Sukar Nadi -2 by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi -2 by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Maharishi Sukaimparted his Jyotish knowledge to King Parikshit for the benefit of future generations. His teachings are also called ‘Suka Nadi.’  This work was originally rendered in Sanskrit and later translated in Tamil language by learned scholars. Now, Saptarishi Astrology Team has made an effort to translate it into English so that it will be useful to all. We understand that there can be some errors in our translation for which we beg the pardon of scholars & request them to submit the correct translation.

It is believed that Sukar Rishi resided in a place called Nedunkunram near Vandavasi, North Arcot District, Tamil Nadu. There is a passage in that mountain which is known as Sukar Nadhi (Sukar River).




I house

57 & 58

If moon is alone, 2 sudden dangers to life are seen. One through water and other through fire. Handsome complexion, if aspected by benefics. Native and the parent’s belief systems will be different.    (OR)


Cheating mind, sorrowful heart, courageous, pitha heat body, short height, conservative and fair complexion, fond of good foods, interested in sour tasty foods, worrying mind, discreet, likes to have ghee, curd in the morning


Will not trust his wife, devoted, conveyance comfort, not well with wife side people, very good to mother, habit of lying, but what to say, he will seduce motherly woman with sweet talk for sexual pleasure


Capable, knowledge of jyotish, greedy for accumulation of wealth, learned vedas, vak phalitam, acquire good name and fame in later years, life long worried, discreet, short tempered, 4 dangers to life – accident through vehicle, water, illness and vaishuri fever

II house


Cheap mind, will possess animals, if birth is in sukla paksha, 2 marriages, till 17 years, health problems and if crosses 17, will live upto 70 years  (OR)


Deep planning thoughts, fond perfumes, dresses, jewellery, will marry or have sex with eldest, prophetic words or vak phalitam, (vak phalitam means the words spoken will come true), will learn rare jyotish texts, purans and teach


Excessive attraction to woman, good name with respect from high places, keen to have (capable) pleasure from many woman, not beneficial or good to relatives, changing mind, knowledgeable in music, will do lot of punya karma, will get wealth by legacy or suddenly (sort of third party wealth accruing to him easily)

III house

64 & 65

Evil minded, mercurial nature, smart, profits from land and accumulation of money and wealth through the lands  (OR)


Not intended things will happen, no evils or difficulties, good wife and marital bliss, short tempered, blessings of saraswathi devi, learned in music, possess land and will construct house, have name and fame


Will acquire many knowledge skills, high placed authorities will be friendly, mantra sakthi, affectionate to his sons, philanthropist, sacrificer, will accumulate huge wealth, sweet talker, will earn reputation and respect with his ways.

IV house

67 & 68

Harm to mother, will live well but with opposition from general public. (not clear why the rishi mentions general public here. May be u can read relatives in general)  (OR)


Wrong habits, harm to mother, if aspected by malefics, chance of early loss of mother. But if aspected by benefics, no harm. Will learn higher education, will earn reputation and respect like a king


Huge lands holding, ownership of village, all kinds of conveyances, will live well, proficiency in music, workers, beautiful and good woman will be attracted to him, affectionate to his sons, but always attracted to woman’s

V house

70 & 71

Good wealth, lakshmi kataksham, profits and gains, good education, will possess animals, own house, massive wealth, handsome  (OR)


Good/ beneficial to friends, growth of children, wealth from wife’s side, will offer food to poor, proudy, will punish and condition his opponents, will live well


Expertise in purans, respectable reputation, In middle age, illness will strike in the centre part of the body and will get cured, many woman will have sexual relations with him and will leave wealth for him before going away permanently, mole in the body, will listen and act as per his wife’s words (something not going with the earlier stanza’s but one should interpret carefully considering other issues)

VI house

73 & 74

Dislike failures, if conjoined with malefics, lot of money, respect and worship vedic pandits, no mental worries, delayed action, charitable nature (OR)


Mild sickness but cured, will inherit his share of ancestral property, will be having temporal fights with wife and friends, friendly with authorities, money will accrue always


Many types of wealth will accrue, his popularity will increase like surya’s rays, have workers, will protect many people, educated, first in everything

VII house

76 & 77

High sensual pleasure, stable and expert proficiency  (OR)


Will not interrupt, courageous, will try to seduce beautiful woman’s, adamant, short temper, job will come automatically, will earn sufficient money, will live without any troubles


Will acquire vidya in many ways, liberal mind, popular, proficiency in music, adamant, capable of multiplying the wealth, will earn good name

VIII house


Life is short, destined to be pauper and in later part, marital disputes.  (OR)


No pleasure from wife, wanderer,  short temper, will acquire jyotish knowledge, acquire vidya in many ways, less proficiency in music, knowledgeable, if the lord of the 6th conjects, sickness will deprive or reduce his potency, if benefics aspect, the bad effects will be less or nil,  will accumulate needed wealth..

IX house

81 & 82

Good to all, will repair the temples, ponds, knowledge to do learned arguments, healthy body, devoted and religious, lot of chidren, charitable   (OR)


Will worship his father, gods, capable of seeking needed wealth, doer of good deeds, lakshmi will reside in his place, will possess land and building


Proficient in 3 different skill sets, sportive laughing, blessings of Krishna, attracted to woman folk, likes perfumes, with his wealth, he will see many places, will earn respect and reputation.

X house

84 & 85

Demanding, (not able to get translation of “pathamaziah padalam colloquially), will rise and will travel around the world  (OR)


Sudden danger to mother at 10th day or month

(I think month is right) but will be cured if beneficial aspect is there, philanthropist, wealth through friendship with high authorities, speaks truth,  eternal bhaktimaan     




Will acquire village like property, sexual pleasure with young girls, will live like a king, good growth, woman’s attraction and pleasure, faithful to friend 

XI house

87 & 88

Impartial and judgement capacity, anger, back biter, healthy body, fond of children  (OR)


Have brother, good elders, sharp and specialized knowledge, will seek and accumulate wealth, wealthy, will listen and attend to woman’s word, diplomatic and deserve royal living

XII house

89 & 90

His children will not respect him, wrong doings will result in sickness, disappointment and frustration, still wealthy, dhanavaan,  (OR)


Like to dress well, capable of attaining moksha, early part of life, mind will be in disturbed say sort of mental disease and later cured and will rise well.  Will live well with management of others property (here I mentioned as others as these days there is no king whose assets have been leased to this native and this native will make it multiplied), temporal difference between couples.

Publishers Notes:

Moon in 1H here Sukar Rishi says ‘Native and the parent’s belief systems will be different’. Pls find below chart of an American native who has Moon in the 1st house and he is an Hare Krishna Bhakt.

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