yield will be plenty), enemies will be destroyed, good returns on land investments, unblemished prosperity (say bhagya)

Possess good character, deceptive (say cheating), bile temperament, fair in color, short stature, will not trust females, will speak decent and gentle‐manly words, will enjoy sex with many woman in sub‐standard and indecent manner (can we say maniac?), will do many virtuous acts accruing punya, adamant if he feels so, commands and controls many people.

A lady will forcibly join this individual, dare‐devil, fearless even with lord Yama,(interpretation can be no fear of death), possesses paternal property, also accumulates wealth (undiminishable) during his life time, evil to sons is expected during the individual’s middle‐age, lives with name, fame and wealth, in his later years the body will be bulged.

Mars in the 7 th House 1

When Mars is in the 7th house, behaves like a male‐prostitute and coward, will suffer agonies of living with arrogant spouse, will face obstacles in completing the tasks or objectives if his character is not good, (third line meaning could not be deciphered coherently‐ hence at best it is an attempt to translate what this translator felt on reading this stanza as well as the next stanzas), lascivious, trader and arrogant / cavalier.

May have affair with widow, sly and sweet talker, cunning, will acquire with special interest many lands, will have service comfort of servants, have the reputation of completing / achieving the task taken or objectives set, never ignores the words of woman (woman here can be interpreted as his wife?).

will have service comfort of servant maids, capable of doing any work or profession, fond of sons, devoted to Lord Hari, religious, will achieve the planned tasks, tireless, enjoyer of pleasure during day‐time, improper sexual affairs, increase of ‘Ekkala Yoga’. (a yoga whose results could not be ascertained)

1 Shri N. Sundara Rajan has different view on this shloka, he writes ‘The meaning of Sloka appears to be that both husband and wife will be immoral, but will live together. It translates as:”If Mars is in 7th house, his spouse will be immoral, but fair and diplomatic with him. He will be a merchant, cruel and lustful and will live with her.”

Mars in the 8 th House

When Mars is in the 8 th house, either less or no progeny, children will be short‐ lived, life of the individual himself will be short, harmful to the individual’s father, pauper giving only bad effects, indigent and abominable birth.

Speech will be far from truth, (Liar?), three wives, serious dosha to wife in getting pregnancy, will accumulate wealth in many ways, though he owns huge paternal or ancestral property, will not be much interested in that.

Pleasing towards elders, will do lot of charities and dharma, very much loving beautiful females, will inherit huge property through spouse, will have reputation as achiever of tasks as planned, very affectionate over his sons and his wives may have sickness.

Mars in the 9 th House

When Mars is in the 9 th house, man of characters, but will not follow rituals/ceremonies, harm / dosha to father, his sons will be identified as crooked and rogues, his proud living will get eroded in later years.

Will be thin in his earlier days and later will become fat, will destroy paternal property, will be loved by elders, will be praised by many kings, will accumulate wealth like ‘Ekkala Yoga’. (a yoga whose results could not be ascertained), will have properties of others also, tireless, polite by words.

will be like a small king, inherits paternal property, intelligent beyond imagination, punishes the opponents / enemies bravely, will feed the hungry, his fame and popularity will keep increasing during his entire life time, fond of good and delicious food, interested in power.

Mars in the 10 th House

When Mars is in the 10 th house, accumulator of wealth, will live in style, intelligent, skilled interrogator, cunning, lives with popularity, untiring mind, respected by Kings, moderate in complexion (mix of red and black say wheatish complexion), depressed in sex.

Will not obey to anybody, lives healthy in his entire life, will reap great benefic results during the Mars Dasa, blessed with the divine grace of Goddess Saraswathi, highly passionate towards wife, owns lands, in the first part of his life very much lusterous and in later part highly inclined to attain spiritual wisdom.

will be respected even by Kings, Majestic, generous in speech, spends his hard‐ earned money and wealth, will not obey to anybody, Judicious, will serve and take care of father properly, will feed the hungry daily, pure mind and devoted

Mars in the 11 th House (119)

When Mars is in the 11 th house, good character, famous, wealthy, good returns from
lands, loved by females, will earn name, fame and wealth like that of an intelligent
king, will live with an objective of attaining moksha

Profit motive, capable of seizing others’ money with a focus, will increase his popularity, pleasing to outsiders, hostile towards some of the relatives, will do big charities, blessed with yoga like marutha, luck with increase like the breeze (say vayu), will not obey anybody.

Mars in the 12 th House

When Mars is in the 12 th house, will have two wives, the land in his possession will get destroyed, younger brother will be given for adoption, his association with scoundrels will create problems, will be identified as treacherous towards teacher/master.

Will have peaceful end (i.e. not bed‐ridden to death, etc.), will ascend the gates of heaven by gallantry (i.e. death in war, etc.) – these are the results when the 12th Mars was aspected by benefics. If aspected by malefics, then will have rebirths and will be wealthy and prosperous all through his life.

(Thus ends the results of Mars in twelve houses)


Chart A: Arthur Goode

American homicidal homosexual pederast pedophile, a borderline retard and schizophrenic. The fourth child and only son, he was raised in a devout Catholic family. He was never like the other kids and was not able to get along with his peers. He would run home crying and frightened over the slightest upset. By age six, he was fondling other children. He failed the

first grade and was diagnosed as learning‐handicapped.
At age 21, Goode was arrested on nine charges of child molestation. He agreed to enter a mental institution rather than go to jail, and he was diagnosed schizophrenic. Nine months later, he simply walked out of the minimum security institution and went home.

On 3/05/1976, the nude body of nine‐year‐old Jason VerDow was found, sexually assaulted and strangled. Goode kidnapped Billy Arthes on 3/15/76 and kidnapped Kenneth Dawson, 11, on 3/20/76. He tortured and sexually abused Dawson, then strangled him to death while forcing Arthes to watch. Apprehended before he killed Arthes, he was sentenced to death on 3/21/1977 in the electric chair. The execution was carried out 4/05/1984, Starke, FL.

Chart 2: Gein Edward

American homicidal maniac. The son of an overbearing mother who forbade her son to show any interest in women, he worked on the family farm where he grew up in Plainfield, WI. When his mom and brother both died the same year, he turned inward, becoming more reclusive. He sealed off his mom’s room, but took to wearing her clothes in the privacy of his house. He neglected the farm, and began reading books on anatomy. He worked in town and at the local farms as a handyman, trusted enough to take care of neighbor kids when the parents were away.

Gein began a secret life of horror. He dug up corpses of women, skinning them and draping the skin over himself, a model for the later film, “The Silence of the Lambs.” In 1954 he shot a woman to death and took her home where he hung her in the barn by the heels and dressed her like so much meat. In 1957 he shot another woman and did the same. He made bracelets of human skin, a drum, sawed a skull for a soup bowl and had a refrigerator full of human parts. It was estimated that he plundered as many as 15 bodies from graves, a necrophile and a cannibal.

Gein’s gory secret was discovered and he was committed to life in an institution for the criminally insane in 12/57. The local people burned down the farm, as a place of unspeakable evil. Gein died in the mental institution in 1984.

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