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Sukar Nadi

Sukar Nadi – 5 Jupiter In Different Houses By Saptarishis Astrology Team


Jupiter in I house Smart, Kind, good knowledge in shastra, will take care of relatives too. Wealthy, surrounded by people, harmless, can donate food always, have father’s property, ability to complete the task or work taken, religious, knowledge in Puranas, liked by elders, enthusiastic and energetic like sun bright rays …

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Sukar Nadi – 3 Mars In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi - 3 Mars In Different Houses

Mars in 1 st House When the Mars is in the 1 st house, the individual will be fair with reddish tinge, deaf, big‐bellied, enlarged naval, intelligent, shout and strong physique, angry and short tempered, wrong doing due to anger, may cause handicap incurable even with penance or divine interference. …

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Sukar Nadi – 6 Venus In Different Houses By Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi 6 Image

SA Publisher We have received a lot of mails on how people have tested the verses of Sukar Nadi that was printed earlier in this column. For those who came in late, they must keep in mind that what is given in Sukar Nadi is not to be found in …

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Sukra Nadi Grantha -1 By N.Sundara Rajan

Sukar Nadi 1 Image

A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative [SA Publisher: We wish to thank humble R.Ramanathan, core team member of Saptarishis Astrology & Mr R.Chandra Mohan, Curator of Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai University Campus for making available 500 pages of this manuscript of Sukra Nadi to Saptarishis Astrology which is presented at the end …

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Sukar Nadi ‐ 4 Mercury In Different Houses


                                     Mercury in I house If strong Mercury is in lagna, the native will be intelligent, have proficiency in writing, a  magician mind, will know two languages, will be handsome and attractive to …

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Sukar Nadi – 4 Saturn In Different Houses By Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi 4 Image

Copy Editor: R. Ramanathan, India Saturn in I house I House If strong Saturn is in first house without retrogression, will gain in cultivation of udid, til (sesame seeds), lands and his dhanya will increase manifold, lord of fort or village, will be affected by paralysis caused by cheat, fond …

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Sukar Nadi -2 By Saptarishis Astrology’s Team

Sukar Nadi 2 Image

Maharishi Sukaimparted his Jyotish knowledge to King Parikshit for the benefit of future generations. His teachings are also called ‘Suka Nadi.’  This work was originally rendered in Sanskrit and later translated in Tamil language by learned scholars. Now, Saptarishi Astrology Team has made an effort to translate it into English …

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