Bhrighu Saral Paddati – 15 Graha Sutra Series – Shukra Reveals By Saptarishis Astrology

Bhrighu Saral Paddati – 15 Graha Sutra Series – Shukra Reveals By Saptarishis Astrology

One can, if one is honest to oneself observe after spending 50-60 years in astrology thatsomewhere down the line we have missed the basics and our understanding of grahas, rasis and houses is grossly incomplete. Modern trends in astrology make us delve deeper into 40-50 dasas, 20 divisional charts and 15 different lagnas but we miss seeing the most basic and apparent thing in a chart. It has been observed that if ones basics is good then one can make stunning predictions farsuperior than using so many dasas and thereby these basics helps us to understand ‘What is happening in a Chart’. The Core Team of Saptarishis Astrology long back had realised that our own basics are very poor and decided to concentrate on it. In this endeavour we discovered details on grahas which we realised where not known even to the seasoned scholar or mentioned in classics. Below is an example of what we call Mota Mota Technique, which means a Broad-Broad methodology which need not be blindly applied but it shows us some special role of the graha that has been unrevealed by any parampara so far, when blindly applied it has worked on 50% of the chart straight away in a very easy manner, 30% in a bit complicated manner but for a seasoned astrologer it would not be called a complicated technique as he is used to complex methodologies & in 20 % of the cases it probably failed due to our own lack of understanding of basics. Ideally such techniques must not be openly revealed until the student has forgotten his chart, lost interest in mundane life but it is only being revealed so that one accepts that our understanding of Jyotisha is far limited, stops wasting his energy into finding 70 dasas or complicated methodologies and tries to dig deeper into understanding planets first as its the very foundation of astrology 

One must also be warned about it that they must not take this for blind prediction but for understanding a newer aspect of the graha in this case Shukra – Venus as mostly astrologers worldwide associate with Venus only sensuousness, material life and money gain. The style of writing of this article is filmy so that readers don’t forget the method & also a bit loosely constructed so that ones who do not follow the Jyotish Purusha rules may forget. This series is started with Venus as he is the son of the Sage Bhrighu on whose holy feet we submit this technique for more clarification before bowing to Lord Ganapati.

                                       Graha Sutra Series – Shukra Reveals

Shukra -Venus says ‘The house where I am given shelter or the lord I conjoin with or the lord of the house I  represent will show where I can, I repeat I can & not will (100 %) contribute to the

  1. a) Medical expenses or Diseases
  2. b) At times Death
  3. c) Peeda (Dramatic Troubles)

He further says ‘If I am in mood then the 12th from where I am placed could be hit by me & you would be forced to  get the Sanjeevani (Miracle Herb) Bhuti for the problem but if my blessings are not there then you would not get

  1. All the above results will no doubt depend on other conditions but still would affect it out atleast mildly irrespective of the conditions’

Let us recapitulate the conditions in BSP-15 as BSP-15a, BSP-15b & so on

  1. a) Observe the position house of Venus or the Lord it combines with and that lord’s house ownership or the house Venus is lord of.
  1. b) This Venus will indicate the diseases or medical expenses that you would spend in this life.
  2. c) At times it can also indicate the nature of death.
  3. d) At times it can also indicate the ‘Dramatic Troubles – Peeda’ that you would face in your life.
  4. e) Irrespective of the sign it is placed in whether of friend or enemy or exaltation or dispositor well

or ill placed or nakshatra lord well or ill placed still this Venus can give results if it wishes.

  1. f) Venus can also afflict the 12th from it.
  2. g) Karakas in both cases of Venus and/or the conjoining lord must be used effectively.

Let us test these principles enumerated above on some charts bearing in mind that of a total of 24 charts only few are taken here which are exhibiting straight forward results for readers to understand. Would try to avoid nakshatra lordship in the explanation although it is a must to use it to understand this technique on complex charts.

Chart 1: Robert Altman – American Film Producer


Venus the 8th lord of chronic diseases is sitting in the 4H of ‘Heart’ along with surgery (Ketu) and hospitalization (Mer 12L). The dispositor of this Venus is exalted in a Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga still as per the promise of Venus he underwent a Heart Transplant in 1990s & died November 20, 2006 in Los Angeles of complications of cancer; he was 81. He had been diagnosed with the disease 18 months prior to his death. With a satirical eye for the American way of life and a stylistic naturalism, he delivered unique films, more than 30 movies by 1987. He had a history of minor features and TV work behind him when M.A.S.H. established his reputation. Thus you can see that BSP-15a can give you an instant idea to double check heart diseases if Venus is found in the 4H if other factors support itx.

Chart 2: Borgatti, Giuseppe – Italian Opera Singer

Both eyes are represented in general by 2H and its lord Sun (good sun shows good eyes) is with exalted Venus so shouldn’t it give great eyesight and that too when Venus is in its exaltation degree, so how come he went blind suddenly in the middle of a performance at La Scala in 1913 & never recovered his sight. One can say that this Sun-Venus combo is in the 8th from 2H of eyes but that’s just one point & not enough to give such dramatic results, but if you use Venus rule of Sage Bhrighu, then you can see that Venus has given him blindness. Venus in Indian mythology became blind (remember Bali episode).

From parasari angle, 6L of disease Jupiter is sitting in the 2nd sign of Taurus which signifies Eyes & also Venus is depositor of A6 (disease), A8 (chronic) & A2 (eyes). Italian tenor opera singer and teacher, noted for his renditions of Wagner. He made a debut at Castelfranco Veneto in 1893. Borgatti died 18-Oct-1950, Milan, Italy.

Chart 3: Adelman, Kenneth Lee – American Govt Official.

Venus is placed in the 11H (the resultant house of disease) along with Mercury which signifies skin. Thus you can see that this Venus has given him Chronic Eczema thus his medical expenses went this way as per BSP-15 b. American government official, appointed in January 1983 by President Reagan as Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, a nomination rejected by the Foreign Relations Committee. Adelman had served in several government capacities, was a senior political scientist with the Stanford Research Institute, and authored a book, “African Realities.”

Venus is the 3rd lord of lungs posited in the 12H of bed and is the dispositor of the 6L of diseases activating the 6H, he was bed ridden for 3 years with T.B. British politician, a Member of Parliament returned at the General Election of 11th June 1987. A respected politician who attained the post of Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he was subjected to allegations by the Guardian publications of traveling down a dark road of concealment, deceit, perversion and finally, perjury. He responded with a defamation suit and a fight that lasted 3 1/2 years before he was brought to justice. He declared insolvency to his creditors and on 10th May 1999, declared bankruptcy. Jonathan Aitken was sentenced to 18 months prison on 08th June 1999.

Chart 5: West, Dottie – American Country Western Singer.

American country-western singer, composer and songwriter. She is known for “Would You Hold It Against Me” and “Paper Mansions” along with many famous duets with Kenny Rogers, Jim Reeves and other noted singers. Big-hearted and caring, she helped many new artists get ahead.

You can see that Venus is in the 12H of hospitalization & being bed ridden and as per BSP-15 represents diseases & medical bills; it is with Jupiter (Liver) and Ketu (surgery).

Around late June or early July 1991, she was hospitalized for several days after a traffic accident she hadwhile exiting the driveway to her apartment complex. Then, on 31st Aug 1991, while being driven to perform at the Grand Ole Opry by a neighbour, George Thackston, 80, the car he was driving went out of control just before 8:00 P.M. on a Nashville parkway’s elevated exit ramp.


The car crashed nose down onto the roadway below. Doctors operated twice, removing her spleen and trying to repair her ruptured liver. She died during a third liver operation on 4th Sept 1991 when her heart failed due to massive blood loss. You can see that Jupiter is the karaka of Liver and also is the 4L of heart (not 5L).

Chart 6: Agnelli, Giovanni – Italian Industrialist, the Head of Fiat


Italian industrialist, the head of Fiat since 1966, an auto empire established by grandfather, Giovanni. The chart owner Agnelli, Giovanni died of Prostate Cancer. His father, Edoardo, died in an airplane accident in 1935 and his mother, Virginia, died in an auto accident in November 1945.

Diverting here from our said technique, his father and mothers fate can be seen with Venus Ketu in the 5H (maraka for mother) & 8th from 10H of father and Jupiter Saturn together (previous BSP method of Aries spoilt), which means 8th from 10H of father and 9th (bhagya-also end) from 9th house of father.

Now let’s revisit the chart owner who died of Prostate Cancer. First use previous Bhrighu rule Saturn Jupiter Together, Aries is destroyed, see it working here Aries is where Venus is placed and you would only require Sanjeevani Bhuti (life reviving herb mentioned in Ramayana) for it. As you know whenever Aries is destroyed the physical health of the native is destroyed and there is a dramatic disease (basics of Natural Zodiac horoscopy – Kala Purusha horoscopy). He suffered from prostate cancer which is near the rectum which is an 8H matter or 8th sign that is Scorpio disorder, the lord of it is Mars or Ketu. See now Mars is with Moon the 8th lord and the other co-lord Ketu is with Venus in Aries sign. He is unfortunately attacked from all angles and from Sc (prostate) the 6th house of disease is where Venus (BSP-15) and Ketu (incurable disease) is present, so Prostate Cancer. He died of Prostate Cancer on 24th Jan 2003 when Moola Dasa of Rahu/Sat/Ven (see) was running and Vim Dasa of Jup/Ketu/Jup

  • see Ketu’s role is already established with Ketu Venus together and Ketu being the lord of Sc, Jupiter is retro and goes to 8H of prostate thereby aspects Sc.

CHart 7: Aiazzone, Piergiorgio – Italian native


Venus is in the 6H of accidents along with Lagna Lord and the chart is of an Italian fatality, killed in a plane crash in bad weather 06th July 1986; survived by a wife and two kids. By Parasari Venus is 2nd maraca lord but it is so difficult to determine who is maraca in each lagna though previous authors have sounded it off as an easy task.

Chart 8: Almond, Marc – British Entertainer

British entertainer, the flamboyant homosexual singer of the ’80’s band, “Soft Cell.” Teamed with Dave Ball, Anthony gained a cult following with hits like “Tainted Love,” which went to No.1 in August 1981, and “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye,” 1982.

Use BSP-15 instantly and you can see that Venus (cars) is in the 2nd house of maraca with Mars (speedy cars & accidents) and thus on October 17, 2004, the British singer sustained severe injuries when the motorcycle on which he was a passenger crashed into a car in London. Almond underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.


British theorist and researcher, the founder and developer of modern harmonics and author of “Harmonics in Astrology” 1976. At 23 he was struck down overnight by ankylosing spondylitis, a kind of acute rheumatism. 23 as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) means 11H where Venus (BSP-15) is with Asc Lord, Moon so body problem can be anticipated as per BSP-15 and that is what happened to him. After a year flat on his back, he joined a mystery school and moved into his life position of being a mystic, a philosopher and a mathematician. A permanent cripple with calcified spine, he walked with canes. His best known work is Harmonics In Astrology and a great contribution to western astrology is

what we are told, as you can see After the 23rd year got activated in BCP and thus Venus also got activated as per BSP-15, the Venus did what it does best, Shukracharya (Venus) does Jyotish especially since it is in the 11H of astrology. Note the Amk & PK great combo in the 11H of astrology.  Earlier we did mention not to ignore nakshatra lordship but have avoided using it in order to keep the Kiss principle, the above chart owner suffered rheumatism, some take Saturn as the karaka for rheumatism for various reasons, one logic given is as it sets mainly in most cases in the old age it is signified by Saturn who is old. If you see above chart Saturn’s nakshatra lord is Venus our principle graha of this article.

Chart 9: Adams, Douglas – British Sci-Fi Writer

British sci-fi writer known for his wacky “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” a 1979 cult favourite. It was turned into a book, which sold 14 million copies around the world, and later into a television series. He died of a heart attack on 11th May 2001 at age 49, Santa Barbara, CA. 4H is house of heart, 3rd, 6 th, 8th & 11th (note these 3) from it will determine the health of the heart especially the 6H of disease from it which is the 9H where in this chart Venus along with A6 (disease) is sitting with Rahu (sudden) and Sun (karaka for heart) and 12th from Mer the 4L of heart. For those who take 5H of heart, here Venus is the 5L of heart with Sun karaka of heart.

Chart 10: Black, Shirley Temple – American Actress

American actress, child actress, the most famous in history from age three, and politician. She made films from 1932-1950, avoiding the usual downfalls of self-destruction or pretension. Her films included “Little Miss Marker,” “Heidi” and “Curley Top.” She left an archive of 40 films and 50 one-hour TV shows.

In 11/1972, she survived the upset of breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy. 4H is the house of breasts and 2nd from it is the maraca house that is 5H where in her chart Venus is sitting. No doubt with normal parasari one can see that 6L of diseases Mars is placed in the 4H of breasts so she would get some disease re breasts. If you do not want to use the maraca of the 4H and want to see the disease to the breasts then use BSP-15f and Venus sitting in the 5H will affect its results to the 12th from it which is the 4H of breasts giving her breast cancer.


Breasts is 4H so Cancer sign in natural zodiac should be afflicted and its lord Moon is in the 8H of chronic diseases, apart from this moon also signifies milk, well she got breast cancer.

American noted outlaw, famed along with his brother Frank leading a gang in the old west. Noted for his unerring pistol accuracy, he was a dangerous killer as well as a robber. A huge reward for that time period ($10,000) was placed on his head dead or alive and one of his own gang members shot him in the head, at home with his wife and two small kids1. He died immediately, 4/03/1882, St. Joseph, MO.

His time of birth gets a suspect C rating by Roddens. Now see Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo which is the natural 6th house of servants and subordinates. So Death (Venus) was brought about by his own sub-ordinate gang member and it is with Rahu that means Cheating, his gang member cheated him. Venus being 12L of death is in 4H of home, he was shot at his home.

Chart 12: Michael Jackson – Where Death Will Happen

Here we stick with Basil Ferrington reported time of birth. Even if one does not accept that Venus will still remain in the sign of Cancer which is the 4H of heart and house in the natural zodiac and the reports in press indicate that he died of cardiac arrest at his house (note that Rahu is in the 4H from this Venus and later one BSP method of Rahu will be written in future volumes).

It does not mean that all with Venus in the sign of cancer will die at home or of cardiac arrest since some other stronger graha will take over, this is the key of astrology ‘Who is Stronger of Grahas To Dominate and take the cake and eat it too’.

Chart 13: Paramhansa Yogananda – How Death Will Happen

Astro data bank takes 20.38 as the time of birth with this note ‘Mercury Hour, 7/1976, quotes his ashram, the Self Realization Institute. (Gorakhpur is on Madras time. As it is 3 degrees 7 min east of Madras, the correction of Gorakhpur to Madras is 12 min 28 sec plus, making the time 20:50 LMT. If the LMT correction had already been made, the original Madras time would have been 20:26 LMT. We are perhaps safest in assuming that the time as given is LMT.) In that case the lagna degree would be 6Le36, as we are concerned with the Rasi chart where Venus is in the 4H of heart and house & as per BSP 15 this ‘Can’ be the cause of death. This is on the assumption that the chart is correct, a chart can be wrong in an article and scholars can spend lifetimes debating it whereas we as students of this science should be concerned with the underlying principles accuracy, in this context the BSP-15. Now as per Wikipedia, ‘On March 7, 1952, he attended a dinner for the visiting Indian Ambassador to the U.S., Binay Ranjan Sen and his wife at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. At the conclusion of the banquet Yogananda spoke of India and America, their contributions to world peace and human progress, and

  • Wikipedia gives a different version and says that the widow of Jesse James survived.

their future cooperation, expressing his hope for a “United World” that would combine the best qualities of “efficient America” and “spiritual India.”


According to two eyewitnesses—long-time disciples Swami Kriyananda and Daya Mata—as Yogananda ended his speech, he read from his poem My India, concluding with the words “Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God—I am hallowed; my body touched that sod”. At the very last words, he slid to the floor, dead from a heart attack. Kriyananda wrote that Yogananda had once stated in a lecture, “A heart attack is the easiest way to die. That is how I choose to die.” On March 7, 1952 he was running the Kalachakra dasa of Sc where Venus is placed and Moola Dasa of Venus.

Lets quickly divert and remind readers of Bhrighu Chakra Paddati, he died in his 60th year which is 12H as per BCP and its lord is Moon in Asc which means 12L of death on Self (asc) which is what happened and being Moon who is the natural 4th lord of zodiac –shows quick and 4H is heart, that’s how it happened.

Use this Venus principle as an exercise for complicated astro methods on the chart of JFK, see where Venus is, then see if it is the 3L of travelling, no it is not, then see if it is 3L from Moon Asc and sitting at 9H is it looking at 3H of travel, then see 3rd from this Venus is there Saturn and is this Venus with Jupiter, did he die in Jup/Saturn dasa. Then use another BSP principle that Andree wrote in previous issue of Jup Saturn together one thing in Aries is spoilt and use this technique on Dasa of Jup MD-Sat AD, put that into practice and you would see that Aries will be effected to some extent whenever Jup/Sat or Sat/Jup combos come in dasa and here in JFK case you would see that Aries is the 8H of longevity where 3L Mars is placed who is lord of travelling and bullet along with body lord (Asc Lord) Mer. Also note that Jup & Saturn aspect the 5H of children where A8 (death) is also there and see the link.

Thus it is requested for readers to kindly test this method more blindly at first to verify a chart where events are known and the chart is 60 plus in age and then use it more effectively. When this technique was shared with mentor he instantly said he knows a chart where Venus is in the 2H and the person has eye problems and then we discussed the chart of a famous elderly astrologer writer who has Venus in the 1H along with Mars the 2nd lord and 7th lord, he has problem of diabetes, Venus signifies sweet things and he eats pan – a sweet chewing product made in India. His Venus is with 7L and he is not married & always strained relations with people (being factual and not derogatory here), thereby showing the BSP-15 d principle of Peeda – Dramatic Troubles for the 7H. With obeisance to Sage Bhrighu and mentor who always inspires us to go into those areas where others have not gone before and be ready to face disappointments too, we dedicate this work to our beloved mentor.

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