Sukar Nadi – 6 Venus In Different Houses By Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi – 6 Venus In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

SA Publisher We have received a lot of mails on how people have tested the verses of Sukar Nadi that was printed earlier in this column. For those who came in late, they must keep in mind that what is given in Sukar Nadi is not to be found in the normal texts of Vedic Astrology, thereby showing the brilliance of Sukar Rishi. Also, one must not follow the rules blindly but test it vigorously and not get carried away by the examples posted by us.

Venus in I House:-  Long life, astrologer, late marriage, knowledge of music (the term raga can also be interpreted as ‘will earn lot of name and fame), mathematician, fond or lover of sensual pleasures of woman, will complete or achieve what ever he thinks or plans.

Publisher’s Commentary:

Whenever one sees such a simple classical statement it is obvious that one cannot take it blindly yet it is often found that obsessive forum writers pounce on anyone who would ever quote a similar above statement as done by Sukar Rishi. It is this habit of obsessive critics which has blocked many from studying the science in the scientific manner in which the Rishi wrote it. Rishi wanted us to study the deeper meaning behind his statements and if we can criticize in today’s worlds such statements by Rishis, do you think the Rishis would have been foolish to write such a statement in his era when Jyotish knowledge and teaching was so critical and Shastriac (scholarly). Lets take it this way after a search in Astro Data Bank one gets 2172 approximate charts, out of which only 212 cases where found to be that of musicians, rock stars who exhibit ‘knowledge of music’ as given by Sukar Rishi. Venus in the 1st house the Rishi says can make one an astrologer and thus out of 2172 charts only 231 charts were those of astrologers & only 20 cases of late or never married & only 7 cases of mathematicians & 101 cases of long life. These 2172 charts were from a database of 32,000 charts. Lets quickly see few charts

Chart 1: Alcott, Amos Bronson – Long Life

American visionary and cultured man of letters. A remarkable 19th century scholar, he exercised a profound influence over his friends Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Thoreau and 463 Nathaniel Hawthorne. An improvident idealist, he made his home a cultural center. Married to Abigail (b. 10/08/1800, Boston), he had four daughters who included Louisa May Alcott. Died 3/04/1888, Boston. Venus is in 1H the native lived for more than 80 years.

Chart 178

Chart 2: Jones, Marc Edmund – Astrologer + Long Life

American astrologer, a popular professional and author whose books include, “Guide To Horoscope Interpretation.” Prior to becoming a professional, he was a Hollywood script writer in his youth. Greatly interested in metaphysics, he and the gifted clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler set about to find a set of symbols for every degree of the zodiac that was an improvement on degree symbology existent. One day in 1925 in San Diego’s Balboa Park, Jones took a series of 360 small blank cards on each of which was noted a sign and degree on the back and held them up for Wheeler to describe her vision. The cards were shuffled continually to keep the selection random. The images did not seem entirely appropriate, or some were exaggerated, so the cards were put aside until 1931, when the definitions were revised, a process that was repeated in 1948. The results were first published in 1951. In 1978, two years before his death, Jones was given a respectful and affectionate 90th birthday party by 200 colleagues while planning his next book. Jones died on 3/05/1980, Stanwood, WA. He had Venus in the 1H.

Chart 179

Chart 3: Lopez, Vincent – Numerologist + Bandleader + Long Life

American author and bandleader. He was highly popular on radio and TV for over 50 years. 464 With thousands of night clubs and personal appearances, he was also a gifted numerologist, who wrote a prophetic column on international trends for years. Lopez died of liver and pancreas failure 9/20/1975. He has Venus in the 1H.

American attorney, judge and government appointee, the first black Supreme Court jurist. The son of a dining car porter and a domestic, Manuel was first in his law class, earning his degree in 1953. He became assistant to the Attorney General of California 1970-71 and was appointed to the California Supreme Court 2/12/1977. A Grand Knight of the Berkeley Council of the Knights of Columbus, Manuel was also a rector at St. Paschal’s Catholic Church in Oakland, CA. You can see that it matches with Sukar Nadi with native having Venus the 10th lord of profession is in the 2H of income. Sukar Rishi further writes that one with Venus in the 2H can be born with a silver spoon. See cases listed below. Chart 1: Duke, Doris – American Heiress – No 18 on Forbes List American heiress, No. 18 on Forbes magazine list of the 400 wealthiest people in the U.S. in 1993. She had three marriages and divorces with one baby daughter who died shortly after birth in 1940. At age 25, Duke inherited an estimated $100 million in trusts from her dad, James Buchanan Duke, a coarse but brilliant self-made man who founded the American

German-American astrologer who began her studies in 1966 and was a top professional by 1970. She co-authored, with Joan McEvers, the best-selling six volume series entitled “The Only Way To Learn Astrology,” By 1984, 50,000 books had been sold. Marion was the cofounder of Aquarius Workshops in 1973 and editor of Aspects journal from 1973-1979. Her parents had lean years as her father would not accept help from his wife’s father, a wellknown publisher, wanting to make his own way. When Marion was born, they lived in a walk-up flat. Here is a case of not being born in a Silver Spoon and it is purposely illustrated so that young ones don’t get carried away when a shloka is exhibited with more number of examples making one predict blindly. The native has Venus in 2H and was not born with a silver spoon but later her father went on to buy the bank where he worked for. 467 Sukar Rishi says in Sukar Nadi that Venus in the 2nd house can make one have eye diseases or can even cause blindness. One cannot forget that 2H is the house of eyes, division of right and left eye comes later but primary house of eyes is 2H and that is the reason the Rishi has written the above statement.

Now 13 cases of the eye ailments were found. One must not forget the Puranic story of Bali and Vishnu in Vamana Avatar where Sukracharya (Venus) was made blind by the straw. The straw was pierced in the pot by Vamana who is considered the Jupiter Avatar of Lord Vishnu (Mercury). So one can watch for Venus in Jupiterean signs or vice versa. Those interested in finding out astrological clues from Puranas should venture into it wholeheartedly as a lot from it has still not been written in English Vedic Astrology writings.

Chart 1: Christina, Princess Netherland – Eye Ailment

Dutch royalty and fourth daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard, sister of Queen Beatrix. While pregnant with her, her mother visited an orphanage where she caught German measles, leaving Marijke born with an incurable visual handicap. You can see that Venus is in the 2nd house which can cause eye ailments or blindness as per Sukar Nadi and it is in Jupiter’s sign. Incidentally Mercury (Vishnu) is in the 4H of mother, her mother visited the orphanage where she caught German measles leaving Marijke (Christina) being born with an incurable visual handicap. Chart 2: Pope Clement XII – Blindness Italian ecclesiastic, elected Roman Catholic pope 7/12/1730. Though he was blind and bedridden after his election, his activities were phenomenal. Died 2/08/1740, Rome.

Other Examples: 1) Name: XAVIER, FRANCISCO “CHICO”, Date: 4/2/1910, Time: 01:00 LMT (+2:56), Gender: M, Place: Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil, Lat: 19 S 38, Lng: 44 W 03 Biography: Brazilian mystic, a famous channeler from the time he was a teenager. In spite of being semiliterate, he “wrote” more than 80 books on romance, poetry and technical subjects. With legendary fame, he was considered by many to be a saint. He answers letters and question from thousands of people about their deceased relatives, year after year. Almost completely blind, he does not take any money for his books, but turns it all over to charity. He died on June 30, 2002 around 7:30 PM in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil. His son claimed that Chico was the reincarnation of Allan Kardec (born October 3, 1804 at 19:00 LMT in Lyon France and died on March 31, 1869, between 11 and noon in Paris, according to Marcello Borges citing a biographer. 2) Name: MILTON, JOHN, Date: 12/19/1608,Time: 06:30 LMT (+0:01), Gender: M, Place: London, England, Lat: 51 N 30, Lng: 00 W 10 Biography: British writer and poet who is best known for his “Paradise Lost,” 1667. His work is generally regarded as surpassed only by Shakespeare. Milton became more radical in his views as he aged, becoming the master of invective. Losing his sight from his mid-30s, probably from retinal detachment, by March-April 1652 he was wholly blind and worked through secretaries. He adapted well to his blindness, but gout was a torment. Milton spent his last nine years in a cottage (now a museum) and died on 11/08/1674, Chalfont St. Giles, England. Now after you have seen the above 4 examples read the BSP-15 on Graha Sutras of Venus and you can see it applies aptly on above charts with Venus where he sits, there he causes medical problems. 2H is the house of eyes, division of left and right eye comes later but 2H is the house of eyes.

Venus in III House

Growth to Mother, kind hearted, bothers about others feelings (in other word, don’t like to hurt others by being straight talker), good person, siblings will suffer with illness and sickness, fond of all the three forms of fine arts, say literature, music and drama, after his sister’s birth, will have victory in his endeavors, travels widely across the globe Highly skilled or Highly Educated, there is a ‘kandam’ (means danger ) during mid part 469 of life but will recover from it, chance of siblings is very low, attached to wife, deep thinker, many woman voluntarily (on their own) will have affairs with him, he will have affairs with woman without bothering about nature of relationships. 

Fond of eating different foods, wife will have wealth, once he grows up, will earn and accumulate sufficient wealth on his own independently, deceiving inner mind though not seen outwardly, high interest over woman, will earn good name and reputation, will do good deeds, wavering mindset, will lie without any fear of getting caught. Publishers Commentary: Sukar Rishi says that if Venus is in the 3H then native will be fond of drama, music and literature. Venus is a planet of fine arts like music and it is placed in the 3H which is the natural house of mercury in the natural zodiac of Aries Asc hence the Rishi could have said literature and drama too as Mercury is significator of literature. Rishis also points out that such a native will have many affairs with the woman willing to do so with him.

Chart 1: Elvis Presley – Music + Woman

Venus is placed in the 3H and he was a great musician whose songs are immortal. He had admitted to having slept with more than 10,000 woman is what is rumored. Others who share Venus in the 3H includes Pamela Anderson, Patrick Swayze, Kate Holmes, Sarah Bernhardt and author Stephen King.

Highly skilled, will earn unique popularity in his State, gives food to those who are hungry, good to outsiders but not with relatives, short tempered, will warn those who oppose him, will not expect money and wealth from anybody and will accumulate his money and wealth through his own hard work.

Publishers Commentary: Sukar Rishi says many things for Venus in the 4H, lets see few things of it for e.g. rishi Venus in IV House Good person, will become commander in chief or such position in his field, fond of rice mixed with milk, will own many pets including horses, money and wealth will grow, will have multi-story bungalow, charitable nature, cheerful and good name and reputation If Venus in the 4th house is aspected by Jupiter, attached to mother and good to her, on his own efforts will earn and accumulate wealth, buildings and property, will live comfortable and smooth life, marital pleasure with wife is low, enjoys sex with outsiders, very nice to elders, famous as his popularity growth is indescribable. 

mentions that the native will be top most in his position like a commander in chief and if this Venus is aspected by Jupiter then native will be attached to his mother and his fame would growth is indescribable, will earn unique popularity in his state, will not work expect money from anybody and will accumulate it through his hard work. All these qualities are rarely to be found in one chart unless the planet is very strong.

Example 1: Paramhansa Yogananda

chART 170

You can see that Venus is in the 4H and is also aspected by Jupiter from 8H of occult who is with 9L of higher knowledge Mars, now this writer vaguely remembers reading that Paramhansa Yogananda was attached to his mother but other points are clear that he did not work for money. Regarding fame everyone knows that today his book Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the most widely read work and he revealed Kriya Yoga to the West and instrumental to the East in modern day India. This Venus which is aspected by occult Jupiter (light) is the 3L of writing and 10L of karma making his work immortal and matching with the text. If you have read this issue’s editorial you would have remembered the technique of Sage Bhrighu of Ketu & name, here it is in the 3H of writing and he established his name in esoteric writing.

Example 2: Jawaharlal Nehru

Chart 171

Sukar Rishi says that the native will be top most in his position like a commander in chief if Venus is in 4H, this is observed in the chart of Jawaharlal Nehru who became the 1st Prime Minister of India inspite of there being other contenders.

Principle: Just to re-iterate, the most common mistake committed by young ones and even many scholars is to take everything Rishi wrote blindly and then get disappointed when as in this case with Venus in 4H not everyone is at the top of his/her profession. What is important is to try to decipher the underlying principle in what Rishi wrote and remember the logic and apply it in charts along with Yogas and other combinations to arrive at a prediction, otherwise why would the Rishi write such a loose statement, would he not know that there would be many charts where his sutra would not work. Take the above example of Venus in 4H can make one Commander in Chief/Head of State, see 4H is the house of Throne, 7H is the naisargik arudha of this 4H, hence when the 7L sits in the 4H it doubly fortifies it especially if it is a good planet that can give position in life. 7H is also the house of Public Life. The natural 7L is Venus and it is a Rajasik planet (position craver) so this Venus coming in the 4H will make one sit on the throne and thus make him head of state.

Venus in V House

He has no male issue but female issues are there, his mother brings with her lot of horses, mother has arishta (dosha or sort of difficulty or obstacles) due to her younger male sibling. 

Knowledgeable, Educated, Gyaan imbibed in Inner-self, Patience, Diplomatic and don’t like to hurt others, Nice and friendly with many, never ignores wife’s words, has male issues, enjoys the comforts of devoted servant maids, liked by king, by his sweet talks he improves his influence over the kingdom, all his acquiring will bring him comforts of bhogi. 

If aspected by Jupiter, will have land, buildings, house, ability to achieve the task taken, If aspected by malefics, he acts as if controlled by somebody, spoilt behavior, having alcohol and non-vegetarian foods daily, splurges his money and other valuables, no sensible intellect

Publishers Commentary: Sukar Rishi says many things for Venus in the 5H but says if this Venus is aspected by Jupiter will have lands, ability to achieve the task taken and if aspected by malefics he acts as if controlled by somebody. A chart which matches this is that of Alexander the Great

Example 1: Alexander the Great

Chart 172

As you can see 5th house has Venus and associated by Jupiter, Alexander had huge amounts of lands and great power and most important had the ability to achieve the task undertaken as mentioned by the rishi. At the same time this Venus is also aspected by malefics like Rahu Ketu and his enthusiasm to conquer the world was only described the way Rishi has described ‘as if controlled by somebody’.

Venus in VI House

Enemies gets destroyed, mother side witnesses growth, hates women, will earn name and fame through his own hard work, prolonged poverty (OR). 

Fond of dressing, good personality, charitable nature, less speech, womanizer, enjoy comforts, fond of many things, will accumulate wealth in later part of life, will inherit uncle’s property, will suffer illness (caused by affairs with woman) in the mid part of life and will recover. 

Danger in mid part of life (like poison emitted by snake) but will overcome the same, nice to parents, friendly to wealthy people, will complete the work undertaken, humiliating and playful nature, fond of sweet fruits, more snack’s eater.

Publishers Commentary: Sukar Rishi says Venus in 6H the native will a) Destroy his enemies b) will earn name and fame through his own hard work c) Danger in mid part of life but will overcome the same d) charitable nature d) friends to wealthy people. Let us see a chart where all this works. 

Example 1: Lee Iacocca

Chart 173

His was a story Americans grew up, a story of heights and falls and then what American are known for ‘The Great Comeback Story’. In 1978 he was fired from Ford when he was the President of Ford Motors, it was a big humiliation at the age of 54. As Rishi says danger in 475 mid part of life but will overcome it. If you use the Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi as revealed by us in Vol 3 of Saptarishis Astrology 54 age would be the 6th house (54 – 48= 6), which is where Venus is sitting and it matches with what the Rishi is saying, apart from Venus in this chart being the 8L of humiliation and 3L of Break in Career and also ‘Unlocking of Career’. If Lee would not have been fired he would not have Unlocked his karma of writing the revolutionary inspiration work Iacocca: An Autobiography which was published in 1984, his 60th year which is the 12H as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi. Now see Venus in 6H so 12H is the 7th from it, 7th as explained in previous writings of ours is the ‘Coming Out of the Self’ or the ‘House of Co-Self’ that FulFills you like the wife (7H) fulfills you. So the result of this Venus in the 6H getting fired was to fulfill his karma of writing a book in the 60th year which would fulfill his karma and give to the world an inspiration of never giving up. The rishi also writes man would be charitable which he is having donated $10 million dollars for diabetes foundation (Venus/Jupiter). His stint at Chrysler was aimed at destroyed Ford, which in a way he did and matches with what the rishi says.

Indira Gandhi also had Venus in 6H and she was known to destroy her enemies which is what the rishi says and she also suffered a major downfall like Lee Iacocca in the mid part of her life but overcame it exactly as the Rishi says.

Venus in VII House
Excessive libido, enjoys other’s wife Danger to wife in the middle part of his life, chance of having three wives, aspected by benefic, then one wife only, if aspected by malefics, wife will not live with him in his old age, woman will voluntarily have affairs with him, enjoys comforts of servant maids Will gain property from wife, will love his own daughters*, money will come through multiple sources, reckless spending, excessive interest in sexual matters, his nature will 476 attract woman with big eyes resembling like bee to give him not only money voluntarily but also have affair with him.

Publishers Commentary: One can note that Charles Chaplin had Venus in 7H and multiple marriages, so does Elizabeth Taylor who again has had multiple marriages, Antonio Banderas considered as one of the sexiest men alive today. Readers are requested not to take this verse on sexuality blindly as it is found in modern day forums and to restrain from predicting about ones sexuality when they see Venus in the 7H.

Venus in VIII House

All comforts, interested more in profits and gains, charitable, will bring loss to mother or mother will suffer due to him, short life,

If Venus in the 8th is aspected by benefic, he will be logical speaker or arguer, dreamer, proficient in music, full life, skilled, will be known for his commitment to his promises or words, nice to outsiders but not liked by his caste and creed, less speech, if aspected by malefic, devoid of comforts, suffers from mental worries.

Commits wrongful acts due to woman in the early part but recover from this habit in later part of life, earns and accumulates wealth and losses it due to wrong acts of his mind but recoups later, fond of eating different varieties of food, good to relations, goes to temple 477 rarely, self acquired proficiency in music. 

Venus in IX House

Takes care of welfare of divine Brahmins, logical speaker or arguer, follower of dharma, tapasi or disciplined like a tapasi or say a yogi Never ignores his wife’s words, little cheating nature. 

Venus in X House

In diminishable wealth will accumulate much faster, also owns lot of gold like Kubera, all good deeds, likes to do immediately when he decides on something. 

Publishers Commentary: Albert Einstein, Jack Nicholson, Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman, Marilyn Monroe all have Venus in 10H. 

Chart 1: Deepak Chopra

Sukar Rishi says that Venus in the 10H makes one have gold like Kubera. This chart is of one of the wealthiest spirituality writers he has Venus in the 8th sign of Scorpio, the sign of occult and hidden in the 10H with Ketu which denotes spirituality, he made wealth out of spirituality and as this happens from the 3H from Moon, he wrote and spoke and made wealth like Kubera. One must note that Ketu is in his own house. 

Venus in XI House

Gains from land and property, possesses wealth, innocence, expert scholar. 

Venus in XII House

Will accumulate incomparable wealth, will acquire and accumulate all precious things, have his own mind, will advise in a sweet and nice manner. 

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