Sukar Nadi - 5 Jupiter In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi – 5 Jupiter In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Jupiter in I house Smart, Kind, good knowledge in shastra, will take care of relatives too.

Wealthy, surrounded by people, harmless, can donate food always, have father’s property, ability to complete the task or work taken, religious, knowledge in Puranas, liked by elders, enthusiastic and energetic like sun bright rays

Enthusiastic, good personality, wealthy, praised by all, will be like achuthan (form of Vishnu), possesses land & animals, courageous, short temper but will overcome quickly,
lying Brahmin, liked by woman, interested in decorating, fond of saints inspite of he being vaisya ( trading community people)

Possesses land with good growth, wealth will increase day by day, will live safely and happily till his life term, will do lot of charity, enjoyer of sex during day time, fond of music, highly intelligent but will never do any harm with this.

Jupiter in II house
Suited for big family will accumulate massive wealth on his own, have comforts of servant maids, will never be controlled, adamant, smart speak, his words only be counted, will warn, discipline and
punish his opponents, friendly with prostitutes, ability to understand the secret forces (sukshma)

His popularity is such that even king respects him, good personality, charitable, clean, affectionate with friends, will do lot of help, religious in the heart, ability to acquire expertise of many skill sets, will pay tax and revenue share to authorities. The next words
indicate that Jupiter in the second house gives “adiyoga”1 to the native.

Jupiter in III house

Ensures growth to Brothers

  • Publisher:Mark this definition of Adiyoga from normal available classics

Attracted to brother’s wife, though many co-borns take birth but only five of them will remain, will speak as if nothing is wrong to have unethical sex with relations. Ability to get friendship with many kings, have deep thoughts, lascivious

Fame will grow, fond of many luxurious things, ability to achieve whatever he starts, knowledgeable in music, will spend money uselessly, luxurious, good personality, charitable, will enjoy sex secretly, highly popular.

Publisher’s Commentary:

Whenever we read classics we always find thousands of rules not working on many charts, and it is oft said that a rule or a verse should not be applied verbatim, the sage is only trying to part a thinking here about a planet and he is not giving an unfailing dictum. Often when modern authors write articles, contemporary critics pounce on them saying that the same rule is not working on so and so charts. If we observe above the Sage is trying to point out that Jupiter in the 3H shows a lascivious character especially one who is attracted to brother’s wife and one who might like incestuous relationships too. Recently in world media there have been many cases of Incestuous relations coming out in the open e.g. the case in Austria that came out in April 2009.

In order to understand the 2 hints given by the Rishi (sage), one must observe the words used by the sage ‘lascivious’, brothers wife & relations. Relatives and lascivious stands for Mercury in traditional astrology and this Mer rules the 3H of the natural zodiac and here the sage is talking of Jupiter in 3H – this must not be forgotten. Then Sage talks about Brothers wife, which in natural zodiac is the 9H whose lord is Jupiter in Kala Purusha. Here in above verse results of Jupiter in 3H is being talked about which means he will aspect through his 7th aspect the 9H of brothers wife, and that is the reason the Rishi says Jupiter in 3H will make person attracted (aspect) to brothers wife. Following are 2 cases of Jupiter in 3H which show incestuous relations which sage talks about but one will not find this working in all charts of Jupiter in 3H, obviously whatever is written in classics is just an indication and one has to use all the planets for arriving at a result. One cannot forget that Jupiter the planet of Dharma (Righteousness) sitting in the house of Action should warn everyone that if Adharma (unlawful) things are done (action) then evil results will follow.

Case 1: Molesting Ones Daughter

Child molester who was attracted to young teenagers and indicted in 1974 for molesting his own daughter. As one can observe Jupiter is in 3H and incestuous relation has happened as per the above verse. Additionally Jupiter is with Mandi and in sign of his enemy – Venus. Whenever a case of sexual perversion is observed one cannot ignore Venus, here the dispositor of 3H of Jupiter whereas Jupiter is 5L of daughter. In Rasi Chart retrograde (perverse)Venus is heavily afflicted by Rahu (perversion) Saturn, Sun, in Navamsa (9th division) retrograde Ven is with Saturn and Rahu in the 12H of sex. In Rasi chart 5L of child is Jupiter and in D9 the 5L of child is Saturn showing double confirmation.


Chart 2: Old Austria Case

Austrian lyric poet whose work centered on death, disaster and decay. His work as an expressionist poet had a formative influence on his period.

When young, he had had an incestuous relationship with his sister, who committed suicide in 1914. There are two common factors in this and the first case, in the 1st case one would find 5L of one’s child in the 3H he had incest with daughter, whereas here in this case he had incest with sister. In chart 3H shows ones siblings where Jupiter is sitting. Venus is afflicted in this chart by being with Mars Ketu is afflicted.

Jupiter in IV house

Mother will be comfortable, having reasoning ability, will live in cities ruled by Jupiter

Highly educated like king, if aspected by benefic planets. If aspected by malefic planets, education is delayed and normal only. Will acquire lands with special interest, wealthy, good behavior, will live very happily and safely till his life term, have lot of wealth

Will accumulate lot of wealth, attached to mother side, his business will grow and will be popular everywhere, he will live like a person possessive of “ekkala yoga”, he will accomplish whatever he thinks or plans, woman voluntarily joins with him to have pleasure, will have many things on his own, right from horse, animals, vehicles etc., will perform many good deeds

Publisher’s Commentary:
Chart: Sonia Gandhi

As per Sukar Nadi verse 168 it states that Jupiter in the 4H if unaspected by malefics gives a very good education. In the chart of Sonia Gandhi, you see Jupiter in 4H with his enemy but another first rate benefic Venus who is in his own house (swagrahi) along with A7 (note this). It is not aspected by a malefic. Sonia Gandhi studied in the prestigious Cambridge University and is adept in 6 languages. As per traditional Parasari that we know of unless the 4H is afflicted by malefics the native won’t leave his native land, she is from Lusiana, Italy, studied in UK and settled in India for long. No doubt 4H karaka Moon is in 12H showing abroad, but 4H has so much of benefic influence. Now use Brighu Saral Paddathi-1 which says that Saturn implements itself in the 4th from it. Here Saturn is in Asc and implements in this 4H giving it the malefic tinge and the Indian Tinge (Saturn is the lord of India). She met her husband Rajiv Gandhi in Jan 1965 at a lunch with a friend and it was instant love. It is written that ‘A friend described their relationship as “an overwhelming love story” up to the time of Rajiv’s death’. See Saturn is the 7th lord of relationships (implementing in 4th from it) and is the 8th lord of ‘Deep Past Life Connection’. Also in Jan 1965, she would be in her 20th year which as per Brighu Chakra Paddathi it is the 8th house of Deep Karma, whose lord is Saturn and implements itself in the 4th house (BSP-1), no doubt she met Rajiv while having lunch with a friend (friend as per classics is 4H- word used is Bandu) while at Cambridge University – 4H of learning and education.

Jupiter in V house

Will be a minister to king, body condition will be dependent on the moon’s placement, extra ordinary intelligent but if malefics conjoins it will be bad and also dosha to father

Learned and intelligent, skillful in the art of making love, knows the nuances of music, no enmity will be there for him during life term, have nidhi siddhi, even if difficulties or problem arises, it will quickly vanish, have siddhi to attain wealth easily without much hard work and efforts

Publisher’s Commentary:

What one can note is the ‘siddhi’ (blessings) to attain wealth easily. On doing a check on Astro Data Bank one gets 30 charts of Jupiter in 5H of extremely wealthy individuals ranging from Steven Spielberg to Arnold, Henry Ford Jr, Stephen King, Cary Grant, Kenny Rogers, Frank Sinatra to Phil Collins. You can see that some of these names are musicians and Sukar Nadi says, that Jupiter in 5H native would ‘know the nuances of music’. Below just an example chart.

If you use traditional approach then Asc Lord Mer in the 6H is considered bad and they teach you that 50% of the strength of horoscope is gone when Asc Lord is placed in 6,8,12 and here it is with Ketu a planet associated with YogaBhanga (spoiler of yoga). So you see normally traditional Indian astrologer would predict failure for this chart. But one can observe that Asc Lord is sitting in the Occult and Mysterious sign of Scorpio where Ketu is exalted in the 6H of fighting2, obstacles. All his movies that catapulted him to the status of the most successful director were of the nature of occult & mystery element like E.T, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Indiana Jones Series, Back To the Future

  • He made movies like Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan & so on. series, Jaws, Jurassic Park and so on. By the time he was 20, he became a professional director for Columbia Pictures. One can note that at the age of 20 his Jupiter Dasha was on. BPHS Chapter 4, Shloka 16 says Scorpio is a centipede Rasi & it is a watery sign, do you note the centipedes & animals he used in many of his movies like Indiana Jones etc & Dinosaurs & Sc being a watery sign who can forget Jaws a phenomenon during those times. Jupiter is significator of children, is placed in the 5H of children and is the 10L of highest attainment & is the Amk (career) inspite of being placed in the 8th from 10th you can remember that E.T, Close Encounters, Back To the Future – the movies that made him, all had one thing in common the ‘Story of the Kid’. As they say either you waste time finding a good astrologer which is a tougho or let destiny give you what is destined – Period.

Jupiter in VI house

Caesarian birth, growth to siblings, king (or say higher authorities) will protect him at the right time even he has enemies.

Will get his uncle’s property, acquires punya by performing bath at holy rivers, knowledge in purans and jyotish, dignified speech, will live a life praised by one and all, will get hurt initially, recovers later and grows thereafter

Interested in other woman and will earn through them (those other woman), silently and nicely will steal (say in this context money and other things) and will take the remaining after giving it back to elder brother, his children are affectionately attached with him, his anger on woman will be short and changes quickly, his suggestions are well thought out.

Publisher’s Commentary:

Noteworthy is the Sage mentioning one would be born of Caesarean birth if one Jupiter in 6H. From ADB one gets around 13 charts with Caesarean birth and Jupiter in 6H. Some examples below


American art student at Cape Cod Community College in 2001. She is also interested in Astrology, as the daughter of professional astrologer Madalyn Hillis-Dineen. Katie was born C-section as labor was moving along slowly. One can note that she is also interested in astrology and the Sage mentions that Jupiter in the 6H knowledge of Jyotish, ofcourse in all charts of Jupiter in the 6H one won’t find that working but here Jupiter is in the occult sign of Scorpio.

Chart: Appenrodt, Juliana – C Section


American child born during a major earthquake. The quake hit at 5:04 PM with mom Carol on the delivery table. The lights went out; everything was shaking but the medical team went on smoothly with a Caesarean section.

Chart: Birth Trauma 756 – C Section


This is one of the most interesting cases. American baby born a few hours after his mom was attacked and mauled by two dogs, who chased and killed her cat. Badly wounded by bites, his mom ran to a neighbor’s apartment for help, but he closed his door in her face. She then went into labor and had a C-section. She also went through surgery on her right arm and had a five-inch wound on the back of her head stitched. Injuries inflicted by the animals included puncture wounds to her neck, scratches and scrapes. Now the Jupiter is in 6H and as per Rishi it shows a Caesarean birth, but there are two things to be seen here from an esoteric point especially

  1. Jupiter is retro and in Ardra Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu & Rahu which signifies Dogs
  2. There is a Brighu Saral Paddathi rule that is to be a future article but can be mentioned here which talks about 6thfrom Rahu
  3. There is another Brighu Saral Paddathi rule that talks about what Jupiter does to the 11thfrom it which when used on this rule of the great Sukar Rishi one will understand why he mentions Jupiter in the 6H will give Caesarean birth.

These will be addressed in the BSP series as this is a write up on Sukar Nadi and not Brighu Easy Methodologies but we must use BSP methods to understand the logic behind the statements of other rishis. Understanding and decoding the logic is one of the toughest jobs in astrology.

Jupiter in VII house

Will live popular life, high religious mind, philanthropist, will help many woman in getting married, will achieve whatever he thinks, good growth, strong mind, long life

Jupiter in VIII house

Man with bad habits, (say born criminal)

Publisher’s Commentary:

Presented below are 3 charts including some of prostitutes but may it be noted by readers that this writer is non judgmental re prostitutes and considers

Care must be taken not to interpret shlokas given by Rishis for verbatim implementation; obviously all with Jupiter in the 8H won’t have bad habits or would not be a prostitute. This writer has seen Jupiter in the 8H of some fantastic astrologers & it is said Adi Sankara had Jupiter in the 8H, a point that was touched briefly in the article ‘C.S.Patel – Legend Undefined’ in Aug 2008 Issue of Saptarishis Astrology. In above chart 10th lord is in the 8H of sex & occult, a combination often found in astrologers and incidentally if one remembers well Donald Rumsfeild from Bush administration. See the logic behind the shloka is Jupiter is the satvic planet (pure planet) and 8H is the house of hidden things as in Kalapurusha Sc who signifies things that are hidden rules it. When a planet of light is in the house of darkness things that are occult, sex (it’s something that you do in hiding and not in open) are seen. When you see this combination of 10th lord in the 8H in the case of a politician you can predict he will be have more secrets with him that can ever be known.

Jupiter in IX house

Loser due to Illicit relations, friendship with lobi (selfish people), bad people, no ego, charitable mind, intelligent, have children

Jupiter in X house

Lucky, his karma say acts will give growth and prosperity, later part of life, will have lot of wealth One who has 8 types of growth, determined, expert knowledge, luxurious, fond of foods, high vigor, pleasure through woman is rare, not good with relatives, clean heart

Will perform charity which will remain forever, helpful to all, fond of good food, famous, likes to have sex during day time, short tempered but changes quickly, lean in the initial stages of life but will become bulky in later stages, clarity in thinking.

Publisher’s Commentary:

Here we take out for observing what the Rishi has written about being obese, Jupiter is a fattening and expansive planet and as per some astrologers when it aspects the 4H it gives obese issues.


A brilliant talent, Welles appeared in many films, including “Citizen Kane,” 1941, a film which earned him a best-actor Oscar nomination and is still rated as the No 1 movie of all times by many polls. You would see that Sukar Rishi says ‘lean in the initial stages of life but will become bulky in later stages’ This is what is written about him ‘He steadily gained weight with age to become immense. His obesity contributed to his fatal heart attack, sometime in the early morning hours of 10th Oct 1985, Los Angeles, CA. He was home, alone, in front of a typewriter.’ One can observe that 8L of death and that too Saturn is in sign of Gemini, which is the 3H of typewriting in Kalapurusha Chart.

Chart: Marilyn Baffa


American astrologer. Obese, she underwent stomach stapling surgery on 23rd Nov 1982. During the procedure, the doctors discovered that she has a liver three times the normal size. In natal chart you can see that Jupiter is the 6L of stomach (pls note some take 5H for stomach too). On 23rd Nov 82, Tr Jupiter incidentally was in the 4H and Mars Ketu (surgery) in the 6H.

Jupiter in XI house

“Will construct temples, owns houses, fond of other’s wives and take care of their needs as if a mother to them” have elder siblings, no comforts though born with relatives, will accumulate wealth but will throw away due to ego in the middle stage of his life, popular, have property of his wife

Jupiter in XII house
Will entrenched with present time, will be good for mother and the house, will travel many places specially abroad, good health, will change with teachings of elders or living
with elders, will live good life committer of sin against spouse, good for outsiders, good critical knowledge in music, death will happen during morning time and no illness seen, soul will reach brahmaloka and then will take rebirth.

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