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Sukra Nadi Grantha -1 by N. Sundara Rajan

Sukra Nadi Grantha -1 by N. Sundara Rajan

A ‘Mission Saptarishis’ Initiative

[SA Publisher: We wish to thank humble R.Ramanathan, core team member of Saptarishis Astrology & Mr R.Chandra Mohan, Curator of Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai University Campus for making available 500 pages of this manuscript of Sukra Nadi to Saptarishis Astrology which is presented at the end of the translation. In total there are 5000 pages. Mr Ramanathan worked very hard to get this and inspite of his & our efforts to contact many scholars it was only Shri Sundara Rajan who finally agreed inspite of his old age and health issues to translate into English this Tamil Sanskrit Grantha Lipi Manuscript into English for the readers of Saptarishis Astrology. We had almost given up on this rare knowledge piece but Mr Sundara Rajan came forward to do it. We wish to request all readers of Saptarishis Astrology to pray atleast once a week for Shri Sundara Rajan to get the desired energy to translate this rare work as fast as possible. If others can come forward in translating this work they would be doing the highest service to the Rishis. On a last note one must compare our current methods of predictions and see how and what the rishi is predicting, the huge gap found will only make us realize that we know nothing of astrology.]

The translation is from the very beginning and whatever was there in the original manuscript has been translated by me. The salutations, obviously to Sri Pranatharthihara Swamy is at the very start. Yes, this is the full chart predictions, as given so far in the Nadi. However, on a cursory glance of the pages emailed by you, I think Page 4 starts with delineation of a new chart. I have given word by word translation of whatever the original contains. You may see from the translation, at the end, the Rishi has said that predictions should be based on Dhruva Soothra and Dhruva Nadi. It is obvious that the author of both Sukra Nadi and Dhruva Nadi is the illustrious sage Sathyacharya, the author of SATHYACHARYAM. 

Srimad Pranathaarthiharavarma Parabrahmane Namaha
Sukra Nadi Granthaha

Kubheramsam Thula Lagnam:

Person born in Chara Lagna Kubheramsa with 9th Lord in 5th and Moon in Vipra Kala will be fortunate from birth; He is the 5th issue; He will have three elder brothers; One brother and sister are twins; The sister is elder; That sister will have sons and daughters; But she will die young; That twin brother will marry, but will have no children; Eldest brother will have daughters and sons; One daughter will die young; Younger sisters for native will be two; One will die young; One will have daughters and sons;

Chart As Per Manuscript1

Chart 167


11th Lord in 3rd2 and 4th Lord in Kendra Rasi; birth will be in village near river bank with temple of Lord Siva in it.

Birth will be in Mother’s house; If birth is in Uttharamsa, birth will take place in Father’s house; There will be minor differences in effects for native born in Poorva Bhaga; Saturn is in Kataka in Lalanamsa (Virgo Navamsa); Jupiter in Vrischika in Neecha Amsa; He will be born in the year Sarvadhari in 60-year cycle starting from Prabhava; when Sun is in Uttarayana; In the month of Makara in Krishna Paksha Ekadasi Thithi on Friday in Jyeshta Nakshatra third Pada; He will be born in night in the beginning of the third Yama, in Thula Lagna. Same is Shiro Lagnam; The consummation of nuptials (Garbhadhanam) will be in the month of Mesha; Adhana Lagnam is Dhanur Lagnam;

The predictions should be made firstly on Adhana Lagnam, secondly on Shirodhaya Lagnam and lastly on Bhoo Pathanam; Based on this, predictions should be made; Future should be predicted on the method advocated by Vasishta, Past on the method of Gargya and the Present on the method of Jaimini3; thus should studies be made; Effects of predictions will take place according to Dhruva Soothra and Dhruva Nadi.

Vasishta said:

For this native born in Chandra Hora, in Mithuna Drekkana, in Mithuna Navamsa and Sukra Thrimsamsa, Moon in Makara and 9th Navamsa in Dual Amsa; Mercury in Kumbha in Thula Navamsa which is 9th Amsa (Kumbhe Sowmye Thulamsa Bhagyamsa yukthaha);Mars in Minamsa with Ketu; Mars in Makara Navamsa in Uchcha Navamsa and 11th Amsa; Ketu in Nadhyamsa and Sudhyamsa; Saturn in Kataka in Lalamsa and Rahu in Lalana in Katakamsa and Bhagyamsa; Moon in Vrischika with Guru; Moon in Kumbhamsa and Pankajamsa; Venus in Dhanus and Thulamsa and own Amsa; A person born in such yoga is famous, educated, wise and foremost in his family. Lagna lord in 3rd and 9th Lord in 5th, 11th Lord in 4th and 4th Lord in Kendra; The predictions for native born in such yoga is: If Lagna lord is in Dual sign, 8th Lord in Dual sign and 12th Lord in Fixed sign, will have long life, maximum of sixty-seven years of life. Will live with comforts till sixty seven age; Will have three sons and two daughters all happy; Will have increase in children and grandchildren, will earn Ten thousand gold and lands, three houses, yoga and bhagya and increased property prosperity and children, grandchildren; Will die at sixty seventh year; Will die in the year Manmatha of cycle of years starting from Prabhava; Will die in Uttaryana, Makara Masa, Sukla Paksha Ekadasi Thithi in first quarter of daytime in Makara Lagna; Because of good deeds of this birth, he will attain Gnana in the end. In the months of 6, 8, 12 (i.e..when Ravi is in 6, 8, 12) when Saturn is in 8th from any Bhava; Jupiter is in trines from Sun; when Jupiter is in trines of Venus, the predictions will  happen based on the Nakshatra (of Moon)4. For Kuberamsa5 Chara Lagna, 9th Lord in 5, Karaka in 4th, the Native’s father will be long-lived, will be educated and wise, fortunate, well versed in one language, will be devoted to Brahmins and devotees of God, daily will do Pooja to Siva, will take daily bath and observe religious rituals, will observe the conduct prescribed in Vedic shastras; He will live comfortably till end of life by agriculture and land property.(All this about father of native). He will have wife and children. He will have sons and daughters total Eight in number. Two daughters and sons will have children while two sons and two daughters will die. The native’s father will have four brothers and four sisters of whom two sisters and two brothers will have children, while two brothers and two sisters will not have children. This is the native’s father’s life. In Native’s 19th year, in Uttarayana, Makara month (Jan-Feb) Sukla Paksha (Bright half of Moon) Thritheeya, the father will die. For native born in Kuberamsa Thula Lagna, 4th Lord in Kendra, Karaka in Neecha (debilitation), his mother will have medium life. His mother will be soft natured, of good conduct, devoted to husband, will have children; She will have eight children, four daughters and four sons; Two sons and two daughters will be blessed with children while two sons and two daughters will die. She will have two brothers and one sister all will have children. This is the life of native’s mother; She will die at age of sixtyseven, in Dhakshinayana, in Kataka Masa, Krishna Paksha, Thritheeya day. The native is born in Kuberamsa, Thula Lagna, in Venus Thrimsamsa, will be dark in complexion, will have bilious and rheumatic, windy constitution, will be educated and wise. He will be fully conversant in one language and will learn two languages; He will live by writing, and for sometime will live on his father’s property. Then he will try for Government and Private jobs, but will be unsuccessful. After that, for some time will live in relative’s house; Will again try for job, but will fail; but after marriage, through wife’s relatives, he will get job, lands, and house. Native at age two, he will have Bala Roga, parents will be prosperous; In his second or third year (age) a brother will be born. In 4th, 5th year, will have sister born; In his 6th or seventh age, mother will die. In his 8th year he will wear the sacred thread. In 9th or 10th year he will have vidhyaaramabham (Start of education/school), will continue education in 11 and 12, in 13th or 14th year will become well versed in writing; in 15th and 16th will be comfortable, in 17th year will become expert in writing and will witness prosperity of father and brothers. In 18 or 19, his father will die. Will have comforts through brother in 20, In 21 and 22, will try for job in Government or Company, In 23 and 24, will live on father’s property and through help of elder brother; In age 25 and 26, will live in relative’s house and try for Government job and try for marriage; In 27 and 28, will continue to live with relatives and will have difficult times; In 29 will have marriage forced on him in North or North-East and after marriage will live happily and in the same year will get a job fetching one or one and half sovereign of gold as salary. In 31 and 32, will have comforts through job; In 32 and 33 will have peace and happiness through wife; In 34 and 35, will have promotion in job with salary of three sovereigns. In 36 and 37, he will have son born and will get lands and house through wife’s relatives; In 38 and 39 will have birth of son and promotion in job with salary of four sovereigns and vehicles drawn by horses, and prosperity. In 40, 41 and 42, will have fame and prosperity and increased income and properties. In 43, 44 and45 and 46, increased income,

property and promotions and fame and name in job. In 47, 48 and 49, will have birth of child, and increased money and properties; In 50, 51 and 52, will conduct marriage of son and daughter, In 53, 54 ,55 and 56, will have more income, money, lands, and happiness and son will become famous In 57, 58 and 59, will get vehicle drawn by horses, two fortunes, Ten thousand money, Houses and Lands and son and daughter will be prosperous; In 60, he will celebrate Shashti-Abdh-Poorthy. In 61, 62, 63 and 64 his son will become more famous, In 65, 66 and 67 he will see prosperity in family with birth of grandchildren and Lakshmi Kataksham (Prosperity) in family and till death happiness. In 67 Native will die. The predictions given for Kuberamsa Thula Lagna are absolute truth and can be truly seen before the eyes. (Kubremase Phalam Sathyam Prathyakshancha.)

Relevant Sukra Nadi Manuscript Made B & W Compressed (colored original version would be uploaded in the manuscript section of the website)

Chart 168
Chart 169
Chart 170
Chart 171
Chart 172
Chart 177

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