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Sukar Nadi - 4 by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi – 4 by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Copy Editor: R. Ramanathan, India

Saturn in I house

  1. I House

If strong Saturn is in first house without retrogression, will gain in cultivation of udid, til (sesame seeds),

lands and his dhanya will increase manifold, lord of fort or village, will be affected by paralysis caused by cheat,

Fond of speculation and gambling, will become lien.

  1. II House

Two marriages, gains in wealth, rarely owns place. If malefic conjoins, will be difficult to own any place  

  1. III House

Harm to pitru’s, bad character, wrongful ways, disobedient

  1. IV House

Harm to mother, mother will have enemies, less comforts in life

  1. V House

No issues, have to adopt son, suffers from poverty, against traditional and religious practices

  1. VI House

Less intelligent, wealth grows, enemies lose and disappear, active with high energy, have son, speaks very strong words, will befriend and praise rich people and will live comfortable life

  1. VII House

Affairs with two women, bad natured, During mid-part of life, enjoys sex with prostitutes, not likeable stomach but later with pleasant and sweet manners, will worship many saints and devote his life believing that is the destiny

  1. VIII House

Will live upto 75 years, unlimited poverty, problems through women, only the life will grow, indifferent health will cause difficulties, frustration with no improvement in health and wealth, can call him as punya atma.

  1. IX House

Will renovate old temples and ponds, will gain gold, lands, profits, horticulture and punya atma.

  1. X House

Will get the punya of dipping at Ganges River, will provide staying facility for travelers, hard worker

  1. XI House

Attached, bhagyawan, obstacles in education, intelligent, broad mind, stickler, owns precious gems, liked by king, ethical and good intentional, disciplined, will never thinks of blame. (we can say afraid of blaming by others)

  1. XII House

High Thinking, not a family person, suffers from kunma roga, favors cruel behaviour, easily swayed by bad elements but not when benefic conjoins, profits and gains, will live with relations.

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