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The Science of Astrology by Dr. Pavan Joshi


Author:- Dr. Pavan Joshi Editor :-  Vinayak Bhatt The influence of celestial bodies on Earth has several obvious manifestations: life on Earth depends on the Sun, seasons are linked to its position in the sky (due to the non- perpendicularity of the Earth’s rotation axis with respect to the ecliptic …

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Sukar Nadi – 3 Mars In Different Houses by Saptarishis Astrology Team

Sukar Nadi - 3 Mars In Different Houses

Mars in 1 st House When the Mars is in the 1 st house, the individual will be fair with reddish tinge, deaf, big‐bellied, enlarged naval, intelligent, shout and strong physique, angry and short tempered, wrong doing due to anger, may cause handicap incurable even with penance or divine interference. …

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Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant by Yenbeeyes

Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant

Copy Editor: Bhaskaran Natesan, India Chart 1 We start the translations of the Saptarishis Nadi wherein for Each Ascendant there are nearly 1000 pages equalling 12000 pages in all. Though this is a herculean task & require a lot many contributors who would translate from tamil language to english language …

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Saptarishi Nadi and Timing of Marriage – Part 3 By yenbeeyes


Introduction: This is the 3rd part of the series. As said in the 2nd part, I am trying to analyse the time of marriage as given in the Nadi for each of the chart with the help of some independent methods of timing. In the first part I have taken the assistance …

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Nadi Method Of Marriage By Ashutosh Bharadwaj, India


For many of us Marriage is a mystery, it is very hard in Astrology to find the date and type of marriage. There are lots of methods to find the date of marriage in astrology. One we will discuss here and I am not taking credit of this method as …

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Saptarishi Nadi – Chart 3 Gemini Ascendant By Yenbeeyes

Saptarishis Nadi 003

Copy Editor: Bhaskaran Natesan Manuscript Supplied By: Upendra Bhadoriya Chart 3  மந்திரி வீணை யாக மதிசுறா கருங்கோள் கெண்டைப் புந்தியான் சனியும் வெள்ளி புக்கிடக் கோல தாகச் செந்தீயும் வருடை யாகச் சிகிகன்னி மிதுனம் ஜன்மம் இந்தவாறு கோள்கள் நின்றால் இயம்புவீர் பலனைத் தானே.  Tell about the chart wherein Jupiter is in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn, Rahu in Pisces, …

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SJC Atri Classes: Atri Class 17- Part 1 – Kalachakra

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (9)

SJC Atri Classes Atri Class 17- Part 1 – Kalachakra Mithuna lagna, chandra and ketu in lagna – doctor is not able to identify the disease. [SR]: First note that whenever Ketu or Rahu is in lagna then always Remember 90% of the cases the doctor will not be able …

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Mrithyu Bhaga & BCP by Hemant Bhatt

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (8)

[We had mentioned to Mr Bhatt few months back to note the planets in MB and then see when it or its houses gets activated via th e BCP rotation, he was requested to study MB planets transit along with BCP during a disastrous event, he has produced this study …

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Saturn’s 8th House Aspect by Hemant Bhatt

Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (3)

With obeisance to Lord Ganapati, and to the beloved Saturn who is the karaka for Karma, we submit this technique at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology, the greatest one who no doubt is most beloved for showing us all that we do not know …

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Jain Nakshastras Tatva & Nakshatras – An Exposition


Jain Nakshastras Tatva & Nakshatras – An Exposition By Hemant Shah, India. In Indian Culture great importance has been given to Tatva (Element) and Nakshatra (Asterism). In our culture more importance to PanchaMaha Bhoota – 5 Elements, among these 5 we find 4 elements being prominently considered in Jyotish. In …

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