Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 5

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 5 by Andree Leclerc

With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi & Lord Bhrighu, we thank them for the boons of BSP & BCP and are now diving into BSP-5 with this new karma revealing technique. Let us relish this gem while knowing we are looking forward and

hankering for more! Ten example charts are used ranging from easy-to-detect to medium and even dramatic results since the toughest part is how to determine which aspect of a house will be spoiled. In Astro studies, charts below 75 years of age & ones who deal with intimate aspects of life we do not know are not to be used while testing any method cannot be forgotten. Also not to be forgotten is the way to use most BSP techniques at initial stages of our astro journey is to remember that BSP gives an ‘Instant Hint’ which our orthodox astrology does not. So we can ‘Note’ BSP combinations & then use normal astrology.

Sage Bhrighu’s Easy Methodology – Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP -5 : When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in any house, at least one signification of the sign of Aries, whichever house it occupies, will be Spoiled/Activated/Topsy Turvy or for the prosperity of that house to manifest, lots of efforts need to be put in.

Publisher & Editor: Although basic natal chart is used in the following demonstrations, for a technique to work, a whole lot of factors as strength of the planets, Avasthas (status), positions in divisional charts which alter the result of the planets, etc, are to be assessed. Most important point is the ‘Activation Methodology’ of a planet which alters the results especially in charts of twins or of those two people born in different locales but with same Rasi Chart, on which we would expand later. Additionally, the astrology prevalent today is of Rasi Chart & Divisional charts but only when we read DevaKerelam

Here are some real life examples of this bold and maybe wise declaration but do not forget that apart from spoiling Aries, it will also activate it.

Chart 1: Caryl Chessman

Born May 27, 1921 at 12:10 in St. Joseph, MI, USA

Jupiter Saturn are together in the 1H of Leo and Aries is the 9H, so as per BSP-5 the 9H of father, dharma, blessings will be spoilt which means he would do adharma (non righteous actions). 9H is also the 6th house of health and accidents from the 4H of mother, so some health issue to his mother can be predicted just by seeing this Aries spoilt by Saturn Jupiter conjunction.

Incidentally he was an American homicide (adharma); called the “Red Light Bandit”, he was born to an alcoholic dad and a mom paralyzed from an auto accident when he was nine2 – he was a sickly, asthmatic kid. He was convicted on 21st May 1948 and while in San Quentin prison, CA, he studied law, wrote appeals and a book. After 12 years on death row, he finally was executed in the gas chamber on 2nd May 1960 at 10:03 AM, and declared dead at 10:12 AM, PDT. A last-minute stay and ninth reprieve had been ordered by state Supreme Court Judge Goodman at 10 AM but it was too late. A wrong number was dialled to the prison and then quickly redialled, but when Judge Goodman listened on the other end he reported back, “It’s too late. The pellets have already been dropped.”

On this date of his execution incidentally, Tr Jupiter & Saturn were conjunct and retrograde (delivery of past promise) in his 5H and with 3 planets in the 9H of Aries. As Jupiter Saturn were conjunct, you can see again Aries was destroyed, Aries stands here in the 9H of blessings, which got over (destroyed) and his execution could not be prevented on time.


(Chandra Kala Nadi) & Guru Nadi we realize how few seconds of time of birth change alters the results dramatically but unfortunately that science of how to use nadiamsa is lost.

2. See age of Nine is the 9H as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP-given in Vol 3 Aug 2008 issue)

Chart 2: Dennis Rocky
Born on December 4, 1961 at 10:03 in Downey, CA, USA

Jupiter & Saturn are conjunct in the 1H and Aries will be the 4H so some problems at home, or to mother or to one’s body or head as the sign of Aries represents the head and brain – incidentally A6 (health issues) is found therein as well as Gulika and Mandi (malefics) – this boy could therefore have a problem in the head psychological or physical.

This is the case is of an American child born with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia which distorted his face, making it grow twice normal size. He was diagnosed at age two when X-rays showed irregularities in his skull. His medical prognosis was grim as he was not expected to live past seven. Teachers discouraged his mom from putting him in school as other kids can be cruel in their curiosity, but his mom was supportive and made every effort to raise Rocky as normally as possible. One can see that Aries is in the 4H of mother and how much the mother would have suffered due to this.

He died at 16 & the movie “Mask” with Cher as his mom and Eric Stolz playing the role of the remarkable boy was made of his life.

Chart 3: Aliyah Bos

Born on March 27, 2000 at 6:13 in Boston, MA, USA


American child fatality. On 21st Sept 2000, her dad, Peter, left his home in Jamaica Plain, MA at 8:15 AM with Aliyah strapped in her car-seat. He was supposed to leave her at the day care center on his way to work – and forgot.

After work, he stopped at the center to pick up his five-month old daughter and was told that she had never been left that morning. Returning to his car, he found the unconscious baby still strapped in the back seat of his car. Rushed to the hospital, the baby was declared dead at 6:17 PM. Left in a hot car all day, she had died of hypothermia.

If you use the BSP-5 method, you see Jupiter Saturn are together in the 2H of Aries which is a maraca house and it is with 9L of Father, Mars. For those who use 10L as father Jupiter himself is involved in this destructive yoga. From 9H of father this combination is happening in the 6H of accidents, this accident was committed by her father; if we do not use BSP method then this direct hint of father-accident-Aries (heat in car) is not easily discovered by the untrained eyes.

Chart 4: Ramirez, Ricardo

Born on February 28, 1960 at 2:07 in El Paso, TX, USA

The sign of Aries in its worst nightmare manifestation becomes a dictator, cheater, vindictive, who will sabotage all he can whereas in its healthy state, it stands for pioneering and sharp mind. Jupiter and Saturn are together in Sagittarius (dharmic sign) & as per BSP-5 it spoils the sign Aries which is 6H here. The 6H stands for enemies, cruelty, fighting & torture (when you fight in a war you at times torture and kill the enemy soldier). The lord of this destroyed Aries is exalted with Venus in 3H of actions which indicates sexual overtone.

The chart is of an American homicide, “the night stalker” who created a reign of terror in Los Angeles and environs from January to August 3, 1985 when he was captured. He beat, stabbed, shot, kidnapped and raped victims from the age of 6 to 84, brutal attacks in the dead of night, attacks upon strangers with no apparent process of selection other than availability. Many of the female victims had been sexually assaulted; five had their throats cut.

Chart 5: Peter Jackson

Born on October 31, 1961 at 15:45 in Wellington, New Zealand

Film maker and Oscar-winning director for his movie trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings” based on the J.R.R. Tolkien’s books. In 1992, he produced “Braindead” and horror movies became his genre for several years.

Jackson rather looks the part of a cult-classic maker and maverick – his dark curly hair is longish and dishevelled, and his appearance is rather sloppy, even in a tuxedo at formal events!

For Mr. Jackson here, the sign of Aries happens to be the 1H of self (!) and most likely accounts for the description made of his neglected looks (was not too bad in his case!)


Jupiter Saturn together in the 10H and hence it would spoil the sign of Aries which is the house of one’s appearance (Parasara uses the word rupam) and you can see that his appearance is always spoilt and disheveled. 1H also denotes ones career & here what was written in the Rule of Topsy Turvy can be seen being applied in the life of Mr Jackson. One can’t help but notice that Aries in this chart is the 1H of brain and this native made a movie called ‘Braindead’.

Chart 6: Girl with diabetes

Born January 11, 2001 at 22:30 in Montreal, Canada

Jupiter and Saturn both retrograde conjoin together and thereby activate the sign Aries and spoil it. Here we will immediately note that the sign of Aries is in the 8H of chronic diseases.

This girl became suddenly sick with diabetes in the summer of 2007 when she would simply fall unconscious. Needless to say, this was very scary for the parents. She is taking insulin shots everyday and her condition is expected to be chronic.


This manifested the summer when Saturn transited to Leo from where it aspects Mars, the Lord of Aries & trines Aries thereby ‘Activating It’.

Chart 7: Sir Richard Burton

Born on March 19, 1821 at 21:30 in Hertford, England

Jupiter & Saturn conjunct so Aries will be spoilt, here Aries is the 7H of marriage, relationships and public image. It’s a fact that Mars, Aries’ Lord, is conjunct Rahu and Venus as 8th Lord – this is rather excessive and much more inclined towards kama (lust) than true relationships. Aries is the 3H of action from the 5H of romance, loving relations, innocence, games and pleasures – and one can hint that there can be a form of perversion rampant here.


The chart belongs to a British adventurer, explorer, writer and scholar of Islamic writings and languages (he spoke 29 languages!) Some of his famous translations are the classics “Arabian Nights” and the “Kama Sutra”. He consumed opium and hashish, and sampled every available woman and brothel east of Suez. His translations of Eastern Erotica and his blunt approach to sexual descriptions shocked Victorian England to the core, yet remained masterpieces of literature. Eventually, Burton’s translations filled 70 volumes.

When he was 40, 29-year-old Isabel Arundell, from an aristocratic Catholic family, fell hopelessly in love with him from the time they first met in 1851. Five years passed before they were secretly engaged and another five before she went against her parents wishes and eloped to London with Burton. His marriage to Lady Isabel was undoubtedly one of lifelong passion and devotion, though he continued his intellectual and sexual adventures through the periods when they were apart.

Chart 8: Barack Obama

Born on August 4, 1961 at 19:21 in Honolulu, HI, USA

One look at this chart and there should be no doubt that since Jupiter & Saturn are together, the sign of Aries is destroyed & thereby the 4H of home (home life) & stability is destroyed. If it is Libra Ascendant, then Aries will be 7H of marriage and so far his marriage seems stable at least outwardly as far as we know and if one takes his birth certificate then Aries is 4H of home life & stability in life. He had no home life, no proper family life & no stability, thereby no question of his ascendant being any other arises here if one sticks to his birth certificate.

His parents separated when he was two years old, and they divorced in 1964. Obama’s father returned to Kenya and saw his son only once more before dying in an automobile accident in 1982.

After her divorce, his mother married Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro. In 1967, all Indonesian students studying abroad were recalled to Indonesia and the family moved to the

island nation. From age’s six to ten, Obama attended local schools in Jakarta, including Besuki Public School and St. Francis of Assisi School.

chart 8

He then returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Armour Dunham, and attended Punahou School, a private college preparatory school, from the fifth grade in 1971 until his graduation from high school in 1979.

Obama’s mother returned to Hawaii in 1972 and remained there until 1977, when she relocated to Indonesia to work as an anthropological field worker and finally returned to Hawaii in 1994 and died one year later.

We can see in this chart that Aries is the 4H of home and stability – he did not have a steady home all his childhood and youth and was denied living with both his parents.

Aries is also the 8H of death from the 9H of father who shone by his absence in Mr.

Obama’s life.

Chart 9: Martha Stewart

Born on August 3, 1941 at 13:33 in New Jersey City, NJ, USA

Famous American entrepreneur with companies grossing millions of US$. In 1960 she met Andy Stewart, 23, a Yale law student and they married the following year; one child. To her dismay, Andy moved out in 1987 and they divorced in 1990. The separation was not amicable and Andy got a court order to keep Martha away. A non-stop compulsive achiever, known for a tendency to run over people, she was said to have put Andy down often. In early 2000, the New York Tax Court imposed a tab of $221,677 back taxes for 1991 and 1992 because she claimed residency in Connecticut while living in East Hampton, NY. Her finances were again suspect in early 2002 when she was questioned about the possibility of insider trading. She sold some 4,000 shares of ImClone on 27th Dec 2001 for $227,824 on the day before the company’s stock fell. Martha claimed that she had an agreement with her broker to sell if the

stock fell below $60, in spite of her close relationship with the company’s chief executive. The whole thing went to Court as we all know and on October 8, 2004, at approximately 6:15 AM she reported to the Federal Prison Camp, Alderson, West Virginia to serve out a five-month sentence (she also had a $30,000 fine to pay on this one).

We rapidly see that Aries occupies the 7H of relationships, partnerships and business. Next, we notice that Mars, the Lord of Aries, sits in the 6H of enemies and litigation in company of Ketu (losses, accidents) and the HL ($). She has been to Court quite a bit regarding all these aspects of her life and paid a variety of fines (but her bank balance is still in the ++).

Also as the 11H from AL, Aries shows discrepancies as again here it is the 11H described as a house of marriage as per Parasara but so far ignored by many scholars.

Chart 10: Al Pacino

Born on April 25, 1940 at 11:02 in Manhattan, NY, USA

American actor, one of the most accomplished stars of his generation who remains a private, enigmatic figure. The only child of Salvatore and Rose Pacino, he was raised in the mean streets of the Bronx by a single mom from the time he was two after his parents divorced. Pacino has had a long succession of women friends and while he never married, he has three children.

The 10H determines not just career/profession/karma but also the Happiness (Sukha) of Marriage since it is the 4th (of happiness) from 7th (of marriage). Even though Aries turns out to be his 10H of career, something to do with this house still had to show up as we could not just blame the sign of Aries for the series of wrong career/movie choices he made in the ’80s. So, the 10H is that of the father and we can see that he grew up mainly without his father. For folks who prefer the 9H for the father, Aries would then be the 2H from the 9H showing the results/gains of the 9H.

Digging a bit more, we will see that A7 is also in Aries and we know that he never married despite “courting” several girlfriends. It is also in the 2H (of family) from AL and we know that his family life was difficult or inexistent.


Andree has done a wonderful job of collecting and testing it on many charts. Would take over the article from here as would like to touch a chart or two here ourselves especially where we have failed. Below you would find few charts often regularly posted on various internet forums.


This is in the natives words ….

My bad period almost started from the year 2004,in the year 2004 June 25, my son was admitted in ICU with life threatening disease “Acute Pancreatitis” at the age of 11 yrs, the disease is 1 out of 10 lakh children, He was kept in the ICU almost 27 days another 1 week in the Hospital. But unfortunately the disease got relapsed exactly on the 364th day as Doctors Predicted in the 2005 24 July. Ultimately he had to go Thru Surgical operation procedure. My Son’s Hospitalization cost me approximately Rs. 14.50 lakhs ($ 28,500). In the same year 2005 September 15, my mother expired and on 2 April, 2007 my Father expired. I don’t have any brothers or sisters.

My most worst and bad period started from 16th Aug 2006, morning 9.30 A.M. I was working as Vice President – Marketing & Sales, in one of the well established Pharmaceutical Company in India. I was asked resign from the Job on August 16, 2006 in the morning, without giving any valid reason for seeking my resignation Sir. Till today I am unemployed, it is almost 3 years I am not getting any Job.

Saptarishis Astrology: Jupiter & Saturn are in the 2H of Income and Family life so both should be affected. Now Jupiter & Saturn conjoint and as per BSP-5 Aries will be destroyed. This Aries comes in the 6H of job, vitality of son (6th house is maraca for son), debts got activated (he is in debts), troubles from diseases – here his son is diseased but a father and mother will always live & experience (maybe more) of the diseases/troubles to one’s kins. The dispositor of this Aries is always to be noted and here it goes in the 8H of chronic debts and diseases and gains from profession. And you can see that all are destroyed. Unfortunately this writer predicted on this chart few years back and faced failure in his prediction, when he learnt this method the reason of why so much trouble showed up in the chart was known.

Chart 12: D.P – posted on internet forums

Chart was posted by a man asking for clarification on a chart. See Jupiter and Saturn trine to each other (not conjoint) but still we noticed that Jupiter is in the 6H of fights and divorces and Saturn is in the 2H of family life, the effect would come on Aries which is his 4H of home life & stability/fortune in ones life. So we asked him via email how his home life is, he said its fine. We felt the technique was not working then his email came.

His reply: yes it is the chart of Mr. P___, who is me, home life is peaceful but by no means happy, I have had to change due to my situation, very unhappily married, not sleeping with my wife for over last ten years, but job is the most important thing at this present time, I will worry about my marital life once I am settled in a couple of years or so,


As you can see his home life and job stability is not there as Aries is spoilt due to trine of Jupiter and Saturn.

Activation Methodology & Last Book Of Astrology

chart 14

When the chart of Kuala Lumpur was seen it was said that as Jupiter Saturn conjoins Aries is spoilt and it is the 3H of ‘Free Will’ & Actions (Purusharta) where Moon Sun are placed. So Sukh (Happiness) of Mother and Father will not be there. If we remember her story well, her father died at a young age and this lady does not speak to her mother for some 20 odd years. The next day the lady removed the chart that you see titled Nelsons Bay that belongs to her cousin who has the same Rasi Chart and who was born some 2 odd hours difference from her birth time and said that the principle does not work as he has mother and father and is in good relations with them; he is working (3H of Actions) whereas she is not. This is an excellent chart to demonstrate few oft forgotten points even by seasoned astrologers and some unknown points.

  1. She was asked immediately if the Nelson Bays Cousin meditates (remember Jupiter Saturn in 12H) as we knew this lady is into heavy meditation. She said that he does not meditate. The answer was there because then he is not Activating the Jupiter Saturn combo as compared to what she is doing, so how will Aries in his case get completely destroyed? It would not. This is the ‘Activation Methodology’ that was hinted earlier in this article. Also since the chart owner titled Nelsons Bay is not in front of us, how would we know what wrong went in the 3H of Aries? Suppose his neighbours are bad, we wouldn’t know though 3H stands for neighbours.
  2. Now see where this problem is happening: it is Aries which, in both cases, is the 3H of free will. Two individuals will not use their Free will in the same manner and when you fight with your parents you are doing some action. If you use less, it will be less activated and vice versa. Whenever there is 3H or 3L involved, one must be careful of what one does with it, that’s your fresh karma and this is basics of astrology.
  3. The Last Book Of Astrology is very clear and this has been repeated in our writings earlier that the book says ‘Jyotish starts with the Charts of Twins’; what it mean is that Rasi chart is not the start and end of all since Twins have same Rasi Chart, which means it is hinting at some other chart as of prime importance and unfortunately none of us have that knowledge as whole of India is stuck to Rasi chart since centuries. This must be combined with another statement from the same book ‘Jyotish Sikhana Hain tou Judwaoo ke Kundali se sikha jaata hain’ – ‘The learning of astrology starts with Twins Horoscopes’.
  4. Sun and Moon are the ‘Forces of the Creator’ in our horoscopes signifying Shiva Shakti (Male Female – Ying Yang) that controls the destiny of all yogas (combinations), if they are spoilt things get spoilt for a long time. Sun determines one’s anger and Moon one’s compassion and
  5. they balance the elements in our body (Fire and Water). If you notice Natural Zodiac, Water Signs are always behind (12th) the Fire Signs showing what causes loss of fire or rather what is needed to balance the fire – compassion balances anger. Without balance of these elements, man becomes worse than animals and, in fact, most animals have it at perfect balance as per their role in the Bio-Cosmos. A truly spiritual person or a true astrologer will have anger-compassion balanced in his life – if not, he has not understood spirituality or astrology. This is what all of us should aim for: to balance ourselves – that’s the essence of astrology as per ‘The Last Book Of Astrology’. There is another very important point required to understand in astrology – the most important in fact – unfortunately, given the current level of knowledge, it is impossible to understand it. This crucial point is: when we have a chart, how does a jyotishi answers ‘why a person is born to a particular set of parents and not to another set’? This is the very base of astrology and none today is able to answer it and only some clues are given in Devakeralam. We must contemplate this line from ‘The Last Book Of Astrology’: ‘If one had a different set of parents then the whole horoscope delineation would change’. If we meditate on this, the key to the horoscope is answered.
  6. Though points 4 & 5 were scheduled for an editorial, it was felt more apt to mention them here. Our ancients wrote about a Universal Remedy which is to serve our parents (Sun & Moon) considering it the highest remedy. Unfortunately, all Indians know this but astrologers do not prescribe it as it’s a known secret. Besides, who will go to an astrologer who prescribes this toughest of remedy? Once parents are served and loved, combinations like Jupiter Saturn or any adverse combinations will only give very much reduced results. This has been observed & this scribe can say it with conviction. Serving ones’ parents is the Purusharta (Free Will) of man but truly identifying & quantifying Purusharta is only possible through Prashna Charts and very tough from natal charts.

There is more to this method of BSP-5 and only when tested on many charts some hints come out. We request readers to do their own tests & share the results with us. Our experience with BSP-5 technique is only limited to 50 odd charts whereas one does encounters exception charts where it would not work and it is like any rule given by our sages which might not work cent percent. Readers can experiment with transits of Saturn & Jupiter forming association of any kind (sambandh) and see what happened to the sign of Aries in the charts of nations and individual kundalis; this would have at least some effect even if combination not found in natal chart. This technique will work more profitably to those who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha.

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