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Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 14 by Saptarishis Astrology

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 14 by Saptarishis Astrology

Readership Level: Advanced

One bows to Lord Ganapati & Sage Bhrighu, who is the repository of knowledge and has the highest knowledge in Jyotish and submit this at their holy feet. This technique was discussed in previous editorials and has been mentioned in this editorial too. In order that it engrains within all readers it was decided to present it here. Although it looks simple technique but a) it is not so b) ones basics need to be super strong that can only be acquired after reading each and every classic available c) there is much more to it but in order that the first steps are clearly grasped it is presented in short here.

Bhava Sutra Series

BSP-14: Past Life Bhava Technique

Some of the rules of decipheration are:-

14 a) Note the sign in the Asc House, this sign is most important and contains all keys.

14 b) Note the sign number in which the Asc Bhava is placed, go to its corresponding house in the chart this will be the Bhava From Past. You can call this for terminology’s sake ‘Past Life House’ or ‘Renaissance Bhava’ or ‘Bhrighu Bhava’. Note its significations (karakas), its lordship where it sits, aspects and conjunctions on this house and its lord and the arudhas placed there in. The energy from the Asc does get carried away to the Bhrighu Bhava, mark this. 14 c) Note the association of this sign number house called ‘Past Life House’ or its lord from Moon Asc or the Arudha Lagna Asc 14 d) If for e.g. Asc is Virgo and the 6H of the chart is occupied or effected by hardcore fundamentalist malefics, it’s not at all good – this is an unknown technique but very effective.

It has been noticed that unless the full life story of an individual one can’t get the taste of this technique and at times it has been noticed that this technique just does not work so smoothly unless all factors are taken into consideration which only an experienced astrologer can do so, also the technique though looking simple is a ‘Concealed Technique’ and not easily decipherable. Before we go into this we remember what mentor always asks us a question and it is unanswered so far by our ancients, the question he asks upon seeing any chart is ‘Why is this native given so and so Lagna in this life by God? First find out the answer to that question, it is the very basis of Astrology’. If you really ponder over this question for a long time like a Sage you would realise that it is an extremely Profound Question posed by mentor. We pondered over it for years & the technique presented below does not answer that question directly but hope so touches it slightly indirectly and makes mentor happy. One must not assume that the term Past Life Bhava is what the Bhava was in the past life; it (Bhrighu Bhava) means the most important Karma that would come from some life/lives into this Life.

Let us test this on few known & unknown charts

Chart 1: Sri Ram

Chart 214

Note the sign it is Cancer (No 4), where Moon (Mother) and Jupiter dispositor of Rahu (Brahmin Asura) is sitting. This particular energy from the Asc sign will be carried to the No 4 Bhava of this chart which will be the Past Life House (PLH) or Bhrighu Bhava. This Brighu Bhava is in the 4H of throne

mother, 3rd from it is the house of step mother where Rahu (cheating) is situated, he got cheated out of his rightful heir ship to the throne by his step mother. Note the 8L of inheritance is also placed in the 4H of Bhrighu Bhava, the whole story of his life ‘Started’ due to inheritance issues and we astrologers know the importance of the ‘Start Of An Issue’ and how it dominates/re-writes the whole life of an individual. When Saturn gets associated with 4H or 4L there is ‘chances’ of step treatment in any signification of that bhava or step mother as Saturn gives the step factor in life is known by astrologers. So Saturn in 4H of Mother of Bhrighu Bhava shows some karma associated with step mother.

The next step is to see the Lord of this Bhrighu Bhava or Past Life House or Issues coming from past life and you will see that the lord is Venus placed in the 9H of marriage, father, king and Venus is karaka of woman. In all 4 areas woman, marriage, father, becoming a King he had major karma pending, do you see now how easily this can be seen, note the Past Life House and its lord and you get the major karma of Shri Ram. Another easy way to decipher this chart is, note the Bhrighu Bhava it is in the sign of Libra, which is balance and it was for Shri Ram to teach the noble act of the King always remaining balanced (throne issues) and note its lord Venus in 9H of father and bhagya and marriage, he showed to Indians and established the Dharma of One Wife Dharma (in those days kings and men used to ahve many wives) and showed us the path of Dharma which Indians till today follow their actions (try to) in the footsteps of Shri Ram. He killed Ravana and established Dharma (BB lord in 9H) and he showed that the words of father & mother are always to be respected (BB in 4H & its lord in 9H) and thus gave up his kingdom.

Note the lord of PLH (Past Life House) is aspected by Jupiter the 6L of enemies and dispositor of Rahu (Ravana) and here also there was major karma pending and the cause of Shri Rams birth. Thus you can use Past Life House or Renaissance House or Bhrighu Bhava and see the ‘Cause of Your Birth’, ‘Why you are born’ in seconds if you are an expert astrologer. You will obviously not get the exact words to predict but the vibration of the soul for this life from this technique which so far no technique in Indian Astrology gives successfully.

Chart 2: MJ

Chart 215

The sign in the Asc Bhava is Aquarius which is 11 number sign, so go to 11H of achievement where the Sagittarius sign is sitting in the 11H of achievements which is his ‘Past Life Bhava’. The duality of this sign is wherever this sign is placed in the chart of any individual one would find some ‘Revolution’ /Revolutionary Ideas’ or if uncontrolled this sign destroys that house. Now come back to MJs chart, the lord of this 11H is Jupiter placed in the 9H of king (western astrology & Chandrakala nadi) in a Venusian Sign. This 9H contains Jupiter & Rahu both expansive planet and Rahu means international. This 9H is 4th (throne) from Venus (Music) and 3rd (singing) from Mars (3L of singing). Thus he became known as the King Of Pop.

This 9H is also of father & has Rahu, so his father would be the cause of his fortune which was exactly the case, without his father he would not have achieved it. See 9H is also the house of mentor and it is with Dragons head – Rahu (cheating/break of relations) and his mentor Quincy Jones was also the cause of his great albums and the Dragons head thing happened between them. 9H is also the house of religion and over there the planet of religion Jupiter is sitting and Rahu (change) in Indian astrology shows Other Castes and particularly some astrologers use it to denote Muslims. Thus, Michael changed his religion to Islam and towards the end of his life was attracted towards Hinduism. Jupiter is also the significator of Children and Rahu denotes cheating and scandals, this is what happened in his life. 9H is the Resultant House of the 5H of love and children and he was so much in love with children. Dispositors dispositor is a technique that was revealed by Late J N Bhasin and here the dispositor of Jupiter is Venus (women) and it is in the 6H of divorce and legal settlements and loss of money (Venus). This part of the story everyone knows and need not be explained in detail. Thus you can see how this quick Snap Shot Of Life can be seen.

Now use BSP 14 a) & b), check the lord of this Past Life Bhava which is Jupiter and its relation with Moon and Arudha Lagna, from Moon it is again in the

Chart 3: B V Raman

The Asc Bhava contains the sign of Aquarius, the sign of achievement and biggest hurdles and also the sign of Jyotish. The number in the Asc Bhava is 11, so go to the 11H of the chart; it is again the house of Jyotish and the sign of Sagittarius. This is his Bhrighu Bhava. If you see our note above on MJs chart we mentioned that Sagi sign is the sign of Revolution and Dr B V Raman chartered the biggest revolution in Indian Astrology without coming from an 800-1000 year parampara. This Bhava is the Past Life Bhava as mentioned earlier and its lord Jupiter is in the 10H of Karma in the occult sign of Scorpio aspected by a powerful Moon who is the 6L of competition & wars & the 12L of ‘UnFinished Past Life Business’ Saturn aspects the lord of Past Life Bhava Jupiter.

Thus you can decipher Dr Ramans Karma now as the lord of Past Life House shows his Karma (10H) of removing Jyotish out (Jupiter a graha of light in Sc) for the common man and making great predictions of war (Moon 6L) and crushing competition. Thus within a second an astute astrologer can decipher your karma in seconds with this BSP-14 technique.

Chart 4: JFK – John F Kennedy

Chart 217

The sign in the 1H is Virgo, the sign that Inspires Others let us not forget this. It is the 6th house in the natural zodiac and hence this sign signifies diseases and accidents. The 6H of the natural zodiac also shows the back bone and you would know that JFK had a huge problem with back pain1 from an early age and had to be operated upon if we are not wrong. Now as the sign in Asc is Virgo, the number of it is 6, in order to find the ‘Past Life Bhava’ or ‘Renaissance Bhava’ you go to the 6H of natal chart of JFK. This 6H has A9 & A10, he was the King of the country. 6H is house of accidents, diseases (back pain) and the word used by Parasara is Sapatni which means mistress (Monroe and others). The lord of this Past Life Bhava is Saturn or Rahu. Saturn sits in the 11H of highest achievement and Rahu is more of a co-lord for Aquarius as in trine to it there are more planets and it has A6 (accidents) and A2 (family/speech) and Rahu is placed in 4H of vehicles, his death & speech are more famous and became the central part of his life for generations to come as he died whilst he was with family (A2) in a car (4H Rahu lord of Past Life Bhava) and Rahu means the assassin as explained in the editorial and he was assassinated.

Now this chart again purposely, Virgo is the sign, number 6, so go to 6H of chart which is the Past Life House of Kennedy and this 6H shows diseases and mistress, those were central to his life, then go to lord Rahu which is in 4H of vehicles with A2 (family) and A6 (accident), so you see in 2 secs that mistresses, health problems and death via assassins kind of Karma is coming from Past Life of this native.

The Key of the great astrologers that have been observed by us is he uses rare techniques but does not get lost with multiple techniques or observations that he sees in a chart, just keeps his Focus on what He Should See & forgets the rest momentarily, that either is inborn or comes through practice and if you are unfortunate to learn 1000 dasas in Kaliyuga you are doomed though it was not so 3000 years back when the intelligence level of humans was better in jyotish due to the type of training given in Gurukul & purity of student as well as Guru.

Chart 5: Close Ones Son

Chart 218

This is a chart it pains us to see as it involves someone we know whose sons chart this is. Note the sign it is Leo, which is the 5th house of the natural zodiac that shows one’s mind. Now find out the Past Life House of the chart, as sign number in Asc is 5, so you go to 5H of this chart which has Sagi and thus it becomes the Past Life House of this chart. It contains the 6L Saturn (note retro) with A3 (short journey) and this Saturn is dispositor of Mars & Rahu (note this) and now remember BSP 14 d)

14 d) If for e.g. Asc is Virgo and the 6H of the chart is occupied or effected by hardcore fundamentalist malefics, it’s not at all good – this is an unknown technique but very effective.

1H is brain and 6th/7th house is hip, more of 7H. The boy was on his bike (A3) at the signal waiting for signal to turn green so that he could take a U turn, behind him came speeding car which banged him and

  • His Asc Lord Mer is in the 8H of chronic diseases with Mars hence back pain.

boy got major fractures in the hip region and as we write this (Nov 13th 2009) is in Coma (Saturn retro) since 13 days and the doctors having given up.

People have confused Moola Dasa to time Curses from past life which they earlier taught (but changed rule later) that when a planet is aspected by 2 malefics then that planet has a curse and Moola Dasa is to be used to time curses. But Varahamihira used to use Moola Dasa and our study has shown that Moola Dasa can be used for ‘Everything’ as earlier discussed in previous writings of Mentor No 3 with the Pandit of Trayambakeshwar wherein the Pandit laughed on what we call Moola Dasa and said there are 12/14 types of Moola Dasa.

Moola Dasa (dasa showing the root of events – past karma):

Mars MD /Rah AD: 2009-Sept-05 – 2009-Dec-12

The Mahadasha is Mars and the Antar Dasa is Rahu when the accident happened and native went in coma, you may note that the dispositor of these two planets Mars and Rahu is Saturn who is sitting in the Past Life Bhava. Do you see how powerful this technique is, ofcourse on dramatic charts where dramatic events happen most techniques seem to work and on charts which is life less all techniques do not seem to appear fascinating.

Chart 6: Mahatma Gandhi

Note the sign Libra rising in the Asc, whose symbol is Libra, Gandhi was a very balanced man but irrational in certain areas of life with his own mind (Mars Venus Mer in Asc). Note the number of the Asc Sign it is No 7, so go to the 7H of this chart which is the ‘Bhrighu Bhava’, which has 3L of writing, action and 6L of fighting Jupiter in the Past Life House of Aries (Leader). Now note Jupiter is a Brahmin Graha which is retrograde. So instead of raising weapons to fight the Britishers he developed his nuclear bomb called Satyagraha which meant non-cooperation movement and you can see how wisely (Jupiter) he implemented it. 6L of fighting in Past Life House, he was meant to fight, now fight whom is the question, against whom was he fighting and doing this Karma of Satyagraha. So now you see from which house does this Jupiter of Past Life Bhava become the Karma House (10th), it becomes so from Moon & Rahu, now who is this Moon (Queen of Planets) & Rahu (Foreigners) – was it against the British Empire, yes his Karma was against the British Empire. Do you now see the Power of this Past Life House and how beautifully it shows and unravels the reason why you are here, what you are going to do.

Now use BSP 14 c)

14 c) Note the association of this sign number house called ‘Past Life House’ or its lord from Moon Asc or the Arudha Lagna Asc

You can see that this Jupiter of Past Life Bhava which is in the 7H of Public Platform & Masses is in the 10th house of Father Status from Moon Asc and Arudha Asc, making it DOUBLY powerful and thus he is called the Father of the Nation. Most important is it is also in the 10th from Rahu, the planet of immortality, thus for time immemorial he will become and stay the Father of the Nation this was the Karma (10th from Rahu) that he brought in this life (via Past Life House).

Let’s come back to Jupiter who is the 6L of fighting and revolt, now when ‘All’ can this Jupiter give result of the fighting that Gandhi is going to do is the next question. The age of Jupiter as you all know is 32 years plus minus 1-2 years for being retro. Now Gandhi returned from South Africa to India on 1915 and then started fighting the British Empire in India. So let’s roughly add 1915 + 32 = 1947 which is the year when his fighting bore results and India got her freedom.

Readers can use the lord of Past Life House, Mars and see its association with other planets and come to major conclusion as to his fasting (2L Mars) and his method of driving the Britishers crazy and so on.

Chart 7: Friend

The chart belongs to someone who is in a Govt job and earning around Rs 20,000 per month ($400). The native though now is doing fine but has deep scars of whole childhood going in poverty and all his actions are taking place due to these scars. His sister married a rich guy but ugly and when asked why she did so, she openly says due to his money and her husband also knows it that it’s only due to his money she married.

When we saw this chart we saw the sign Sc in the Asc with Rahu (cheating) & Mars (land) in it. So we went to Past Life House and saw Saturn over there and retrograde and then saw this PLH (past life house) from Moon is in the 9th house of father. We did not predict but realized that native must not have gotten land property as we combined the Asc Sign and the Past Life House i.e. Rahu (cheating & grandfather) & Mars (land) with Saturn. The native on his own said that land worth some hundreds of crores (several million dollars) was not given to them and it was an inheritance issue (8H is house of inheritance where PLH is there) and it was due to his grandfather (Rahu) they got cheated (Rahu) of property (Mars) and it all went to natives fathers younger brother (11L) which is Mercury and Mercury is the Lord of Gemini the Past Life House and also Mercury is karaka of relatives. Now the grandfather (rahu) died of paralysis, her uncle (Mer) died of cancer but still the property will not be equally shared among all, this is the Karma of Past Life House of this native.

Chart 8: Obama

Let us take a chart which is not easy to decipher and it took us a long time to decipher due to our inexperience. At the same time unless you keep it simple you can get lost in this chart or any other especially when the whole story is not known.

The sign in the Asc is Capricorn, the sign of Karma in Natural Zodiac and Father figure, which is what he has become. Note the number of Capricorn which is No 10 and go to the 10th House of the chart which becomes the Past Life House having Libra and AL (self coming out) and this house is the house of Karma and Father and Govt. Now Libra is a sign of balance and this is in the Past Life House, note this and think on it.

What is the need of the hour, it is to create balance (Libra) out of the imbalance in money (Venus) in the world today and that’s the job of Obama not only in America but in the world as the American economy dominates the whole world. Then what is Libra, sign of just (balanced) relationships, it is need of the hour for America to stop doing measures by which terrorists have been indirectly breed and this violence that has emanated must be balanced, this is the Karma of the Past Life House of Obama. His Karma is to bring this balance in this world and though this is a philosophical statement but only after reading a lot of blogs and papers one can realize that this is what people hope out of Obama to bring that change (Venus is in Gemini the natural 3H of zodiac) and thus this Venus lord of the PLH in Gemini in 3H of zodiac which is the house of ‘Unlocking of Karma’ is what this man is expected to do, that’s what the whole of America believes in him to perform to Unlock their Karma, Unwind the wrongs that America did in the past and make it all balanced (Libra) for that Obama has been sent.

As a side note, PLH lord Venus is in the 6H of fighting in the sign Gemini (writing & speech) and this Venus is also the lord of the 5H of authorship. Which means the Lord of the 5H of authorship Venus got activated and when he wrote something called father (Venus is 10L of PLH) his Karma got activated and he became the King (Mer is also 9L of King).

Chart 9: Bill Gates

This is a very simple chart to interpret the Bhrighu Bhava which comes in the 3H as the Asc is Gemini so we see the 3 No house in the chart which is in this case Leo. Bhrighu Bhava comes the sign Leo, the King. Now in the Renaissance House there is Jupiter who is the 7L of Public Limelight and Business & 10L of Profession and Jupiter is expansive but it is with Mandi. The 3H is associated with communications and computers and this Jupiter is in nakshatra of Ketu (karaka of software) and thus he created Microsoft and Windows and became famous and a King in that since it is the sign Leo.

Chart 222

Why famous since the Past Life House lord Sun is placed in 5h of fame with 8L Saturn and aspected by Rahu hence if he does anything hanky panky his organization will be split which is what happened. This dispositor of Renaissance House is conjunct a powerful Venus who is swagrahi and is the 12L of charity, so money gained out of this software project will also be donated by him and his wife (Venus) and more fame gained (5H).

Readers are requested to test this technique more aggressively first on famous charts and then on unknown charts and only then accept or reject it. May this technique be placed at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu and Mentor.

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